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    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Hi dagget
    [Vicinity] Dagget: hello
    [Vicinity] Dagget: Nulion is in your backyard
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Oh, I had to get out for a while
    [Vicinity] Dagget: ok
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I was down helping fight a dragon in camelot castle
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I thought swimming would help me to relax
    [Vicinity] Dagget: did you sleep any?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: A real one?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: real dragon, yes
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Yes, no dreams, just her voice...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: named Taresque
    [Vicinity] Nulion: You called, Dagget? Oh! hello there, Salliesue....
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Hi Nulion
    [Vicinity] Nulion: smiles
    [Vicinity] Nulion: I hope you slept well...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I did, no dreams, really, just her voice...
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: whos voice if im not intrudeing?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: what are you drinking sarah?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: looks over at Dragonspy
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: i-i don't know...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Milk
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Dagget: smiles
    [Vicinity] Dagget: can you tell us when and where you got the teddy bear, Sarah?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I went to the MonGol and got some
    [Vicinity] Nulion: looks at Salliesue's teddy bear...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Daddy gave him to me...when I was sick
    [Vicinity] Dagget: you've had him a long time
    [Vicinity] Dagget: ok
    [Vicinity] Dagget: were you just sick or had the nightmares started?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: we're trying to find out if you started having nightmares before or after you got Teddy
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I started to get really sick, and he was the only thing daddy could think of to keep me happy
    [Vicinity] Vijaya: waves
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: When it first started i didn't have teddy, daddy wanted me to feel better, so he found it for me
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: smiles
    [Vicinity] Dagget: but you didn't start having nightmares until later?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: ok
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: no...they came first i think
    [Vicinity] Dagget: we thought maybe there was some connection
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Yes, we've been trying to think of anything to help...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I did bring you another stuffed animal
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: were did you live with your daddy Salliesue?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: its a leet toy
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: smiles
    [Vicinity] Dagget: now teddy has a buddy
    [Vicinity] Nulion: smiles
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I remember being here, on Rubi-Ka for a while, then we returned to the Shadowlands, although it's really fuzzy
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Well...anything you can remember at all would help...
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: looks for Tir commanders
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Don't worry Meldrek, I don't think there are any of them here.
    [Vicinity] Dagget: well, it is good that you slept well
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: it wasn't too long after we went back to the Shadowlands that i started to get the dreams...
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: looks at Urban Guard Patroller
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: hello Sallie
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Hi Meldrek
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: i thought so...
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: Hello
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Hi Anamelle
    [Vicinity] Dagget: did you get to say hi to Markonen today in your backyard?
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: can you recall were in the shadowlands you and your family lived? if we can find were you lived we might be able to find the source of your dreams
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I think they were in Ely, then they left her here and went to Adonis
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: that's minimel
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Yes, he decided to take a nap, but had one of the guards follow me to keep me safe
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: smiles
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: smiles
    [Vicinity] Nulion: smiles
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: we started in Enel, then i don't remember much after that
    [Vicinity] Dagget: any other stuff going on in Tir? You are here all the time so you probably know everything that happens
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I wasn't feeling so good before we left, but i didn't want to bother my parents with that
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: not really, it's kinda quiet
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: Tir, quiet ?
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: heh thats usually a good thing
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: smiles
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Very usually quiet, yes *smile*
    [Vicinity] Dagget: no people fighting or causing trouble?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Not today that I noticed
    [Vicinity] Dagget: so you were swimming? As a leet or yourself?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: both
    [Vicinity] Dagget: hehe
    [Vicinity] Nulion: grins
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: then my clothes started to make it hard to swim, so i got something to eat, i was going to go get a swim suit
    [Vicinity] Dagget: what are your parents names? Perhaps someone has heard something about them
    [Vicinity] Dagget: swim suit, ok
    [Vicinity] Restite: Deactivating...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: ther should be a shop around here
    [Vicinity] Dagget: anyone know where the Miir shop here is?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: I do
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: you want a swimsuit, Sallie?
