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Thread: Salliesue's rescue and return

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    Salliesue's rescue and return

    [Nrpb 5 29]
    Markonen joined the group.
    Koreteve: Hey there Markonen!
    Nutmeg: James!
    Nulion: Hello, Markonen
    Nutmeg: Any word?
    Oriitas: *chuckles*
    Nulion: Oriitas, I advise you to zip it.
    Koreteve: I wouldnt.
    Koreteve: I wanna see where this is gonna go.
    Koreteve: *snickers*
    Nulion: *chuckles*
    Markonen: You shall not do this you ugly bitch.
    Nulion: ...What?
    Oriitas: *silently listens in a big grin on his face*
    Trousers: ...
    Markonen: Kssssshk*
    Koreteve: Ooops
    Koreteve: Believe he was talking to Oriitas....
    Nulion: Markonen, are you okay..?? We've been worried sick over here...
    Nutmeg: *Agrees*
    Markonen: *ksss* She may be filth to you you.. But she is my filth... And you shall not do this.. *ksssshk*
    Oriitas: She is your filth? *laughs loudly*
    Koreteve: I believe he is still in the shadowlands, judging by the bad reception.
    Nulion: Damn, can he even hear us?? *sounds worried*
    Markonen: Sallie I love you child. *kshhhk* Remember that...
    Nulion: *is getting teary-eyed* He...found her? *stares at the comm*
    Nutmeg: Markonen! Answer us! Where are you? We can help!
    Oriitas: Or hurt the case might be.
    Nulion: Shut up Oriitas, you aren't helping *growl*
    Markonen: No! Dammit NO!
    Nutmeg: *Pounds on her comm unit*
    Markonen: *kssssshhhhhk*
    Nulion: Damn damn damn! He can't hear a word we're saying....
    Trousers: Have faith, folks. He is Omni-Pol Trained
    Oriitas: Good! Markonone! You traitor! Leave the girl alone and get back to your post! *howls with laughter*
    Markonen: UUngh.. Wine.. Goto wine! Anyone.... *ksssshhhhhhhhhh*
    Koreteve: Wine....
    Nulion: We're on it! *suits up, loads rifle*
    Nutmeg: Wineee.. On my way! *Rushes off*
    Markonen: S...Sallie.. *coough.. cough..* Sallie .. Take.. care of her......
    Salliesue joined the group.
    Oriitas: Wine huh? *picks up a map of Rubi-ka and studies it* How do you get there again?
    Nulion: *stares at the comm in disbelief* Salliesue??
    Salliesue: NOOOOOOO
    Koreteve: ?
    Salliesue: MARKONEN DON'T
    Salliesue: STOP IT
    Salliesue: *screams in pain*
    Nulion: What is going on?! *runs around Wine..*
    Koreteve: What are you doing??
    Salliesue: YOUR KILLING HIM
    Markonen: I said leave her alone you bitch!
    Salliesue: *cries*
    Nulion: Hang in there you two!!
    Oriitas: *chuckles*
    Salliesue: *cries weakly save him....*
    Trousers: Oriitas, Please.
    Markonen: Sallie. GO!
    Nulion: *stares at the comm a moment, then looks up*
    Markonen: Dammit No! I said GO!.
    Nutmeg: Sallie.. Come outside. We'll protect you, and go save Jimmy.
    Nutmeg: But, first we will protect you.
    Salliesue: DON'T!
    Markonen: Ok you bitch.. Now its time to pay...
    Salliesue: LET ME BACK IN
    Salliesue: w-why did he do that
    Nutmeg: He loves you.
    Nutmeg: We all do.
    Koreteve: I would have done the same.
    Nutmeg: And, we love him. We will get him back.
    Salliesue: i-i....
    Nulion: We're gonna find him....a...and he'll be okay, sweetie
    Oriitas: Sure he'll be fine. Just wait at the Reclaim. *grins*
    Koreteve: Oriitas, if you arent going to help shut up.
    Markonen: ARRRGH! *kssssssssssssssshk.....
    Nutmeg: James, come in James. Do you know how to open the portal?
    Nulion: *snaps up from salliesue, looking at the comm*
    Salliesue: were are you? *cries*
    Nutmeg: *Sniffles* Jaaames! Where are you?
    Salliesue: h-he pushed me out...
    Nutmeg: He rescued you, Sallie. We've all been so worried.
    Meldrek joined the group.
    Meldrek: hello ?
    Nutmeg: Sallie.. Can you hear me?
    Salliesue: y-yes
    Nutmeg: Do you know where you have been? Do you know a way back?
    Salliesue: I-I think so
    Meldrek: oh my, I'm so happy to hear you !
    Salliesue: s-she was killing him...
    Nutmeg: *Tries to smile* Do you know who "She" is?
    Salliesue: she should have just killed me...
    Koreteve: Dont say that.
    Salliesue: mother...
    Nrpb: Keldros logged on
    Nulion: Y...your mother w-was in there?
    Markonen: ..... oh gods.
    Salliesue: not the one i know...
    Keldros joined the group.
    Nulion: Markonen?? Please tell me you're okay...w...we're right outside, we have to get in there...
    Meldrek: where are you all ?
    Nulion: Wine.
    Markonen: ...queen.. she... oh god I hurt. feels .. feels like I am missing me....
    Salliesue: she hated me...and beat me...
    Markonen: I.. I am in Tir. .. At reclaim..
    Salliesue: ...attacked markonen...
    Salliesue: take me home?
    Nutmeg: Yes, dear. Of course
    Markonen: I.. I will try to get there as well.
    Nulion: Markonen, I'm coming
    Salliesue: marky?
    Markonen: *looks around*
    Markonen: Am near Mongol place.
    Salliesue: *sniffles* are you ok?
    Dagget: where is everyone!!
    Dagget: I just got in
    Koreteve: Tir, it looks like.
    Nutmeg: We're on our way to see you there.
    Nutmeg: Are you still at the shop in the middle of town?
    Nulion: We're near Truth tower...should be back home soon.
    Meldrek: I'm next to the mongol.

