Once again Omni-Tek have listened to its loyal employees and citizens. We have received what we have hoped for for so long.

The Omni AF and Unicorn Guards now patrolling our streets is the evidence we have all awaited. It proves once and for all that the situation on RubiKa is stable and under control.

It all started when clanners, cowardly, attacked our civilians inside our greatest cities. The guards that were patrolling the streets back then were unable to answer the attacks and hence protect the people inside going about theyre everyday business. Clanners storming into Rome,Trade and Omni Ent in huge numbers equipped with armors and weapons found deep into the Shadowlands could not be fought with th equipment our guards had at the time. And so, our people suffered.....

When the news spread throughout the clans that our people were poorly protected they came with even more intensity than before. Our cities were plagued with clanners inside theyre safe havens on a daily basis. The elderly and the children were kept indoors so that they could be somewhat safe.

Now Omni Tek have answered. The guards that are now patrolling our streets have much better means to answer the attacks and will see to it that any clanner attempting to enter our cities will think twice about it.

I applaud this solution to a huge problem.

Omni Tek Protects........ once again