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Thread: Agh! Keep Episodes Alive!

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    Cancel the movies.

    Not only are the completely unrelated to the game (so um, where's Elena? Who gives a damn about that unknown guy who hasn't even existed in game?) but they are just a waste of resources.

    Do you want:

    A.) Events that don't suck.


    B.) More movies, and a continued lack of effort in events and IN GAME storyline.

    Dunno about you, but I'm paying to play the game... not download movies that have no bearing on the game or player interaction.

    Whoop de do Funcom.

    Maybe this dillemma will make you realize your customers want a game and not some over-dramatic piece of crap "experience" that has no bearing on how they play, or what they play.

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    Exclamation I LOVE THE EPISODES!!!

    I really have enjoyed the animated series. To be honest, I hurried home from work today looking forward to watching the new episode this evening, and imagine how disappointed I was when, not only was it NOT released, but there is talk of it going away all together. I have been bragging about Funcom to friends about the way they are pulling together a truly believable story, and making me truly feel like I'm part of a living, breathing, changing world. I left EQ for AO purely for the STORY! In EQ I never felt like I was part of something and once the episodes, articles, and the book came out, man, I was HOOKED on AO! Here's my suggestion: If cash is the issue, stop the ANIMATED series and instead just WRITE it. I pre-ordered "Prophet Without Honor" and read the book in two days, which only left me wanting MORE MORE MORE! I devour everything written! GIVE US MORE!

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    I'm gonna have to disagree with CaptFallout on this one.

    I quite enjoy the movies, and would like them to continue, if possible. Of course, I have a cable modem, so I can get them in high quality, I think he's still using a 300 baud modem

    What I want AO to have is >more< story, not less. More roleplaying, not less.

    I have criticized this game for a long time because the story wasn't going on ingame enough. This should be fixed, the average player should be able to participate in the Omnitek/clan conflict ingame. And not just through the occassional "event" lagfest where 200 people all crowd together in 1 spot and crash the zone.

    When the current amnesty is over, there should be omnitek and clan bases that each side could take over in PVP and control, with stores and mission terminals and guards switching from one side to the other, and many other such things.

    But getting rid of the movies just gives us >less< story, which is not any sort of solution.

    Besides, I'm too much of a decadent lazy american to actually read anything, so I don't read any of the reports that are written up on the website regarding the clan/omni conflict. I want to lay back and watch a movie and let it all wash over me.

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    Err... so far.. we don't have any idea why FUncom decided to stop.

    Perhaps... someone from Funcom would like to comment ?

    My personal opinion of the movies.. err... good to have but not that great. Maybe becoz we've been spoiled by Blizzard....

    AO's music (in those movies and the game, etc.) is top notch though.

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    I really look forward to the movies, and though a reduction in quality or even time would be painful, they're still fun and contribute to the excitement of new episodes. Frankly, I like how Funcom's been handling this and I really hope they'll be able to continue.

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    Thumbs down Focus on the Important stuff

    I agree with CaptFallout on this one. The movies so far have had no real effect on the game. I bought AO to PLAY a game, not to watch movies about a game.

    Sure, they're kinda nice to watch occationally, but FC needs to focus its efforts on making the game itself more enjoyable for the players. The problem is that it's probably alot harder to incorperate players into a story through events and the like than it is to simply toss a movie or two our way every so often.

    The movies shouldn't be viewed as a substitute for good old fashion game play.

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    Originally posted by Ashuras
    AO's music (in those movies and the game, etc.) is top notch though.
    I totally agree. The musical talent behind AO is great! I sometimes turn off the music to listen to my own mp3s, but some of the music adds a lot of atmosphere to the world and is truly impressive.

    As for the movies, I could take them or leave them. I'm a big cut-scene fan, but I feel that we need more in-game story related events to make these movies seem "real".
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    I like the movies as they have given me a important "personal" link to the game via a story and characters. I could care less whether or not they post the whole book online because I HATE reading books (unless they are technical in nature) so if they take away the moves then I am screwed as far as the story goes. Not to mention I am on RK2 and don't see any story in game. I just don't think taking away 1 or 2 people from making the movies is going to matter when it comes to in game story or bug fixes. They are slowly fixing the game to the way it should be (anyone who has visted test would most likely agree).
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    Keep the episodes running!

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    Movies need to stay!

    I agree with most eveyone who has the same opinion about them staying. i couldn't care less if they were in flash, jpeg slideshow or comic strip form but would rather have the quality of movies FC has been putting out. If anything, this would only confirm thier commitment to us the paying gammer/customer that they intend to and will keep the promises made. A rich story both inside and outside the game is what makes AO better than all the other MMORPGs out! True, the bugs have been a bad thing, But Alexander Bell had static on the line when he made his first call!
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    Can the movies.

    Put the resources into actually facilitating an in-game storyline.

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    Angry We CAN'T settle for less!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a farce! (read Itburnz log)

    All of these posts saying.."we will take an animated episode once a month or less...plz keep 'em!" Are you kiding me? This is the mentality that gives them the greenlight to castrate us even more. "Oh, don't take /that/ away, how about we get less for the same payment?" See my point. Its happened before. Also, I do care if it was in Flash. Keep it the same as we have PAID for in the past.

