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Thread: Stabbed in the back by Omni "teammate"

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    Stabbed in the back by Omni "teammate"

    k, I"m bored just back from the Temple of Three Winds and helping anyone needing help. I'm a neut and I'm like "can't we all just get along???" I'm a twink level 60 T1/panther enforcer Squad Commander of New Movement, I'm by no means the biggest or baddest but I try and with Bonehitter's guidance I've come a long way. Just a lil background there, now on with the de****able crime. I'm in Bor and bored when a newsflash pops up that masked commando's are attacking Omni-Trade, so I run not walk to the nearest grid term and pop, I'm in OmniT. It seems like a riot but as I look it becomes clear that the Dust Brigade is attacking in force, everyone is attacking them and many are being sent to reclaim. Considering these are some big mean guys I just stand and watch as Omni tries to take them out. That's when I see a orgmate enter the fray, he's a big guy too. A 220 keeper and he jumps on the first Dusty he sees and starts chopping on him, so I join him and I'm amazed to see that I'm actually able to hit the Dusty most times I miss but I do land a hit or two. Omni guys are shouting to kill any clanners that show up which doesn't surprise me and any clanner stupid enough to grid into Omni deserves to die. I continue to swing my panther at the Dusty watching as I occasionally hit. Suddenly, I'm hit by a reflect, I see my health drop by a quarter so I go to backing up as fast as I can. The reflect keeps hitting me and has beaten me down to 25% and keeps hitting me as I back up but as I start my journey to reclaim I realize that the reflect didn't kill me the last quarter of my health was claimed by a Omni ganker. Some honorless Omni by the name of Qbal level 51 MA from Weiland Yutani was attacking me as I was retreating. Quess that's what us neuts get for helping Omni, so if ya come to TOTW and your Omni don't waste your time asking Toecutter for help. Word to the wise don't fight with Omni if it involves getting a flag or you might be the next target. I'm challenging Qbal to a rematch, first he can level to 60 then he can face me. If any Omni believes in honor encourage this person to face me. He gave me no chance when I was helping Omni but unlike him I do have some honor, I'll let him level up before facing me.

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    1) Including names will probably get your thread deleted
    2) This belongs in "Life on Rimor"
    3) It sucks, but this is to be expected. Why?
    1. there are a few gankers in every crowd
    2. Someone probably hit tab, thought you were the enemy and attacked without thinking.

    About the most you can expect to achieve is finding out whether it was intentional or not.

    The last time I helped defend a city against the Dust Brigade, I was ganked by other players no less than 8 times, at least 4 of those were from orgs considered "friendly" to neuts.
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    probably just Tab and hit, not checking wether its neut or clan.

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    They probably can't even be bothered to notice the difference between your HP bar and the massive ones the DB have.

    As well, there are people on all sides who will, after being frustrated with doing no dmg to a DB, will simply decide "OK, what -can- I kill here?"

    We had the same problem in Old Athens, in particular with members of a clan aligned with Terra Firma ganking neuts.

    Still others have no concern for the DB (or -any- RP) and look at the situation as a simple math problem. That the org they are in may be in the CoT and aligned with a legacy outfit that is not pro-conflict is not a factor in their equation. They are in the org for the buffs (City and Towers) and the only thing that matters is the opportunities to lvl and get titles.

    (Warp to Life on Rimor)

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    I was there when it happened. My best friend, my brother and I were teamed and preparing to do missions when we got the message. So we drop everything, and head to omni. We get there, we start attacking. After about 5 minutes, my friend backs out and comes reach me (I'm an engie, so I send the bots in, and take a few steps back). He says he can't hit the DB. Then I see my HP dropping like crazy! The DB (who are arks I think), is attacking me, so I send my pets on him, and run behind a building. He attacks my pets so I come back and heal them.. the fight goes on like that for a while.

    5 minutes later, I see my brother's HP going down, so I F2 him, and type /follow.
    I don't have time to get to him and he dies.

    We are all omni. 2 minutes later, he writes in the chat, that an OMNI agent a few levels higher then him killed him.

    There was like 4 DB in omni ent, and 3 in omni trade, yet this dumbass, kills my brother who was fighting the db.

    Some people are just dumb.

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