It rained that night i could hear it through the walls of the bar. Lately the nights seem to get longer and darker yea this wasnt an exeption here.So i sit here with my thumbs in my pockets and a drink in my hand. Demoku leader of the Dark Ninja what a grand title huh i tell you it wasnt so grand life here has been hard for all of us. I mean hell before the aliens showed up i knew my place i still do. So on a night like this one sits and thinks about were he came from and what he does here on rubi ka. At least i do anyway ah but who am i just sitting here while so much goes on outside the doors and everyone goes on with thier will. Dreams are made and broken in Athen heh. Athen city of dreams so why do i sit here ill never know but ill leave this piece of paper behind and on a table in the corner of the cup maybe one day one of you will find it.......maybe that day youll understand what i wrote....maybe youll cruple up the paper and throw it away whats the word of a ninja worth anyway but still ill leave it ..................Demoku