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Thread: "The Fight For Honor"

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    "The Fight For Honor"

    “The Fight for Honor”

    It was burning when I arrived. The metal falling from the hardened shell of the Control Tower.
    To me it was a sign of the betrayal and injustice behind the select few of those who do not deserve to call themselves “The Neutrals”.
    I watched as it crumbled to pieces. The talk of a cease-fire detonated like a leet shot by a grenade launcher.

    This all started say… a year and a half ago. The creation of (NWC) or Neutral’s with Clans. It was a simple alliance between 2 friends and just 2 orgs. The founder of the neutral org's name was Wannarat. This didn’t last forever but it was a good time considering my other ex-alliances.
    How we came to be friends you ask? We simply worked together in a Notum Wars conflict against the fellow enemy: Omni-Tek.
    We sat outside the Stret West Bank Whompa after the battle and I suggested an alliance. The memory is vague but she agreed and we decided to add the NWC tag.

    It was fun fighting with Wannarat as we were still allies. We fought against omni in The Longest Road more then a couple times. Normally against N00b Team or another omni org that does not exist today. Wannarat's org and mine would both get bases and both lose them. The most significant happening of this I remember of this is a small base just west of Bliss we had taken from some Omni. Wannarat had constructed a Control Tower. It was a perfectly normal day of defense when omni from N00b Team attacked. It went off the casual way with us contesting and losing the beginning battle, but then gathering and taking back the towers surrounding the ct. It was all getting along well with the war showing a tide of luck on our side. I was surprised to see fellow clan gather together just outside of the 25% zone. It was normally just me and Wannarat v a lot of omni. The clan were from “The Professional’s” (Nemesis’s loosely nemesis “Type 1-2” twink org). But the most surprising was the fact that they did not defend the Misfits but attacked them beside the omni. I asked them to stop and turn to kill the omni but they simply ignored my pleas. It was the destruction of the thin wall that blood, sweat, and tears and constructed. This was the beginning of the end.
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    Howya like the first part of this? I had to make it in 10 mins but I will modify it a bit and crud. BTW I will keep to the true story.

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    Proud agent of the Disciples of Omni-Tek

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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
    William Butler Yeats

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