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    Question: Chosen

    Hi all,

    My fixer is going to go chosen but what glyphs do i need? i got tier 2

    what blue glyph do i need? see there 2 types..

    and where do i loot insigs from, what mobs?

    anything else needeD?

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    To make chosen armor, you need '' Water Glyph's of Judgement ''. To make one, you need a Blue Glyph of Ocra and a Finely Refined Notum. The Ocra glyph drops in Pand mostly and the frn can be found off dryad bosses. ( In Ely for example )
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    where do i get insigs of chosen from?

    Killed loads in inferno and never seen one, what mob drop the best

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    Sided mobs can drop insignias of the faithful/chosen.

    Got an insignia of the faithful while camping spec4. Supposedly there is a guy in some temple that swaps the insignias for your side - but I haven't found the omni guy anywhere yet.
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