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Thread: Evening at The Happy Rebel

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    Evening at The Happy Rebel

    [Inside The Happy Rebel in Tir, a small group is chatting when the Bar Operator, Beverly 'Lightswift' Puller, walks in]

    Dagget: hello
    Nutmeg: smiles at Ms. Puller
    Lightswift: Just give me a second to change
    Nulion: smiles
    Nulion: Been a long time since I've seen her.
    Nutmeg: I just met her for the first time.
    Dagget: CoT earlier this year
    Nutmeg: She gave me coffee on the house.
    Nutmeg: sips her coffee
    Nulion: Awful good person, though nobody knows her like Rawenna does. *smile*
    Rawenna: grins
    Dagget: I'm a little worried about her going thru 'reform' though
    Rawenna: Oh I am sure some know her better then I do.
    Nulion: I haven't met them, then *smile*
    Rawenna: Ysabelle, Raijou, Sime and Fali are all ofplanet
    Rawenna: Hello beverly
    Lightswift:, what can I get everyone to drink?
    Rawenna: smiles
    Nulion: Hey there Bev! *smile* Very long time, no see
    Lightswift: smiles still catching her breath
    Dagget: Haven't seen you since you came to the CoT a few months ago
    Nutmeg: still has her coffee
    Nulion: No drink for me, I'm good. *smile*
    Lightswift: yes.....yes, sorry about that. Been quite busy
    Lightswift: smiles
    Dagget: as Simon owns a controlling interest, I believe
    Lightswift: Nulion, did you enjoy the Omni hospitality? I heard the announcement when I was inside myself
    Dagget: we didn't spend long there
    Nulion: chuckles softly
    Nulion: It...wasn't very comfortable, if that's what you mean.
    Dagget: and we were a bit surprised that you agreed to take over this place
    Lightswift: chuckles
    Lightswift: Simon asked me to work here actually
    Dagget: One wonders at his motives for asking you, seeing as he seems to dislike you
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Lightswift: To keep his eye on me. what else?
    Lightswift: snickers
    Nulion: chuckles
    Nutmeg: Think it will work?
    Lightswift: Heh
    Dagget: he could plant incriminating evidence in here to get you in trouble
    Lightswift: Depends what he is lookin for
    Lightswift: Yeah I thought of I took some of the budget he game me and installed my own security system
    Lightswift: so I'll have records of everything that goes on
    Lightswift: grins
    Nulion: smiles
    Nutmeg: raises an eyebrow
    Dagget: at least there aren't any Omni here...The Cup is nice but Omnis seem to be always getting in
    Nulion: The Cup serves all types, last I remember *smile* I remember the faction-neutral party there some time ago.
    Lightswift: Do they? I havn't noticed any
    Dagget: they come to West Athens to brawl, and hide in the cup when too many clanners are looking for them
    Dagget: we started having Sunday Socials there but just this last weekend moved them to here
    Nutmeg: Someone should give Coco a Clan Application and a gun.
    Dagget: snickers
    Rawenna: grins
    Lightswift: Oh The cup, I thought you meant here
    Lightswift: Yeah The Cup has its issues
    Lightswift: nods
    Dagget: but it is also busier overall that I have seen
    Lightswift: Busier than here for sure.
    Dagget: twice the staff
    Nulion: Being next to a grid terminal will do that for business.
    Lightswift: I'm hoping I can change that
    Nutmeg: I bet you can.
    Dagget: have you talked to the local officials about getting the grid terminal outside set for incoming people?
    Nulion: That'd help business greatly.
    Rawenna: Well, reopening the gridpoint outside and slap some paint on the walls would do wonders
    Lightswift: The local officials would be Silverstone...I try to talk to him as little as possible
    Dagget: and he seems to perfer this to be a ghost town...less work for his men
    Lightswift: Yet he wants me to try and liven the place up
    Nulion: We're equipping the guards with alien weaponry...not paintbrushes *grins, just kidding*
    Dagget: Ah, I see Markonen is about
    Lightswift: squints slighty
    Lightswift: Why do I know that name.....
    Dagget: Sergeant Markonen
    Dagget: former Omni-Pol
    Nutmeg: We were about to talk about him, Beverly. Do you mind if I call you Beverly?
    Lightswift: Sergeant?
    Lightswift: I don't mind Meg
    Lightswift: Former Omni-Pol...
    Dagget: he got fed up with the Omnis and turned clan recently
    Nutmeg: nods
    Nulion: We've all been through a lot with him lately.
    Dagget: and had a horrible run in with Tempus Coma
    Dagget: he's still recovering
    Lightswift: eyes widen slightly then return to normal
    Nutmeg: You've heard of the Tempus Coma?
    Rawenna: Something the matter Bev?
    Lightswift: Heard of them? Sliced me up several months ago
    Nulion: 's eyes widen a bit
    Nutmeg: winces
    Rawenna: Ah yes, they attacked the Cup, didn't they?
    Lightswift: nods
    Dagget: they kidnapped a little girl from Tir
    Rawenna: I remeber that.
    Nulion: I hadn't heard about that, Rawenna.
    Dagget: Markonen rescued her
    Lightswift: What the hell is a little girl doing in Tir? Simon breeding?
    Dagget: long story
    Nutmeg: She was Ophaned. And aparently a victim of Omni-med, too.
    Lightswift: Hmmm
    Dagget: she was apparently born a shade but Omni-Med experimented on her to appear to be an advie
    Dagget: and her 'parents' dumped her here
    Lightswift: Nice parents
    Dagget: she has gone back to her native form now and Markonen has adopted her
    Nutmeg: Beverly, I don't think that her parents had much choice.
    Nutmeg: And the Tempus Coma really wanted her badly, too.
    Dagget: they appear to have been placed as cover for her
    Lightswift: Hmm....I wonder why
    Dagget: the Tempus Coma queen seems to be the girls real mother
    Nutmeg: nods
    Dagget: as we said, a complicated story
    Lightswift: Sounds like
    Lightswift: chuckles
    Lightswift: Always an adventure with you guys isn't it
    Dagget: I believe James is headed this way
    Nutmeg: chuckles
    Nulion: This month? Yes *smile*
    Lightswift: James...Markonen?
    Dagget: yes
    Lightswift: nods slowly
    Nutmeg: nods
    Lightswift: I see
    Nutmeg: You know him?
    Dagget: he is still familiarizing himself with the city
    Lightswift: ..hmm? No, I don't believe so
    Dagget: some very nasty Omnis tried to kill him when he turned
    Dagget: Dr Evans
    Dagget: also, we learned that Midia was being held in custody by the Omnis
    Lightswift: Yeah I know. She was shipped off world though
    Lightswift: Same day they tried to send me to reform
    Dagget: we are concerned that one of their factions is using her technology to produce the 'virus' that Ross is now reported to be afflicted with
    Nulion: We'd heard about that. Got us all pretty worried..
    Nutmeg: I heard about that, Beverly. You avoided reform?
    Dagget: what happened? We heard you went to reform
    Lightswift: Nothing to worry about. Just a simple misunderstanding. Like Silverstone, they thought I was someone I wasn't
    Lightswift: smiles
    Dagget: here he is I believe
    Lightswift: Oh just your usual beverly, running a courier job through Omni territory and getting picked up because Ross was shot....
    Rawenna: I am rather worried what could happend if Midia is working with the corporation...
    Nulion: smiles over at Markonen
    Dagget: Hello James
    Lightswift: She was being held in a cell. Doubtfull she was working with them

