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Thread: Intelligence? naaa. Construct? Oh Yeah!

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    Intelligence? naaa. Construct? Oh Yeah!

    Jack Murrin the farm owner from Milkey Way and his oldest son Jack M. Jr. headed for Rome to see if there was any cheap Atroxes for sale on the upcomming auction. Omni Tek had just made new models of the specie so there would prolly be lots of old models for sale. Jack had an old boat he used only for this purpose, crossing the river and walk rest of the way to get to Rome. He usually took this trip once a year so the boat was pretty "shabby". Groceries and equipments he bought in Omni Ent. to save time. This was Jack Jr.`s first trip so he was quite exited, 8 years old and ready to teach how auctions worked out.

    The Auction was lasting for the whole weekend and they arrived late friday. as usual they rented a cheap apartment for the night so that his head would be clear when the aucton started next mornin. The oldest models of the Atroxes was smaller and much less social than the new once. jack didnt really care cause he needed someone strong and all troxes was quite able. getting one would be of great satisfactory cause he was workin quite hard back at the farm. Jack was a good buisness man and waited quite some time after the auction started to get rid of the most desperate buyers and the rich ppl who had too much Credits to give a damn about the price. the prices ended most often between 500 and 1200 credits and Jack refused to pay more than 600 and at last he got what he wanted for the price of 600. happy about the trade, he could finally go back to Milky Way and get that Atrox workin.

    A few Years later the Atrox had become a good investment endeed. These days atroxes went for much much more than a lousy 600 creds. It was rearly heard of anymore that they where even sold at auctions. Murrins Family grew and another child was born. it was another boy and they named him ash. When Murrin meant the trox needed rest, he sent him with Jack Jr. down to river witch was close buy to fish. He lended the trox his old Assault Rifle to protect his son from whatever could be out there. not so far back in time there was some nasty predators lurking in rivers and ponds all over Rubi Ka, but they often got scared away with a few shots towards the sky. He just stood behind the young boy watching the river not caring or wanting to partisipate in the fishin. Jr. had a good relationship with the Trox and started to call him Count cause he loved the storys told about the Count`s living in Great castles. something he had picked up from some of the books he read. When the fishin trip was over Count delivered The assault rifle to Murrin so he could hang it over the stove in a room count where not alowed to enter. Why??? he couldnt care less. The expression on his face was always the same whatever happend.

    one day when the trox was out in the fields workin while the family had dinner he got a call...... He browsed slowly to the side he thought he heard it from, but nothing was there. It came again but this time twice as strong and more intence. It was coming from his head. It was just as something had landed within his NCU. He dropped the tool he was workin with scouting to the East. With a deep grim voice he mumbled: Rome.......Report for duty.......
    knowing he had to cross the river he went for the house to fetch the keys to Murrin`s boat.

    The family was at the dinner table when the door smashed open and the Atrox moved on for the room he where not alowed to enter. ash started to cry the minutte the door smashed open, Murrins wife and Jr. stared at him a bit frightened and Murrin himself pounded both his fists into the table so glasses fell over ad shoutet "WHERE DO YA THINK UR GOING?" ,But the trox went in and came out just few seconds later with the keys in his pocket and the Assault Rifle leveled.
    "NOW U LISTEN TO ME" Murrins last words before a satanic light filled the room and the trox painted the walls with his guts. A shivering voice barely able to say anything coughed out "Count" before Count had a hard grip around his neck almost strangeling the young lad. Count pointed his Gun towards Mrs. Murrin.... She barely had time to wince "no" before here upper body was separated from here legs. Junior almost choked, but Count changed his grip on him. He grabbed him by the neck and and picked up the sleeping bag ash slept in. "WHAT R U GONNA DO TO US COUNT???, WHAT R U GONNA DOOOO???" "Hrmff!" " Mr. Murrin wanted to stop me" count said with a grim voice.

