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Thread: Questions for Beverly

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    Questions for Beverly

    [The Happy Rebel. Proprietor Beverly 'Lightswift' Puller stops by to find a small group at the bar]

    Lightswift: um....look at me. Not dressed for visitors really
    Dagget: hello
    Nutmeg: giggles
    Lightswift: blinks
    Lightswift: Oh, Hello
    Lightswift: Didn't see you there...gave me a bit of a shock
    Nutmeg: I can barely see you. You only seem to partially be here.
    Dagget: Nulion had an interesting conversation with you recently
    Lightswift: yes....give me a moment...let me slip into something to the grid
    Nutmeg: nods and goes to get a cup of coffee
    Lightswift: That's better
    Nutmeg: nods
    Dagget: yes, and Nulion is on the way, too
    Lightswift: Sorry...give me a second here...still kind of coming back to reality. heh
    Dagget: Rawenna was wanting to talk to you but she has gone to bed already
    Lightswift: Yes, I am sorry i missed her.
    Lightswift: I ended up getting caught up in a few things
    Lightswift: smiles
    Nulion: Hello *smile*
    Lightswift: Hello again Nulion
    Lightswift: Seems I see you everywhere I go these days
    Nulion: Eh, Dagget and Nutmeg asked me to swing by.
    Dagget: where did you two bump into each other last time?
    Nulion: looks at Dagget
    Lightswift: The Truth Tower. I guess I spooked him out a bit yesterday with my paranoid thoughts, he was there, I stopped in to see him.
    Nulion: chuckles
    Dagget: we were a little curious as to why you wer so interested in the location and disposition of Simon's men; and the security system of the CoT building
    Nulion: Scared me to death, yes.
    Lightswift: oh?
    Lightswift: I don't know. Just questions you know. Trying to get to know my environment more...and paranoia....I am always paranoid of security these days.
    Lightswift: Just played some hypothetical things in my head, and so I asked Nulion some questions. no big deal really
    Lightswift: smiles
    Nutmeg: smiles a little
    Dagget: well, it got our attention...that was the main reason Rawenna wanted to talk to you, I think
    Nulion: smiles a bit
    Lightswift: I see.
    Lightswift: hmm....have I got everyones undies tied in a knot? heh

    [just then some Omni wanders into the bar]

    Nulion: What Omni? How did you get in here?
    Seductress: hello
    Lightswift: that is something that could upset Silverstone
    Dagget: especially if he happens to drop by again
    Lightswift: heh, might take his attention off of me for a moment
    Nulion: chuckles
    Nutmeg: Hello, Seductress. Lost?
    Seductress: what's up?
    Seductress: naa, just checking out this nice little club
    Dagget: coughs
    Nutmeg: grins
    Lightswift: I'm sorry...but I have been asked to enforce that no Omni's are in Tir when I see them
    Lightswift: Not that I have a issue, but my boss does
    Nulion: takes a seat
    Lightswift: honestly, probably best if you go.....
    Dagget: Omni-Ent has nice big bars
    Lightswift: I would hate for Silverstone to come in and attack you for no good reason that you are a Omni
    Dagget: Bah! She's going to ignore Bev
    Lightswift: well she aint gonna listen
    Lightswift: Can't say i didn't try
    Nulion: sighs a bit
    Nulion: Well, I personally would love to see what happens if Silverstone were to walk in here again.
    Dagget: Simon will undoubtedly find out and want an explanation, heh
    Nutmeg: Just to be sure, Seductress. Is your insurance all current?
    Dagget: did she finally bolt?
    Nulion: "Not sure", and she's in Tir? She just asking for perma-death?
    Seductress: so what are you guys talking about?
    Nutmeg: The weather
    Nulion: ....Oh, this and that.
    Dagget: nothing that concerns you, Omni
    Nulion: We are warning you again, Omni - this place is being monitored by a man you don't want to be seeing.
    Dagget: Bev, just lower the gas please

    [Beverly points her weapon at the Omni, who then abruptly bolts the bar]

