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Thread: Salliesue surfaces (briefly)

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    Salliesue surfaces (briefly)

    [Salliesue slips away from her safehouse for a short time]

    Tyma: Hey
    Dagget: hello
    Salliesue: Ok what the hell is going on?! were's my dad? what's with this letter?!
    Dagget: he went into hiding in the Shadowlands
    Dagget: did not say where
    Salliesue: ok i got that
    Salliesue: why?
    Dagget: Nutmeg will have a letter for you
    Tyma: Hello Zani
    Zanicyper: hello again.
    Zanicyper: smiles
    Dagget: he did it because he feared the Omnis would kill you to get at him
    Salliesue: closes her eyes takes a deep breath and tries to calm down
    Salliesue: why?!
    Dagget: they are after him for leaving them and because he knows a lot of stuff
    Salliesue: Ok spill it
    Nutmeg: runs to salliesue
    Salliesue: ALL of it
    Nutmeg: Sallie
    Nutmeg: Look at me dear.
    Salliesue: looks up
    Hyperion5182: Sallie good to see you....
    Nutmeg: gives Salliesue a hug
    Nutmeg: x
    Salliesue: I only have a few more minutes to get back to my cell before that man finds out i tricked him again
    Nutmeg: I have some bad news.. And I have a letter for you.
    Salliesue: start spilling it
    Hyperion5182: What do you mean cell??
    Salliesue: he won't let me out! until he hears from my dad
    Nutmeg: Your dad gave this to me to give you, hon 'Urgent Sensitive Information' It will only open for you.
    Dagget: Markonen left her with someone he knew could protect her
    Salliesue: which neither of us have heard from him
    Dagget: as I said, your father slipped into the Shadowlands and went into hiding
    Nutmeg: Now, Sallie! Who has you in a cell?
    Dagget: to protect you
    Salliesue: my teacher
    Dagget: the guy with the bots, I think
    Nutmeg: What is his name?
    Salliesue: or prison guard as he's became in the last week or so
    Nutmeg: growls
    Nutmeg: You don't have to go back to him, Sallie.
    Salliesue: it changes daily...he's missing a few wires
    Dagget: perhaps there is a more full explanation in the letter
    Hyperion5182: hugs Sallieuse gently
    Nutmeg: listens closely
    Salliesue: of corse it needs a High-Grade Encryption Unit to open
    Salliesue: rolls her eyes in discust
    Dagget: anyone got one?
    Tyma: shakes her head
    Hyperion5182: I might have a high quallity hacker tool...
    Zanicyper: shakes his head.
    Hyperion5182: No not with me but i know where i can get one
    Hyperion5182: Be right back
    Tyma: Would my Hacker Tool work?
    Dagget: your father also asked us to take you in as a ward of the Council for the time being
    Tyma: Probably not...
    Dagget: until you can be insured, he will take whatever steps necessary to keep you alive, and staying near him was looking to be a bad option
    Salliesue: fidgets slighly with it
    Salliesue: what EXACTLY did he do
    Dagget: some of those Omni killers left a note at your door a few hours after you went to this 'teacher'
    Salliesue: yea
    Dagget: we don't know what he did but he didsppeared into the Shadowlands
    Hyperion5182: Here we go
    Hyperion5182: This should do the trick
    Salliesue: i reporgramed one of his bots, so she looks like me, talks like me, and has my new attitude...but she's only got a 30 minute timer ...
    Tyma: checks the time
    Tyma: Doesn't give you long
    Dagget: if you need to you can slip back with the letter and read it there
    Hyperion5182: Personally i think we can better protect you here.
    Nutmeg: Or in Athen
    Salliesue: I have only a few minutes left
    Dagget: I think that person Markonen turned you over to can protect you but that may still be a disagreeable situation soon
    Nutmeg: Sallie, You father said he made a deal.
    Salliesue: I think i'll have to go back to get the tool to read it
    Nutmeg: He made the deal to protect you.
    Salliesue: starts to shake with anger
    Salliesue: WHY
    Nutmeg: But the letter will tell you what he expected.
    Hyperion5182: Sallie...
    Nutmeg: Becuase he was ashamed deeply that he couldn't protect you himself.
    Daggerette: She is hunted by omni or the red queen or somethin
    Hyperion5182: A very powerful group of people are after james...
    Daggerette: mt
    Nutmeg: And they treatened you, Salliesue. They left a note on your apartment.
    Salliesue: I'm not afraid
    Hyperion5182: Then you should be.
    Nutmeg: hands salliesue her compassion
    Nutmeg: Sallie, there are very bad people who want your dad hurt. And we will do everything we can to make sure you get out of that cell.
    Hyperion5182: These are the most dangerous of all without compassion....without fear....ones willing to do anything...and everything to get what they want....
    Unixint80: But like all men, that is all they are.
    Unixint80: Men can be stopped.
    Hyperion5182: No....
    Hyperion5182: I wish it was that simple...
    Nutmeg: Sallie, what can you tell us about where you are held?
    Salliesue: shuts her eyes and listens as her keeper yells at in on her comm
    Salliesue: he's generally a nice man
    Hyperion5182: .....
    Dagget: if you need to go Sallie, go
    Dagget: read the letter in private
    Salliesue: i just wanted to get out to work on my skills more
    Nutmeg: It will happen.
    Dagget: then you can make decisions
    Salliesue: I'm sorry
    Salliesue: but apparently I am being beckoned again
    Salliesue: snickers
    Hyperion5182: I will escort you back if you wish.
    Tyma: You'd better not stay too long if you are in fact going back Sallie
    Salliesue: It's ok
    Nutmeg: Take my Compassion with you, Sallie
    Unixint80: Escorts draw attention
    Salliesue: It's a secret way into the place
    Nutmeg: looks up at her balloon
    Hyperion5182: True...
    Salliesue: Good night
    Dagget: we will be here to help you
    Hyperion5182: Be careful...
    Salliesue: sorry i couldn't stay longer
    Nutmeg: I hope to see you soon, Sallie
    Unixint80: Goodbye for now...
    Dagget: perhaps your father left you instructions
    Zanicyper: be well.
    Tyma: Good night
    Daggerette: stay safe salliesue
    Salliesue: If you hear from my dad tell him i'm either going to kill him myself or lock him up....i havent decieded
    Hyperion5182: laughs
    Salliesue: Thank you everyone I will
    Hyperion5182: Come on be nice..only maim him
    Nutmeg: waves
    Tyma: hmmmm


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    There are several points in the ablove conversation that give me pause. This is clearly not the Salliesue we have all come to know and love. Her entire attitude has changed, from meek little girl to aggressive. Is it due to her undelying Shade nature reasserting itself? Or is it something else? She mentions modifying one of her Keepers' bots to look exactly like herself (to allow her to slip away briefly). One has to wonder if we handed the letter from Markonen to someone other that Salliesue....

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    Might also be simply the fact she grows up... combined with becoming a shade.

    Mind you, her world, her life, have taken a few very nasty turns... it's a miracle she hasn't snapped.

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