    Draging the kid with one and carrying the baby with the other hand Count Headed for the boat. Just before he left the house he heard on the radio who had fallen to the floor from the dinner table "Bzzzzz Bzzzz a Rebellion has started and there is chaos almost all over Rubi Ka Bzzzz Bzzzz". on the way to the boat count thought about the feeling he had just experienced. Not the killings, but that he couldnt pull the trigger to execute the kids. This was the first feelin he had felt EVER and it was quite strange. Count totally ignored that Jr. begged for both his and the babys life, and didnt even notice the screams coming from the sleeping bag.
    When he made it to the boat he threw the Bag into the water and let the current take it away. Jr. screams became worse and so Count threw him off the boat when they where a bit off shore not thinkin of the childs destiny at all. all he knew was that he couldnt pull the trigger and it felt better to do it this way, Leaving him here knowing he couldnt swim and what was waiting for him in the deep.

    Count noticed a white dott on his compass he didnt even know he had before it appeared. where it was? he didnt quite know, but he knew where to go. Prolly pure luck, Count came to Rome without seeing anything of the rebellion. He found his way to Rome Red District using his compass to get to the place he where suppose to report for duty. Count was still holding murrins assault rifle and went over to the stand where 3 ppl sat and registered the once coming to report for duty.

    "whats ur name?"
    5 seconds went by cause count didnt really have a name.
    "Hrmf.. Whats ur name?" the officer asked again
    "Count?" count almost asked the ranked man behind the table
    "only count?"
    " Ash" countash spoke exactly what he thought of at the moment and it where the kids. What he did not know was that he was giving himself a name. Truly a name he did not like.
    "Profession plz?" The officer asked again
    The other guy behind the table interrupted:
    " HIS CARRYING AN ASSAULT RIFLE FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD.... STATUS??? Soldier got dammit" this dude was prolly an even higher rankin officer.

    Countash left the table waiting for further instructions on the radio transmitting device they gave him at the table.
    He heard Whispering and at the same time laughing voices:
    "We have to arrange that this useless old model of an Atrox is sent to the front lines"

    What they didnt know...?...?...

    It was there he wanted to be.....
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    wow what a kewl story

    i love the violence
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    First Mission

    Beeep! Beeep!
    The radio transmitting device made a sound followed by a voice saying: " countash? do ya read me?"
    Countash squeezed the button he was told and answered it with a low: "Hrmf!"
    "a small group of Rebelling people have found their way to one of our training grounds and is killing everyone who comes in their way. Go to tower 8 and terminate all hostile forces"
    "omw" countash answered.
    The old construct increased his phase and it didnt take long before he was in the lift leading to tower 8. He made sure the assault rifle was fully loaded while he waited for the lift to get to the top floor. when he got to the top floor and the doors in the elevator opened, he saw nothing else than a few corpses. he went over to the teleport witch would send him straight to the training grounds. Countash went inside the portal and a strange light surounded him the very same moment and ("SWOOOP") , he was sent away to TG.

    The sound of battle was the first thing that blew into his face like a sonic wave when he reached the destination. He leveled his assault rifle and ran out of the portal to get to the rest of the survivors aid. everyone was retreating towards the portal. tho everyone wasnt more than 2-3 badley hurt rookies who flead for their lives. Two huge atrox enforcers chased them and there was no doubt they would get to them before they could get safely into the portal. Countash`s skills with the ranged weapon was far from acceptable so he would never be able to hit the enforcers without hitting the rookies aswell. at max speed witch wasnt very quick at all, he ran towards the two enforcers. just a second before the huge atroxes rammed the rookies with their hammers countash jump over em trying to get into a grapple with em both. and at the same time he shouted out as loud as he could:"RUN TO THE PORTAL".

    It took only 3-4 seconds before the enforcers had gotten to their feets again and chrushed every bone in countash`s rusty materia of a body. But what they didnt know was that countash channeled Total mirror shield just before he jumped them, witch made him last the 4 seconds extra to keep their consentration away from the rookies so that they got into the portal safely and a succesful escape had been accomplished.
    All light faded
    and in the end it was all dark.

    What Countash didnt know before he jumped the huge atroxes was that the cooperation had payed for his reclaim. Countash was teleported back to the med. building in Rome.

