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Thread: New bug - bio cocoon

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    New bug - bio cocoon

    Now casts on whoever you have targeted. While this would be nice in some instances, it isn't when you use it on an enemy.

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    Bah. Had enough.

    Was doing missions earlier. Every time i got hit it was a crit. Well id accept taht And just limber/dance but no they dont work either ^^. At least Cocoonworks

    ... LATER THAT NIGHT.....

    Doing some Lvling as i lost my second part mission for my pads. Ok this is coo, lets cast a ch followed by cocoon.... OMGZ it doesnt work any more... SQUISH. YEY None of my perks work

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    thank god I'm not playing until my exams are over ^^

    maybe they'll fix it by then hehe
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    This topic would be more applicible in the 15.7.0 patch forums:



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