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Thread: Rimor Roleplaying Orgs V2.0

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    It's good to know more people are out there. I have a feeling that the RP community on Rimor is growing and will continue to grow.

    If you are at all interested in RP, you should join NRPB (/tell nrpb !join) and say hello. My other suggestion is to the RP'ers as a whole; we should consider meeting when we are free in areas where events take place so that we can hold our own events and it will be easier to find us. Social areas such as The Cup and Neuters are best due to location. These are the places "greenies" (event ARKs) often show up and it would be easier for us all to centralize while we're in the process of getting to know one another and follow current storylines.

    The case of the missing artwork is the most recent story that I know of which is being guided by the greenies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisharr
    I just thught I would relpy so you guys know we are out there, as I have no idea how to get more involed in the role play as a whole in AO.

    I have looked at a number of articals but still feel unsure as to how.

    and I do beleave that myself and a few other in my org would be interested in getting involed in the role play and story line of the game.

    dont know if there are any pointers as to going about this.
    Well, you've probably already read most of this before, but here's a list:
    • When you're not busy, hang out in places where RP events tend to happen most often. The Cup in West Athen is usually good for this, and Neuters Only in NLC is getting to be a hotspot these days
    • Add ARK characters to your buddylist. Not to send tells, but just so you know when they're online. For example, if you see Lightswift is on, you can probably meet her at The Cup. (And if you see Breathless online, head to NLC.)
    • "/tell nrpb !join" as soon as you're online.
    • Team with RPers on a regular basis. If they know about an upcoming event (whether ARK is running it or not) you'll have a better chance of hearing about them.

    These aren't guaranteed to give you advance knowledge of every upcoming event, but they certainly increase your chances.

    [edit]: you're more likely to find Lightswift at the Happy Rebel these days.
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    thanks for the pointers guys.

    and hope to see you on NRPB

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    I dunno if Alpha Omega should be added as only a few RP (I am pretty new to the scene myself) but hey I don't remember SoD being very RP oriented when I was in it so why not add AO too ^^.
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    If SOD is or ever was RP, that's news to me. Only two I knew were Kranden and Elspara, and perhaps Lynyah also.
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    There really needs to be more Omni roleplaying orgs, just for flavor. I personally don't want to join a large org that doesn't specialize in any aspect of RP, especially with the Omni-Tek Affiliate meetings and all. Smaller orgs, connected through a common chat like Nrpb, is the way to go I think.

    Any Omni's up for building an Omni-Pol/AF detachment-type org? I'll donate my new level 6 soldier to the task, since playing Oriitas is a little stale lately. I'm thinking a simple "Division #" tag should be used, just to be simple and Omnish.
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    There is Omni-Trans... but yeah, there needs to be more interest from the OT side.

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    I wonder why no-one has mentioned that

    Vox Populi is back

    So... add it, please

    (with apologies to the top brass, I'm just an applicant...)

  9. #49 we do alota in game RP dirrectly with the Omni-Affilates and of course our department is Omni-Pol :P

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    Please add Karmic Retribution to the list of roleplay organisations.
    Here is a link to the org site.

    Thank you
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    Please remove Shadows of Death from the list as it doesnt exist and the merge isnt a RP org its a pvm/PvP org now.

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    And add Immanentize The Eschaton
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    Add Newland News as well, please. Website:
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    That is the Disciples of Omni-Tek site atm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harios

    That is the Disciples of Omni-Tek site atm

    noob har.. this is a old list :P theres a reason it aint rooted anymore.. threadstarter is no longer around so he can't edit this post.
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