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Thread: Markonen and a theory

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    Markonen and a theory

    Nulion: Hello there, Markonen
    Dagget: just came in from a mission and saw you were about
    Markonen: Just got back from the Shadowlands.
    Dagget: I thought you hated that place?
    Markonen: stares at Dagget
    Markonen: I do.
    Dagget: then why go there?
    Markonen: Sallies parents.
    Dagget: you located them?
    Markonen: No.
    Markonen: Not even a damned trace.
    Dagget: Hmmm...any clues?
    Markonen: frowns
    Nulion: We didn't think you'd find anything....because neither did we.
    Dagget: we had a couple of doctors look at her last night
    Markonen: sighs
    Markonen: I am beginning to get frustrated with this.
    Markonen: I want her well and cannot do anything to help.
    Dagget: we have too few pieces of the puzzle
    Markonen: Oh?
    Nulion: nods softly
    Dagget: the doctors gave her stuff that will help her sleep, but they canot cure her
    Markonen: Bah!
    Markonen: Then what use are they?
    Markonen: frowns
    Dagget: if she sleeps well, then she is rested and better able to resist whatever it is that is attacking her body
    Markonen: Wait....
    Nulion: We don't know what will cure her....short of that strange place in Wine, that is.
    Markonen: Do they know what she has at least?
    Dagget: not really, she has some strange nanobots in her system
    Nulion: They weren't able to identify them.
    Markonen: looks at dagget with a raised eyebrow
    Markonen: Nanobots.
    Dagget: something like that...the doctors may be able to better explain
    Markonen: You mean someone is directly doing this to her?
    Markonen: clenches his hands angrily
    Dagget: apparently
    Dagget: someone or something...
    Nulion: I....want to find out who. Now.
    Dagget: we can take you to wine, perhaps
    Dagget: but the door has been locked
    Dagget: after that 1st encounter
    Nulion: We didn't find anything there but a locked door and next door was a building full of rogue clanners who didn't mind shooting at us.
    Markonen: I checked that area. The only thing I found were some trigger happy clanners.
    Markonen: I believe Darkness and his friends cleaned em out.
    Dagget: there is still a door, but it is not responding now
    Markonen: taps his comm unit
    Dagget: whatever is/was there was apparently referring to the child so that is the only clue we have
    Markonen: They cannot. have her.
    Dagget: he is on the channel
    Markonen: He isnt responding.
    Dagget: should we round up a few people to examine Wine more closely?
    Dagget: there he is
    Markonen: I hated to leave Sallie but I wanted to see if I could find her parents. It was a waste of time and energy.
    Nulion: You know you could have asked us to check for you..
    Markonen: I know. But I hated watching her in pain and being able to do nothing.
    Nulion: sighs softly
    Markonen: It is *very* frustrating.
    Nulion: I know...
    Markonen: And I didnt think she wanted holes in her walls
    Markonen: So I left.
    Markonen: chuckles softly
    Nulion: I don't know what to do...I spent a full hour examining that door in Wine, I couldn't find a way in.
    Markonen: sighs
    Dagget: the time we got in, there were fires around it
    Nulion: And it was storming...
    Markonen: There is nothing that can be done but wait. And I am very bad at waiting.
    Dagget: and keep Salliesue's mind off the subject
    Markonen: Something that I noticed about the shades I saw in the shadowlands.
    Nulion: What did you notice?
    Markonen: Their tattoos dont look to be made of ink.
    Dagget: no
    Dagget: something else..and they give them power
    Markonen: Its like they come from with.... Oh gods...
    Markonen: falls to his knees
    Nulion: ...What?
    Markonen: The bruises..
    Dagget: she might have shade blood in her
    Nulion: ....
    Nulion: Those might not be bruises at all..?
    Markonen: Arms, legs, neck.... All the same places.
    Dagget: I wonder if one of her parents is a shade?
    Markonen: I dont know. I have never asked her.
    Dagget: for full bloooded shades it is probably not a painful process
    Nulion: But...she's not a shade...
    Markonen: But... If she is a partial shade what would the Tempus Coma want with her?
    Dagget: and it would also explain why the shades want her
    Dagget: not sure
    Dagget: unless she is the result of some experiment
    Markonen: growls.
    Dagget: they are maybe trying to interbreed and control the population
    Nulion: I don't like to think that....How could ANYONE do something like that to a child...
    Markonen: Leave it to the bastards at Omni to do something to a child.
    Markonen: If that be the case Eva and I are going to have a very intimate talk.
