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Thread: A Little Rebellion

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    A Little Rebellion

    The man was a mess, but most of his friends just thought of him as "dirty", that is the few friends he had. His name, strangely enough, was Gero "Cleanjean" Thost. His jeans were a mess too though, and looked like they had been burnt a couple of times to improve the smell, but he didn't seem to mind. The rest of his outfit was -almost- as bad as his jeans. An old black Omni-Tek shirt with what looked like mustard stains, a raggedy jacket of some sort of animal hide that must have been made while the unfortunate animal was still warm because of the smell wafting off it, and to crown it all off a homemade Rollerrat-hide helmet that made his head seem strangely misshapen.

    If it wasn't for the information this guy was selling I wouldn't have come within a ten mile radius of him, but we all got to suffer some indignities on Rubi-Ka, especially those who fight for freedom like me. My name is Arzak, and I -work- for the Clans. I used to -work- for Omni-Tek until they tried to kill me...but that is another story. Back to this Cleanjean fella. Like I said, he had information he wanted to -sell- to the Clans. Of course no self-respecting Clanner would ever lower themselves to the level of paying for information...that's why they sent me. Ha. Ha.

    The information was something involving Omni-Mining the guy had said in his transmission, this is doubly probably why they sent me, because no one really cares about Omni-Mining anymore. Omni-Pol, Omni-AF, Omni-Admin, it can become a little challenging keeping track of all the Omni-Nuts out there. I guess this shows how much the deal-makers in Tir really trust me when they send me on small time missions like this. Oh well. Back to the story. Omni-Mining. In charge of all the mining of Notum on Rubi-Ka and some say where it all started for the Clans.

    "Okay Thost. I'm here what've you got?" I had just ducked into this small abandoned building in the middle of nowhere to find Cleanjean pointing a nasty looking gun at me. Okay so it was in the Newland Desert, but nowhere sounds more right to me. I wasn't much worried about the gun though, because from here I could tell it had rusted into uselessness a long long time ago.

    Cleanjean had broken out in sweat and kept shaking his head as if he was asking himself some internal question and saying no over and over and over again. Finally he spoke in a harsh whisper that was kind of creepy. "Did you bring the money?"

    "Yes it is right here." I motioned with my right hand to the bag I was carrying in my left.

    The man nearly dropped the gun he held when he saw my right hand move, but he recovered. "Throw it here." He said, in that strange voice.

    I chuckled, trying to calm him down a bit, and shook my head in a negative manner. "First you'll tell me exactly what the information is and why I should pay for it. Then ... if I think it is worth it you can -look- at the money."

    He obviously didn't find this relaxing at all, because he pointed his gun at me and shouted, in an almost normal voice. "Gimme the money or I'll blast you!"

    I sighed to myself. Not because I was worried or would give in and give him the credits, but because I had travelled all this way for nothing. Just some -smart- punk trying to make quick cash. I tossed the bag at his feet and stepped back, almost outside the building. As he knelt to open the bag I rushed forward before his eyes could even move from the bag back to me and knocked the gun from his hand with a quick kick. As I had suspected the gun was a piece of junk and fell apart from this treatment, landing in several places in the small room.

    Cleanjean shrieked and grabbing the bag tried to force his way past me. With one hand I reached behind his neck and threw him to the ground easily. He tried to get up and I put a foot on his chest as a warning. He started making these weird squeeking noises right about then, finally I realized he was crying. Not bothering to feel sorry for him I snatched up the bag and turned to go. He reached out at the last second and grabbed my ankle, shouting, "I know stuff! Honest!"

    I kicked his hand from my leg and glared down at him. "Tell me."

    ((This is not from the point of view of my character "Oriitas" but another character which I've created just because I want to. Planning on adding more stuff later and introducing myself in third person, from the point of view of other people. Basically I got bored and decided to show off my writing abilities. *grin* I am not just a griefer! I swear! I swear! *chuckles*))
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    "I used to work for Omni-Com you know, back before all this fighting started. It was a pretty good job too, easy I mean." Cleanjean looked up at me as if he was expecting some sort of comment. I remained silent. Slowly his eyes fell and he started talking again. "Well. A few years ago they replaced a lot of the technicians with people from InterOps and Reform. I lost my job. Since then I make a little cred here and there by hacking into their systems. It isn't easy, but I know a few backdoors that they haven't removed yet. It isn't cost effiencent I guess." Making an effort to be cheerful the guy chuckled, but it ended up in a hacking cough that wouldn't stop.

