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Thread: Fixers are uber! :)

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    john, self buffed does NOT mean not overequipped...

    yeah, I need infuses to wear my grid armor mk4... but they weren't running when I was fighting Ani
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    I will Petition Ani to be renamed Gargamel tonight! LOL

    After some experimentation with my GA MkI I can tell you that the number of hits I take is largely dependant on where my agg/def bar is sitting vs mobs of my own class. Vs mobs that are higher than I am *shiver* I have to slide it down to survive. While GA does give amazing bonuses to the evades the AC is laughable and when I do get hit it is usually for a large portion of my health (20-70%) since I have so very little AC even vs mobs of my own level. The Lesson to be Learned here and god help me for saying this but I would absolutely hate to take another beating with the nerf bat. Please my fixer brothers, dont hate me. Those Big slow hitting weapons are not going to be good against us any more. You are going to have to use something else that is faster even if it does less damage it will still be deadly to us since we cant even wear our speedos under GA. Thats why GA is no drop since you wouldn't want to wear armor that someone elses Piece has been rubbing against. We cant wear bracers, Rings Pads....actuallly here is what we can wear. Headskinchips or of course our trademark Katara's. Oh and I run like hell from NT's now...nukes come through like Hugh Hefners Viagra prescription. OH and I STILL get rooted, usually as the MOb dies so I get to stand there. LOL Yes we do have hots that are effective when stacked however that only lasts 3 minutes before we have to recast one of them. With all that said I would be really interested in what happens when you try it with a faster weapon. I would say that fixers are the Antithesis of the Melee class. Melee hit for amazing damage, fixers hit for small damage. Melee have huge AC and HP. Fixers (especially in GA) have relatively low AC and HP. Melee are meant to be big, slow, tanks who deal out the abuse and also soak it up without a worry. Fixers duck and dodge like the MS lawyers at a Supreme Court hearing but cant take much damage and don't deal it out half as well as you. You just need to adjust your strategy. Please let us know what you find out. Thank you in advance for your research.

    That being said... Coz it wasnt enough we want more! LOL and Thank you for 14.4 Coz and Devs its the best thing since well ever in AO. My wife says she hopes you all rot in hell for taking me away from her ROFLMAO
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    Look, all you guys complaining that GA is over powered, there is one way to kill a fixer wearing EVERY time. All you need to do is either you or a friend root them for 6 hours till it runs out, then they will be stood there with no armour on


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    lilnymph wrote on November 21st, 2003 08:01:01:
    You may take our postcount threads, but you will never take our FREEDOM!!!!!
    Originally posted by Cz
    The post count is mine! All mine! Mwahahahah!

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    I see enforcers are the profession with the least number of special attacks usually (most have only brawl...)

    I'd be interested how it works against some of the combat oriented profs with more specials (pretty well regardless I hear, if you survive the alpha).

    How's it work vs Advs with their new stacking damage shields, good healing, and ability to alpha strike?

    Mostly curious.

    I'm hardly ready to throw Fixers the crown of uberdom because some profs have a hard time against them. We might be... *gasp* competetive (well as long as you win the GA lottery, if you dont, your still living in sucksville).

    For the high level Agent, casting Nano Shutdown in FP seems like the best way to go vs a Smurf.

    Soldiers, Advs both have it pretty easy using nova/flash combos for alpha strikes...

    NT's, MP's & Traders all get nano skill debuffs + nanos that cause damage directly or indirectly...

    Bureacrats (my main char now) are terrible vs anyone so thats nothing different...

    MA's I could beat down BEFORE Grid Armor so this changes nothing...

    Random thoughts...

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    There is a way to make grid armor 100% worthless in pvp, i'm not going to say how but rumors of fixer superriority are completely wrong.

    You can figure it out, if you try hard enough.

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    I have dreams at night about blue smurfs jumping all over and I can't even lay down teh smack.
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    Originally posted by Obergeist
    Just don't fight smurfs. They're small and hard to hit. And when you do hit them, they got a HoT to take care of that.

    I can see Nts owning them though, which is a good thing.
    I dont want to be an idiot here, but what makes you think a NT can kill a fixer? maby if hes soltius, but a Homonano NT cant kill anything in PvP...

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    yme, then you should have seen shamarg kick my ass yesterday... his nukes went in, all of them.. and I woke up at reclaim before I could say 'mommy'
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    I'm definately not going to tell you how, but NT's can be devistating to fixers, even fixers higher level than the NT who use MKIV grid armor.

    Man, talk about a panic. Do you guys just go shooting people and if your unsuccessful go on a witch hunt or do you actually try different things to get around problems?

    Just a question.
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    LMAO. This is funny as hell. We get screwed over for more than a year and when we finally get competitive, all the PvP crybabies start crying us a river.

    First, to clear up a few flat out WRONG assumptions.

    OE'd Grid Armor is effected in BOTH evades and AC. The poster that said it only effects AC couldn't be more wrong. Obviously not a fixer.

    Next, Hey Cosmik, the additions to grid armor didn't help us here pal, actually fixing the damn combat algorithm (nature of evade calculations) did. That's what I'd be saying for MONTHS before they finally fixed it. Maybe they should pay me eh?

    GA, like Lil said, is extremely rare, especially at the level you need to use it to have it work very well. As such, you're not going to run into alot of Fixers that are truly amazing with it in PvP. However, when you do run into someone with MKIV, they WILL be amazing BUT only in certain situations.

