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Thread: The Dojo Presents. . .Omni Scavenger Hunt!

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    Talking The Dojo Presents. . .Omni Scavenger Hunt!

    Reposting this from the RP forum (seemed to get buried there under rk1 stuff and rants ) Also check the player event calendar now to obtain the correct time for you

    The Dojo is proud to present the first ever Omni Scavenger Hunt for RK2!

    Sunday, July 14'th at 8pm CET, 2pm EST (US)

    All Omni, levels 1-200 are invited to participate in this event, which will test your knowledge of the Omni side of the planet.

    The hunt begins in Omni-E park and features cryptic riddles which you must first solve to know which item you are to acquire. You can attempt this alone or with a group of up to 3 members total.

    There will be cash prizes depending on lvl, but this event is mainly for fun!

    Here are the specifics -


    1. Players can solo or form up group with max 3
    people, and any group needs a speaker that presents items/references.
    2. All in group need to be present to receive riddle
    and hints, using vicinity chat.
    3. Riddlers will '/tell' each person in the group the
    riddle and any hints.
    4. Participants will be informed how many hints are
    available per riddle,and those will be delivered 1 minute after requested by speaker of the group.
    5. Use of vehicles in this event results in automatic
    6. Killing any NPC involved with this event results in
    automatic disqualification.


    Players are divided into 3 divisions. 1-49, 50-99 and 100+.

    The group belongs to the division of the highest level player.

    Prizes are as follows:
    01-49: 3 million
    50-99: 2 million
    100+ : 1 million

    Pls post any questions/etc. in the thread, or give me a /tell in game.

    Hope to see everyone there! If the event goes well, we will expand it to include all sides next time.

    Chronita - President of The Dojo
    Timia - Scavenger Hunt Lead Designer

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    Talking the day has come

    shameless bump for the day of event

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    I'm very curious to hear how this turned out. How many people showed up, who won. All that fun information. Do you plan to post results anytime or anywhere?

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    Scavenger Hunt Recap

    The Scavenger Hunt designed and run internally by members of The Dojo for all Omni citizens was held July 14'th. While the total number of participants gathering for the challenge was a bit small (30 or so), those who took part seemed to enjoy the event, and we had several winners who completed all the riddles, and thusly earned some fabulous cash prizes! The winners were as follows:

    Level 100+ category and Overall winners: Team of MI-R2 members - Nitlit, Ryshon, & Sinchase

    Under Level 50 category and Second Overall winner: Metaliya

    Third Overall winners: Dojo Team of Maleene, Munkeezon, and Senseidamien

    Level 50-100 category winners: Dojo team of Bullbarrell, RaptorMA, and Tabatai

    There are pics available for viewing on our org site as well. You can view them at

    And we are currently discussing possibly creating another hunt for all of RK2 next time.

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