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    The wilderness of Rubi Ka was not a place to find oneself unarmed. Naefen had learned this long ago and so, as usual, he was wandering fully armed and protected. Several times during the first days he had been attacked by wild creatures. Most of them hadnt even come close to him before they were dead but some of them had left theyre special "marks" on him. Hes armor were showing signs of being used more and more.

    In hes everyday life he was extremely particular about hes armor. Just like he was about everything else in hes life. Everything had to be just like so or that. If they hadnt been, Naefen would have made arrangements for them to become as he wanted. Many times this didnt have anything to do with items or material things. Twisting and bending peoples the way he wanted them had almost become a reflexive action for him. Hes head had been filled with intrigues, twists and bends he had made to make things run the way he liked them to.
    Things had changed by a heartbeat though.

    Naefen walked onwards accross the face of Rubi Ka. He werent exactly sure where he was at the moment. And he didnt really care. He didnt even bother to check hes coordinates anymore.- What did it matter???-

    Hes face was dirty and just above hes left eye an unattended cut still bled its precious drops. They were obscuring hes sight but he didnt bother wiping them off. They would soon be back anyways.

    The last year had been themost hectic in Naefens entire career. First, the promotion to general. Then the loss of the Disciples Notum Towers. Shortly after the trace he had picked up about hes sister. The whole Paxcorpus ordeal. Then that harlot Ivyna trying to wiggle her way into Omni secrets. The aliens coming and the Disciple HeadQuarter. Waging war for a new Tower site. And lastly, the wake up call from hes sister.

    The rations were running out....

    "General Naefen of the Disciples of Omni-Tek." Naefen mumbled to himself.
    He had made hes last camp three days ago. The tent had blown over and the fire went out almost as long ago.

    "Im a commisioner damn you. Obey you rat...." He continued mumbling.
    Hes hand were cluthing hes bottle of whiskey now. The rifle lay somewhere beneath the heep that was once a tent. Naefen lay on hes side in the dust and mumbled to himself in a drunken wooze.

    "I didnt want to do it...... I want to pay for it..." He continued in cracked voice.....
    The people he had killed. The lifes he had taken. They had all been overshadowed by hes illusion of being forced to kill hes sister.
    He took another huge svallow from the bottle.

    "Yes Sir!........ Ill get it done Sir!.........Consider her gone Mam!!" The level of witch he raised hes voice was unhearable.
    He had taken all sorts of assignments prior to the day he had joined the Disciples. Never had he felt any remorse. Not once had he hesitated.... Men, women....... children. He had killed about everything that could walk........ or crawl.
    All the time he had been focused on the fact that they had forced him to kill hes own sister. Nothing could be worse than that.

    The veil within Naefens mind was lifted now. He remembered that night clear as day and he knew now that hes sister did not beg him to shoot her. She had whispered "Not me." He had thought the shame would be to great for her. Like it was to him.
    And he had killed her in cold blood. Hes only excuse for all the gruesome acts he had commited. Most of the time even more cruel than hes orders suggested.

    He thought he could hear paws in the distance. The world faded away to the signs of howls. There was something aproaching but he didnt care what it was....
    Didnt care anymore.
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    The sound started of as a snarl but quickly changed and ended in a screech. Slowly Naefens eyes opened. His mouth was dry and he could feel his lips had cracked. Inside his mouth the toungue felt like what could best be described as a stranded whale. Just a few feet away from him a huge wolf lay on its side. It stared at Naefen while its last drops of blood poured out from its mouth. Then it was dead.

    A Solitus male appeared into Naefens view. Bending down towards him while sheething hes weapons. He grabbed Naefens shoulder and shook him lightly.
    "Naefen is that you? You look like ****...." He said while lifting Naefen up so he sat in the Solitus`s arms.

    Naefen tried to speak but all that was heard was mumbling. The man poured some water into his mouth and placed Naefen on a blanket he had laid out on the ground.

    "You dont have time for this Naefen." The man started.
    "The Disciples and many others are defending Newland city on the fourth day in a row. They have called on you but no one knows you are out here. I heard your President,Banishedsoul, calling for you using very different names than Naefen." He continued as he begun casting a nano on Naefen. The man`s hands where glowing brightly red.

    Naefen felt the strenght return to hes body. Hes voice was still crackling and weak but atleast he was able to talk now.
    "Where am I?"

    "That is of no importance Naefen. Get on your feet and get us both into the grid. I have been slowed down because of you aswell and my org is also waiting in Newland." The man said sounding both irritated and conserned at the same time.
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    not normally a rp'er, but great stuff I must say
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    The Solitus male and Naefen rushed through the grid and found themselfes outside Newland City. At first they were overwhelmed by gunfire and screams coming from the city. They recognised both alien and human screams.
    Naefen kneeled down feeling to exhausted to move on. He didnt feel like any of this was part of him anymore. The aliens, the notum and the Shadowlands. It did not seem like it was hes conserns any longer.
    Abruptly the Solitus grabbed his collar and yanked him up to his feet.
    "Ready or not your coming with me." He said briskly and pulled Naefen after him.

    They entered through the main gate into the city and were shocked by what they saw. The city was litterary full of aliens. They were almost standing on top of eachother.

    Tiger Claw, a clan Naefen knew all to well, were fighting closest to the gate. They had formed a circle as there were no cover there and the aliens had completely surrounded them. As usual though, they were clawing most of the attackers to shreds before they managed to do much damage. It was evident many Tigers would fall today even so.

    The man pulled Naefen into an alley and started running into the city. They darted like so, from alley to alley for a while. Always heading towards the city whompa system.