    Inside the office where countash got his mission from an officer picked up his radio to contact countash again.
    "I heard u rescued 3 rookies from being enforcer food countash... good job"
    "BUT... u where not sent there to rescue ppl. u where sent to kill all hostile forces....Do u read me????.... Over..."

    countash had allready sent a letter to the officer he resived the mission from and ignored what was hapening on the radio exept other incoming missions.The mission was a failure, no need to talk about it from countash`s point of view. Even tho his face had an "empty" look, it was not empty inside. Less social skills than almost any other model made from Omni Tek didnt mean no intelligence at all (even tho it where pretty bad).

    another new feeling came to pass where he was standing looking into the blue skies that was over Rome this fine evening. he thought to himself that it was things like that he had to do.... save people.... I am in no shape of killin trained warriors apperantly, so what i have to do is take the damage instead of key persons.

    A letter was slid under the door to the officer and he went over to read it:

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Mission report>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I walked alone into a fight.
    No longer standing in satanic light.
    I tried to look too far ahead.
    But saw the road go to my past instead.

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    Naefen and Nadja had just joined the corporation. Together they had come to this planet.
    Naefen sentenced to join Omni Tek.
    Nadja, being hes little sister, following him.

    Disgruntled was the best way to explain Naefens mood as he was wandering around the training ground. His sister folloing close behind. Both of them teenagers still but carrying weapons and armor nontheless.
    They were here to train. Nothing else.

    "Take cover!! They are coming!!" Shouted the Omni Tek guard by the gates all of a sudden.

    Naefen and his sister hid behind a huge trunk. Naefen slid a bit forwards and saw the guard being battered to death by three enormous enforcers. All of them Atroxes. Rookies from all over the training ground ran to the guards aid but they were easily killed by the three rebelling Atrox. All they did was leaving a pool of blood on the ground.
    Naefens little started started to stand up but Naefen quickly pulled her down again.

    "Shhh, these guys will slaughter us Nadja. Save your heroism for another day." Whispered Naefen into her ear.

    She sat still.
    Further into the training grounds a guy that had joined the corporation at the same time as the pair was suddenly jumping up and down in panick.

    "Why are you doing this!!! We have done you no harm!!" He was screaming while running around in a circle.

    The three enforcers were running for him instantly. The man saw them coming and started running the other way. He managed to keep the distance to them in some way but after a while he led them straight to the place Naefen and Nadja was hiding. Naefen knew this was theyre last chance of escape. He looked at Nadja and saw from the look on her face she understood what he was thinking. They jumped up and ran like crazy towards the gate. The other guy catched up to them and passed them eventually. A huge gap in hes head proved the enforcers had hit him. He was nearly dead.

    Suddenly something hit Naefen hard in the back. He ,somehow, managed to stay on his feet but it felt like something had broken inside of him. He could hear the Atrox behind him closing in and he knew this was the end.

    Out of nowhere another Atrox appeared. Much smaller than the three chasing Naefen and hes sister but he hit all three of them by throwing himself at them. They lost theyre foothold and all four of them fell on the ground.

    "Into the gate Nadja!!!" Naefen screamed. She disapeared into it and Naefen quickly turned hes head before following her.
    He could see the little Atrox lying on hes back with the three big ones standing over him. One of them had an enourmous bat witch he rammed into the small guys face two or three times. The two other big ones were kicking him in the ribs.

    Several years later.
    Naefen sips hes tea while he inspects the Disciples of Omni-Tek. They are flawless. Nothing less than flawless is expected.
    As he pass by Countash he takes the time to smile to hes long time friend. Countash doesnt return the smile as usual. Hes eyes are the key to reading his mood. They are warm now and thats a good sign.

    After the third hit with that bat smashed into Countash`s face the little Atrox turned to see if the siblings and the other man had escaped. Naefen looked him straight into the eyes. Those eyes were the scariest thing Naefen had ever seen.
    He practically jumped into the exit from fear.
    Several nights after Naefen couldnt sleep from thinking about that little Atrox that saved him in the garden. Every time he closed hes eyes he saw Countash`s ones burning into him. Those eyes reflected something.... something pure. Pain was the best word for it. Anger and pain. It was as if he was devouring the pain.........