    Dagget: perhaps her parents left her here because they knew someone was out to retrieve her
    Markonen: smiles savagely.
    Markonen: rubs his hand across his face.
    Markonen: Dagget..
    Markonen: Her mothers last transmission.
    Dagget: are their any doctors who can deal with this sort of thing?
    Dagget: stay away from the w...
    Hyperion5182: Well there might be
    Markonen: It was cut.
    Hyperion5182: But she isnt here right now
    Dagget: yes, whoever created her may have caught up with the parents
    Markonen: What if the Tempus was the cause of it being cut?
    Hyperion5182: Then we could be in a very bad postion
    Nulion: It could be....I'm worried the Tempus have her parents..
    Hyperion5182: Hmmm
    Markonen: Where is this Tristam and how do I get to him?
    Dagget: well, we can't locate or engage Tempus Coma as yet
    Dagget: Tristram resides in Camelot
    Markonen: He has information about the Tempus correct?
    Dagget: in his Castle
    Hyperion5182: I was going to talk to Jacobi about getting to see him but that fell threw
    Dagget: he has been helping hunt them, yes
    Nulion: He used to be in his castle, but instead he's always out in the Shadowlands.
    Verdande: Hello all
    Dagget: Hello Verdande
    Nulion: Hello there Verdande
    Hyperion5182: Tristam is the leader of the Knights and one of the most revered of the clans
    Markonen: Hello Maam.
    Verdande: Seargent Markonen
    Verdande: Nice to finally meet you
    Hyperion5182: I was hoping to get to talk to him about the situation with silverstone but that trip i planned with jacobi fell through
    Dagget: we just came up with a theory about Salliesue
    Nulion: And it's not a pleasent theory.
    Dagget: she is getting bruises in the same places that shades develop tattoos
    Dagget: she may have shade blood in her
    Markonen: shakes his head.
    Verdande: As their tattoos?
    Dagget: yes
    Hyperion5182: That would explain the nano bots....
    Verdande: It would
    Dagget: the tattos may be trying to come out
    Verdande: And why the shades may want her
    Markonen: They cannot have her
    Hyperion5182: A shade Solitius hybrid....dear lord....
    Verdande: Indeed
    Verdande: Might help their cause in some way
    Dagget: but now the question is, what do we do?
    Nulion: We watch her. Close.
    Markonen: smiles coldly.
    Dagget: we need to help her
    Verdande: We should find her parent
    Hyperion5182: My first thought was an EMP generator could take out the nanobots
    Dagget: and also track who did this
    Markonen: How many shades are there?
    Nulion: Dagget, I want nothing more than to get into that Tempus lair and tear it apart till I find some real and solid answers from them...
    Dagget: Markonen just came from the Shadowlands where he was unsuccessful in locating her parents
    Dagget: we are not sure
    Markonen: No one has seen or heard from them.
    Verdande: Very strange
    Markonen: I could apply Omni logic to the situation.
    Markonen: smiles
    Markonen: Kill em all
    Dagget: which leads to where?
    Dagget: oh
    Nulion: Omni logic? *chuckles*
    Hyperion5182: Might not be a bad idea in this case
    Dagget: well, the Tempus Coma shades seem to be separate from the bulk of the population
    Verdande: It seems like her parents are involved, somehow
    Dagget: they know something, for sure
    Hyperion5182: Yeah
    Markonen: True. That is why I dont like Omni Logic.
    Dagget: they seem to be hiding her from someone
    Verdande: It's too much of a coincident that they are missing
    Hyperion5182: shakes his head I dont like it at all....
    Markonen: How hard is it to get to where they were?
    Verdande: Do the omni have any interest in her?
    Dagget: easy
    Markonen: This Penumbra place?
    Dagget: 2 whom-pah hops
    Dagget: the parents were in Adonis
    Dagget: the shades were in Wine
    Dagget: what is in Penumbra?
    Markonen: Ahh Sorry. I dont go there as a rule. So I confuse the places in the shadowlands.
    Markonen: I mean Adonis, Dagget
    Dagget: you need special rings from Ergo to get there
    Verdande: And a helmet
    Dagget: for Metawater
    Markonen: That pesky droid?
    Dagget: yes, that droid
    Dagget: the floating head
    Markonen: Why we havent des... Nevermind..
    Verdande: smiles
    Markonen: So that rules out that tactic.
    Hyperion5182: At least for the 2 of us
    Dagget: yes, she cannot enter there
    Markonen: I know one thing.