    [Markonen enters]
    Rawenna: smiles
    Rawenna: Hello James
    Lightswift: looks up at Markonen
    Markonen: Hello Rawenna, Dagget.
    Nutmeg: smiles happily
    Dagget: have you two ever met before?
    Markonen: Maam.
    Nulion: smiles
    Lightswift: James Markonen.....or so they tell me.....correct?
    Rawenna: Beverly, you have met the woman, if she thinks she has something to gain from it, she will work with them. Remeber Dr Forrest?
    Markonen: You have the advantage of me maam.
    Lightswift: grins
    Lightswift: The way I like it
    Markonen: You are..?
    Markonen: smiles
    Lightswift: Beverly Puller. Host of this fine bar
    Lightswift: What is your poison.....sergeant?
    Markonen: A pleasure maam.
    Dagget: she also runs The Cup in West Athens
    Markonen: I do not drink maam.
    Lightswift: 's smile turns slightly up to the side
    Markonen: I have learned it does not agree with me.
    Nulion: chuckles, remembering the -last- time Markonen had a drink
    Lightswift: You don't drink liquids?
    Lightswift: We have other stuff than just booze you know
    Dagget: grins
    Markonen: If you have water, that would be perfect.
    Markonen: smiles
    Lightswift: nods
    Nutmeg: sips her coffee
    Lightswift: Sure thing
    Nulion: So...have things been going well for you since yesterday, James?
    Lightswift: There you are
    Markonen: My thanks.
    Lightswift: My friends here tell me you are former Omni-Pol
    Markonen: Yes. It has gone well. ...
    Markonen: Yes. I was.
    Markonen: smiles
    Nulion: smiles warmly
    Lightswift: Worked for Ivan the terrible huh?
    Markonen: Not directly... But yes.
    Lightswift: smiles and types into her comlink
    Markonen: I felt it would be better to leave Omni while I could. Especially after the execution of a man.
    Nulion: sighs softly, thinking back to that...
    Dagget: we were just discussion Midia and whether she has anything to do with the virus Ross seems to now have
    Dagget: Beverly says she was shipped off planet
    Lightswift: Well, while I was there I was under the impression she was a prisnor just like the rest of us
    Lightswift: Didn't seem to be helping them much...Bitched a lot though
    Rawenna: That sounds like her alright.
    Nulion: chuckles
    Dagget: I would think that the omnis would look for a way to leverage her expertise
    Markonen: How so?
    Rawenna: I am surprised that the ICC lets the corporation keep her locked up though..
    Dagget: she knows bio technology beyond what they now have, I believe
    Markonen: ICC knows what Omni allows them to.
    Markonen: chuckles
    Dagget: well, someone needs to keep her locked up, but I still worry as long as she is alive
    Nulion: Markonen's right...I don't think knowledge of her being there was supposed to leave that building.
    Dagget: well, we now know
    Markonen: If half of what I have heard of this woman is correct she should have been permakilled.
    Rawenna: Well considering the woman is, or atleast was an executive of the ICC , i think they would keep better track of he wearabouts.
    Nulion: Ah, hello Hyperion *smile*
    Hyperion5182: Hey
    Lightswift: I think Midia was just a victim of her own ego
    Lightswift: Hello Hyperion
    Rawenna: Victim?
    Hyperion5182: Bev
    Nutmeg: Bah.. No victim would ever be quite that cruel.
    Rawenna: Have you forgotten what she did? To you and to so many others?



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    Continued from previous...