    "Are you okay?" I asked, but he just ignored me and continued coughing until he threw up some blood. Well isn't this great, I thought, here I finally get the guy talking and he is going to die on me. He didn't though. After the blood part he just went on talking like nothing had happened.

    "A few weeks ago I was looking for information for this guy in Newland, something about mining rights in Clon**** or somewhere. He didn't explain much, just gave me a file number that it was supposed to be under. Of course the file number was useless, the guy probably made it up. So anyway, I ended up having to go through a bunch of old Omni-Mining files from a few years back looking for something that might be what he wanted." While he was talking, Cleanjean removed a rag from his jacket pocket and wiped some of the blood from his chin. I could see on the rag evidence that this coughing happened on a regular basis.

    "I came across a file there that was misplaced." He paused here for second looking thoughtful. "Well at the time I thought it was misplaced. It was an after-action report by one of the Mining Directors about a murder that happened in one of their mines a few years ago and the investigation that took place." He stopped then and looked up at me. "There are many pages detailing exactly what took place. What they did to those miners during the investigation wasn't exactly -legal-, so I guess the Mining Director felt a need to protect himself by recording it all and putting it somewhere safe. Can I look at the money now?"

    I grunted an affirmitave and tossed the bag to him. He slowly sat it in front of him and opened it. He sighed happily when he saw what was inside. I moved a little closer to him and sat down, keeping my eyes on his. "Now. Tell me more of what -exactly- is in this file."
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    [File 9602A - Mining Rights & Claims]

    "Computer. Start recording." The computer beeped twice acknowledging the command. Mining Direction Delry Gurgensen leaned back in his chair and studied the computer, trying to arrange his thoughts into words. "This is a recording of the events that took place at Mine 213 in the year 29477 during the months of September and October." Gurgensen paused here again, his face a mask of memory.

    "On September 17th of that year we had an -accidental- collapse in the mine, in Shaft 2. A few days later while droids were clearing some of the debris from the site of the collapse, evidence was found showing that it wasn't an accident. Following procedure I contacted my superior and informed him of the incident." Another pause, this one longer than the two previous.

    "A-at that time I was unaware of certain ... polices used by the corporation to combat unionist ideas in the mines. A few days after I contacted my superior a small group of men arrived from Anti-Union Enforcement..."

    "Sir, there is someone here to see you." My secretary said in an odd tone.

    I ignored it at the time and just nodded, "Show them in please."

    The young man stepped back out of my office and ushered in two large atroxes in Omni-Pol uniforms, that is black armor. As the two came forward they seperated and ended up standing on either side of my desk, looking down at me as if wondering if they should kill me now or later. Trying to keep my eyes on the two hulking soldiers, I hardly noticed the tall and lanky figure that followed behind them. As he stopped in front of me I noticed the lack of movement and turned to him.

    "Uhm..." I coughed a little and stood straighter in my chair. "Welcome to Mine 213. How may I help you sir?" From the first sight of the man he gave me the creeps. All I could really see of him at that point, because he was wearing a cloak with the hood pulled too far down, was the lower part of his scarred face. With a shock I realized that the telltale pale skin around his scars there marked him as a nanomage. He chuckled a bit, soft and taunting, then raised his hands to pull the hood back off his head. I had just a brief glance of some sort of device on his right hand and then I was looking at him.

    "You are Mining Director Delry Gurdensen?" He said, his voice a little bit lilting and flowery, as if he knew something funny that no one else did.

    The lack of hair anywhere on his head and the curious happy look in his eyes that said, 'I would like to hurt you.' gave me pause. Eventually I realized he had said something that didn't make sense. "G-gurgensen." I said nodding, trying to get a hold of myself. He chuckled again in that same way.

    "My name is Oriitas Re. I am here to -investigate- your workers and find out who is responsible for mine collapse." The way he said investigate was strange, as if trying it out on his tongue and wondering if it was the proper word to use. I should have realized then that this man had no real desire to find out the truth, he just wanted to cause pain, and if the pain turned out to benefit the corporation...well so much the better. Of course, things are never so simple.

    ((A little Star Wars-like, but *cough* in a good way. ))
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