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: theres one in old athens
    [Vicinity] Nulion: I can run and grab her something nice *grin*
    [Vicinity] Dagget: what color do you like Sarah?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Was just about to ask the same question! *smile*
    [Vicinity] Dagget: she's quiet
    [Vicinity] Dagget: ((maybe LD))
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Ekali and Toriray are my parents
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: smiles
    [Vicinity] Dagget: ok *takes notes*
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: sorry, i was trying to remember, they call each other mom and dad
    [Vicinity] Dagget: hehe
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: It's so pretty
    [Vicinity] Dagget: so what color swim suit woudl you like?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: smiles
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Thank you
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: you're welcome
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I like this one
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: smiles
    [Vicinity] Dagget: smiles
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: looks at the swimmng guard
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: he doesn't have one apparently
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: I think he's learning how to swim.
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: chuckles
    [Vicinity] Dagget: they're not very good swimmers
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: nods
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: but they try so hard
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: laughs
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Well, probably hard to swim with all that armor on...*grin*
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I've got some food for you, a double bronto burger and a chocolate Chip Muffin
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: uh ho
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Mmm thank you Dagget
    [Vicinity] Dagget: figured you'd be hungry after that swim
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Yes thank you
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I wonder if Markonen got a job yet. We were going to help him
    [Vicinity] Dagget: was he out looking Sarah?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Not sure he didn't really say
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Guess we'll have to check around for him...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Yea, but he didn't say anything, he was concenred about me
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: nods
    [Vicinity] Dagget: he gets concerned about people
    [Vicinity] Dagget: but it is good, I think, that he is staying near you
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: yes
    [Vicinity] Dagget: if any trouble comes, he will deal with it
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: yes
    [Vicinity] Dagget: so have you remembered anything more from your dreams?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: shakes her head
    [Vicinity] Dagget: sighs
    [Vicinity] Dagget: and we so want to help you
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: how are you feeling?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: better than yesterday
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Yesterday was pretty scary...for everyone, really...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: that is promising
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: smiles
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: tell me, when do you usually get those... bruises?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: it just stared last week, but they were really small
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: but, now...they're huge
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Did...did a lot of them appear yesterday?
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: so it's getting worse?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: but none today, right?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: shows her arm
    [Vicinity] Nulion: looks at her arm
    [Vicinity] Dagget: is that from yesterday?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: it's like they are spreading, but it doesn't hurt as much
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: yes
    [Vicinity] Dagget: Hmmm...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: did your parents have a doctor here in Tir that you could see?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: yes we had one, but mommy said he died...then got very upset
    [Vicinity] Dagget: strange
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: do you remember his name?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: no
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: did your parents know anyone else in tir besides the doctor?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: the lady at the mongol
    [Vicinity] Dagget: she and her husband run that burger stand
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: nods
    [Vicinity] Dagget: have you met any other childred here yet?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: They knew daddy
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: no, I havent seen any
    [Vicinity] Dagget: do you ever go in the park in the backyard and practice your skills to help you grow?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: sits, quietly, thinking to himself
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: n-no
    [Vicinity] Dagget: you can study the animals there to learn how they live
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: nods
    [Vicinity] Dagget: that's what adventurers do...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: hehe
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: ewww
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: study animals??
    [Vicinity] Dagget: now that you can become a leet, perhaps the leets in there will talk to you
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: looks at Dagget
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: giggles
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: lights up
    [Vicinity] Dagget: with a little more work, you can maybe become a reet by yourself and fly around
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Nulion: smiles
    [Vicinity] Dagget: anyway, it is something else you can do to enjoy yourself
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I wander around a lot
    [Vicinity] Dagget: but you stay away from teh whom-pahs, right?
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: heh thats safe as long as you stay in tir
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: yes
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: The guards told me i'm not allowed to leave
    [Vicinity] Dagget: nods
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: oh?
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: looks at Dagget
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: Is Sallie a prisoner here?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I'm sure her parents left those instructions
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: They are my guardians
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: thats for the best im sure given that shes so young
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: guardians?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: she has a big yard here to play in
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: guardians guard, not imprison
    [Vicinity] Dagget: a child her age woud be in tanger outside Tir
    [Vicinity] Nulion: They care for her safety Anamelle
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: No, they let me play, they just keep me away from the exits, and whompas
    [Vicinity] Dagget: also to insure no one grabs her and tries to take her away
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: nods
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Sometimes the guards play with me
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: that's still a prison
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Go swimming, or hide and go seek
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: frowns
    [Vicinity] Dagget: she can hide very good now that she can become a leet
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: hehe yea
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: One had trouble finding me
    [Vicinity] Nulion: chuckles softly
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: He said that i'm getting better at hiding
    [Vicinity] Dagget: she probably hid between his feet
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: looks at Zanicyper
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: Hi
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: pants.