    Rawenna: Have you forgotten what she did? To you and to so many others?
    Markonen: frowns.
    Lightswift: Nope
    Lightswift: I havn't
    Markonen: Alot of people were harmed by her if I remember correctly.
    Lightswift: But, I bet it was her own confidence which got her locked up and shipped off the world
    Lightswift: chuckles
    Dagget: can we douse the lights just a bit Hyperion?
    Hyperion5182: That better dagget?
    Dagget: smiles
    Hyperion5182: Sorry i always operate with that thing on helps to see what is coming
    Markonen: chuckles
    Nutmeg: laughs
    Dagget: you were blinding the bartender
    Rawenna: I am just afraid that the corporation will get their hands on her knowledge.. the thought terrifies me.
    Dagget: all of us
    Nulion: nods softly
    Hyperion5182: They may have already
    Nulion: We're praying not.
    Lightswift: Besides, I don't know if you remember the information that was passed on about Dr Forest made its way to Omni-Tek via Falikos to Captain Honer...That put a warrant out for her
    Nulion: looks at Rawenna, not too sure who Dr Forest is....but listens respectfully
    Rawenna: I remember.
    Lightswift: shrugs
    Lightswift: Dr Forest, Nulion, was a pretty sick guy who was on Midia's payroll
    Nulion: just one of her lackeys?
    Lightswift: No....not really. A much smarter and evil Lackey if you ask me....
    Rawenna: Defenetly more evil.
    Hyperion5182: shakes his head
    Nutmeg: Was their involvement with the Dust Brigades ever proven?
    Hyperion5182: What is his status?
    Lightswift: Dead now though. Killed by shades
    Hyperion5182: Ahh
    Markonen: Shades?
    Nulion: ....Shades?
    Lightswift: nods
    Lightswift: In Newland city
    Markonen: I see.
    Dagget: ordinary shades or Tempus Coma shades?
    Hyperion5182: Cant say i mind that. But the list of suspects for ross has already shrunk considerbly and the investigation hasnt even begun.
    Lightswift: I wasn't there. Just heard about it afterwards. I wasn't sad in the least....the one good thing the shades ever did
    Lightswift: Don't know Dagget
    Lightswift: If they are anything like the shades who attacked me, and kidnapped my friend Stuggy, I'd say Tempus whatchamacallit
    Nulion: *sigh* We've seen much more of them than we'd like to.
    Dagget: they seem to be big on kidnapping
    Markonen: Kidnapped maam?
    Markonen: I apologize if this is history. I have only recently come the this part of the world.
    Lightswift: nods
    Lightswift: Stuggy is still missing actually. Havn't heard a thing in half a year
    Nulion: shakes his head
    Markonen: Hmmm..
    Nutmeg: looks sad toward Beverly
    Nulion: Well...we haven't heard anything about a Stuggy in our time with the Tempus...
    Lightswift: Don't even know if it was them
    Markonen: Maam. If I may offer...
    Lightswift: Guess I have been out of the loop
    Nulion: looks at Markonen
    Lightswift: hmm?
    Markonen: I have recently opend an investigative agency here in Tir. I could look into the matter for you if you like.
    Nulion: smiles
    Dagget: Are you sure you want to deal with Tempus Coma again so soon James?
    Markonen: growls softly
    Dagget: assumeing the trail leads to them?
    Lightswift: You have? Is Silverstone aware that he has a former Omni working from Tir? heh
    Nulion: Don't think he's aware yet...*chuckle*
    Dagget: James wisely avoids Silverstone
    Markonen: Once I take a job I follow the trail to its end...
    Markonen: I do not care for his views or ideals.
    Markonen: I therefore avoid him.
    Lightswift: Well you might want to be carefull then...cause in case you didn't know, I kind of work for him, and expect him to drop in once and a while
    Lightswift: Not that I like him much myself....
    Markonen: Oh? I am sorry to hear that Maam.
    Lightswift: shrugs
    Lightswift: The money is good
    Markonen: chuckles
    Hyperion5182: grins
    Dagget: but they are not exactly cozy friends, either, James
    Nulion: chuckles
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Lightswift: ugh, don't even hint at cosy with him
    Rawenna: grins
    Lightswift: Some things are just wrong
    Lightswift: chuckles
    Markonen: The image of Silverstone being cozy with anyone is .. interesting.
    Markonen: laughs
    Nulion: grins
    Lightswift: He used to date Ruth Montezuma from New Dawn...don't know if you knew that
    Nulion: Seriously? *chuckles* Now -that- is a shocker.
    Markonen: Poor woman.
    Lightswift: heh
    Lightswift: types some more on her comlink
    Markonen: With relations like that it makes me glad to be a trox.
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Dagget: James, have you looked into the art theft ring any more? You mentioned that they appeared to have moved into clan territory
    Markonen: True. I am slowly developing relationships with severeal.. undesirables.. in the area.
    Hyperion5182: I have been running that thing involving ross in my head... and i have come to one is not an active party on Rubi-Ka at this moment that did this....
    Dagget: you think Sol banking is behind his attack?
    Hyperion5182: only ones i can come up with
    Lightswift: Having some Nanobot failure there Bartender? Stop messin around and get back to mixing!
    Hyperion5182: They would have the means and MOtive but most of all its firepower thas driving me nuts
    Nulion: chuckles
    Hyperion5182: The virus could only have been delivered by the bullet
    Dagget: chuckles
    Hyperion5182: Which is serious nano tech to begin with
    Hyperion5182: Then add to that it was dormant for 2 weeks before it became active
    Lightswift: ponders
    Hyperion5182: Aliens and midia are the only ones that could pull that off but aliens have never used Sniper Rifles
    Markonen: Perhaps. That or Omni-Med is being their usual effecient selves.
    Lightswift: eyes Markonen a moment
    Dagget: glances at Markonen
    Dagget: 'nearly' killing him would be a good way to draw certain other people into contamination range
    Hyperion5182: My Theory and for now its just a theory
    Hyperion5182: Is that Sol Banking captured Midia and got the Tech from her
    Hyperion5182: and brought an operative down to Rubi-Ka To take out Ross
    Hyperion5182: I dont have any evidence to support it yet
    Markonen: Sounds feasible.. Except a few minor details.
    Dagget: one does wonder whether the intent was ever to actually kill Ross
    Nulion: looks at the bartender for a moment, then to Lightswift
    Hyperion5182: Help me out here then james what am i missing?
    Hyperion5182: looks confused but willing to listen
    Markonen: Do you honestly think Omni would turn over such a valuable prisoner to Sol?
    Hyperion5182: I didnt say turn over i said Captured
    Dagget: shakes his head
    Dagget: Midia was in Omni control immediately after the shooting
    Hyperion5182: Blows that theory.
    Dagget: I think we can rule out Sol getting theri hands on her
    Rawenna: An interesting theory, with a few to many holes perhaps..
    Markonen: After...
    Hyperion5182: Yep
    Markonen: Hmm..
    Lightswift: Heh...Sol....
    Dagget: but if the actual intent was not to kill Ross but to spread the virus...