    It was a long time yet before he saw Countash again. And an even longer time before he dared speak to him.
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    Countash stood on the Docks at the coast of peace staring at the ocean channeling Lifeblood to Heal his wounds from the last Tower defence.
    It was a succesful defence. Pieces of a skull was still covering countash`s armor and he had been torn or shot to pieces 3 times During the defence. (Countash werent a very good Killer compared to what he should have been, so he tried to get as many as possible to shoot at him instead of other key combatants getting killed.)

    Cold war`s are my Reward
    Lonlyness engulfs my soul
    Ive been true, I gave my heart
    Stained tears i cry
    I long to be free again, to walk in peace again
    Rubi Ka cries, the Pearl is lost
    Agony is here friend again

    Countash`s face was the same stone cold face as always, but his eyes where unstable... almost shaking.

    someone screamed from inside the city.
    (Aliens he Hated even more... It was their fault that he had too fight beside and not against the clan. How long will it last??? When will they give up??? Will they give up???)
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    Tainted men, exploit their supremacy. Machine of control, deciving us all.
    Poisoned tounges, expressing their truth through a gun.
    As the edge of midnight falls, a warrior stands alone. Visions of his fighting past, A thousand tales untold.

    Let the battle of streetlife begin Countash thought to himself as he walked deep in the allies of Borealis. This was just another night out in the streets where there was no such thing as cowardly behaveure.
    A stab in the back was only survival these days, espesially at night. Count had just been amushed by a thin desperate man prolly just tryin to rob him for his own survival.
    But the zombie lookin man should have robbed someone else, cause now he is lying behind garbage cans half dead waiting for the rats to finnish him off.

    Countash leaned down, his gloved hand touching the hole in the man`s belly. The soldier gazed indifferently at the bloody bile coating the fingers if his glove and wiped his hand upon the robbers Tunic. Countash stared up into the darkening sky, watching as the last feeble rays of the sun turned the ominous clouds as crimson as the fluid leaking from his body. a wound... pfft!. first aid stims where maid for these purposes.

    it was just the beginning of a normal night without any missions for the cooperation. caring not if it where neuters or clans, they had to be wiped off the face of Rubi Ka. And to those omnis who attacked him? The same punishment waited. Count looked in disgust at the thing that had dealt him his wound and left the crime sceene.

    More blood would be shed this night. This was gonna be a good night.
    Maybe it was tonight i was gonna meet a Neautral spy or even better, a Clan spy. well if he spotted one he would surley be in trouble. but what where the odds. Countash`s perception skills was not the best.

    Countash spotted a fight between three siluetts in the dark further into an ally. He hasted forth to see what was goin on.
    It was two clans and a neuter fighting for their lives. One of the clans where badly wounded, Count noticed his arm where out of position. This was perfect...
    One easy target.... and two fresh targets...
    Nonetheless... All three would suffer.
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    ((woot your so mean))
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    All three became aware of Countash`s presence. He did not try to hide or sneak upon them, for this was the closest Count would get to a battlefield scene.
    Silence grasped the ally for a second as count loaded his assault rifle to make sure it was fully loaded. The "Clicking" from the weapon felt louder than anything else at the moment. it was as if it stole all noice in the perimeter.

    A sonic wave bursted out in the street as count leveled his Assault rifle and with a "grin" on his face fired a short burst at the allrdy wounded clanner asuming it would be enough to put him out. with no time or strength to dodge them, all three bullets hit him in the chest and threw him into mid air.

    Before he hit the ground Count emptied his clip on the Neuter.
    With no chance of dodging or taking cover from over 40 bullets the neuter was spray painted all over the dry streets of Borealis. With help from the light the assault rifle made the clan who was left could now see his oponent.
    Reloading takes only few seconds if ur well trained. In Count`s matter: 4-5 secs.

    With 40-60 meters in both directions Countash reloaded with no fear that the clanner had any chance of escape.
    Countash had never been more wrong...
    Before he had managed to reload the clanner was standing face to face with him. he jumped towards Countash in mid air holding a small machine gun drawn, pointing straight to countash`s face.
    The agile clan had other plans for the trox.
    Firing while in mid air he somehow turned around to kick count to the ground. Count was strong, but not strong enough to stand on his feet. The thin, acrobatic clanner grabbed counts armor to hold him so that he could land on his feet sitting on top of the old trox.