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: smiles
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: hullo...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I did, and tied his shoe laces together too
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Hi Zanicyper
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: laughs
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: oops...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: laughs
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: hi salliesue
    [Vicinity] Nulion: grins
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: smiles
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: allow me to change into something more comfortable... and less stinky.
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: thanks Zan
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: smiles
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: well, we're still waiting...
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: laughs
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: definitely more comfortable
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: smiles
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: have i ever told you that you're a funny guy, meldrek?
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: and the profound smell of wolf has gone away...
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: cause if i did, i was lying.
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: cmon Zan, teasing you...pffft
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: chuckles
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: nice swimming pool.
    [Vicinity] Nulion: looks down at the stone ramp, still thinking....
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: thanks Zan
    [Vicinity] Dagget: Sarah sleep better last night
    [Vicinity] Dagget: but we still have no idea what is causing her problems
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: were is she staying anyway?
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: the happy rebel?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: in one of the backyards
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: backyard 11
    [Vicinity] Nulion: She's staying in her home there
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: do you know all guards in Tir ?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Not by name, they all look alike, but I call them Fred, they think its funny
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: laughs
    [Vicinity] Dagget: snickers
    [Vicinity] Nulion: grins
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: laughs
    [Vicinity] Dagget: Fred is still trying to swim
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: All three of them are
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: I think he's improving...
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: chuckles
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Taking his gun in the water? *chuckles* Nice way to get it all rusted...*smiles*


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    Continued from previous


    [Vicinity] Dagget: well, perhpas you will sleep well for a while now Sarah
    [Vicinity] Dagget: we can only hope
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: but the bruises....
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: I'm concerned about the bruises getting bigger
    [Vicinity] Dagget: we all are
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: Sallie did you or your parents bring anything from the shadowlands back to tir with you?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: but have no idea what to do
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: I mean, we may have lees time than we think
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: less time?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: We just need to know more before we can do anything...*sighs deeply, taking another look at those bruises..*
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: to catch whoever's done this to you
    [Vicinity] Dagget: or whatever...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: well, it kind of felt like there was something under my skin...
    [Vicinity] Nulion: ...Under your skin?
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: eek
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: then it felt like it was trying to come out...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: then the mark appeared, and it stop hurting
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: we'd better find you a doctor
    [Vicinity] Dagget: Adventurers turn into many animals but it does not hurt
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: we need to have a surgon examine her, a professional someone whos very good at their work
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: hmm, I'd rather say a doctor and a meta-physicist.
    [Vicinity] Nulion: But didn't we give her a scan? I didn't think anything showed up...
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: and i think we better keep a guard close to the bolth of them.. her last doctor died
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: looks at the ground
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: oh no
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: h-he wore the Seargent did
    [Vicinity] Dagget: probably just a coincidence
    [Vicinity] Dagget: most doctors do...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: nods
    [Vicinity] Dagget: the doctor here, was the the same docotr you had before you went to the Shadowlands?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: yes
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: he was kind to me
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: did he examine you before the trip?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: no, he was gone before then
    [Vicinity] Dagget: someone should find out how he died, if there wre any unusual circumstances
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: thinks
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: have you ever had a Priest or someone like that examine you Sallie?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: no, we didn't go to church
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: have you had any surgeries lately?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: did any doctors ever give you anythign when you were sick?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: i-i'm not sure
    [Vicinity] Nulion: looks about idly, trying to think of where any local doctors' offices are around here...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I think we are going to have to wait for Sarah to remember more or for the shades to reappear
    [Vicinity] Nulion: I don't want to have to wait till those shades reappear...
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: we should have a priest examine her even just to be safe. their uncanny connection to the shadowlands may prove usefull
    [Vicinity] Dagget: but what else can we do?
