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Thread: Agh! Keep Episodes Alive!

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    The movies are not something that has a negative effect on ingame events. In fact, they are mostly positive; the last 2 episodes happen to have been storyline-based, not ingame-based, giving a setting to Amensty and a much deeper understanding of the two names "Ross" and "Radiman". Without the movies, they would mean absolutely nothing to anyone (and even less to those who choose to ignore them).

    Granted, ingame events need to be upped; but they can and need to be upped at the same time the movies continue. Like I said, they don't even need to be MOVIES. A number of forms of storytelling can be used, and they can occur with the game.

    For these periods FC isn't releasing movies, their talented writers and artists can be working on things like smaller (probably voiced over) comic strips that tell smaller storyline events, like raids on areas, events in the lives of players, etc. That would do even more to get most people into the game than wandering over to the square and watching some nameless automaton ramble on about Portman being captured, and suffer through people yelling stupid things, or going to a trial and having to try to filter out the dumb****s who act OOC at an event that only so many people are allowed to attend.

    None of this would have any effect whatsoever on ingame events. In fact, it would bolster them, AND aid in our role playing by providing more to feed off of.

    Hell, part of the reason the vids were delayed could probably even be that the world designers weren't able to complete everything needed to introduce whatever happened in the video. You whine about nothing happening, and don't have the patience to LET it happen in a developed storyline.

    Some of us are grateful that a game has a writer that is doing something more than just stating generally defined sides with vague goals of conquest and dropping an undeveloped world with no depth, background characters, etc to work on, other than kill the other side so they don't/you do conquer the world.

    More of that, I say. Bugfixing needs to happen, but that is completely removed from this. Ingame events need to happen, but they are related to this. These movies, and the book (or chapters that have been released to the public) are a necessity for many of us who aren't the mayor of Tir. :-p

    I think that this thread says it all; the people that support the movies (who happen to be the overwhelming majority) do so because it is the extra incentive to stay with the game and keep interest. The movies are a vital part of the storyline. The people against them are generally followign the concept that it doens't directly support them because they don't change their lives, so they should be cut entirely for something that does. A very greedy and foolish line that, if FunCom had taken before, would have resulted in the loss of a good number of role players from our already suffering community. I've even talked to a number of people who HADN'T EVEN SEEN the movies who were calling for them to be dumped because of the same reasons you say. That is the strength of your position; how much sense does it make?
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    I've havent seen any of the movies.. I have a 56k modem.
    I havent been involed in any of the events... I am a european RK2'er

    but, I still love the game.
    I would love to be able to be emersed in the story line, but so far I feel I am not missing much and can continue enjoying the game without it. I want the story to come to me in game and effect my playing or give me an obvious choice in wheter to take part or not. the movies for me dont do that.. but it is obvious that there are alot of people that enjoy them... so why not keep them.

    but, I want it in game too... maybe a breaking news radio report or a tv channel, or a newspaper or something.
    something that allows me as a 56k user to find out what went on in the movie whilst playing. instead of giving up what little playing time I have to download the movie.

    yes keep the movies, obviously alot of people enjoy them, but give it to us in game aswell... throw us into that story line, make it effect our world.

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    In any event, the movies are also available as medium quality WMVs that are less than 2 mb. The quality is even pretty good, full screen on my 19" monitor.

    I think that this is really one of those things that you don't know what you are missing until you get into it.

    BTW, another nice link, in general:
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    I've really likes the episodes, and would be sad to see them stopped. I understand if Funcom has resource problems due to the recent layoffs, but still... they don't need to be as frequent as they are, maybe one per month would be fine with me. I think the episodes are good at building the world and telling players about "off-scene" politics that can be taken into account in the game itself.

    Funcom, maybe a player vote on the subject?

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    Ah, also I think something a lot of people didn't read that sheds some light:

    Episode Four Postponed!
    Wed, 12 Dec, 2001


    Episode four of the Anarchy Online animated series - "Dust to Dust" - has been rescheduled for Tuesday December 18th. It was originally scheduled for release today, Wednesday December 12th.

    "Dust to Dust" contains a number of crucial links with the 13.4 patch, and thus it is very important that episode four is released in concert with the new patch.

    This episode will be the last in the current series. We will evaluate the impact the series has had on the game and on the players, and decide early next year whether or not to continue producing new episodes. We appreciate any feedback you may have on the series - both positive and negative!

    The Anarchy Online storyline will, of course, continue independently of the animated series. New content, game-play changes, events, missions, dungeons, monsters, and NPCs - as well as regular web-based content - will be our primary storytelling tools in the future.

    Check back next week for "Dust to Dust"!
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    Am not gonna say much but KEEP THE MOVIES.

    Too fed up with all the other problems in game to bother about much else but still they should stay with it. As others said AO needs something to make it different.
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    Post keep em coming

    I really enjoy thoose episodes myself, be a shame should they
    stop making them.

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    I’m just confused as to why some people believe that freeing up the time of a few story-boarders, animators, and voice actors will equate to more quality in-game events. It just doesn’t work that way. If the in-game events are lacking, it’s not because the movies are chewing up the resources of a few art personnel.

    It’s also a no-brainer that the movies reach more people than any in-game event ever will. It’s unfortunate that this is how things work, but it’s true. Players who have a more active role in events will probably see things differently, however they need to remember they represent a very, very small fraction of the player-base. For most of us, these movies represent perhaps the only impression of an ongoing storyline.

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    Unhappy sigh

    "The fact of the matter, is that like the movies or not, Funcom now lacks the resources to really do those and keep up the pace on other stuff. They really have to cut them now, fix the bugs now, and get the players into the story inside the game. "

    Lanasia ummmm and you got this information from where? You know this how, and your breaking contracts tellling us why? Or are you just assuming **** like everyone else. Please don't assume you know thats a fact. Otherwise other people will assume it's a fact, as well as people assuming your an idiot for assuming. It goes on and on, stick to the facts. They want to know how we like the movies. Thats it.