    Nutmeg: finishes her coffee
    Lightswift: chuckles silently to herself
    Hyperion5182: No if it was to spread the virus we would of seen more cases by now Dagget
    Nulion: Sorry about that *smile* Didn't want to interrupt.
    Dagget: it ws dormant until now
    Hyperion5182: No 2 weeks ago he slipped into a coma
    Hyperion5182: Thought it was the 15th
    Dagget: it may be laying dormant and invisible in -many- others who came into contact with Ross
    Markonen: Hyperion. Have you learned nothing of Omni in all your years facing them?
    Markonen: sighs
    Hyperion5182: Yeah i have
    Lightswift: listens quietly
    Hyperion5182: Just going on what little medical knowledge i have mainly what Leonard Told me.
    Nulion: sips his wine quietly
    Markonen: Then you know that they can and will manipulate the media. That it may be possible that Rome is under quarentine. We would never know without looking for ourselves.
    Hyperion5182: I currently have a spy in Rome Markonen...There is no Lockdown
    Nulion: I should hope not...WHen I was there the city looked to be normal.
    Markonen: glances at Nulion
    Markonen: You never learn do you?
    Markonen: chuckles
    Nulion: smirks
    Markonen: One of these days your gonna meet a unicorn having a bad day.
    Nutmeg: looks innocent
    Dagget: it is Nulion's job to go places like that
    Nulion: Not an easy job, but I've got the equipment. So I do what I do, and try not to get caught...*chuckles*
    Markonen: And I thought my former job was dangerous.
    Markonen: laughs
    Nulion: grins, drinking some more wine
    Lightswift: Sorry just refreshing some bots I need running
    Nulion: It happens *grin*
    Hyperion5182: smiles
    Dagget: so, are you going to let Jemes hunt for your missing friend, Beverly?
    Nulion: He's very passionate with what he does.
    Lightswift: Don't know. I think I would like to get to know James a bit better first.....
    Nulion: smiles
    Markonen: What would you like to know maam?
    Hyperion5182: I just dont think James that it was anyone in Omni unless it was a massive effort to take out ross..and there are easier and legal ways to do that.
    Lightswift: smiles
    Markonen: True Hyperion.
    Markonen: But wheres the fun in that?
    Hyperion5182: Oh i dont know
    Nulion: chuckles softly
    Hyperion5182: Telling your old boss to shove it is a big motive for most
    Markonen: smiles
    Hyperion5182: and being able to get away with it makes it all the sweeter
    Lightswift: Oh come you really think Ross was shot by a disgruntled employee?
    Markonen: I left in peace. So it wasnt me.
    Hyperion5182: The only ones with a motive in that case are Omni-Pol
    Hyperion5182: And they dont have the Tech
    Markonen: frowns
    Hyperion5182: I just cant believe its a massive conspiriacy things that big leak at some point
    Lightswift: blushes slightly
    Markonen: Hyperion... You would be amazed..
    Dagget: in other news, we will shortly turn over to Simon, a large supply of Hi grade alien weapons with which he can arm his men
    Nulion: smiles
    Markonen: What?!
    Hyperion5182: We have enough as it is
    Lightswift: More guns for Simon. heh
    Dagget: we have been collecting them
    Hyperion5182: Thought you knew about that james
    Dagget: we mentioned it to you the other day
    Hyperion5182: Next in line are the Vanguard
    Nulion: It's for protection...which we HAVE been asking him for more of for quite some time.
    Markonen: I am sorry I may have been distracted when it was mentioned.
    Nulion: smiles
    Lightswift: Protection is good
    Markonen: I can understand the desire to protect the cities. But.. Silverstone?
    Lightswift: I'd like to get me some protection around here
    Hyperion5182: its only him at first
    Nutmeg: giggles at Lightswift
    Nulion: Hopefully we can do that too, Bev.
    Hyperion5182: But Jacobi has stepped up to the plate willing to do it next if this works
    Hyperion5182: And that Takes care of Both Old Athens and West Athens
    Markonen: The idea of him having superior weapons disturbs me for some reason.
    Hyperion5182: And if i am not mistaken bliss as well
    Dagget: well, look at the unicorns
    Hyperion5182: could be the fact that he moved on Tir
    Markonen: growls
    Dagget: we have to keep pace with them
    Nulion: It does to all of us Markonen....But if we don't work with him.....Then who would we work with? Doing nothing could be even worse than doing something.
    Nutmeg: And he swore to follow the Council.
    Nutmeg: Well, sort of swore.
    Nulion: chuckles
    Lightswift: He probably swore a lot....
    Nutmeg: That too, Beverly
    Dagget: he swears all the time, just not in that way
    Nutmeg: giggles
    Markonen: The same man who called the council traitors in the past now accepts their lead?
    Markonen: I will believe it when I see it.
    Nutmeg: Yes, he was asked directly.
    Nulion: It's awful strange....Times change, though.
    Nulion: And I guess even Simon can change. If only a little.
    Hyperion5182: Silverstone knows he cant move without the council
    Hyperion5182: The Knights are the Key
    Nutmeg: I still am at awe that he said that any Omni Trator, is a friend to the clans.
    Hyperion5182: I aint
    Hyperion5182: Anything that gets a gun to his side helps him
    Lightswift: Who, Tristram?
    Hyperion5182: The enemy of my enemy is my friend
    Hyperion5182: Yeah
    Lightswift: heh, Busy Hands Solis
    Lightswift: chuckles
    Hyperion5182: If he can convince them to go to open war with omni its very likely just about everyone else would fall in line
    Hyperion5182: At least thats My Experience of it
    Markonen: frowns
    Nutmeg: Good point, We need more ruined cities about don't we?
    Markonen: To what end?
    Nulion: The thing though, is we don't want open war...
    Hyperion5182: True
    Hyperion5182: We dont
    Markonen: Exactly Meg.
    Hyperion5182: But silverstone acting against the council
    Hyperion5182: Will only hurt his long term goal
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Markonen: The total annilhation of Omni?
    Hyperion5182: Bingo
    Markonen: Never happen.
    Hyperion5182: Well on this planet anyway
    Nutmeg: Well, I guess there always has to be a jerk about to keep things interesting, right?
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Hyperion5182: True enough
    Nulion: chuckles
    Markonen: chuckles
    Nulion: Silverstone fits the bill.
    Hyperion5182: So he works within the council
    Lightswift: heh
    Markonen: You all know my views on the leaders...
    Hyperion5182: being himself yes
    Hyperion5182: But biding his time to make his move
    Nulion: Yes, Markonen.
    Nulion: smiles
    Lightswift: What are your views my former Omni friend?
    Lightswift: smirks
    Markonen: Greedy fools who look only after their own interests.
    Hyperion5182: uh oh!
    Hyperion5182: Looks like he heard us...
    Lightswift: really?
    Hyperion5182: His comm system is online
    Lightswift: What is your basis for that opinion?
    Markonen: Whose, Hyperion?
    Hyperion5182: Silverstone
    Nulion: chuckles a little
    Markonen: My basis? Have you looked at the land you lived in of late maam?