    [Vicinity] Qtest: hello
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Hello Qtest
    [Vicinity] Qtest: where can I find the exit ?
    [Vicinity] Qtest: I need to go to totw
    [Vicinity] Sprocketgirl: I'll show you
    [Vicinity] Sprocketgirl: Follow me
    [Vicinity] Qtest: oh cool
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: please don't walk over us
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: ugh
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: growls and spits out fur
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Anyway...what I would love to do is get back into that temple...(Without Salliesue, of course)
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: some people
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I looked today, nothing different
    [Vicinity] Nulion: nods
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: did she say want she wanted me to remember?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Yes...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: yes
    [Vicinity] Nulion: And said we knew who she was already...something like that. But I just don't know who that could have been...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: but I think tey wanted you to come to them to be able to remember
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: but... I can't leave...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: right
    [Vicinity] Dagget: but the shades have been in here before
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: more to the point of her leaveing or not is if it is safe for her to leave or even stay...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: they have?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: many months ago, Simon and his men killed them
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Rawenna and I were there.
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: they were here? in Tir?
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: heh yes
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: glances at Sprocketgirl
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: and they were not the first assassins to gain entry either
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: they wern't?
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: Cyborgs have attacked as well
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: err... that was a long time ago, Sallie.
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: wow
    [Vicinity] Nulion: That was a long time ago, yes
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: why did they come here?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: Anyone remember?
    [Vicinity] Nulion: A lot of them, we still don't know...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: we don't know why the shades come
    [Vicinity] Nulion: They've never really said.
    [Vicinity] Dagget: Tempus Coma is all they say
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: looks up quickly
    [Vicinity] Nulion: And how they want to remove the 'filth' from the world...
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: ...hmm.. they wanted to kill Beverly but I don't know if it's the main reason.
    [Vicinity] Dagget: does that phrase mean something to you Sarah?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: They scream it...don't they?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: yes
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: stares off into space
    [Vicinity] Nulion: You...okay, sweetie?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I've heard it
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: i-i just d-don't....know.....where
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: in a dream maybe ?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: if shades are in her dreams it makes sense they would say the same thing
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: in Eslyum perhaps?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: i-i don't remember
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: 's eyes fall to the ground
    [Vicinity] Nulion: looks at Salliesue
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: do you remember the 4 guys in the white room, maybe it was one of them.
    [Vicinity] Dagget: from what the voice said yesterday, they think you are one of them but taken away to be with humans
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: n-no... i-i ... remember... one held my hand...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: taken away?
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: the shades took you away?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: the sahdes may think you are one of them and want you back
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: gets a frightenend look on her face
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: whats wrong?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: we won't let them take you
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I don't belong to them!
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: starts to cry
    [Vicinity] Dagget: smiles reassuringly
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: I know Sallie
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: we wont let them take you Sallie
    [Vicinity] Dagget: they think a lot of strange thingd
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Trust me Sallie, you're safe with us..*smile*
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: and not just us you have plenty of fred's to help protect you to *smiles*
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: smiles
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: laughs
    [Vicinity] Dagget: smiles
    [Vicinity] Dagget: so keep on playing hide-and-seek with the guards and having what fun you can
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: smiles
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: How can i belong to them? I'm an doesn't make sence
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: Salliesue, when did your parents leave for Adonis?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: no, it doesn't
    [Vicinity] Nulion: That's one thing we're wondering...
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: many people like to lay claim to things they dont own Sallie that dosent make it right though....
    [Vicinity] Dagget: but the shades may be insane, and say and think anything
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: about a month or so ago
    [Vicinity] Dagget: well, we have her parents names, we can put out bulletins to see if anyone has heard of them
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: did your parents leave some documents regarding their researchs ?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Ok
    [Vicinity] Dagget: or any other unusual item sfrom the sahdowlands?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: not sure...I wasn't allowed to go in their room
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: it might help us...