    Count fumbeled after his pistol, but where far from fast enough before he had a Smg pointed at his Stone cold face.
    He got a glimps of the clanners face. A face he knew he had seen before. But where??
    Counts Helmet had taken most of the bullets and was now ruined. The bullets that now where coming, would be the end of it.
    Countash saw a little smile on the clanners face just before darkness filled the allie yet again.

    If it hadnt been for the corperation paying Counts reclaim for doin their dirty work he would prolly be dead a thousand times.
    But lucky for Countash that was not how it was.
    But who where that Friggin.... son of a...... Grumpf!!!...

    Countash headed back to his superiors.
    Maybe at the Wanted posters?
    Maybe I have met him before?
    One thing is surtain... I wont give up until i know.
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    (( interesting stuff ))
    [All Towers] The omni organization loves Toxor .. awww.

    [Clockwork Inc.] Toxor: !blacklist Mostadio this ****tard wouldnt make my carb :@
    [Clockwork Inc.] Omgbot: Thank you Toxor. Reputation / Blacklist info about Mostadio has been stored in the Clockwork Inc.-archives
    [Clockwork Inc.] Toxor: thats cool
    [Clockwork Inc.] Mostadio: ROOOOOOOOOFL
    [Org. Msg.] Mostadio kicked Toxor from your organization.

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    The short agile legs carried him with great speed through the dark streets of borealis that night. He had heard gunshots. A thing not that uncommon actuelly,but he knew he had seen countash walk into that alley....
    Mattrim knew that Countash was the type that could take care of doubt.... but he was trubbled by the silent trox. What was eating this one,was far out of Mattrims knowlage.

    Mattrim jumped up to the realing,and grabbed hold... swong his feet over his head,and did a flip,in mid air pulling both his machine pistols,and landed on the roof locked and ready...
    He ran across the roof, jumping some small allys and halted at the edge of 8th street... He leaned over the edge...
    Damn... to late....
    The street was quiet again...
    Thrim looked carefully around him,before he slipped down from the roof,and walked over to look at the bodys..
    there were 2 unknown bodys here.... and 1.... he knew well.....
    Mattrim gazed...
    A trail of blood was leading out of the ally,starting at counts body.
    He took 3 quick strides to follow,but stopped in a sudden
    Buzzzz Blip blip....
    "ROY!!! report to my office asap...."
    damn that stupid nickname,Thrim thought to himself...
    He pressed his intercom to answer...
    "yea yea... omw sir..."

    He looked one final time at the body of countash as it started to fade away...
    "guess ill catch you at reclaim" Thrim laught to himself..
    That trox is gonna get banged up hard one day,he thought..
    Buzz blip...
    "Stfu im comming!"
    He cleared the street and entered the grid...
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    Naefen sat in his office inside the Disciples HQ watching the five screens in front of him. It seemed Countash had been saved by the reclaims just recently.

    He tapped his wrist and spoke into his headset.
    "Countash, are you there?"

    The answer came immediately.
    "Sir, yes Sir!"

    "Are you ok Count? I see you took a beating..." Naefen was actually surprised by the conscerned tone he spoke in. He kind of liked this Atrox.

    "Sir, I am ok Sir." The Atrox answered mechanically.

    "How many were there and how many did you take with you?" He tried to sound more cheerful now.

    "I killed some..... Then I got killed some....Sir." Countash answered.

    If Naefen knew him correctly he was already reloading and heading out again.

    He looked through the other four screens before sitting back comfortably. Then he tapped his wrist again.

    "ROY!!! report to my office asap...." He said while starting to move for the door.

    Naefen figured he might aswell open it now since Thrimel would probably be there within the minute anyways.....
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    Luckyley no one saw me last night the foul beast thought to himself as he smashed the young womans husband against the brick wall...
    Teeth where the only sound the terrified bride could hear as they battered against the floor.

    Another mission for Naefen had been accomplished...
    Another mission for Disciples of Omni-Tek Had been pulled off succesfully...

    When dirty work have to be done... Countash is the man..
    Man??? I mean Thing...

    Countash had been a Member of The Disciples of Omni-tek for a looooong time.
    Lots of people had helped Countash through a serie of troubles. On the brink of beeing throwd out of Omni Headquarters The Disciples found use of Countash and kept his butt in the game...