    [Simon Silverstone enters]



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    [Simon Silverstone enters]

    Hyperion5182: Hey silverstone
    Silverstone: My ears were burning...
    Dagget: Hello Simon
    Lightswift: What, Jobe?
    Lightswift: Cause that is where I live
    Nulion: ...Hey there, Mr. Silverstone...
    Markonen: growls softly.
    Nutmeg: nods to Silverstone
    Lightswift: Ah...Hello Simon
    Markonen: Greetings.
    Silverstone: Beverly... Nulion... Uh... the rest of you.
    Hyperion5182: laughs
    Nulion: looks at Silverstone, cracking a tiny smile
    Silverstone: I'm curious.
    Rawenna: Silverstone.
    Markonen: James Markonen. I know who you are sir.
    Silverstone: As I tend to get when I hear people talking about me...
    Silverstone: What's this little pow-wow all about?
    Nulion: Just a group of friends enjoying a drink and talking about the times...
    Nutmeg: This and that.
    Lightswift: You wanted me to drum up some business...well this is what happens when business is drummed up
    Lightswift: smiles
    Silverstone: Touche, Beverly...
    Dagget: we've been talking politics in general
    Dagget: Ross, Omnis, Midia
    Nutmeg: Alien weapons
    Rawenna: Ah yes.
    Dagget: we already have your weapons ready, btw, Simon
    Lightswift: Markonen thinking all the clan leaders are greedy......
    Lightswift: things like that
    Silverstone: Traitors or not, at least they pay in credits.
    Rawenna: I think we actually already have the weapons you requested Silverstone.
    Silverstone: Do you, now?
    Hyperion5182: It wasnt hard
    Nutmeg: glances at Lightswift
    Silverstone: I didn't think it would be.
    Nulion: chuckles softly
    Silverstone: looks in Nutmeg's direction
    Silverstone: You're the new girl, aren't you?
    Nutmeg: smiles and nods
    Nutmeg: And you're the old guy, right?
    Silverstone: Don't fall in with Puller. For your own good.
    Lightswift: refresh your drinks anyone
    Lightswift: coughs
    Markonen: smiles
    Nulion: looks at Lightswift
    Silverstone: She's good for business, but... not much else, really.
    Dagget: water, please
    Hyperion5182: This from the man who hired her.
    Nulion: Oh! Thank you, but I'm good...
    Dagget: thank you
    Silverstone: Let's see...
    Silverstone: Rawenna... Not surprised to see you here.
    Nulion: glances up from his wine to Silverstone
    Rawenna: grins
    Silverstone: Have you convinced her to join Omni-Tek yet, Bev?
    Silverstone: I know you spies must have your recruitment quotas.
    Lightswift: No, but I am pretty sure she might come to the pajama party I am planning
    Markonen: raises an eyebrow.
    Rawenna: glares at Silverstone
    Lightswift: Your not invited Simon
    Nutmeg: giggles
    Nulion: grins softly
    Lightswift: Almost had your invitation in the mail..but shucks...must have lost it on the way
    Silverstone: Don't worry. Seeing a half-naked opifex pillowfight is hardly my idea of fun.
    Lightswift: smirks
    Rawenna: Be glad I am in a good mood Silverstone.
    Dagget: smiles
    Silverstone: Oh, wow. Have you been hanging around miners, Rawenna?
    Lightswift: See James, he's not greedy. Just mean
    Silverstone: You've gotten fiesty.
    Markonen: looks between the two frowning.
    Rawenna: Oh I always have been.
    Lightswift: Well....this has been all fun and everything...
    Silverstone: Only since Puller's been around, it would seem.
    Lightswift: Can I get you a drink, or get you to get to the point of your vist....boss?
    Lightswift: rolls her eyes
    Markonen: I am curious Councilman.
    Nulion: chuckles
    Dagget: we heard Beverly was working here and decided to drop by to visit
    Rawenna: Considering I met beverly shortly after my arrival on Rubi-ka, that would be a very long time.
    Silverstone: Just be aware of one thing. The truth will come out. Maybe not tonight. Maybe not tomorrow night. But when it does, Rawenna, don't think for a second that I'll forget your words.
    Lightswift: chuckles
    Lightswift: Paranoid much?
    Rawenna: The truth about what?
    Rawenna: You beeing a narrowminded tyrant?
    Lightswift: sighs
    Silverstone: About Beverly's little... rendezvous.
    Lightswift: Keeping an eye on my dating life? heh
    Hyperion5182: You know something we dont? Or you just trying to provoke something?
    Nulion: smirks
    Silverstone: Surely, you haven't forgotten what Alan said a couple of months ago.
    Lightswift: Oh, he thinks I am a spy....isn't that right Simon? Beverly the fixer spy
    Hyperion5182: Oh i remember
    Silverstone: You've done worse things, Puller.
    Lightswift: cause I have learned so much from tending an empty bar
    Lightswift: laughs
    Dagget: did you have a question for Simon, James?
    Markonen: I have one But this is rather interesting.
    Markonen: chuckles
    Nulion: shakes his head softly, taking another swig of his wine
    Nutmeg: nods and smiles
    Silverstone: Jacobi might not be the most tactically sound man around, but he's not blind...
    Lightswift: James used to be a Omni, why not bug him for a while and get off my case for a change
    Markonen: 's eyes narrow.
    Silverstone: And the thought of how much a spy so close to Old Athen could cut in to his profits doesn't indicate to me that he would lie about it.
    Silverstone: Not to mention, he's not the attention-seeking type. At least, not in that way.
    Hyperion5182: Sure.
    Markonen: Omni-Pol, woman. Get it right if your going to accuse me of something.
    Silverstone: That's what the cigar is for.
    Nulion: chuckles
    Silverstone: Hear that?
    Markonen: taps at his wristcom for a moment.
    Nulion: Hear what?
    Silverstone: It's the sound of a speechless traitor.
    Hyperion5182: lol
    Nulion: rolls his eyes, knowing he should have expected that
    Hyperion5182: laughs
    Silverstone: Need I point out to you that Beverly has not once denied the charges?
    Lightswift: well now, want me to deny them?
    Lightswift: I deny them
    Lightswift: there ya go
    Markonen: sighs.
    Hyperion5182: Need i point out the charges are so stupid that they defy common sense
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Silverstone: shrugs
    Markonen: mutters under his breath
    Silverstone: We'll see what my investigation turns up.
    Lightswift: Omni-Pol is Omni if I recall correctly Sergeant
    Silverstone: Expect detailed results at the next meeting.
    Hyperion5182: hah!
    Lightswift: I can't wait
    Silverstone: I plan to have plenty of evidence by then, I assure you.
    Markonen: True enough. But details are important.
    Markonen: smiles
    Hyperion5182: True or otherwise...
    Nutmeg: Are you working closely with Jacobi, then, Silverstone?
    Nulion: looks at Markonen, sighing softly
    Silverstone: Minimally.
    Lightswift: want some Evidence Simon? Here's some for you
    Lightswift: holds up some Contained Sensitive Information
    Silverstone: Haven't sold it yet?
    Lightswift: laughs
    Lightswift: Fine, you don't want it?
    Silverstone: Depends on what it is.
    Lightswift: Maybe it will help your investigation hmm?
    Dagget: Just don't get so fixated on Beverly's perceived situation that you ignore the more clear threats bearing down on us, Simon
    Silverstone: It may.
    Lightswift: A recipe for Pie
    Lightswift: smirks
    Nutmeg: laughs
    Nulion: laughs
    Silverstone: May the spirits help us all... She's taken up cooking.
    Rawenna: Ooh, pie.
    Markonen: It cant be worse than mine...
    Nutmeg: Beverly we HAVE to share recipes some time.
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Markonen: looks at Beverly
    Lightswift: chuckles
    Dagget: Now if she starts up with Cookies, Nulion will be eating out of her hand
    Markonen: Can it?
    Silverstone: I'd pay to see that.
    Nulion: blushes
    Lightswift: I think I shall go cook some up for your Simon.
    Lightswift: As fun as this has been. I'd rather be home cooking
    Silverstone: Right... at home.
    Lightswift: ponders a moment
    Silverstone: Not going to burn down my kitchen.
    Nutmeg: Beverly, it is a real pleasure to meet you.
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Lightswift: looks up at Markonen
    Markonen: Maam. It has been .. Interesting to meet you.