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: where could we find some of their documents
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: ?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: and you should obey them, but now they are missing perhaps and we need help finding them
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: then we should search it, if it could help their daughter i doubt they would object
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: not that I can think of, they had a lot of tracking stuff, but noting unusual
    [Vicinity] Dagget: frowns
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: hmm
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: they carried a lot of their papers with them
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: and you lived in Jobe?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: not really, we when there to restock on supplies
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I can't think of anything else to ask right now
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: can you suggest any place we may look?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: mommy always gave me some money to find some candy or something sweet while they were gathering things
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: no, before we lost contact, she said they were on their way back
    [Vicinity] Dagget: are you sleepy yet Sarah?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: yes a little
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: contract?
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: oh contact...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: we should probably tak you back to your backyard, perhaps Markonen will even be there
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: nods
    [Vicinity] Dagget: ok, let's go
    [Vicinity] Dagget: those green gloves are interesting, Sarah
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Dagget: some of the people are still at the water
    [Vicinity] Dagget: hehe
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Dagget: they fell asleep!
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: laughs to himself while keeping a steady watch around
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: It must be bed time
    [Vicinity] Dagget: they are coming, I called them on the commlink
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: they were more sleepy then you sallie
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: yawns and rubs her eyes
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: do we have a deticated guard to post at her door?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: they will come to say good night
    [Vicinity] Dagget: the guards all watch her
    [Vicinity] Dagget: there's Nulion
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Apologies there *smile*
    [Vicinity] Dagget: and the rest
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: theres two of the sleepyheads
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Been dozing off, myself...*blush* You have a good night, Salliesue
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Night
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Thank you for coming to visit me
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: nighty Salliesue
    [Vicinity] Dagget: we enjoy visiting with you Sarah
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: smiles
    [Vicinity] Nulion: smiles, rubbing his eyes a little
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: stay out of trouble now and we can bring you some candy later *smiles*
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: lights up
    [Vicinity] Dagget: and sleep well...perhaps having the leet will help
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Ok, I will Dragonspy712
    [Vicinity] Nulion: grins
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: What was that?!
    [Vicinity] Dagget: what happened?
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks up
    [Vicinity] Nulion: What??
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I saw something out of the corner of my eye
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: That came out of Zanicyper
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: oh, just playing with a hologram deck.
    [Vicinity] Dagget: did you SB Zani?
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: T-that was a hologram?
    [Vicinity] Dagget: you scared her
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: sighs a deep breath of releif
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: did you feel something Salliesue ?
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks at dagget
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: nothing to worry about...
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: you almost had me shooting there for a moment Zanicypher!
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: i uh...
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: just frightened me
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: sorry
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: hehe, bad bad Zan
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: blushes
    [Vicinity] Dagget: it's called 'Shadowbreed'
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: heh shades tend to come out of the most unexpected places its ok
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I wasn't expecting it
    [Vicinity] Dagget: big players can do it
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Nulion: smiles softly
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Oh
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: yea... uh
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: it's new...
    [Vicinity] Dagget: a skill they learn in the Shadowlands
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: i haven't quiet learned how to... not go... popping out there.
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I guess it scares people away
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: it's more of a shadow puppet at the moment than anything else.
    [Vicinity] Anamelle: doesn't scare me...
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: blushes.
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: as you get older Sallie you will learn many things like that its nothing to be scared of once you understand it
    [Vicinity] Nulion: chuckles at Anamelle
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: oh, that scared me!
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: i think that's the main purpose of this thing.
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: that's a good thing to have then
    [Vicinity] Dagget: ok, then, sarah can get some sleep now
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: giggles
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: Good night everyone
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Go and get some good rest *smile*
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: night Sallie
    [Vicinity] Dagget: waves
    [Vicinity] Salliesue: I will
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: sorry about that
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: i'm so embarased.
    [Vicinity] Dagget: she really jumped
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: its ok shes just a child and you did not know better
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Oh, it happens sometimes...She....may have to get used to things scaring her.
    [Vicinity] Nulion: I hope not.
    [Vicinity] Zanicyper: if she's been to the shadowlands, i'm surprised she didn't recognize it.
    [Vicinity] Nulion: Not many people can do it. Especially in the Adonis area
    [Vicinity] Dagget: ok, Markone appears to not be home
    [Vicinity] Dragonspy712: heh she may have anmeisa
    [Vicinity] Meldrek: there're no such abominations in Jobe too.
    [Vicinity] Dagget: I'm headed home

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