    The devs had ALWAYS said, for PvP balace there will be certain classes that can always kill others and that should always BE killed by others. GA Fixers will rock many professions now, BUT we will be fought to a standstill against Doctors and we will lose to Traders and MPs.

    Just because you enforcers have someone you can't beat now, don't expect any sympathy that you no longer rule the roost. We dealt with the fact that we couldn't kill damn near ANYONE for a year, now you need to deal with the fact that there is one class you'll have a hard time killing.

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    Here it goes..

    This is not what i intended with this thread.
    I am against this god damn nerfing cries.

    For the first time the fixer has gotten something good.
    And they are happy.

    I have done tests....yes.
    We tested stuff with ppl like Voorg lvl200 soldier, me, agent lvl165 and fixer.

    But you know what?
    I am not going to post this stuff here.
    You know why?

    Because you are all obsessed with the idea off nerfs.

    Yes, fixers are good now.
    Yes GA4 is good.
    Yes GA4 is rare and expensive like a SOB.

    No matter.
    Let them enjoy the game for once as the rest of us have for all this time....

    Time to stop this thread.
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    Originally posted by Coldstrike

    First of all, debuffs put your GA in OE, but that only affects the AC. And since you don't get hit, you don't need the ac anyway. That moves the trader to the section of people you will rule. MPs nuke, so they can get through.

    Soldiers alphastrike.. *sigh* If you go with the usual setup of RRF and 1 proj / 1 enegy bracer, the alpha do 50% or less of your health. Usually closer to 20-30% I'd say. Will your two stacked HoTs heal you back up to full in the time it takes for the specials to recharge? I think so. Soldiers therefore go up to the section of people you will rule.
    As stated, OE *does* affect all aspect of GA... And since it's usually at the 19.9999% OE limit, any debuff hits hard... Even the -75ish unmake of MP... Not to mention getting hit by a Trader (I think Fixers in GA is about the only Target worth it for a Trader to really work hard at both depriving and divesting)... Once in 50% or even 25%, the Fixer has 1) no AC 2) insignificant DMS and evade buff... 3) the Trader now has a very high ATK rating going against our defense.

    Also, you can't wear reflect bracers with GA. So, alpha strike will have nothing in front of them, except a few hundred points of AC and eventually RRF (which we can't cast, so that suppose that we have outside buff and all...). And fling refreshes quite quickly and can crit. If you have a 1/1 gun (or are dual wielding) there are still some hits which will go through GA. Your reflect bracers will also go through GA, as will damage shield and all, lowering the raw amount the HoT can heal. DoT and nukes go through too (a doc can really totally cancel the HoT with these - but I agree, doc vs fixer is mostly a draw).

    BTW, did you try to use challenger? I know most Enforcers never use it, but against GA, that's maybe one of the time when the ATK increase is worth it...

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    GA doesent make us as good as you might think.

    only like 5-10% of all fixers have GA, so we're not all smurfs. and the rest of us are still pretty easy to kill i'm sure. - Luciana's Fixer Guide

    Ok, I give up. F1x3Rz R |337!!!!
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    I killed 3 fixers last night and I'm an NT. Fixers are easy pickings, unless they run.
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    GA is no good against casters.

    So nukes will kick ass against fixers.

    I guess the best way for you to find out what GA4 is...go test it.
    I have done all the test i needed.
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    To Linta

    Did i try challenger? Well i did and had 1.3k attack rating.
    Little did it help.

    Also, if that was a real EVERY enforcer knows, using challenger is a death sentance.
    Because if the fixer decides to root me..i am history.
    I cant break roots with rage because challenger locks nano skills for 2min....more smart ideas?
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    For the record: Coldstrike = GA idiot.

    Nerfs are bad, mmkay? As has been stated over and over, this game, PvP especially, is a system of checks and balances. Rock paper scissors. It was my impression that Enforcers could waste anyone before, which shouldn't have been the case and isn't now. Again, as has been stated over and over, GA fixers are not gods. There are still a good number of classes that can take us down.

    Kwitcherbtchin' and play the game.

    P.S. - Thanks for starting this thread Anikitos, it's been a good read. You seem to be one of the few people with sense out there.
    Originally posted by Whaambulance

    This is singlehandedly the stupidest post I have EVER read on these forums. Congradulations.
    'Balancing' Nanos Will Remain Imbalanced Vs. Old Nanos - Because We Said So!

    O Gaute, Gaute! Wherefore art thou Gaute?
    Deny thy nerfs and refuse thy lame design decisions;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but on the forums,
    And I'll no longer be a whiner.

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    Re: Fixers are uber! :)

    Originally posted by Anikitos
    GA4 = God mode
    I have read no other post , but i gotta say this......

    Its lucky that all us fixers can get GA4 without even trying.

    Oh wait a minute...... isnt it the most uber /rare item in the game.....................
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    Originally posted by Rotamus
    Fixers are easy pickings, unless they run.
    "Self Proclaimed Fixer God since Jan 2002"

    Note: This account was stolen from me by someone I thought I could trust. I didn't realize what was going on untill someone from my guild contacted me and let me know what was happening. Funcom was gracious enough to give the account back to me, the original owner, but the account is deactivated for the time being and my main concern was just getting it out of the hands of an unsavory character. Sorry for the drama.


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