    [Meldrek enters]
    Meldrek: oops
    Rawenna: Take care bev.
    Meldrek: hmm, hi there
    Markonen: Maam?
    Lightswift: I bet it yourself out there....nights can be deadly....
    Lightswift: winks
    Lightswift: Hello Meldrek...I was just leaving

    [Beverly leaves]

    Nulion: Hello, Meldrek. *looks briefly from Meldrek to Silverstone*
    Silverstone: Hm...
    Dagget: she does drum up business
    Silverstone: Gods, she's short...
    Silverstone: Keep an eye on her.

    [Meldrek backs out...]

    Markonen: breathes easier.
    Silverstone: Just wait. You'll see in due time.
    Hyperion5182: And what if you are wrong?
    Dagget: our eyes are always open
    Dagget: with no blinders
    Nulion: looks at Markonen, smiling a little bit
    Rawenna: grins
    Nutmeg: sips her cold coffee
    Silverstone: It's not a matter of who is right or wrong.
    Hyperion5182: Well Thats fine
    Silverstone: It's a matter of what she was doing talking to Omni-Tek.
    Rawenna: Oh, I talked to a member of the corporation just this morning...
    Markonen: Is that a crime councilman?
    Rawenna: About their claim on a clan mining operation. My gun convinced him he should back of his claim..
    Silverstone: Shut up, Rawenna.
    Markonen: laughs softly
    Nulion: smirks
    Rawenna: sticks her tounge out at Silverstone
    Hyperion5182: shakes his head
    Markonen: reddens slightly
    Dagget: anyway, where were we?
    Markonen: We were speaking of greedy inept leaders I believe.
    Dagget: Beverly runs the bar and now we have customers...that should be a good thing
    Dagget: and since Simon owns the bar, that means more money for him
    Silverstone: I'll leave you to your drinks. Just watch out. Beverly puts on a friendly face, but she's the type to stab you in the back. I know the type when I see it.
    Nulion: She hasn't stabbed anybody yet, has she? *smile*
    Nutmeg: Pretty familier with backstabbing, Simon?
    Hyperion5182: You think anyone not in lock step with you is out to stab you in the back Simon
    Silverstone: None that have seen her, Nulion.
    Silverstone: Hence, the back.
    Nulion: shakes his head
    Nulion: Keep an eye on her all you like, you're just wasting your time.
    Markonen: shakes his head slowly.
    Silverstone: Just ask Jacobi. He saw the whole thing.
    Nutmeg: Oh, Since Jacobi is leading the official investigation on the Ross afair, I suggest you share your information with him.
    Hyperion5182: Speaking of Jacobi is he in Old Athens by chance? I was wondering about when he wanted to start that thing....
    Dagget: Jacobe has axes to grind that have nothing to do with spies
    Silverstone: Look. Just watch out for her. I'm not going to wave it in your faces if she stabs you all in the back, but I'll be there to say I told you so.
    Markonen: It wouldn't be the first time I have been shot in the back.
    Silverstone: Watch out for her cooking, especially. That, in and of its self, is a crime.
    Silverstone: Good evening.
    Dagget: I think Simon would better spend his time worrying about Tempus Coma and the fallout from the Ross shooting
    Nulion: ...Good evening, Silverstone.

    [Simon leaves]



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    Continued from previous...


    [Simon Silverstone leaves]

    Hyperion5182: Later nutjob
    Nulion: Well....that's Silverstone for you, Markonen.
    Dagget: heh
    Dagget: love the look on Meldrek's face
    Nutmeg: giggles
    Hyperion5182: Lucky Silverstone didnt shoot him right there
    Rawenna: I am afraid I have to leave and fight of some alien menace.
    Markonen: And you wonder why I despise people such as him?
    Hyperion5182: Later Rawenna
    Markonen: growls.
    Markonen: Good Eve Rawenna.
    Rawenna: Take care everyone
    Nulion: I don't wonder. That man is not somebody I'd call pleasent...
    Nulion: Take care, Rawenna.
    Nutmeg: Bye, Rawenna. I was glad you were here
    Dagget: see you Rawenna
    Rawenna: good evening James
    Rawenna: smiles
    Nulion: smiles
    Hyperion5182: May Thy bullets never miss
    Nulion: Go get em for me.

    [Rawenna leaves]

    Nulion: I...was very surprised to see him here. First time I've seen him outside of his post at Fair Trade, or the Council meetings...

    [Keldros enters...leeted]