    Nulion: Thank god I'm glad to see you. And her.
    Dagget: is Salliesue safe?
    Markonen: I did.
    Nulion: She's safe, headed home..
    Dagget: good
    Markonen: I.. I dont feel right.
    Dagget: shades may have done something to you
    Markonen: She bit me..
    Nulion: ....BIT you?
    Markonen: The ugly bitch bit me.
    Dagget: well, well have doctors look at you
    Markonen: I ... I dont feel well.
    Nulion: looks over to Dagget
    Nulion: First thing's first, let's get you home.
    Dagget: reclaim normally removes poisons
    Markonen: Home sounds nice now.
    Hotagent: ahh flying sideways
    Nulion: There she is..*smiles softly*
    Salliesue: hugs markonen tightly
    Nulion: puts away his rifle, sighing, relieved
    Dagget: she's a shade but she's home and ok
    Markonen: hugs Sallie tightly.
    Nutmeg: feels her anger vanish
    Nulion: smiles..
    Salliesue: I saw her bite you...
    Salliesue: I was so scared
    Salliesue: cries
    Dagget: where did they have her?
    Markonen: In a base on Nascense.
    Markonen: I ..
    Dagget: did they hurt you Salliesue?
    Markonen: rubs his head.
    Nulion: looks around, still a bit tense...but calming down
    Markonen: It was near Jobes academy.
    Salliesue: looks at dagget with tears spilling out
    Nulion: Near Jobe's Academy...and they never detected it? *sigh*
    Nulion: looks down at Salliesue
    Salliesue: she was....*sobs* beating me....
    Dagget: what did they want from you?
    Markonen: I am sorry for leaving as I did.. Sallie. Her screamss.. I I had to go.
    Nutmeg: I understand Markonen. I couldn't take it very well, either.
    Salliesue: I shamed her...she...she wanted me...
    Nulion: Markonen, it's okay....I'm just glad you found her..
    Salliesue: sobs
    Nutmeg: comforts Salliesue
    Markonen: checks himself over and frowns.
    Nulion: kneels down beside Salliesue, rubbing her shoulder a bit
    Markonen: T.. Oh gods.
    Dagget: what?
    Salliesue: she...bit him...she stared to....
    Salliesue: snuggles into markonen
    Markonen: I .. . .. I cant remember how to use my weapons...
    Nulion: ....33 years of training, and you can't remember??
    Dagget: you may being affected by the shade silava
    Markonen: removes his helmet and looks at it.
    Nulion:'re beginning to freak me out here...
    Markonen: She .. Somehow she drained me.

    Nutmeg: is there a doctor in the house?
    Oriitas: I'm sort of the antithesis of a doctor.
    Nutmeg: Gee I wouldn't have guessed that.
    Oriitas: Did someone poison yon fair lady?
    Markonen: *growls*
    Dagget: no, the queen shade bit Markonen
    Oriitas: Did I hear right that she was the mother of Salliesue?
    Oriitas: This comm channel is awfly silent. Does everyone hate me that much?
    Koreteve: That is beside the point.