    Countash had a long walk home to the coast of peace after retreaving the Liquid nova chip from the family hiding it from Omni-Tek. Count`s Eyes where not as stone cold as before... not as dry as he wanted em to be...
    Cause only one thing where in his mind....
    The ****IN Clan man in Borealis who ...... ahhh...... easely....... downed..... Me.....

    Count had Many people to ask for help to find out whom this clanner where, but his pride was in the way. The only man he could think of who could help him where is fellow org. mate Turox. Not that Turox could do much for him in this matter but he knew that Turox would ask other people for help. People who had a slightley chance in finding out who the agile creep from the allie where...

    "Turox..." (Gargantuan compared to Countash.)
    Count as usual where of few words and cut to the case at once.
    "Turox" I need names and adresses of this these men...
    Give it to me or taste the wrath of my stubborn fist of kickin Turòx`s ass.

    Turox where a good friend of Count and totally denied his social skills...
    witch where so bad u wouldnt even imagine.
    Count knew that if he ever threatened Turox he would get a **** load of ass whoopin. Though he never would show it out in the open, even if it was actually true.

    Count Knew that Turox would turn to his contacts for help in finding out who this clan Was. so he told him to be quiet. to many people knowing isnt a good thing. and Countash ment it like.... = tell the people u have to tell and no one else...

    Knowing that Naefen would hear of this, Countash tried to figure out how to explain this problem of his, but he knew that it would come out wrong anyway. And why do i have to tell him at all. he doesnt have to know everything i do. I have a life of my own...
    Naaaa..... I dont have a life of my own.
    As long as the Clan keep marching on... I have work to do.
    clanners are all over the place these days...
    I will spare no one!
    None will ever see mercy...
    One more pointless battle with nothing to gain.
    for a Clan member that is..............
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    Will Edward Minuch picked his way through the trees, lips pursed as he whistled a low , mournful tune.
    He had walked this way countless times, yet never had his spirits been so low, his fears so great.
    Evil was abroad in Athens, striking everywhere, striking anyone. It was dangerous to be abroad at night.

    He cast a nervous look over his shoulder, staring at the now distant light twinkling from his home. He could be at home now, safe and warm beside his wife and children. (Witch didnt know Will Minuch was a clan spy and assasin).

    He did not see his attackers, for they set upon him in darkness and silence from behind. A heavy hood was slipped over his head before Minuch could even open his mouth to scream,and powerful hands tore his Smg from him.

    The Clanner struggled as he was pushed and pulled, striving to overcome the tremendous strength of his captors. He soon realised that he was no match for those that held him, Minuch had no delusions regarding what his fate would be if he allowed them to drag him away.

    Every step he tried to stamp the feet of his attackers, tried to smash an elbow or a shoulder into the face or stomach of one of his unseen attackers. Somtimes he was rewarded with a grunt of pain or a muttered curse, sometimes the grip upon him would lessen slightly. But never enough, never would his captors weaken enough to allow him to slip away.

    Will Minuch thought of his wife, and his twin daughters, waiting for him to return. Within the total darkness of the suffocating hood the clanner tried to scream, but the mask smothered the sounds. Tears welled up in his eyes dampening the cold leather.

    After some time, his captors brought him to a halt. Minuch was gasping for breath beneath the hood, Fighting to pull every scrap of air through the heavy leather. He was thrown to the ground. Minuch groaned as his foes kicked and rolled his body into poition upon the cold damp earth.

    "That will do" a cold voice spoke from somewhere above him. ropes was tied to his hands and he was pulled up into the air.

    The last thing Will Edward Minuch heard was the sound of his wool shirt being cut open and the wet flop of his guts as they spilled from his torn belly.

    "Thanks for the help friends" the tiny atrox added.
    Tho none answered he knew they heared him.
    "now lets get out of here" the tiny agent whispered.

    "aye, we have decorated the tree here in Old athens well enough"
    "Let it be a warning to the other clanners" a third and greasey voice added

    "we r done here take us to the grid... meet at The Coast of Peace"

    (ooooh my sweat revenge u damn Clan man)
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