    Nutmeg: smiles to Keldros
    Nulion: Hello, Keldros *smile*
    Hyperion5182: Smart move Keldros
    Markonen: sighs.
    Keldros: hi
    Dagget: you missed Meldrek meeting Simon
    Dagget: briefly...
    Nulion: chuckles softly
    Keldros: Simon's never had much to say when we've met before..
    Markonen: is he always so.. pleasant?
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Hyperion5182: That was typical Simon 'I am an idiot listen to me' Silverstone
    Dagget: somes times he gets a little more wound up
    Nulion: chuckles, smiling at Hyperion
    Markonen: shakes his head sadly.
    Nulion: I have to admit I don't feel comfortable handing that man weaponry.
    Hyperion5182: Neither do i
    Hyperion5182: But he has Jacobi backin him up and we all agree that the Vanguard need the weapons too
    Dagget: and Beverly had no compunction about trying to redirect Simon's attention to James, I noticed
    Hyperion5182: That only comes from the fact Simon has been on Bev's case for about 6 months
    Nutmeg: I really like Beverly a lot, but it will be a while before I trust her, though.
    Hyperion5182: Probably longer
    Hyperion5182: I look at it like this
    Hyperion5182: If she is a spy
    Hyperion5182: Why such a high profile?
    Markonen: chuckles
    Hyperion5182: I mean council meetings are public record
    Hyperion5182: And its not like she is a member of any faction
    Nutmeg: Well, last accounts, she was sent to Omni-Reform.
    Nutmeg: And we only have her word that, "Bah it was nothing".
    Nutmeg: In my book, that raises suspissions.
    Dagget: she says she never ended up there...they straightened out her paperwork before she actually got sent there
    Hyperion5182: I just dont see it happening
    Dagget: what do you think of Ms Puller, James?
    Nutmeg: Do we KNOW that is what happened? Wouldn't an Omni plan have a similar story?
    Hyperion5182: Yep But second guessing ourselves wont help nutmeg
    Markonen: looks at you all
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Nulion: leans back in the couch, sighing softly
    Hyperion5182: What is up James?
    Nutmeg: My only comment, is this, Hyper. I like her but am not willing to totally trust her, yet. Is that flawed, James?
    Markonen: I hate to mention it but I am surprised I have not been accised of the same.
    Hyperion5182: You got shot leaving them They tried to Erase you
    Nulion: I'm surprised, myself. All his attention was on her...
    Dagget: he is too busy chasing Beverly
    Markonen: True.
    Nutmeg: The big difference, James, is that you have proven yourself to me, personally.
    Hyperion5182: And He has already made his opinions on Ex Omni clear
    Nulion: smiles
    Markonen: I see it simply. All of omni wants me dead. If her or Simon dislike me.. Whats a few more?
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Nulion: And it's true, unfortunately....
    Markonen: smiles
    Markonen: I am sorry Dagget.. I was thinking.
    Hyperion5182: True enough....Still i would like an answer to it at some point....
    Markonen: I find her to be interesting.
    Dagget: yes, we all do
    Nulion: nods softly
    Dagget: but I still prefer to keep he at arms length
    Markonen: I cannot form a better opinion without knowing her better.
    Nulion: I go mostly on what Rawenna thinks about her....And from what Rawenna's always telling me...She can't be all that bad, can she?
    Markonen: to do so would be a disservice to her and foolish on my part.
    Hyperion5182: I just dont think a spy would keep that high a profile as she has
    Hyperion5182: Nulion is proof of that
    Nulion: Me?
    Dagget: some spies keep very high profiles, it proves nothing
    Nulion: Sometimes a high profile is a great disguise.
    Hyperion5182: You are pretty well known But you dont attract too much attetion in either postion
    Dagget: hiding in sight
    Hyperion5182: True i suppose
    Nulion: smiles
    Hyperion5182: But that brings up this point
    Hyperion5182: She only has access to the council and thats public record
    Hyperion5182: She isnt a member of any faction
    Dagget: I worry that someone will eventually turn her, and hearing she was supposed to go to reform bothes me
    Markonen: It is possible she is telling the truth. But ..
    Keldros: I heard that they questioned Midia at the same time...has anyone heard anything about that?
    Nulion: Just that she's been sent off-planet. Yes, Markonen?
    Dagget: we're not sure what Midia's status is
    Markonen: There is one thing that strikes me as most odd.
    Nulion: looks at Markonen
    Dagget: what is odd James?
    Markonen: She went to reform... And.. She is still here?
    Hyperion5182: Midia?
    Markonen: Still clan?
    Dagget: she says she was -not- sent to reform
    Dagget: that it was a mistake
    Keldros: I still think it was someone inside Omni-tek, based on a few things he said last year.
    Dagget: and she got her papers straightened out beofre being sent there
    Markonen: Dagget. Was she or was she not in Omni Custody?
    Hyperion5182: The tech involved Keldros Prohibits it
    Nulion: thinks about something Rawenna told him...
    Dagget: she was
    Markonen: stares at Dagget.
    Dagget: we are certain of that
    Markonen: Think on that.
    Dagget: the people being held at that time were not locked down as Nulion and I were
    Nulion: nods
    Dagget: I'm simply saying that the circumstances leave some room for her explanation to be true
    Dagget: not that they are -likely-
    Markonen: A clan member... In Omni-Pol custody..
    Markonen: sighs
    Markonen: Forget it.. Perhaps I am merely seeing what is not there.
    Nulion: Could be. But...gotta consider all possibilities, right?
    Dagget: the comm system we overheard referred to most of the detainees as 'guests', including Beverly
    Dagget: personally, I am not convinced that she avoided Reform, but what can I do any differently at this point?
    Nulion: Not sure why they'd be referred to as "guests" as the prison wasn't exactly hospitible.
    Dagget: they were held in a different facility then we were
    Markonen: I am merely stating Standard operating procedures for any clanner in Omni-Pol custody.
    Nulion: I just assume it was similar, is all.
    Dagget: that much was clear from Banishedsoul's transcript
    Nulion: What do they normally do, Markonen? Didn't seem like normal procedure for us.
    Dagget: I hear you Markonen, I just don't see a reason yet to behave any differently then now
    Markonen: True. Giver her enough rope...
    Markonen: They release them allright. Straight to Omni-Reform.
    Nulion: nods
    Markonen: I dont care what the paperwork says.
    Markonen: I know..
    Markonen: looks down
    Dagget: on the other hand, Tempus Coma tried direct mind control of Beverly and failed last year
    Markonen: I .. I have delivered quite a few..
    Nulion: sighs softly, looking at Markonen
    Dagget: she is a strong person
    Hyperion5182: Yeah
    Nulion: You....know what Rawenna told me once?
    Nulion: I still don't know whether to believe her or not.
    Markonen: looks at Nulion
    Nulion: That Lightswift was already sent to reform at one point, but it didn't have much, if any, of an effect.
    Markonen: Interesting.
    Nulion: I may have heard her wrong, my memory may be sketchy, but that's what I remember.
    Dagget: I think that was how I heard it, that many have tried, and all have failed, to control her
    Nulion: She has a very strong will, just like you do James.
    Dagget: but one never knows when she might break
    Markonen: nods slowly.
    Markonen: I will definately hold out on forming an opinion then.
    Nulion: smiles a bit
    Dagget: perhaps if you managed to take up the case of her missing friend, you could leanr more about her
    Nulion: It may be a good idea, and a great launching pad for your business.
    Markonen: I think I will look into that. If I can get in contact with her.
    Dagget: you know where to find her...
    Hyperion5182: You might also want to advertise in Tag to help boost business
    Markonen: Hmm.. I hadnt thought of that either.
    Nulion: That's a great idea, Hyperion.
    Dagget: true
    Keldros: time to go

    Markonen: I will contact their offices and see what they ask for fees.
    Dagget: thanks for dropping by and patronizing the establishment, Keldros
    Nulion: smiles
    Hyperion5182: I want to know myself...I want to start up Firestorm Company soon....

