Swirls of galaxies a permanent night sky that is ever changing, born a child of the stars and planets. This may sound romantic. But all I saw was endless lives being lived and planets I would never visit. I started life, in the coldness of space. My parents owned an out of date asteroid digger, which they had converted to a home/space trash scrounger. Therefore my early years, I lived like a space junk trash gypsy. Collecting bits of debris and gaining a little education.

Throughout my first 10 years of life all I saw was the inside of the digger, and in my spare time I watched the planets as we passed them. Its must have been just before my 11th birthday when I set foot on solid earth for the first time. The first thing I noticed was the sweet smelling ribbon of air, woodland bark with a twist of plasma spewing out of the digger. Then came the sound, the bustle of people, ships and rustle of autumn leaves replacing the gentle constant hum of our space trash home.

Then the view hit me, a sprawling mass of commotion. People, ships, packed neon bars and overflowing market stands. All this life! With a backdrop of hills and copper trees.