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Thread: Thedoktor leaving Rubi Ka

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    Unhappy Thedoktor leaving Rubi Ka

    Hi there,

    Instead of contacting my friends personally via the comm system i decided to use this way to let u all know that after living and working for almost 3.5 years as a doctor for the Omni-Tek corporation on this nice Planet Rubi Ka I will leave.

    I want to say : "Thank you" to all you guys who made my life on Rubi Ka a worthy memory.

    Be safe and remember Omni-Tek is your friend.


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    Safe journeys Doc
    Proud agent of the Disciples of Omni-Tek

    Commissioner of the RKDC

    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
    William Butler Yeats

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    will miss you bro :-(

    its so sad to see that one of the greatest docs i ever met leavin AO.
    ill never forget the times at NW mines or the good ol BS missis.
    but that will not stop us to drink lots of beer furthermore

    RK2: Starlord, Bequarzer, Lordbeer, Kölschedoc, Kölschetrox
    RK1: Colognefix, Ahoernchen, Keepquiet, Donsniper

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    take good care dok, hope star and bpp hit will keep u drunk and happeh. know u got a lot a head of u planned on rk4, and u know, ull still need to kick tza`s arse in that drinking competition( beware, the evil sol has tricks). may u never run out of bacon, its been honor and pleasure making ur aquaitance and having u in ops.

    ./salute to the MA doc (x)

    whenever u need us, u know we are there.
    Abalz; .. I feel there is a specail folder for our NT reports, they print it out and make a magazine out of it each month and put them in the restrooms lol

    Hermy; Devs : "We thought it be a good idea to give a few professions some insanely good defence, and at the same time make sure those also get to do the most damage, unfortunately NT isnt one of those, so suck it up"

    Kinkstaah: It appears they forgot the 0 at the end of the extra damage hit bonus.

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    bye bye m8, have a good one

    [220/22/01] Desperad0 - Enforcer
    [220/20/59] Minidesp - Agent

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