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Thread: **Rubi-ka under siege: News from the front**

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    The brave Unicorns are a part of the Omni Tek corp. Therefore they are sent here to OTRK to protect what we have here and our citisens. At the same time, by doing so, they protect clanners and neutrals just as much. Its a simple matter of fact. No amount of mumbo-jumbo can hide this fact.
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    Firstly, my hat goes off to the Unicorn Squads that boarded the alien C&C ship.

    However, as a general, I feel desperately let down by the territorial armed forces on rubi-ka. Our forces are in terrible shape, our troops under trained, and ill disciplined. I cant count how many times I’ve come across an outpost where soldiers are swimming in nearby pools!!!

    Our elite squads are now under the command of Unicorn Company, who have complete military control of all defense installations! The situation with Philip Ross has only added to the confusion, and left the armed forces directionless. How many soldiers are now AWOL, running planetary defense with friends and family?

    The sad fact is, RK armed forces are collapsing, under the combined assault of alien weapons and human bureaucracy!

    I myself have given up on the chain of command, frustrated with the current RK response. After all, what are my options? Unicron company? I cant even talk to them! Decisions are made using my soliders, without consulatation!

    Should i rely on ICC, with their deliberate anti OT tactics? I think not! The clans? Neutrals? God forbid!

    No, i'll take the fight to the aliens on my terms.
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    Now you know how it feels...

    Feel like everything you hold to be true has been pulled out from under you like a magician's trick on your dinner table? Feel abandoned by a group that professes it's love for you but ignores your pleas, deliberately withholds information from you, and in some cases, tries to exterminate you if you dare to cross it?

    Welcome to the world of the every day Clanner. So, how does it feel, company man? The Unicorns feel only one thing for this planet, and that is greed. They want that notum, and they will keep other corporations off the soil of our planet in order to keep that big money pile all to themselves, even if it means the entire current population of Rubi-Ka is reduced to a radioactive sludge pile by these invaders. Their only love is for money.

    Funny how the circumstances reveal themselves to be, isn't it? And we said over and over again how Omni-Tek, the corporation, eats it's young. Now go coat yourselves in butter and salt and pepper your ass to taste.
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    Oh you poor little Clanners, with your billion credit mining operations, dragon-in-the-basement-as-standard castles, high fashion beauty pageants and luxury Jobe appartments. The hardships you must endure!

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