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    Thumbs up Just my vote...

    I've read through this thread and there are many valid arguments on why Funcom should keep the movies. I'd have to agree with all of them.

    I'd just like to add that even after the last few months of nerfs, bugs, crashes, etc, the shining piece of beauty in this world is still sometimes to just sit in-game and enjoy a sunset. It is the visual effect of this game that currently sets it apart for me from anything else online or off. The movies add to that. They fill in the gaps, when Eleena drives off into the distance across the rolling hills in the first episode, I swear I've been there and those very hills exist in Lush Fields. Maybe it's not much, but I can FEEL like Eleena, Ross and Radiman are on the same planet that I tromp across every night. Like who knows when I might just run into them.

    I'd also like to note that after so many nerfs and re-balancing and "broken promises", that I think the player base is extremely weary of losing anything else. Don't take this away from us. We do believe in your vision, we know it's been hard to implement, but keep trying, don't compromise, because at the end of the four year storyline, I want to see the major motion picture and buy the story sequel.

    Funcom and Ragnar had an original vision for this world, lets support them in seeing this through. They've had to learn along the way, but don't compromise the vision of a feature rich storyline, for some pumped up PVP'ers, let the RP'ing win and let the story and the movies continue!!

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    Re: sigh

    Originally posted by killahsin
    Lanasia ummmm and you got this information from where? You know this how, and your breaking contracts tellling us why?
    Do you have a script which you hit that posts the above?

    My guess she is taking: 1) Funcom just laid 30 people off, their second layoff of the year; and 1) Funcom just announced that they are stopping production on an ancillary part of the AO story; then adding them together and getting 2! A logic leap that apparently triggers instant flames.

    Until Funcom starts posting information, we are stuck with such assumptions. Otherwise the boards will be very blank.


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    Cool sigh

    "Funcom just announced that they are stopping production on an ancillary part of the AO story"

    lol excuse me they asked for our input to see if we liked the story episodes or not. They didnt say we are stopping the episodes. This next episode is the last of the chapter, maybe you should have paid attention in FC class when they explained how the story-line will go in chapters. The reason why they are asking is most likely due to the fact that an enormous amount of people have 56k that play AO and could not DL the movies. so the DL figures were rather low compared to the actual player base. Therefore you ask "Do you guys like the episodes?" and we respond with our comments. Maybe you should read this...

    "This episode will be the last in the current series. We will evaluate the impact the series has had on the game and on the players, and decide early next year whether or not to continue producing new episodes. We appreciate any feedback you may have on the series - both positive and negative!"

    It is about whether or not we like the episodes IF THEY HAVE and impact on how we play. No AO employee's have been fired to date. Alot of layoff's have happend yes. Most of this is so they can restructure their focus to purely one game at a time. AO is that ONE GAME. Why exactly didn't people presume MYTHIC was going out of business when they did this exact same thing? Was that because they did it in conjunction with their launch of DAOC? There is no difference here. This was a post about your feelings on the IMPACT the movies had with the game. NOT on if FC can afford them. They want to know if YOU liked them or NOT.
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    Originally posted by Scorus

    I'm guessing that either the rendering division was laid off in the most recent cuts or that it was farmed out and they can no longer afford to do it. Either way I'm betting it came down to either cutting movies or programmers. No brainer.

    In case you haven't gotten all the news with you the ones that were laid off were in the mobile and webplaying department. There's another article discussing that

    Btw.. its a norwegian article, so those who can't read norwegian whip out your bablefish if you find any and translate it. Basically it says that those 30 were involved in other projects than Anarchy Online.

    But lets not turn this into another discussion about money etc... And I'd say that the movies are a keeper, although I've never met Elena Ook she'll probably show up some time, like Radimann did when he was needed in an event.

    For those who think that Elena Ook only will be another npc with stupid comments I think you should think again. Cause I believe that Elena Oak will be controlled by an ark or another person in the same way Radimann and Philip Ross are controlled.

    Well enough said keep up the moves they are cool, those who haven't downloaded any do that, okay it may take 1 - 2 hours downloading the first episode but its worth it.

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    Thumbs down

    I absolutly love the episodes, but if it comes down to limited resources then they have to go. In fact it shouldn't even be close. If money is going to be spent I want it to be do for in-game content. More Mob types, static dungeons, and quests.

    The episodes are cool but they really don't add to my enjoyment when I am playing the game.

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    Re: sigh

    Originally posted by killahsin
    "Funcom just announced that they are stopping production on an ancillary part of the AO story"

    lol excuse me they asked for our input to see if we liked the story episodes or not. They didnt say we are stopping the episodes.
    Well, I think we are both right. They have, AT LEAST, temporarily stopped production on the movies. They are also asking if we wanted them to continue. And I think they have both of our opinions now.


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    Unhappy NO, DO NOT STOP!!!

    Please Funcom, do not stop the story videos!
    They are one of the most important things in my life.
    I always wait for them, hunger for the new episode.
    As many players I need them to feel the world of Rubi-Ka better, they are important for RPG, for me.

    Did I mentioned they are important?

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    Thumbs up

    I just want to say that you should keep alive the episodes.

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    Thumbs up I agree

    just want to say that I agree with rimtan...

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    Thumbs up

    Excellent response guys! Come on! Let's keep this up =)

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    In game content more important than movies

    While the movies are nice and all, ultimately Funcom's asking where they should be investing resources. Should the resources continue to be invested in generating out of game movies, or in game?

    For me it's a simple answer -- in game.

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