    Dagget: you should get it back
    Dagget: with rest
    Nutmeg: There is something that helped Salliesue remember a little. Would you like to try and see if it helps you too, James?
    Salliesue: shakes her head
    Dagget: I think we need to give him a bit of time
    Markonen: No.. I mean I feel weaker. I cannot even use the armour I am wearing now.
    Salliesue: i DON'T want to remember that..or her...
    Nutmeg: Smiles
    Nutmeg: Ok, Salliesue, nobody will make you remember anything you don't want to.
    Nulion: looks awful worried, at Markonen...
    Salliesue: looks down in pure hatred of what she is
    Markonen: sags tired and looking older.
    Dagget: he might turn into a shade also...but it seems to be a faster transformation
    Meldrek: Hi...
    Nutmeg: Hello, Meldrek
    Nulion:'s okay, sweetie. You're here...and we're all here for you still...Doesn't matter what you are...
    Salliesue: i am...what i now hate...
    Markonen: No.. I think .. I think that she simply drained me in an attempt to save herself....
    Salliesue: looks at Nulion
    Dagget: then you need rest James
    Markonen: looks down.
    Nutmeg: What is that, Sweetheart?
    Salliesue: one of them...
    Markonen: Sallie. *never* say that.
    Nutmeg: No, Sallie, you are NOT one of them.
    Nutmeg: looks at Salliesue
    Dagget: you are not what they are Salliesue
    Nutmeg: You are a sweet little girl. And no part of you is mean or horrible.
    Dagget: just as many shades here are not like them
    Markonen: I knew what you had become and still I payed much to save you. I will not have you saying you were not worth it.
    Nulion: Because you were worth every ounce of effort...
    Salliesue: snuggles into markonen
    Dagget: we need to get her a new teddy bear
    Markonen: I.. I have.. I have her leet doll.
    Salliesue: I still have it...
    Salliesue: but i need to sew him...
    Dagget: yes, she has that now, but the teddy seems to have been lost
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Nulion: looks down at the leet doll for a moment, smiling
    Dagget: balloons
    Nutmeg: hands Salliesue a balloon
    Salliesue: she .... she found a chip inside it and ripped off the head
    Dagget: that may have helped trace her
    Meldrek: looks sad.
    Nulion: Was that your chip, Markonen..? *smiles a little*
    Dagget: or perhaps omni chip
    Markonen: I knew nothing of a chip.
    Dagget: but if it helped us find her
    Markonen: frowns.
    Nulion: 's smile fades quickly
    Nutmeg: scowls a little
    Markonen: Honey? Do you know anything about this chip?
    Salliesue: shakes her head
    Dagget: someone was tracking her
    Dagget: here in Tir
    Nutmeg: Is it still near Her?
    Salliesue: I--I can't remember my ... parents...
    Salliesue: starts to cry again
    Dagget: we may never know who put the chip in that bear
    Markonen: rubs her small shoulder.
    Dagget: we'll get you a new one, free of chips
    Markonen: Its ok Sallie. Your back. Thats all I care about..
    Nutmeg: agrees with Markonen
    Dagget: both of you need medical attention and rest
    Meldrek: yes indeed
    Markonen: And that bitch shall bother you no more... I made sure of that atleast..
    Nulion: smiles
    Meldrek: hmm
    Nutmeg: remembers Salliesue's stories about her parents.
    Nutmeg: Can someone get some pasta for Salliesue? Or perhaps a pizza?
    Dagget: not sure if that is sold in Tir?
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Markonen: What.... Wha?
    Markonen: looks around wild eyed

    [Markonen collapses, dead]



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    Continued from previous...

    [Markonen collapses, dead]

    Salliesue: screams at the top of her lungs
    Nutmeg: Oh No!
    Koreteve: What the?
    Salliesue: SHE HERE!! AND LAUGHING
    Dagget: team her
    Nutmeg: James!
    Dagget: need high perception
    Salliesue: starts to hyperventilate
    Dagget: someone Sb percep
    Meldrek: don't worry Sallie.
    Nutmeg: tries not to sob, and holds Sallie's hand
    Salliesue: starts to shake
    Meldrek: he should be at the mongol reclaim...
    Koreteve: loads his Yalmaha
    Koreteve: I'll check
    Meldrek: calm down sweety, calm down.
    Nutmeg: We'll keep you sa... safe.
    Nulion: equips his rifle..
    Salliesue: did you hear her laughing?
    Nutmeg: No, I didn't hear her.
    Nulion: We....didn't hear it...
    Meldrek: no
    Nulion: stays near Salliesue, looking all around
    Salliesue: sobs
    Nulion: Someone...go check the reclaim...Quick!
    Nulion: It's south of Fair Trade, see if he's there..
    Meldrek: Koreteve went there
    Dagget: he could be at any reclaim
    Nulion: He did? I didn't even notice...*sighs a bit*
    Meldrek: so ?
    Koreteve: He isnt at the reclaim...what happened?
    Nulion: Well, that was the reclaim I found him at just earlier.
    Dagget: there are many reclaims he might be at
    Dagget: his comm link is up
    Koreteve: gets out of the yalmaha.
    Salliesue: starts to tremble
    Nutmeg: puts her arm around Salliesue
    Nulion:'s okay sweetie, we're here...
    Dagget: lets get her to her backyard
    Nutmeg: Yes. Sallie, let's get you home.
    Nulion:'t safe out here..
    Nulion: looks behind him every now and then...
    Dagget: that shade may have been setting his body up for a perma kill
    Nutmeg: Shhhh.. Not in front of Sallie
    Koreteve: nudges Dagget.

