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Thread: OOC: Omni-Tek Affiliate Meetings - FAQ

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    OOC: Omni-Tek Affiliate Meetings - FAQ

    Omni-Tek Affiliate Meetings - FAQ

    What are the Omni Affiliate Meetings?

    First and foremost the Omni Affiliate meetings are a Role Playing experience, designed for more direct communication with the Omni-Tek department leaders, and opening more doors for Role Play opportunities in Anarchy-Online.

    If you are not interested in Role Play or the storyline of Anarchy-Online, this may not be for you.

    How do I apply to be an affiliate, and where can I find out more about the departments?

    check out

    Who is approving the applications?

    Whenever you submit an application it gets forwarded to our ark-events feedback email address. Then we shall review your application and make sure you have applied for a department that is suited to you. We do this by reading the information you include in the application. So please make sure you submit more information than "well I am a doc so I guess I should join omni-med"

    It is not accepting my name in the application?!

    The registration form checks for your org name against the AO database. So if for any reason the DB is down you will not be able to send in the application. It is also very important that if you have any additional tags on your org name, that they are included as well. So in other words, everything is case sensitive.

    It has been more that 72 hours and I haven’t gotten a this because I applied solo and not as an org?

    It will play a role on the application process if you apply solo but are in a guild. The reason for this is to avoid 30 people from the same guild signing up. You are allowed 2 representatives, and either the representative or the Org leader must be the one signing up.

    I don't see any issues coming up with people who apply as a guild taking more than the posted time.

    How long can we expect the meetings to run?

    The meetings can be as short as a hour or as long as 3 depending on the topics of the meeting, the discussion and the attendance.

    What is the format for the meetings?

    The format for the first meeting will be a bit different than the ones that follow. The first meeting will be some introductions and speeches, with Assignments given to some of the departments. After this first meeting the format will run as so.

    Reports: Affiliates can make reports on the current assignments they have been given or working on, as well as suggestions for follow up to this assignment.

    News: A review of recent news and Omni-Tek's official stance on the topics

    Speakers: This is where Affiliates can have the chance to address a department member, either his own, another department member or the CEO. This has to be arranged in advance through the secretaries who will compile a list of speakers, their topics and who they wish to address, which will then be forwarded to Omni HQ.

    This should be done through the forums, or by contacting the secretary in game.

    New Assignments: Department heads can give a summary of assignments for affiliates, renewed from last month or new. These have to be approved by the CEO (or acting CEO as the case may be)

    CEO comment: The CEO (or acting CEO as the case may be) will end the meeting with a comment for the employees focus to be in the coming month.

    Social period: This is where the department heads who are not in a rush to get back to their offices can take some time and speak with affiliates when the meeting is done. In the case of all department heads having to go back to business, the meeting will be formerly adjourned at this time

    Where are the meetings going to be held?

    The meetings are being held in a Omni-Admin building which presently does not have a general access location. There are security concerns at the moment and Omni-Tek does not want to reveal the exact location.

    When it is time for the meetings, Affiliate reps will be contacted by a member of the Omni-Admin staff, who will arrange for grid transfer to the building.

    What can we expect from these meetings?

    You can expect first and foremost a role play experience, where you are able to communicate directly with storyline departments of Omni-Tek, as a affiliate of that department. You can expect it to be run similar to a corporate board meeting, which means it will be expected of you to act accordingly.

    You can also expect some assignments to come in the form of a one time quest or mission, and in other cases, your assignments will have a greater impact on the storyline and run for a longer period. The success of these meetings as a whole will determine the overall outcome.

    Will every department leader be at every meeting?

    As much as I would love to say yes, the truth of the matter is, we are all volunteers and do have real lives as well. History shows us from the Council of Truth meetings, that there may be a meeting time when only 1 or 2 leaders can make it. However it is our goal to have as many leaders as possible be at these meetings every time they are planned. This is part of the reason for speakers to inform secretaries beforehand when they want to address a department leader. So we can make arrangements for that leader or at least a representative of him to be at that meeting.

    Meeting cancellations or reschedules due to department leaders not being available will be posted on forums. We do, however, plan to not reschedule unless absolutely necessary.

    So if my department leader isn't there, should I bother going to the meet?

    If your department leader is not there, yes you should still go to the meeting. We on the events team are making a point to have assignments for each department for every meeting, or at least something to add for your affiliation. If your department leader is not there, the CEO (or acting CEO as the case may be) will inform you of any new information that is relevant.

    Plus with the news session, it will be good for you to know where Omni-Tek stands on current events.

    How often will the meetings be held?

    Every second weekend of the month is the plan, with Saturday Atlantian meetings and Sunday Rimor meetings, with the option to alternate monthly (example Rimor on Saturday Atlantian on Sunday one month and the other way around the next and so on). They will be held at 1800 GMT in order to appeal to a US and UK time period.

    We chose to separate them by days instead of running both the same day, because we found the greatest difficulty in the Council Of Truth meetings was to have everyone that made the 1800 meeting, make the 2400 meeting. Having the meetings over two days rather than one is not something we plan to change.

    When is the first meeting?

    June 18 1800 GMT on Atlantian, June 19 1800 on Rimor

    I have a question that has not been answered in this thread!

    Please post your question below here and I will respond as soon as I can.

    A big thanks to all who made getting to this point possible.


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    I have a question. I have been accepted as an affiliate, but I am curious about the possibility of observers other than the affiliates. Would it be allowed for selected people, who apply beforehand on the Omni-Tek website, to come and observe the meetings? This is of course if they sign a form agreeing beforehand that they are there purely to observe and they are not allowed to speak or interact with the other members in any way, and that they can be removed from the meeting area by ARKs for any reason at any time.

    I'm sure there are many people who would like to watch this, if they can.

    Will there be a report of the meeting available afterwards for other Omni-Tek employees?
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    Will there be a report of the meeting available afterwards for other Omni-Tek employees?
    I can answer this, yes there will be. Daewen, the press secretary, will be in charge of releasing articles to the public that will contain what happened during the meetings.

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    er... the way its worded is confusing...

    I like to RP a little bit, but I'm not in an RP org, nor would anyone in my org wish to roleplay (I think Omni RK2 RP is non-existant for the most part)

    I cant join with that character?
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    You can join the meetings as a private person representing noone but yourself

    So go and affiliate yourself on
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    Hope you guys enjoy the board meetings as much as we enjoy the Council meetings Here's good luck to ya!
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    We shall see.
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    Just curious.

    Since last year, have you, or not, changed your website to:

    Just wondering if I'm dealing with the same group.

    Thanks for the info.

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    Greetings! Yes, the site address has changed to It is exactly the same group of people.

    - Katelin

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    Does anyone know who Ivan's Secretary is? I've been in the department for two months and I still don't know his secretary....
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    The aforementioned grid site is no longer recognized by Omni-Tek. If you wish to speak to your Director, or a representative of your director, you are required to send a grid mail to Omni-Admin

    I would also like to point out that all of this was explained to you clearly in the Instructions.

    Please try to pay closer attention in the future, Officer.

    Also, It may be in your best Interests to address the good Director as "Director Sergeyich" or "Sir." "Ivan" is simply disrespectful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trousers View Post
    Also, It may be in your best Interests to address the good Director as "Director Sergeyich" or "Sir." "Ivan" is simply disrespectful.
    would it be in my best intrest to keep calling him vodka bottle? or maybe vodkadude...

    maybe i should mention him & zora and the crossdressing stories i keep hearing about
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    You should watch your tongue, criminal.
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    a criminal? where? let's catch him!
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    The criminal would be you.
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