    Hyperion5182: I say we get a demo team and blow the entrance to that base in Wine
    Markonen: Once this is over I intend to have a long chat with her parents about responsibility.
    Dagget: we need to find out the whole story
    Markonen: Agreed.
    Verdande: Pardon me for repeating myself, but does anyone know if the omni are interested in her?
    Hyperion5182: nods
    Dagget: it looks bad for them but perhaps there is an explanation
    Hyperion5182: To my knowledge no
    Nulion: I don't think Omni has any interest in her, no
    Verdande: Good
    Markonen: To the best of my knowledge we are not... I mean.. They .. Dammit. No
    Markonen: shakes his head.
    Verdande: looks down
    Markonen: I am sorry. I am still trying to get used to the idea that I am a clan member now.
    Dagget: Hmmm...we need to attack the problem, I think, on three fronts
    Verdande: I believe I speak for us all when I say that we understand
    Dagget: 1) keep Salliesue well
    Dagget: 2) locate Tempus Coma
    Dagget: 3) locate her parents
    Meldrek: hi
    Nulion: Hello there Meldrek
    Verdande: Hello, Meldrek
    Dagget: the three points to the triangle
    Hyperion5182: This is a surprise of sorts
    Markonen: Four. Kill the people who are trying to hurt her.
    Dagget: Meldrek, we think we have a theory
    Verdande: Let's just remember to get some answers from them first
    Markonen: smiles coldly.
    Nulion: I'm all for number 4, Markonen..*smiles a bit*
    Meldrek: oh. may I hear it ?
    Dagget: Salliesue's bruises all appear where shades develop their tattoos
    Markonen: Of course. I am an expert at getting answers.
    Verdande: I tend to believe you
    Dagget: she may be the result of an insidious experiment to create a half-breed
    Verdande: What will the the outcome of it be?
    Meldrek: listens
    Verdande: Or, for what purpose?
    Markonen: Good Day Meldrek. You said you may have an idea as well?
    Dagget: we are trying to determine the role Tempus Coma and her parents play in this
    Meldrek: good day, Markonen.
    Meldrek: Yeah, I have a theory too... but really twisted...
    Verdande: Let me just say that if what you say might be true, are we then sure her parents are her parents?
    Dagget: no
    Hyperion5182: We enforcers arent that bad at getting answers either
    Hyperion5182: has a somewhat evil grin
    Markonen: You best believe I will be sure of it before I give her back to them.
    You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Yarana' has reached enlightenment.
    Verdande: And if they are not, then what?
    Markonen: I..
    Markonen: blushes
    Markonen: I keep her?
    Meldrek: your theory is interesting.
    Meldrek: really.
    Verdande: looks at Markonen
    Dagget: it occured to Markonen after he noticed some shades in the Shadowlands
    Markonen: smiles embarrassed.
    Verdande: Well done
    Verdande: I must say that in the worst case, if they are not, Markonen seems to be a good candidate
    Verdande: His actions taken into consideration
    Dagget: but for Salliesue, who do we take her to for treatment? or do we do anything?
    Markonen: I .. I may not be the best choice but it is an option.. If no one more suited can be found.
    Dagget: she may be destined to go through a painful transformation
    Dagget: we need to know more
    Markonen: Dagget I know next to nothing of shades.
    Meldrek: so, you think that her dreams are not... dreams but reality ?
    Hyperion5182: Excuse me a second
    Markonen: Do any of you know one?
    Nulion: I don't know any personally...
    Hyperion5182: i do
    Dagget: not any experienced ones...Nulion?
    Hyperion5182: not tempus coma but i know a shade
    Verdande: Who has experience in this kind of thing?
    Dagget: we need an experienced shade
    Nulion: I've seen shades and fought alongside them...but don't especially know them.
    Markonen: Hmm..
    Dagget: we can ask on the channel
    Hyperion5182: Hmmm
    Hyperion5182: Nightmourne!
    Verdande: The idea seems bizarre and new to me, a half-breed
    Meldrek: what i'd like to know is if Salliesue can feel all shades or just Tempus Coma ones.
    Markonen: I dont know Meldrek.
    Meldrek: hmm
    Meldrek: we should try to bring a shade here then.
    Dagget: Nightmourne may be who we can talk to
    Markonen: I will be back shortly. I must go unpack my gear and clean up. It was not pleasant to wear my armour for 48 straight hours.
    Markonen: I apologize for the abrupt departure.
