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Thread: Rainbows and Rubyeyes need not apply ...

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    Exclamation Rainbows and Rubyeyes need not apply ...


    I'm organizing a reading at The Cup in West Athen, clanners and interested neutrals only, to protest Omni-Tek's continued intrusion in the lives of free Rubi-Kans everywhere.

    Bring your best protest poetry, your best "How many Omni-Tek employees does it take ..." jokes, your own brief testimonials about the suffering and oppression Omni-Tek has caused in your life and the lives of the people you love ... anything, really, besides poetry about Rainbows and Rubyeyes.

    I'll be reading from some of my most recent work and accepting submissions on behalf of the new samizdat publication "Defiance," to be published irregularly out of Borealis, Athen, Tir and from secret locations in the Omni-Tek city of Rome.

    All interested parties are encouraged to contact me via email at, via the grid, or in person at The Happy Rebel in Tir, The Cup in West Athen, or occasionally at Reet's in Last Ditch.

    Guidelines and support for first-time readers cheerfully supplied.

    For a Free Rubi-Ka.

    Tricia50, Opifex Fixer out of Borealis

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    And which server is this on?

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    prolly RK1 as nothing much seems to happen on RK2 anymore

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    Sorry to disappoint, but it is in fact happening on Rubi-Ka 1.

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