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Thread: Smiley issues

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    Smiley issues

    I just noticed... A lot of smileys look a lot different when you highlight them (drag mouse over it). The 'confused' smiley, for instance ( ), looks like a cartoonesque angry little chinese fellow, while the 'tongue' smiley ( )suddenly has his eyes open.

    Weird replies appreciated.
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    Exclamation Wierd Reply

    I can't highlight smileys at all.........I think I'm.....I'm....different!!

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    I always kinda thought the tongue smiley kinda looked like the big ship from Heavy Metal... (The ones where they kidnap the secretary and she screws the robot..... )


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    Completely Unacceptable

    i have done very thorough testing and have determined that your assumption is correct.

    I feel Funcom needs to drop all current projects and fix this asap. I refuse to put up with this. I checked the envisioned page and was shocked to see this was not on it. I would like to be able to display my emotions without them being tainted by someone highlighting them and changing it. No one has the right to change my emotional faces, not even you Funcom!

    I hope you are disgusted with yourselves.... tainting smilies is just plain wrong and morally objectional. The Pope is probably crying in Rome as I type this. I don't know how you live with yourselves.

    (This was a joke, hope it was strange enough... even though it probably falls more under 'psycho')
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    Psycho? You don't know what psycho means boy!

    /me continues to chew on his arm

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