    [Backyard in Tir]
    Dagget: this is a bit safer
    Salliesue: tries to smile
    Dagget: we have Markonen's com signal, so he must be somewhere
    Koreteve: Can somebody trace it?
    Dagget: I will scout the other reclaims
    Nulion: rests a hand on Salliesue's shoulder, rubbing a bit
    Nutmeg: sits down
    Dagget: nothing in the city, I checked every reclaim
    Koreteve: Maybe he changed it?
    Dagget: he may have reclaimed elsewhere
    Dagget: it happens
    Meldrek: what does she say Salliesue ?
    Salliesue: she says "be glad i still feel something for you...or i would keep him"
    Nulion: shivers a little..
    Dagget: hmph
    Salliesue: sobs deeply in her hands
    Meldrek: oh my...
    Nutmeg: sobs a little
    Nulion: sits down slowly, right beside Salliesue, and gives her a little hug
    Meldrek: do you know where she is Sallie ?
    Salliesue: shakes violenly as she hears the laughter finally die away
    Dagget: I guess we still have to deal with this queen
    Meldrek: I just can't tolerate this anymore.... that's enough
    Nutmeg: Sallie? Do youknow what that means? Maybe it means that she didnt' keep him, and he'll be ok?
    Dagget: we just have to wait a bit and see
    Koreteve: Sallie, would you like something to eat, to calm your nerves?
    Salliesue: nods
    Nulion: hugs Salliesue close
    Tyma: Sarah!
    Salliesue: they didn't feed me...they wanted me to drink some funny red stuff...
    Koreteve: hands Sallie some chocolate cake
    Tyma: hugs Salliesue
    Nulion: ...Red stuff?
    Meldrek: cmon, go get her some food.
    Koreteve: smiles and takes off his helmet

    Nutmeg: Markonen, Can you read this?
    Dagget: Markonen, can you communicate?
    Markonen: What the hell happened?! I heard laughing then blackness
    Dagget: you died
    Nutmeg: Sallie heard the laughing too
    Dagget: again
    Dagget: where are you?
    Markonen: I thought I killed that bitch!
    Dagget: apparently not
    Dagget: and she told Salliesue that she would let you go
    Nulion: *looks down at the comm* Good to hear from you, Markonen...

    [Tir backyard]
    Meldrek: Markonen !!
    Dagget: how do you feel?
    Salliesue: gobbles down the cake
    Tyma: Hello Sergeant
    Markonen: Like I got sat on by a momma bronto.
    Nulion: looks up at Markonen
    Nutmeg: smiles at Markonen
    Dagget: you are different somehow
    Nutmeg: gives Markonen a hug
    Salliesue: wipes the the chocolate from her face
    Markonen: smiles and returns it..
    Koreteve: smiles
    Nutmeg: It's really good to see you, James. We were very worried all over again.
    Salliesue: tries to talk with a mouth full of cake
    Meldrek: we really have to end this ... once and for all...
    Markonen: frowns and looks down.
    Markonen: I.. I thought I had.
    Markonen: I failed.. again.
    Nutmeg: No, James
    Nutmeg: looks at Salliesue
    Dagget: you got Salliesue back
    Salliesue: looks up at markonen
    Meldrek: you didn't fail, you brought Sallie back.
    Nutmeg: You were wonderful. You got her back.
    Tyma: nods
    Dagget: looks at Salliesue
    Markonen: sighs and looks at Sallie.
    Nutmeg: James.. the place where the queen bit you..Does it hurt still?
    Salliesue: you are the only father i have did not fail...
    Nulion: stands up slowly
    Dagget: so now what do we do? The Tempus Coma shades can still reach into Tir, it appers
    Meldrek: aww
    Markonen: It... It does.. But not quite so badly.
    Tyma: Should we...move her?
    Markonen: No.
    Dagget: they can reach anywhere I suspect
    Markonen: They can Dagget.
    Markonen: They can also moniter both comms and thoughts.
    Tyma: But they -know- she is here
    Nutmeg: feels her anger fading
    Meldrek: so, the only way to get rid of them is to strike them first.
    Salliesue: wraps her little arms around Markonen
    Markonen: Now you see why I didnt want it discussed over comms.
    Tyma: nods
    Markonen: smiles down at Sallie.
    Dagget: well, we only need a target
    Dagget: and we can deal with it
    Markonen: Possibly. But..
    Nutmeg: Before that, we may need a method of killing her.
    Markonen: looks down.
    Meldrek: nods
    Nutmeg: If Markonen's way didn't work, maybe something else will.
    Meldrek: maybe this shade queen is ... different...
    Koreteve: Reclaim sabotage?
    Markonen: I .. I gave much to free her...
    Meldrek: looks at Markonen
    Nulion: Markonen, you did really good I're here, she's here....It's the best news we've had in a long time..
    Tyma: But something must be done, we can't lose Sarah again.
    Nulion: nods
    Markonen: looks around..
    Tyma: Hey Chris
    Markonen: I .. I cannot face her again..
    Chris5242069: hey
    Tyma: frowns
    Dagget: we can
    Meldrek: nods
    Nulion: Then we'll go up against her...As much as we can.
    Koreteve: I will gladly go face her.
    Markonen: You dont understand...
    Nulion: looks at Markonen
    Nutmeg: listens closely
    Markonen: Sallie I will be right back ok honey?
    Salliesue: nods
    Meldrek: her spirit....
    Markonen: Follow Meg, Nulion and Dagget please.
    Nulion: Sure...
    Markonen: And those who need to know.