    Verdande: That I can understand
    Meldrek: I don't feel confortable with these ... experiments... on Sarah but it might help us.
    Meldrek: nods
    Nulion: It's alright to be prepared...
    Verdande: Is there anything you need, Markonen?
    Dagget: we will also see about getting you better armor
    Hyperion5182: actually
    Dagget: perhaps some storm carbonum
    Hyperion5182: I came across something
    Markonen: If a shade is brought here they must be cleared. I will not have an enemy knowing her whereabouts.
    Dagget: yes
    Verdande: Hear, hear
    Meldrek: true
    Verdande: Do tell
    Markonen: I will return as soon as I can.
    Hyperion5182: markonen
    Nulion: Sure...
    Verdande: Markonen
    Meldrek: Hi Keldros
    Keldros: Hi
    Hyperion5182: An engi should be able to make that into a suitable chestplate
    Markonen: Excellent.
    Markonen: I will have a look at it when I put away my gear.
    Hyperion5182: a left over piece from a smuggler run
    Markonen: smiles
    Verdande: Hello, Keldros
    Markonen: I will return as soon as I am cleaned up.
    Keldros: Hi
    Dagget: very well
    Hyperion5182: nods
    Dagget: we will try to located a wise shade
    Meldrek: see you later Markonen.
    Meldrek: smiles
    Verdande: Later
    Markonen: I shall be back soon.
    Meldrek: we have a couple of trustworthy shades in Shattered Dreams.
    Hyperion5182: I hope Mark can put that Mantis abdomen to good use
    Verdande: What was your theory, Meldrek?
    Dagget: Nightmourne may be good
    Dagget: ok, I got errands to run but will be on the lookout for Markonen's return



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    Continued from previous



    Dagget: Hello
    Dagget: all cleaned up?
    Markonen: Hello. Sorry for the delay. Had to put out a fire in my kitchen.
    Meldrek: Hi there
    Dagget: by the way, I found you some nice Storm Carbonum armor...
    Dagget: better that the kirch kevlar
    Markonen: smiles and looks at the armour.
    Dagget: though it does have a rather 'clan' flavor to it
    Markonen: smiles
    Meldrek: hey nice.
    Markonen: I like.
    Markonen: Cooking is not one of my strong skills.
    Markonen: chuckles
    Markonen: Did you manage to find a shade?
    Dagget: so would you like to see the place in Wine that the Tempus Coma was seen?
    Meldrek: well, a non Tempus one yes.
    Markonen: That would be fine. Perhaps it has changed.
    Meldrek: it changed indeed.
    Markonen: Oh?
    Dagget: Meldrek, who did you find?
    Dagget: I was just there, it is still inaccessible
    Meldrek: the "door" is not locked anymore but still inaccessible true.
    Meldrek: it changed.
    Markonen: Hmm..
    Meldrek: it was locked before.
    Dagget: shall we go look?
    Meldrek: the shades I know are Shattered Dreams members.
    Dagget: it is two whom-pahs away
    Markonen: Sure. Lets take a look.
    Dagget: can you bring any of them?
    Dagget: ok, off to Wine
    Meldrek: i'm gonna ask sure.
    Dagget: maybe best Markonen talk to the shades away from here
    Meldrek: hmmm no shades available at the moment unfortunately.
    Nulion: greets Dagget
    Meldrek: hey
    Dagget: hello
    Nulion: And hey there Dagget..
    Dagget: ready Markonen?

    Dagget: just a short walk to the cliff and door
    Msdeni: just keys
    Meldrek: hi there
    Nulion: Hello again Markonen
    Markonen: Sorry. Had a comm mesage I had to deal with.
    Dagget: there it is
    Markonen: Grrr...
    Dagget: when we got in, there were fires here
    Nulion: I just broke my lockpick trying to get this damn thing opened...
    Meldrek: yeah, I broke mine too...
    Markonen: frowns.
    Dagget: what I fear is that it will only open for Salliesue
    Dagget: and no wasy we are bringing her here
    Markonen: Not gonna happen.
    Nutmeg: gulps
    Markonen: If they want her they can come and get her.
    Dagget: but the shades are hiding behind it
    Markonen: And I will be waiting.
    Dagget: that may be a better strategy
    Meldrek: and this is actually a portal to the shadowlands.
    Nutmeg: James, Someone mentioned that you think her bruises are shaped like Shade Tattoos?
    Dagget: yes, wehn we were in there we had to sue SL heal kits
    Markonen: Yes. I do.