    [Keldros *poofs*]

    Markonen: He is either very fast or very sneaky.
    Hyperion5182: he is a fixer
    Markonen: chuckles
    Markonen: Fast it is then.
    Hyperion5182: he can jump in the grid from just about anywhere
    Nulion: chuckles

    [an automated monitoring system beeps...]

    Hyperion5182: What the hell!
    Markonen: What the...
    Nulion: looks around a bit
    Hyperion5182: Search the whole place!
    Nulion: It must be that security system Beverly installed.
    Dagget: what?
    Hyperion5182: Son of a bitch!
    Hyperion5182: Omni-Tek Logo
    Hyperion5182: Look what i found!
    Markonen: Where?
    Hyperion5182: It was in the bathrooms!
    Nulion: looks around the room, curiously
    Hyperion5182: here!
    Nulion: Bathrooms? Hell of a place to record anything..*chuckles* Hate to think of what that device hears after a big meal.
    Hyperion5182: Its a good chance it got our entire conversation!
    Markonen: True. But who the hell was it transmitted to?
    Hyperion5182: Its omni tek

    Nulion: Bev's apartment, I suppose.
    Hyperion5182: Thats enough for me
    Hyperion5182: Man i thought i was making a joke on the transmitters!
    Nulion: Maybe...
    Dagget: Beverly was in that bathroom
    Markonen: Anything?
    Nulion: I checked behind the bar counter.
    Dagget: I think that was it
    Nulion: Nothing.
    Hyperion5182: nothing
    Markonen: growls.

    [The group exits The Happy Rebel]

    Hyperion5182: I am going to hold on to this...
    Nulion: You have the device, Hyperion?
    Hyperion5182: Yeah
    Hyperion5182: its this statue
    Nulion: takes a look
    Hyperion5182: Omni-Tek Logo
    Dagget: give it to James
    Markonen: whistles
    Dagget: bugged device, no doubt
    Hyperion5182: I am certain
    Nulion: I don't think James would be the best person to hold something like that
    Markonen: whispers softly
    Hyperion5182: its staying with me for now
    Nulion: What did he say..?
    Markonen: Hmm..
    Dagget: yes?
    Markonen: I think it unwise to discuss things inside of there. Dont you?
    Nulion: looks around the square
    Dagget: probably
    Markonen: Especially if she has another device hidden.
    Nulion: Seemed like a good place to discuss....but not now.
    Hyperion5182: Yeah
    Dagget: well, some things can be, we just have to be aware
    Markonen: True. I ask that Sallie not be. At all.
    Dagget: of course
    Nulion: Not a word, we understand.
    Hyperion5182: No problem
    Markonen: If she is Omni I will give them no information about her.
    Hyperion5182: I am going to drop the bug off in my bank
    Hyperion5182: and bring it to the next council meeting
    Hyperion5182: This thing isnt leaving my sight for now
    Nulion: We need someone to have a look at it, at some point.
    Hyperion5182: Fine by me I know who actually
    Markonen: Speaking of Sallie, She sends her greetings.
    Markonen: I spoke with her and she is well.
    Hyperion5182: Good good
    Dagget: tell her we miss her and hope she is well
    Nulion: smiles
    Hyperion5182: Excuse me a second
    Markonen: There are many different views of this woman it seems.
    Dagget: Hello Culainn
    Culainn: hello...
    Zanicyper: coughs.
    Nulion: Hello, Zanic and Culainn.
    Culainn: damn aliens...
    Markonen: Hello Zanicyper.
    Dagget: you guys missed the big party
    Zanicyper: i'm not an alien
    Nulion: Aliens..? *looks briefly at the sky*
    Zanicyper: hey, markonen! good to see you well.
    Zanicyper: and dressed!
    Culainn: tried to beat back the aliens at 13.
    Zanicyper: smiles
    Markonen: Thank you. I ...
    Zanicyper: i was hoping to catch lightswift
    Markonen: Odd. So are we.
    Markonen: chuckles
    Nulion: smirks
    Zanicyper: good news travels fast.
    Dagget: she left a while ago, before Simon, even
    Zanicyper: smiles
    Zanicyper: oh...
    Zanicyper: oh well
    Dagget: you would not have cared to be here when she was here
    Culainn: so what happened with rawenna?
    Zanicyper: would have been nice to catch up with simon too.
    Zanicyper: smirks
    Dagget: she had to go deal with some aliens
    Culainn: aye.. she was there with me...
    Nulion: looks at Markonen, sighing softly
    Nulion: What a night...
    Markonen: True.
    Markonen: Are they always this interesting?
    Markonen: chuckles
    Zanicyper: so what's this about missing a party?
    Nulion: Not always! *smile*

    [Rawenna arrives]

    Zanicyper: looks at Rawenna
    Nulion: Oh...Silverstone showed up.
    Nulion: smiles at Rawenna
    Zanicyper: he hangs out here, why is that so special?
    Markonen: He paid us a visit.
    Dagget: he dropped in while we were talking to Bev and James
    Zanicyper: oh...
    Nulion: Wasn't at all expecting him.
    Markonen: Disgusting, rollerrat of a person.
    Zanicyper: he can actually come down from that roof to NOT shoot someone?
    Zanicyper: amazing.
    Culainn: i guess he likes his field of fire up there.
    Dagget: his gun finger got twitchy when Meldrek stopped by unexpectedly
    Zanicyper: chuckles.
    Nulion: chuckles
    Zanicyper: yea, i heard.
    Nulion: The look on Meldrek's face...
    Dagget: Meldrek left
    Zanicyper: wish i had been here
    Zanicyper: how is your adopted child, markonen?
    Nulion: looks over at Zanicyper
    Markonen: Trust me. Reclaim is still the same Zanicyper. She is safe. And doing well.
    Markonen: More than that I will not say.
    Zanicyper: looks at Nulion.
    Markonen: I was referring to you meeting Simon.
    Markonen: You know he dislikes those with your political views.
    Zanicyper: yea, i know...
    Zanicyper: ...but i still think he just needs a good hug.
    Dagget: well, I need to run along and tend to guild business. Good to be able to stop by and chat over a drink tonight
    Zanicyper: smiles.
    Markonen: I warned Meldrek to leave. .
    Markonen: chokes
    Markonen: laughs
    Markonen: A hug? Oh that is funny.


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    Your first reply. Ya. So friggin long and nobody has said anything? Wowzah.

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    They are just transcripts. Most of the people who are interested in them were there or simply unlucky enough to be away during the event and this helps them keep up with events. I've posted something like 8 of these so far and a few warranted, and got, some comments.

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    ((And please dont stop doing so either Dagget))
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