    [a short distance away]
    Markonen: sighs softly.
    Markonen: Look at me.
    Markonen: Take a good look.
    Dagget: you have changed
    Nutmeg: You look .... ..older
    Markonen: I.. call it a trade.
    Dagget: less health
    Meldrek: you seem weaker maybe...
    Nulion: nods softly
    Koreteve: You look as if going in there warped you about 10 years...
    Markonen: I gave to free her. Then the bitch crossed me.
    Markonen: She attacked anyways.
    Markonen: So I had to fight.
    Nutmeg: What exactly did you give?
    Dagget: well, no one else will make any deals with her
    Markonen: looks down and sighs deeply.
    Markonen: It was that or watch her die.
    Meldrek: nods
    Markonen: Once she had taken my essence she attacked.
    Nulion: ...Essence?
    Dagget: we will repay the queen
    Nulion: shakes his head a little, looking back for a moment at Salliesue
    Markonen: Do you not understand what shades are? You have fought them and do not understand them?
    Dagget: we do
    Nutmeg: Oh, I think we do..
    Nulion: What it is I'm thinking, I don't want to believe.
    Markonen: Believe it.
    Nutmeg: But, we need to find out how to kill her. If your guns didnt' do the trick, what will?
    Markonen: I gave it freely to save Sallie.
    Markonen: Then it went bad. It is my life to give so i did so.
    Markonen: looks down ashamed.
    Nutmeg: pats Markonen on the arm
    Markonen: I .. I cannot face her again..
    Nutmeg: We all understand that, James.
    Nulion: nods softly
    Dagget: but you can help us locate them
    Nutmeg: How about your memory? Is it comming back yet? Do you remember about weapons?
    Markonen: Dagget I located three bases.
    Markonen: Sallie was in one loacted near the lord and lady as those spirits are called. I went in and started killing. Then I heard her scream.
    Dagget: we only need coordinates, we can do the rest
    Nulion: The Lord and Lady...I've heard of them.
    Markonen: I fought like mad to reach her.
    Markonen: When I got there salli..Sallie was under her heel.
    Dagget: shudders
    Nulion: shivers, getting a queasy feeling in his stomach thinking about it
    Markonen: She looked at me and laughed.
    Markonen: shudders slightly.
    Markonen: I had no choice. I had to talk.
    Dagget: I think she cares nothing for Sallie, it was just to get something from you and she used Sallies as a bargaining chip
    Meldrek: You've done a lot Markonen, you even gave your essence to save Salliesue. Now, I think it's time for us to act like you did... this hell must end or Sallie will never be able to live in peace.
    Markonen: You are wrong.
    Markonen: She did want Sallie.
    Markonen: But no more.
    Meldrek: really ?
    Markonen: You , me.. We have tainted her.
    Markonen: Made her more humane.. Than they would have her.
    Dagget: good
    Nulion: A...and that's why she beat her?
    Markonen: Exactly.
    Markonen: Beat her? They had intended to destroy her as a failure.
    Markonen: growls.
    Nulion: shakes his head
    Markonen: So I made a deal..
    Markonen: The problem is this...
    Nutmeg: cries out a little
    Koreteve: I am going to check on Sallie
    Markonen: I .. I made her stronger than I had realized.
    Meldrek: nods
    Dagget: we can weaken her...right to the point of death
    Markonen: Before I died I stuck a vibrosword through her chest.
    Markonen: You tell me how she survived it.
    Markonen: looks down sadly.
    Dagget: it had to cost her
    Meldrek: maybe because your essence saved her...
    Nutmeg: shrugs
    Nutmeg: Or she has no real heart.
    Markonen: As I said.. I failed. In protecting her, destyoring the bitch and in everything I have tried as of late.
    Markonen: I am unfit to lead. Therefore I shall not.
    Dagget: there was nothing else you could have done or known
    Meldrek: shakes his head
    Dagget: even in hindsight, what else could anyone have done?
    Meldrek: don't say that. you've done so much.
    Markonen: Wrong. I allowed personel feelings to deter my thinking. I allowed my love to override my strategy. In that I have failed.
    Meldrek: your love saved her... Markonen
    Nulion: Emotion isn't a weakness Markonen...without that, you may never have even found her...
    Nutmeg: Markonen, I understand that you cannot face her. But, you have not failed everything, you have always done your best, and more than any 10 people would do.
    Dagget: I don;t think keeping a detached perspective would have gotten you even this far
    Meldrek: that's why Sallie was that strong.
    Markonen: I..
    Nutmeg: smiles to Markonen
    Dagget: but we cannot just sit her and wait for them to make the next move
    Dagget: whether we can kill her or not, we can put her on the defensive and disrupt their activities
    Markonen: I will do what I can to care for Sallie but I think that it is time for me to let others do the fighting. In this weakened state I would be a hinderance.
    Meldrek: nods
    Nutmeg: nods in understanding
    Markonen: However....
    Markonen: My logs show that a certain individual needs a visit from me.
    Markonen: And I intend to do so.
    Meldrek: this fight is ours now. take care of Salliesue, you deserve some peace.
    Meldrek: smiles
    Nutmeg: Oh? Who is that, James?
    Markonen: I will do so Meldrek. But first I need to speak to an omni, an omni by the name of Oriitas.
    Meldrek: grins
    Dagget: smiles
    Nutmeg: snorts
    Nulion: *chuckles* He...really deserves whatever he has coming *grin*
    Meldrek: oooh...him.....
    Markonen: Him I inted to show the error of his ways.
    Meldrek: smiles
    Meldrek: hehe
    Markonen: I did not go through all of this to see him slander my child.
    Nutmeg: James, you should go back to Sallie now, though. She needs you.
    Markonen: True.. Please. Not a word of what I have done to Sallie.
    Dagget: of course


  3. #3
    Continued from previous...