    Female: hiya
    Dagget: Hello
    Nutmeg: Do you know... Um... Do you know where the shades come from?
    Markonen: Maam.
    Dagget: we are showing the sergeant where the Tempus Coma Shades seem to be hiding
    Markonen: Tempus Coma.. More like Perma Cowards.
    Markonen: Hide behind a door and pick on children.
    Nutmeg: grins
    Markonen: scowls
    Meldrek: grins
    Dagget: perhaps, but they are causing problems
    Nutmeg: Is that door moving today?
    Dagget: well, since we still cannot get in, perhaps we should plan for keeping them away from Salliesue
    Meldrek: I think I tried everything to enter inside...
    Dagget: yes, it is
    Markonen: It is opening but nothing is happening.
    Female: hmm what's the door for?
    Meldrek: actually.. maybe the spiritual link connecting the Shadowlands to Rubi-Ka is not present.
    Dagget: we encounters 'something' behind it the other day
    Markonen: That is something we are still trying to figure out maam.
    Female: ah kk
    Dagget: nuked us all to 1 hp several times
    Dagget: and asked us to ask questions
    Female: ah
    Markonen: I have questions as well.
    Dagget: it let us ask two questions last time
    Dagget: then we had to leave
    Markonen: I see.
    Meldrek: Nutmeg, what do you think as a meta-physicist ?
    Female: pokes the door with a stick
    Dagget: if anyone sees fires here, they need to alert everyone else
    Dagget: for that is when we were last able to enter
    Nutmeg: Meldrek.. I think the link between the shades and Salliesue may be similar to the link between me, and my Compassion.
    Female: fire?
    Nutmeg: But, perhaps, I'm biased. I'm just used to thinking this way.
    Dagget: we should try and locate Salliesue
    Dagget: shall we return to Tir?
    Meldrek: and the link between this door and the shadowlands, so you think it may be possible to create one ?
    Markonen: She may still be in bed. She was rather ill.
    Meldrek: *do you think
    Dagget: ok
    Nutmeg: nods
    Nutmeg: But, I am reluctant to mess with it.
    Meldrek: nods
    Dagget: the voice in there said she was a key
    Dagget: but we will not bring a small child here
    Meldrek: all doors have keys... all doors are breakable too...
    Nutmeg: concentrates very hard
    Dagget: Markonen is looking around
    Dagget: anything unusual?
    Markonen: Worthless.... they have seen nothing.
    Female: ah
    Nutmeg: Bugs? Where?
    Markonen: No. It is doubtful the cowards will come out and.. play..
    Meldrek: unless the proper "ritual" is done.
    Dagget: we need to consult with an experienced shade
    Dagget: one we can trust
    Markonen: Consult? As in a friendly discussion?
    Markonen: smiles
    Dagget: about Salliesue
    Markonen: Ahh.
    Female: well gl all with the door
    Nutmeg: Trust, Shade.. an oximoron, I think
    Meldrek: not a TC one of course.
    Dagget: they might have insights on how tattos are formed
    Markonen: Let us go back to Tir.
    Dagget: yes
    Markonen: See if Sallie is awake.
    Fuze: My apologies for intrusion. Did not know this was such an undertaking.
    Dagget: hello Chrisax
    Cergorn: thankyou
    Dagget: she does not appear tyo be up
    Markonen: Grrr...
    Nutmeg: James.. Do you know the name of anyone at the bio-engineering labs?
    Dagget: you may want to check on her but we can be ready at your call
    Dagget: you think omni experimented on her?
    Markonen: No Meg. I dont. I stayed away from there as my security clearance wasnt that high.
    Nutmeg: I was wondering if there was someone we could talk with about the source of these shades.
    Markonen: Dagget I hope not.
    Meldrek: hmm...
    Dagget: wel, I have more chores to do but will be monitoring the channel
    Nutmeg: Do you think they were manufactured, or ethereal?
    Markonen: I am going to go check on Sally. I will update you all if anything occurs.
    Dagget: and will be here promptly if Salliesue gets up

    [some hours later...]

    Nulion: He's always so worried..
    Dagget: Hello
    Markonen: You missed the fun.
    Dagget: you guys got in and out ok?
    Dagget: find anything or anyone useful?
    Markonen: Had a nice relaxing stroll through Omni 1
    Markonen: smiles
    Nulion: chuckles
    Nulion: It...involved a little gunfire
    Dagget: nothing relaxing about that when you are clan
    Markonen: I know their weaknesses so it is a bit simpler for me.