    Lightswift: grins
    Nulion: smiles
    Lightswift: Didn't even lower the gas...just send a hacked message into her NCU
    Lightswift: works everytime
    Nutmeg: That would do it.
    Nulion: A hacked message? *chuckles*
    Nutmeg: giggles
    Lightswift: yeah something like "attacked by..."
    Dagget: I expect to see stray Omni in The Cup but not here
    Lightswift: It is suprising yes
    Nutmeg: laughs remembering Meldrek's face the last time he walked in.
    Lightswift: So...everyone is just...looking at me....
    Dagget: anyway, how is business?
    Lightswift: Slow, unless you guys are here. heh
    Nulion: chuckles
    Nulion: Well, as long as it's -some- business. Even just us.
    Dagget: or the stray Omni comes in...
    Dagget: don't Simon's men spend their off hours here?
    Lightswift: Off hours? Don't think they get many
    Lightswift: or if they do, they havn't been spending them here. I pretty much have the run of the place unless Simon comes in
    Lightswift: Good like base of operations for me actually. heh
    Nutmeg: grins
    Nulion: smiles
    Dagget: operations for what?
    Lightswift: I just handle the cup stuff through comlink, and run my errands from here
    Nutmeg: But we really are still awfully curious about all those questions, Bev.
    Lightswift: Everyone is on edge these days. Just curiosity really. Don't think to much about it. Let me get you guys a couple drinks
    Nulion: ...Sounds good to me.
    Nulion: ...You did get that bartender checked out, didn't you?
    Lightswift: Oh yeah he's good
    Nutmeg: Just my coffee, thanks, Bev.
    Nulion: Ohh...okay then...*smiles a little, taking a drink*
    Nulion: Thanks..
    Lightswift: alrighty
    Lightswift: Drink up! Let some of those worries go! It's called the "Happy" rebel after all\
    Lightswift: chuckles a little
    Nulion: smiles
    Nulion: Sometimes it's more the Nervous Rebel *laughs a little*
    Lightswift: grins
    Dagget: well, be aware that you are going to continue to be scrutinized by a lot of people
    Lightswift: seems like
    Dagget: stuff like that Q&A session with Nulion don't help your position
    Lightswift: Curious. Can't even ask a few questions without people thinking the worst of you huh?
    Lightswift: if I didn't know better I'd say you guys are starting to think Silverstone is on to something with me
    Lightswift: smirks slightly
    Dagget: you could ask a lot of questions and us not be concerned, but you pick the wrong ones
    Nulion: ...Sign of the times, I guess. *looks at Dagget and Nutmeg
    Nutmeg: nods a tiny bit
    Lightswift: What would the right questions be? Hi, how are you, see any good holofilms, go on any good dates,,blah blah blah. Boring stuff wouldn't you say?
    Lightswift: winks
    Dagget: and Markonen had some sound advice regarding Reform - specifically that no clanner ever scheduled to go there avoided it
    Nutmeg: We've tried and tried to think of a way that we can prove that Simon is wrong about you. Do you have any suggestions?
    Nulion: chuckles
    Lightswift: ponders
    Lightswift: No Nutmeg. Honestly I don't
    Nutmeg: We couldn't either.
    Nutmeg: But we really trust Rawenna, and she swears about your loyalty.
    Lightswift: and as for reform, I believe that your friend Markonen is right....of course, if I had actually gone to reform....
    Lightswift: shakes her head
    Nulion: That's what I said in the Tower last night, Nutmeg.
    Nutmeg: nods to Nulion
    Lightswift: Would it make you feel better if I went out and killed some omni's?
    Nicolina: Hi everyone excuse my intrusion pls
    Lightswift: chuckles
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Nutmeg: It's no interruption, Nicolina.
    Lightswift: oh hello Nicolina.....didn't see you come in. Hello
    Dagget: I think I would have felt more comfortable had you said you -did- go to reform but fooled them into thinking they had adjusted your attitude
    Nulion: smiles
    Dagget: hello
    Lightswift: Not really any point in Lying to you Dagget
    Lightswift: But if it makes you feel better, I can start
    Nutmeg: You never really explained "How" you avoided it, though. A mistake in paperwork seems a little bit convienent.
    Lightswift: They were looking for someone named Pullman
    Nutmeg: nods
    Nutmeg: Did they get him?
    Lightswift: shrugs
    Lightswift: Don't know
    Nutmeg: How can we verify this?
    Nulion: For some reason, Pullman sounds familiar....I even remember something about a Pullman in IRRK news a long time back.
    Nutmeg: shakes her head.
    Dagget: yes, Agent the omnis were after