    [back with Salliesue]
    Nutmeg: shakes her head
    Nulion: Don't worry...we won't tell.
    Meldrek: of course
    Tyma: That hit the spot
    Tyma: looks up at Markonen
    Nulion: smiles
    Koreteve: takes his last bite.
    Markonen: Hi babe.
    Salliesue: smiles
    Markonen: smiles
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Meldrek: hey, nice dress !
    Tyma: Hungry anyone?
    Markonen: Very nice.
    Markonen: smiles
    Salliesue: she got my favorite
    Tyma: I made a cheeseburger run
    Tyma: Anyone hungry?
    Nutmeg: Yes please
    Markonen: Oh? You got one thats about rare?
    Dagget: not me, thank you
    Tyma: I think so
    Meldrek: oh why not.
    Markonen: My thanks.. I am famished. Its been 2 days since I ate.
    Salliesue: raises an eyebrow
    Tyma: I have 2 more...
    Tyma: smiles
    Nutmeg: nibbles her burger
    Markonen: Mmmmm..
    Nulion: Two days? Not sure how you could stand it..*smiles softly*
    Tyma: They are good
    Markonen: I had someone important on my mind Nulion.
    Salliesue: looks up at Markonen lovingly
    Nulion: That'll do it...
    Markonen: How did the council meeting go?
    Dagget: very well
    Nulion: Well...pretty well, actually.
    Koreteve: Progress was made.
    Markonen: I am glad to hear.. I am sorry I had to leave so suddenly.
    Nulion: Silverstone actually took the initiative and is enlisting us to get him better weapons for the guards here...More protection for everybody *smile*
    Tyma: nods at Chris
    Dagget: no one knows who shot ross and we are going to start collecting alien weapons to better arm our guards
    Markonen: Silverstone doing something nice? Thats a change.
    Koreteve: Not nice. Just different.
    Nulion: Well, he's doing it with a frown and a grumpy attitude, as always *chuckle*
    Meldrek: ok, I have to go. Please inform me when you would like to ... act. ok ?
    Markonen: I see.
    Nutmeg: But if we don't succeed with helping get equiped, we have to stop whining about his forces weaknesses.
    Meldrek: I'm glad to see you all here.
    Meldrek: smiles
    Tyma: See you later Mel
    Nutmeg: Goodbye, Mel
    Markonen: Thank you Melderk for being there to assist Sallie.
    Salliesue: smiles
    Nulion: Take care, Meldrek *smile*
    Meldrek: don't hesitate to contact me.
    Meldrek: smiles
    Meldrek: and i'll fly towards you
    Meldrek: hehe
    Meldrek: good night all
    Salliesue: waves
    Markonen: My gratitude..
    Tyma: Night
    Meldrek: waves
    Markonen: if you ever have need. Call me.
    Meldrek: you're the hero Markonen.
    Meldrek: smiles
    Markonen: Wrong. You and all of you are.
    Meldrek: smiles
    Markonen: I was trained for this. It is simply my duty.
    Nulion: smiles
    Markonen: You chose to assist. There is a huge difference.
    Markonen: And one that I will not forget.
    Tyma: smiles at Markonen
    Nulion: grins softly
    Tyma: Feeling better Sarah?
    Nutmeg: finishes her burger
    Salliesue: nods
    Koreteve: tries to stifle a burp and fails.
    Tyma: Good
    Markonen: So.. What did I miss while I was gone?
    Salliesue: very much thank you
    Markonen: laughs
    Dagget: Salliesue has sunglasses now, hehe
    Tyma: smiles
    Salliesue: I got some new glasses frim Tyma
    Markonen: Very nice look for you hon..
    Salliesue: giggles
    Markonen: smiles and then blushes.
    Markonen: Umm Sallie..
    Salliesue: She says i'm the coolest girl in Tir now
    Nutmeg: blows up another balloon
    Tyma: smiles
    Tyma: You are
    Nulion: grins
    Markonen: You are.
    Salliesue: giggles
    Markonen: I .. I was thinking Sallie..
    Salliesue: looks up
    Markonen: smiles
    Markonen: I.. I dont think your mom and dad will be back for a long long time.. So...
    Markonen: I was wondering..
    Markonen: fidgets..
    Salliesue: looks at Markonen concerned
    Markonen: looks around at the others.
    Tyma: smiles at Markonen
    Nutmeg: nods
    Markonen: I was wondering if you would let e be your dad?
    Tyma: beams