    Markonen: However..
    Dagget: so you accomplish anything other than irritate them?
    Markonen: Down to details.
    Markonen: Yes. Her parents are known to Omni.
    Dagget: Hmmm
    Markonen: I could not access the files though.
    Dagget: they are clan though
    Nulion: Yeah...very secure...
    Markonen: My informant wasnt in so I had to use his computer myself.
    Markonen: Had to break a few of his pets though.
    Markonen: He will get over it
    Dagget: well, Omni-Tek keeps files on a lot of people, whether they have a particular interest in them or not
    Markonen: Sallie is not in *any* omni database I could find.
    Markonen: If they ever touched her it was so secret not even her name was used.
    Dagget: so she is rogue to them or kept in hi-security database
    Nulion: looks a bit fatigued
    Markonen: Also.. Omni does have files on Tempus Coma.
    Dagget: anything useful?
    Markonen: They are Director eyes only clearance.
    Dagget: Hmmm
    Markonen: It would take a bomb to blow the securty off of them.
    Nulion: It has to be something big...
    Markonen: Oh. And get this.
    Dagget: well, we either need to dig more somewhere or lure them out in the open
    Markonen: Remember my little art thieves?
    Dagget: yes
    Markonen: smiles
    Markonen: They hit a guy locally. Seems they moved on from Omni after the ross attempt.
    Dagget: here in Tir?
    Nulion: It was OA..
    Markonen: Yea. Old Athens.
    Dagget: not as good pickings out here
    Dagget: must be hot in Omni-1 and Rome
    Markonen: I think I am going to look him up.
    Dagget: ok
    Dagget: need a guide along?
    Markonen: Only downside of the whole night was I had to kill an omni let.
    Markonen: LT. I mean.
    Dagget: they have reclaim
    Dagget: he'll get over it
    Markonen: Exactly. If they didnt I would not have fired.
    Nulion: Doesn't make death any less painful...
    Markonen: And for some odd reason a citizen fired at me and when I shot back she ran..
    Nulion: I'm sorry you had to shoot, Markonen. I know how little you enjoy it.
    Markonen: I dont enjoy killing those doing their jobs.
    Dagget: well, hopefully no need to go there again
    Markonen: That unicorn though... Him I would have enjoyed.
    Markonen: smiles
    Nulion: smiles
    Nulion: Are they hated even within Omni-Pol?
    Markonen: Yes.
    Markonen: They arent wanted or needed.
    Nulion: *nods* They're pretty excessive...
    Markonen: And they do nothing to solve the problems we have.
    Dagget: well, they do keep clanners out of there
    Markonen: looks at Nulion.
    Nulion: Probably give a whole load of bull about jurisdiction..
    Markonen: Umm.. They dont do a good job of it.
    Markonen: laughs.
    Dagget: heh
    Nulion: smiles
    Dagget: ok, so you feel rested enough to go to Old Athens now or save that for another day?
    Markonen: I think I am going to call it a night and think over what I have discovered.
    Dagget: ok
    Nulion: Sure...
    Dagget: and we will keep an eye out for Salliesue
    Dagget: she may simply be sleeping
    Nulion: I...hope she's alright.
    Markonen: I tend to be a bit more methodical in this attempt to find out who the thieves are.
    Markonen: I am going to stay with her tonight. If there is trouble I will call out.
    Dagget: ok, see you tomorrow then
    Nulion: Markonen, if you ever need to go back to Entertainment to contact that guy, I'll go with you again.
    Nulion: I'm extremely curious to see what he can do.
    Markonen: Thanks Nulion. Matherson is a pretty handy guy. If you overlook his peculiar activities.
    Nulion: smiles
    Dagget: Omni-1 may know the parents but their names are not in public databes any more
    Markonen: No they are not. They are in restriced access.
    Nulion: Not public...but there has to be something going on for their names to be restricted access.
    Markonen: I will try to find out more tommorrow.
    Dagget: ok, good night then
    Markonen: Good Night Dagget.. Nulion..
    Nulion: Goodnight Markonen *smiles*
    Nulion: Well...that was a letdown.
    Dagget: wonder if anyone else willpop up tonight
    Nulion: You never know..
    Dagget: we are making some progress
    Nulion: This guy might be able to give us the info we need. Bit of a crackpot, he had machines all over, guarding his place.
    Dagget: ok, I'm off to do some chores but watching the listing for ppl
    Nulion: smiles
    Nulion: Take care, Dagget


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