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Thread: Korbensen Interrogation

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    Korbensen Interrogation

    Here is a transcript of my interrogation by Omni-Prime Liason Korbensen

    Korbensen: Korbensen, out.
    Korbensen: Oh good, the party is complete.
    Korbensen: Well well.
    Korbensen: Mister...
    Dagget: you realize you are starting a war, don't you?
    Korbensen: taps a few buttons at his wrist-comm.
    Dagget: Dagget, CoT staff
    Korbensen: War is my business, Mr. Andrio. The prevention and the continuation, as the cases may be.
    Korbensen: Of course, you understand all about that, don't you?
    Dagget: the CoT is a peaceful entity
    Korbensen: Hmph. Always amusing to hear someone say that.
    Dagget: I am getting reports you are attack Old Athens
    Korbensen: Attack? Oh, no--There you go again, the Clans twisting information to their own ends.
    Korbensen: We are merely conducting an investigation.
    Dagget: yes
    Dagget: and we are conducting an independant investigation
    Korbensen: Well, in our official investigation... your name seems to pop up on a few occasions.
    Korbensen: Perhaps you'd care to answer a few questions for me.
    Dagget: as a dutiful CoT staffer ...
    Dagget: ask away, I have nothing to hide
    Korbensen: Hmph. They always say that.
    Korbensen: Perhaps you could tell me how your rag-tag little group feels about the shooting of Chairman Ross?
    Dagget: we issued a press release on that. we are sorry to hear that he got shot and hope that he fully recovers
    Dagget: we have instructed any clanners with information related to the incident to report it to the proper authorities
    Sergeyich: is going to be ver very .... nice... to him.
    Korbensen: Oh, now, don't try to insult me--You're obviously not bright enough for that. Press releases only mean so much--I'd like to hear how you *personally* feel about the situation.
    Korbensen: And please--Lend me no niceties. Let it all go.
    Dagget: I think that anyone shooting Ross just brings trouble on the clans
    Dagget: I think Ross is a puppet and therefore hardly a useful target for anything
    Korbensen: chuckles at that statement.
    Korbensen: A puppet... very amusing that you would believe that.
    Dagget: we have attempted to communicate with him for months
    Dagget: and we get no responses
    Korbensen: Oh really? Very interesting...
    Korbensen: taps against his wrist-pad for a few.
    Dagget: his answering service says his messages have not even been read
    Dagget: hardly the behavior of someone in charge of anything, don't you think?
    Korbensen: Mr. Ross is a perpetually busy man. You cannot expect him to personally listen to the moans of every single disillusioned rebel on the planet, now can you?
    Dagget: we expect him to communicate with the CoT from time to time
    Korbensen: Perhaps, in the sake of moving the conversation to a more pertinant level, you could tell me what you were doing during Chairman Ross' speech?
    Dagget: I was running missions in the Shadowlands at the time
    Dagget: I heard about the incident hours later
    Korbensen: Really? That's very... convienient. Do you have anyone to verify your claims?
    Dagget: not at present, few of my guild are able to venture as far as Adonis
    Korbensen: Noted.
    Korbensen: Perhaps you could comment on the actions of a Mr. Bibblewitz... A.K.A. 'Nulion'? A friend of yours, perhaps?
    Dagget: I'm sure you have full scans of Omni-Ent at the time of the will not find me anywheres near there
    Dagget: Nulion is a loyal CoT staffer
    Korbensen: And how... loyal... would you say he is to your cause?
    Dagget: he was on an information gathering mission in Omni-Ent at the time of Ivans' press conference
    Korbensen: Very true--Very true indeed.
    Dagget: we don't trust Omni-Tek to release full information on these events, hence we verify the content
    Korbensen: In *fact*, we have photographic evidence of Mr. Bibblewitz there... armed and armored.
    Korbensen: Perhaps you could explain that?
    Dagget: the gun and armor aid his concealment, I doubt he even had it loaded
    Korbensen: I'm not in the business of dealing with 'doubt', Mr. Andrio. I prefer facts.
    Dagget: thanks to him we have an accurate transcript of the event,and no one was harmed
    Korbensen: Which surprises even me... amazing that one of your kind could keep from shooting off at the mouth... and at the trigger finger.
    Dagget: only a few clanners are that violent..most of us are peaceful and can hold our tongues
    Korbensen: Or perhaps he already recieved his fill of shooting earlier in the week? Afterall, taking down a target like Chairman Ross is *bound* to be worth a few brews down at whatever hole-in-the-wall you people call a bar.
    Dagget: I will never believe he would do such a thing
    Dagget: he is devoted to the cause of peace that the CoT pursues
    Korbensen: Again--I prefer facts. And fact is... you and your friend are both big, bright, bold and red names in our investigation notes.
    Dagget: and if you spotted him at the press conference that Ivan held, you would obviously have spotted him had he been near Ross
    Dagget: logic...
    Korbensen: Well, then, since you seem to think you know how to do my job... perhaps you could tell me if your 'private investigation' turned up anything?
    Dagget: we have not turned up anything other than some loudmouth Omni who seemed to be taking some claim to the task
    Dagget: Banishedsoul, or such, I believe
    Korbensen: looks down at his wrist-comm, making some additional notes.
    Korbensen: Oh yes, we're *well* aware of him.
    Korbensen: Now, if you'll excuse me... I have another friend of yours to speak to.

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    one addendum. I thought I'd let things cool down just a bit before tacking this on:

    Korbensen: Now, if you'll excuse me... I have another friend of yours to speak to.
    Korbensen: But before I go. Let me impart this advice.
    Korbensen: As you can see by my presence, this has gone beyond your pathetic struggle upon ths backwoods planet. Hope and *pray* that Omni-Pol is the worst your precious cities recieve.
    [Vicinity] Korbensen: I'll be in touch, I'm sure.
    [Vicinity] Korbensen: Oh.
    [Vicinity] Dagget: and how long do I rot here?
    [Vicinity] Korbensen: And enjoy your stay.
    [Vicinity] Korbensen: Ivan.
    [Vicinity] Korbensen: looks down at Ivan with a slight sneer.
    [Vicinity] Korbensen: Nothing that would interest you.
    [Vicinity] Sergeyich: frowns
    [Vicinity] Korbensen: We have another prisoner to 'talk to'.

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    That last bit there....*shiver* I remember hearing about it over the comm - these guys are beyond serious....To even HAVE them in this world is a danger to everyone.
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