    Nutmeg: smiles
    Salliesue: give Markonen a great big smile
    Nulion: smiles at Markonen
    Markonen: glances at Sallie
    Markonen: What do you think? Sound like a good idea to you Sallie?
    Salliesue: giggles happily and wraps her arms around markonen
    Salliesue: Of corse!
    Nulion: grins
    Nutmeg: cheers
    Markonen: smiles and sniffles
    Nutmeg: Of course you'll still have your Uncle Dagget, and Uncle Nuli, and me. Forever.
    Nutmeg: And Tyma, and Rawenna, too.
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Salliesue: giggles happily with all her new family
    Tyma: smiles warmly
    Nulion: *smiles* Allll one big ol' family, yep!
    Koreteve: I'll be old me Korv
    Nutmeg: giggles
    Tyma: chuckles
    Nutmeg: And Korv too. Obviously.
    Nutmeg: And, Compassion everywhere you go.
    Salliesue: giggles
    Markonen: And I will need you as well. Especially now.
    Markonen: looks around at those he talked to.
    Tyma: takes another Mongol Cheese Burger out of her pack and unwraps it
    Salliesue: looks up at Compassion and giggles
    Nulion: smiles
    Nulion: And we'll be here for you...
    Salliesue: nods
    Markonen: I have decided that perhaps the council is too large for me at this time.. So...
    Dagget: nods
    Nutmeg: nods sadly
    Tyma: You dont think you should attend at all?
    Tyma: blinks
    Markonen: I will attend if asked. But my first concern is my daughter. And in keeping with that thought I intend to open an agency to help solve problems for people.
    Dagget: good idea
    Tyma: nods
    Tyma: Yes
    Nulion: smiles
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Nulion: That's a much bigger job than any council meeting...
    Markonen: smiles.
    Salliesue: giggles
    Markonen: Perhaps.
    Nulion: An agency though? Well...Maybe if you get it off the ground, we can put in the good word for you, let people know about your services *smile*
    Markonen: I intend to start small and see where it takes me.
    Markonen: ... us.
    Nutmeg: And, if you do have something you wish for on the coucil, maybe we could talk with one of the existing clans to propose it.
    Salliesue: giggles
    Markonen: I will think about it more before I reach a conclusion.
    Nulion: Of course *smile*
    Nutmeg: Simon said something that you would find very interesting, James.
    Markonen: Oh?
    Nutmeg: He said, "Anyone who is a traitor to Omni-tek is a friend of ours". Do you think that means he'll like you?
    Tyma: chuckles
    Markonen: Perhaps.
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Markonen: Are there logs of the meeting I may read available?
    Nutmeg: I am sure we can scrounge one up.
    Koreteve: I can send you one, if Nulion hasnt already.
    Nulion: There are, on the Council's gridsite.
    Dagget: yes, the logs are posted
    Markonen: I shall look them over and see how it went.

    Oriitas: So...what happened with that Salliesue situation? Or is it still in the wind?
    Dagget: *smiles*
    Dagget: you have insurance, correct?
    Salliesue: I am fine, I'm here with my family, and my daddy
    Nutmeg: *Smile*
    Oriitas: Well that's good Sallie. I hope they'll come to their senses and join Omni-Tek so Omni-Pol can protect you.

    [Tir Backyard]
    Markonen: taps his wrist computer.
    Nulion: smiles
    Markonen: Hmmm.
    Tyma: Shhesh
    Dagget: Perhaps James has a little errend to run now...
    Tyma: smiles
    Koreteve: gives Sallie some earmuffs
    Nulion: smiles, looking at the Comm
    Salliesue: looks up

    Markonen: Listen and listen well omni. You are living on borrowed time. When. not if. But WHEN I find you we are going to have a most interesting discussion.
    Chris5242069 joined the group.
    Oriitas: *smirk* Who me?
    Markonen: Yes you. You are a disgrace to humanity as a species. One I intend to remove.
    Markonen: And I shall enjoy doing so.
    Oriitas: Well...okay. See you soon. I'll keep my nanos ready.
    Markonen: You wont know where. You wont know when. But I will be there. Watching you. Tracking you.. And I will enjoy it as you die.
    Oriitas: You should have never left Omni-Pol. You still got that sadistic streak they love. *laughs*
    Markonen: And I intend to let it run its course on you Oriitas.
    Markonen: And oh it shall be such fun. You who offered to give my child to omni as an experiment.
    Markonen: Pain is going to have a whole new meaning for you and yours.
    Oriitas: We'll see. Bring that girl of yours along as well. I'd like to -meet- her.
    Nulion: And to think, Oriitas...I never once said a word to him *chuckles*
    Oriitas: *chuckles as well* You're a good liar Nulion. Want a job?
    Nulion: I have one, thanks. *smirks*
    Oriitas: *Ori sees someone walk up behind him and flinches before he realizes it's just some anyomous omni Engineer*
    Oriitas: *chuckle*

