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Thread: Wraith Of The Merciless!

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    Wraith Of The Merciless!

    One year had passed since Omni-tek was blessed with a tremendous victory over the rebel clans. I had been preparing my mind and body for what I would come across in the shadowlands. I trained fiercly day and night knowing of little rest as my preparations were almost complete. I went to visit General Kaehler Jr. before my departure into shadowlands. To my suprise, I saw the new recruits already being trained at the secondary base. "Step lively privates, officer on board" I heard the General shout as I arrived. " Got the new recruits I see, they will serve Omni-tek well im sure" I said to the General. "Yep Gunsaber, but they need soldiers like you and your fellow graduates to encourage them and guide them to success" the general replied. "Sir yes Sir" I responded. I then turned my attention to the new recruits and began to speak to them. " Listen up privates, Within each of you is a natural born hero. A hero who will fight, a hero who will die for what he believes in. Your here because you believe in what Omni-tek stands for. Your here because what Omni-tek has done for you and what Omni-tek will do for you in the time to come. Now, this is your chance privates. This it your chance to show Omni-tek your appreciation and loyalty. Let these years of training build and prepare you for the battles to come. Train well privates, Dismissed!" I shouted. "Sir yes Sir" the privates shouted to me. "Well, seems your all ready to head out saber, I wish you the best of luck in your travels" the general said to me. "Thank you sir" I responded. I then began to make my way to jobe as I was about to explore this newfound world. A world where new allies and new enemies awaited me. A world that time had forgotten.

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    w00t another story Add me in a chapter or two plx ;()

    Nice song in ur sig btw

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    Ok, why was the next post of my story deleted? Damn Arks.
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    believe they did a reset on forums

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    The entire start of my friggin story was deleted also.
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