    Lightswift: But I wasn't him...or they held me for a while and moved me to reform, and someone pointed out that I was registered as Puller, not Pullman and they let me go
    Dagget: thinks
    Lightswift: I don't really see where I have left a hole
    Nutmeg: That is the part that confuses me. I didn't think they ever let anyone go. It's not like they have a judge watching.
    Lightswift: shrugs
    Lightswift: Don't know what to tell ya
    Dagget: well, James may yet dig up some related records and we might find out more from independant sources
    Lightswift: You trust me, you don't trust me...whatever. I'm a big girl, I can handle whatever you guys want to throw at me. I'm not going to bull ya though. take me at my word or don't.
    Lightswift: shrugs again
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Nutmeg: We really want to trust you, Bev.
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Nutmeg: If anything just to prove Simon is wrong.
    Lightswift: yeah. I've heard that speech before
    Nulion: ...Well, that doesn't make it less true.
    Lightswift: Nicolina you want a drink?
    Dagget: she has one, it appears
    Lightswift: ah, my mistake. Sneaky one that one
    Lightswift: grins
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Nicolina: oh yes i still have over half left in this
    Dagget: so what sort of other business do you tend to from here Beverly?
    Nicolina: smiles
    Nicolina: Thank you though
    Nutmeg: Hey, what do you guys think about the Newland City Militia tring to arrest Markonen?
    Dagget: pft!
    Lightswift: What kind of business are you looking for Dagget?
    Lightswift: grins
    Dagget: lame, and they got nowhere with it
    Dagget: you mentioned that you operated from this bar...I was curious as to what sort of business you managed
    Nulion: chuckles, and looks at Nutmeg
    Lightswift: I manage all sorts of business.
    Lightswift: Parties, overnight guests, common gatherings....
    Dagget: *sighs*
    Lightswift: and of course there is the other stuff.. you know selling secrets to the corporation, planting bombs, working on destroying the clans as we know them....
    Nulion: chuckles
    Lightswift: Come on Dagget. I know what you are getting at
    Dagget: I can see you are not going to give anythign other than bland generalities
    Lightswift: Your playing investigator
    Lightswift: You don't trust me as far as you could grid me
    Dagget: correct
    Lightswift: grins
    Lightswift: Excellent. I find that attractive actually
    Lightswift: holds back a laugh
    Dagget: though I don't yet share Simon's viewpoint of guilty until proven innocent
    Nulion: I suppose we are kind of torn on opinion
    Nutmeg: You are right, though. With all the tension in the air, everyone sees spooks in every corner
    Lightswift: ]
    Lightswift: mmhmm
    Nulion: ...Heh, I've been the same way lately.
    Nulion: chuckles a little
    Nutmeg: stifles a giggle
    Dagget: well, Nulion, you are a basket case lately anyway
    Nicolina: nods
    Lightswift: Tell you what Dagget. you want to know what I am up to?
    Nulion: smirks a little at Dagget
    Nulion: Not like I can help it..
    Dagget: sure
    Lightswift: Ok, Meet me here on ******, around the same time. I'll take you on one of my routes and you can really see what evil things I am up to
    Dagget: ok
    Dagget: * days from now
    Lightswift: nods
    Lightswift: They rest of you are welcome as well....
    Nutmeg: takes a note
    Lightswift: and whoever else you want to bring
    Nutmeg: I'll be here
    Nicolina: smiles
    Lightswift: But not too many
    Lightswift: Keeping a low profile will be important
    Dagget: hopefully rawenna can be here
    Lightswift: oh.....and maybe renew your insurrance
    Lightswift: winks
    Dagget: her opinion is the one that really counts
    Nutmeg: Always
    Nicolina: nods again
    Lightswift: Alright. Until then....
    Nicolina: My lips are sealed
    Lightswift: Farewell my many investigators.....
    Nutmeg: giggles
    Nicolina: Stay safe
    Nutmeg: See you Thursday!
    Nulion: Take care, Bev. *smiles*
    Lightswift: curses....
    Lightswift: hit the wrong grid out
    Lightswift: sighs
    Lightswift: This will take a while
    Nutmeg: giggles
    Nulion: It happens *smile*
    Nutmeg: Don't you just hate it when the perfect exit get's foiled.
    Lightswift: So much for dramatic exits
    Lightswift: chuckles
    Nutmeg: Reminds me of my last argument with my ex.
    Dagget: hopefully not some nanobot failure
    Lightswift: eyes roll back as she becomes one with the grid and dissapears

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