    [Tir backyard]
    Nutmeg: James, before you rush off and make us proud. May I have a word in private, please?
    Tyma: finishes her second burger
    Markonen: So lovely day isnt it Sallie?
    Nutmeg: feels the breeze and smiles
    Salliesue: nods
    Markonen: looks down.
    Salliesue: takes a deep breath of the wonderful clean air
    Nulion: smiles
    Salliesue: looks discusted at the comm
    Nutmeg: does too
    Markonen: Most odd. I believe the man is a ghost.
    Dagget: the databases are not operating correctly just now
    Nulion: A ghost? *chuckles* Probably scared...I would be.
    Dagget: hard to look up anyone
    Markonen: I intend to find out.
    Markonen: And pay a visit to excorcise him.
    Nutmeg: Isnt' Oriitas the name of a product for adults with incontenance?
    Koreteve: It will be soon...
    Markonen: laughs
    Salliesue: laughs
    Tyma: He'll get his...
    Tyma: yawns meekly
    Dagget: well, you both should get some rest
    Salliesue: yawns and nods
    Dagget: though James needs to give use a few maps, I think...
    Markonen: True. Sallie. Shall I walk you up?
    Salliesue: nods
    Salliesue: Please
    Nutmeg: smiles
    Tyma: Good night sweetie.
    Nulion: smiles
    Nutmeg: Goodnight, Sweetheart
    Dagget: Good Night Sally
    Salliesue: Good night everyone
    Koreteve: So long Markonen, and Sallie.
    Nutmeg: I'm so happy to see you are back.
    Nulion: You two have a good night...It's SUCH a relief seeing you again Salliesue...and you too, Markonen...
    Salliesue: Thank you...for today...
    Salliesue: smiles sweetly
    Nutmeg: hugs Salliesue gently
    Markonen: My thanks to you all. I wish I could have included you all in my plans.
    Nulion: We would have gotten in your way.
    Markonen: But the speed I had to move at hindered my desires.
    Nutmeg: Oh, James. You will call if you need anything, or think you notice any changes?
    Markonen: Yes. I shall.
    Nulion: gives Markonen a small salute, smiling
    Nutmeg: nods
    Markonen: Actually I am going to walk her up and return.
    Dagget: ok
    Nutmeg: Very good
    Nutmeg: Night, Honey!
    Tyma: sighs and smiles
    Nulion: God, I'm so glad she's back...
    Koreteve: nods
    Nutmeg: Me too. My heart is very warmed.
    Dagget: but we still have Tempus Coma to deal with
    Nulion: True...
    Tyma: Is the door still in Tir?
    Dagget: and that door in Tir worriens me
    Nutmeg: We must speak candidly when Sallie's asleep.
    Tyma: O ok
    Nulion: And...if they are what we all think they are....How do you kill that?
    Dagget: yes
    Koreteve: We do have to be a bit more consicous while she is sleeping
    Tyma: If only the reciver to that camera Anamelle had installed hadnt gotten destroyed
    Dagget: we have found a su****ious door here in Tir, James
    Nulion: Oh! Snuck up on me there, Markonen...*chuckles*
    Markonen: You may wish to search the lairs near the lord and lady.
    Dagget: we will
    Markonen: As I discovered they dont set up permanent bases.
    Markonen: So they may or may not be there.
    Nulion: So they're like terrorist cells?
    Markonen: That is what took me so long to find them.
    Markonen: Exactly.
    Nulion: Must be sleepers. Shut one down, another node starts.
    Markonen: nods
    Dagget: you find out any other information in your research?
    Markonen: Only that her parents are dead.
    Markonen: frowns.
    Dagget: and that someone was tracking her
    Nulion: sighs deeply
    Markonen: I saw them in an area near where I found Sallie.
    Nutmeg: Markonen, if her parents are dead, why does she think the queen is her mother?
    Markonen: They were both former omni.
    Markonen: Her parents were not shades.
    Markonen: You do the math
    Nulion: nods
    Dagget: and ther is still the mystery of who experimented on her
    Nutmeg: Neither was she....
    Markonen: looks at Meg.
    Markonen: Yes she was.
    Nutmeg: Could her mother have been similarly changed?
    Dagget: was she originally a shade?
    Tyma: is confused
    Markonen: I believe so Dagget.
    Dagget: made to look like an adventurer for some years?
    Dagget: a disguise?
    Markonen: Whoever expiremented on her did that to her.
    Nutmeg: thinks about this
    Markonen: I dont know why or how it was done or yet by who.
    Dagget: perhaps her running her first nanos accelerated the change back
    Tyma: Who is head of Omni-Med?
    Markonen: I do know however that that the bitch that took her was her mother.
    Dagget: frowns
    Nulion: So....maybe she was adopted.
    Dagget: a curious trail that all is
    Markonen: I am beginning to think ath Omni had a hand in this directly.
    Dagget: and sinister
    Tyma: Me too
    Markonen: I will find out. And once I do you shall all know the truth.
    Nulion: smiles
    Nutmeg: Let us know if we can help with the research.
    Dagget: do not hesitate to enlist our aid
    Markonen: I wont. Again I thank you all for your aid.
    Nulion: We're always close-by...*smile*
    Markonen: laughs softly.
    Markonen: So true.
    Nulion: smiles


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