    FC will totally criple themselves if the movies stop. I enjoy them and they have talented 3d modelers & animators (Anyone who has been to an /event/ gets more outta these movies.)

    If this happens FC has lost /any/ possibility of getting back some respect and Midgard is a faded memory.
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    Movies = Great Promo tool

    I downloads the best quality video files from the site, eat them up and show them to buddies to try and get them into the game. And I have succeded in bringing 2 back.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to see videos every 2 weeks, even thought the story should progress on a weekly basis, I was only expecting videos once a month.

    My only comment, would be to make the pace a bit faster. Give us clues that we can discover in game.

    I really hope the financial problem will not hinder service that was promised(4 years).

    I am really happy with the progression AO is making, and think taking away the story videos is a mistake.


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    If it's not a matter of keeping programmers or video guys, then I want the movies to continue. They are part of what makes AO special; its backdrop. I'd like to know what they are planning to do with the video department if they are not going to make any more movies though.

    Regarding Midgard, when AO was finished some of the worldbuilders and coders were not needed anymore and started working on other projects. These are the guys I believe were working on Midgard. There's a difference between creating a whole new world and just adding stuff to it.

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    I bet all this has been said before in this thread but... I want to air my oppinions aswell..

    The storyline is cool, but thats it, its not vital to the game. And I saw someone comment on "it was the only thing that kept me roleplaying".. thats bullcrap, you can roleplay all you want, just do it! There is no one stopping you (besides players who dont RP).. but go to a guild that values RPing.

    Second thing, it doesnt say anywhere they are gonna stop doing the story, it says that the story will continue, only thing missing is the movies, wich I think we all can live without, who stopped buying comics because there is a animated seria of it?

    Stop whining, if this is what FC feels is needed to make AO just that bit better so more ppl will play, then bravo FC for taking this descision!

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    Keep em coming.

    Also, put em in Realplayer format, 56k size. I go to my friends house who has cable to watch the HQ ones, but I refuse to download them on 56k. Make them 1" x 1", I don't care.

    Also, tell the animators to stop cutting corners. Like all of a sudden everything will stop moving, but the dialogue will continue, and the camera might pan back just a hair to give the illusion of movement. I'm not fooled!!

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    Movies are truly good - really adds something special.

    What I'd like to see more of however, is known locations, known npc's etc in the movies. Seeing the pumpkinheads, then fighting them in-game really "made them real". Gives us a fly by of Harry's, show us shades in action, and so on.

    What really lacks are all the background info. For those who want to, there should be some way to gather a little more information about the creatures, citites, items (love their background info), cities, landmarks - tell us why they are there. Maybe a searchable database would work?

    But alas, the point being that there's hardly even a drop of info we get on anything. Remove the movies and you have even less.


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    The fact of the matter, is that like the movies or not, Funcom now lacks the resources to really do those and keep up the pace on other stuff. They really have to cut them now, fix the bugs now, and get the players into the story inside the game.

    If they want to continue telling a story external to AO, text is probably the most efficient way to do it for now, considering their desperate need for efficiency. Extras can come later when things are going better for them... if.

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    I was a bit tired writing my last post, and must been a little vauge...

    I did not say (or at least, I did not mean =P ) that the movies were the only way I could roleplay. I meant that movies are the only one thing that helps me roleplay...

    Movies have a much larger impact while telling a story then text (for many resons, one being that while people see the movies, many is to lazy to read text =P ) So if you take out the movies, you are left with a game that does not stand out from anyother RPG particularey much, and a PvP game, which roleplayers slowly will abondon, and PvP people will get bored on...cause AO is not that good at the pure PvP thing either...

    Oh damn, I forgot...
    To those people that thinks FC has to choose of either making a better game, with more events and a more planned story, or have the movies...I can tell you that is not the case.

    Lets assume FC has not enough money...Then they have to cut expenses to survive. So they can the movies. Now they can survieive, but they still has not got more money to spend on the other parts of the game. So the choise we have is to play the game as it is now, with the movies, or without the movies.

    What FC wants to know (this is ofcourse only my guess) is whatever people will continue play if they remove the movies, or if they acctually cuts theire own throat doing that. And my gues is the latter.
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    Thumbs up Keep the movies!

    Noooooo, please don't ditch the movies!

    One of the really unique things about AO is that it truly has multimedia content. It has books, webpages, music and movies. It's not just a game, for me, it's a whole sphere of entertainment.

    I love a well told story- in fact, I write sci fi myself as a hobby- and I think the movies are essential to the storyline. They're one of the things that make AO really different. Incidently, I really enjoyed Prophet Without Honour, and I think it was a well told story, not your run-of-the-mill game tie-in potboiler.

    Please remember that we have no evidence that funcom are having financial difficulties. They might be, but they might not, and there's no need to start tolling bells for no reason. They could just be thinking that movies take a lot of making, and if no one likes them, why bother?

    However, we do like them! It's worth remembering that this forum tends to be very negative, so if even one person has a positive view on the movies, that probably represents a lot more people who want to keep the movies, but haven't had the time to read the forums.

    Don't take away one of the things that makes this game special!

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