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Thread: Hello Everyone!

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    Woo! Grats on the ding, Sillr...srill...silri...SIL! Sil is so much easier

    The shuttle to FlameFest II is about to take off, please ensure that your arms and legs are safely inside the vehicle.

    We love our community managers, even though we're a rowdy bunch sometimes. Welcome to the "team".

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    Grats, and welcome =)
    Seth "Pestillence" Walrus
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    Welcome aboard, came in at a great time lol.

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    Proud Storm Soldier

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artybn

    And we all hold our breath┤s while waiting for the answer to that one.

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    sil == biggest fc fanboy from aovault.ign imho :/
    were doomed (but not more as we have been before )

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    Welcome, behave now! We got more free desks at the basement right next to Gaute and Marius! Teh ubah ratkillahs.

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    experienced ao player

    welcome, sir lion, as our new community manager. i'm sure you'll be a great help with your 68 levels of experience.

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    Welcome to the Community I hope you have fun in your new role
    Daily Missions Bug Thread(Closed)

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    Welcome to the party, Craig. All the best for the challenge(s) to come.

    Needless to say, but sometimes the 'Anarchy' is more on the boards, then in the game.

    So long,


    Quote Originally Posted by Mjoellnir
    ...Come down here so we can see you too
    Interesting statement from somebody called like a flying hammer ...
    100% curious

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    Welcome, and do remember to pop by on IRC from time to time :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukus
    welcome, sir lion, as our new community manager. i'm sure you'll be a great help with your 68 levels of experience.
    And Midnight Reveries is being their usual nice selfes welcoming you.

    Welcome Silirrion Im confident that you will grow out of Cz ballet shoes fast enough
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    :: Welcome Craig :) ::

    :: Welcome and good luck
    :: you ll need a lot to keep the bunch of ol'dirty ao player happy
    :: -= Kj°tt-launcher proud inventor ! =-
    euskadi adunak

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    Grats on the big ding!

    I don't know if Cz told you or not, but he and I had a secret arrangement where I don't get any of my posts moderated in exchange for a monthly payment of credits. I'm assuming you want the same offer.
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    welcome!!!!!! Dont mind that persons, comment about 68 levels of experience, thats just a statement made by a jealous person. Dont mind 'em, doesnt speak for the rest of us, in saying welcome!!!, and if you ever need some good feedback, I am sure a great deal of us will be willing to throw our two cents in. Hopefully more respectfully then a sarcastic undertone. Best of luck!!

    ~A Brave Beta-Boy Omni-Tek Soldier, that sends agents to the reclaim over and over

    P.S. Happy Holidays to ALL!!!
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    Can we expect a long-awaited ressurecton of the PVP forum from you?
    PvM? great...I am trox....I camp maul....I do damage again. Then I go pvp god forbid and I am now someones screen shot of the week with a 10k AS. Go me! - Shty

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    Unlike you kids, I'm sure Mr. Sirloin knows I'm just teasing.

    Having the ability to cloak and observe players in all atmospheres /must/ be the equivilant of leveling and playing a character for 250+ /played days.

    I sincerely hope our new community rep. does a wonderful job communicating our (and by our I mean agent) concerns and /demands/ to FC.

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    many /blowkisses to Sil

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyedee
    Can we expect a long-awaited ressurecton of the PVP forum from you?
    Would have to have some PvP first. :P That's not going to happen til some other things ingame change first.

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