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Thread: Omni-Tek Affiliate Meetings

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    Omni-Tek Affiliate Meetings

    May 24 29479

    From the offices of Omni-Prime representative Korbensen

    Attention all Omni-Tek Rubi-ka employees

    It is in the interest of Omni-Tek to move forward as was planned with all current fiscal goals and programs. It is tragic what has taken place in the last couple weeks, but as a corporation, we must continue to ensure it is business as usual. The Mining, shipping and research of Notum shall continue as it always has.

    As Mr. Ross mentioned in his speech, before it came to an unexpected and horrid end, he had hoped to meet with Omni affiliates, department heads and key employees of the corporation. Now more than ever I feel we should go forward with this, and have more direct communication.

    Organizations and individual employees not in an organization can now apply to become an affiliate of the main departments of Omni-Tek Rubi-ka, including Omni-Com, Omni-Pol, Omni-InternOps, Omni-Mining, Omni-R&D, Omni-AF, Omni-Trans, Omni-Reform, Omni-Admin, Omni-Med and Omni-Engineering. By becoming an affiliate they will be able to communicate directly with their department, be given specific assignments and goals, and assist in ensuring the future of the Corporation on Rubi-ka.

    Omni-Admin will screen each applicant to ensure they fit the profiles of the department they have chosen to affiliate with. It is important each applicant applies for the correct department and that the department and applicant compliment each other.

    Applications can go through our grid site where the application process screens you by your employee ID and then will be forwarded to Omni-Admin for processing.

    Applicants can expect a wait time of up to 72* hours for a response to their application, as I am sure you all know, everyone is quite busy with all that has been happening. We hope to begin meeting at the beginning of June.

    Omni-Tek is your friend

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    I have begun the application process for my division, Shadowrun Division 1, and look forward to being included in these meetings. There is so much that needs to be done that we can not waste time in asking the same questions over and over all the while not knowing that some one else is doing the same, or maybe even has a possable answer.
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    app sent for me as a char...can the app be upgraded to an org one pending feedback from org members?..divison app would be same dept
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    Applications for individuals are meant for people who are not in a org or for people who RP but the org does not. If you are signing up for your org, then please make sure you mark that in the box on the application. If your org has already signed up, then you can not sign up as a individual. As well, if too many people from one org sign up as individuals, we will have to move all of them under org.

    The reason it is set up like this, is because it would be impossible to actually cover any ground in the meetings if too many people are there. This is why we are set up for 2 representatives from each org to go to the meetings and be responsible for informing the rest of the org members, or individuals who are orgless to go to the meetings and work with the orgs who are in the same department they have affiliated with.

    As much as I would like to run enough meetings to cover every single person who wants to come and be a part of them, we just don't have the time or man power. So instead this option allows us to still get the meetings happening, still get player orgs and individuals involved, and actually accomplish something rather than have 6-8 hour meetings in order for everyone to have a chance to speak

    As I have said before, work trickles down the chain of command, and we will treat it that way. omni bosses will give your org bosses a job, and your org bosses have a responsibility to pass work on to you =)

    Any questions please use the OOC thread that is going and ask there.


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    So far things going as planned. My application for Interops representing THM has been accepted. Although at the moment just myself will be representing the org.

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