    Most organisations fought on theyre own. Some of the smaller ones had banded together and met the assailants together. Everyone fought like mad.

    "There!" The man yelled above the noise.

    "Theres the Disciples Naefen!" He pointed past the whompa.

    "Your on you own now. Theres nothing more I can do for you Naefen. If you can stand here at this time and say you dont care I guess theres nothing no one can do for you." He held Naefens arm hard while speaking looking him straight into the eyes.

    Naefen let out a long sigh. Then turned hes eyes towards where he could just barely see the Disciples.

    "Thank you." He turned towards the Solitus again.

    "I knew youd come to your senses. I have to join my org now Naefen. Good luck to you all." The man answered hurriedly and turned to run into the alley again.

    Naefen grabbed his arm and smiled slightly as he turned back to him.
    "Who are you?" He asked slowly.

    "It doesnt matter who I am Naefen. I am Omni and therefore its my duty to help you. But I am also Beear from Valhalla Guardians and as such I am your friend also." Then Beear turned away and ran.

    Naefen gripped his rifle hard and darted out of the alley. Using stealth against the aliens took him halfway to the rest of the Disciples. The other half was all about luck and heals.

    The Disciples of Omni-Tek had formed a circle, much like Tiger-Claw had done by the gate. Naefen ran as fast as he could towards them while trying to get a grasp of the immediate situation.

    Arcvile, with hes lethal dagger and rapier were actually running around outside the circle. Hes weapons burying themselfes deep into the aliens backs. When they hit the ground he was already sneaking up on the next. The man was mad but what did he care. He was an undead for cryin out loud.

    Jonnyz were standing in the middle of the circle. Sweat was pouring down off hes face as he threw nuke after nuke into the horde of aliens aproaching from everywhere. Hes face calm as ice.

    Thrimel had angered five aliens on the North side of the circle and just as he filled one with bullets he somehow managed to dodge the bullets of all the other four. The smile on hes face made the man look all the more frightening.

    Alongside Jonnyz was Sanceene. She was glowing red. Her heals flew in every possible direction and she herself looked like the red center of the circle.

    The west,east and south side all had heapes of aliens. Inside those heapes one could just barely see Turox,Lordnikon13 and Harios. Once in a while a gigantic weapon of some sort could be seen and shortly after a alien came sprawling out.

    Naefen didnt see the man he was looking for the most at first.
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    Just before Naefen reached the circle of Disciples he spotted Banishedsoul.
    Standing between Countash and Nickelson, two of the finer soldiers in the corp, he barfed out orders and flung wicked nano-programs towards the aliens that breached through the other defenders. When the aliens reached the three they could barely walk from the programs disrupting theyre bodies. Nickelson and Countash sent them the last yards on theyre way to hell. Or wherever naughty aliens go when they die.....

    Naefen ran between some aliens and into the circle, showing a nanostimm into Harios`s leg as he past him. Banishedsoul looked down on Naefen. It was like he could see a change in Naefen`s eyes because instead of simply screaming to him he also smiled. The smile was very slight,though, and the screams sort of made the smile go away.

    "Where the he** have you been Naefen!!! Ive been calling on you for the last four days damnit!!!" Hes eyes were almost completely red. And it was not only the blood from the gash above hes eyes that made them so.

    "Reporting for duty Sir!" Naefen answered. He knew there werent any point trying to excuse himself now. There werent any time left for anything else but starting to kill aliens. He felt like all the wounds hes friends had received up until now were somehow hes fault. -My firends-. He thought to himself.

    "Fake soldier and stand SE!!! Do it now! NOW!!!!" Banishedsoul barked at him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StevenTzigan
    any1 read all of this lol ?
    ((Yep and I'm really enjoying it, great stuff Naefen))
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    This was a new situation to Naefen. Running the soldier nano program TMS had made him nearly invulnerable and now the aliens were at him. Several of them.

    Naefen felt the healing programs from Sanceene and Diamondina rush into his body repairing the gashes and stopping the streams of blood the aliens managed to put on him. He somehow managed to stay on hes feet and fire hes rifle. Over and over again.

    One alien ran into the circle of Disciples. First dodging past Lordnikon13 but not without Lord first hammering one of its legs into a pulp. Then the alien turned 70 degrees towards Banishedsoul just as a hail of bullets from Thrimel hit him in the chest ripping him up. The alien kept moving though. Countash and Nickelson saw he was heading for theyre president so they both took one step towards it emptying theyre clips into the already damaged alien. The alien fell just a feet from Banishedsoul.

    Turox had moved slightly towards Naefen and had pulled some of the aliens around him onto himself. Naefen glanced around himself quickly and saw Banishedsoul kneel down to the dying alien. He could theyre eyes lock on to eachother.
    "I know you can hear this queen." Banishedsoul spoke loudly to the alien.
    "Your race is in danger." He continued.
    "I suggest you take your children and move on to the next galaxy lest this war will be the end of you all." He spoke through hes teeth. Then he placed the tip of hes gun onto the aliens forehead and ended its misery.

    Three hours later.

    Naefen sat down by an alien that had been torn in half. Probably by one of the adventurers in wolf form. In its hands or rather claw-like arms it held a machine gun witch Naefen tagged and put into hes backpack. Surely this could also be used in the name of Omni Tek.

    Around him hundreds upon hundreds of aliens lay slain. In between them the blood of hes comrades were splattered. It was a disturbing sight. The knowledge he would meet them all in the HQ later were reassuring however.

    The different clans and orgs moved out of the city as the neutral citizens started cleaning up the mess left behind.
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    Naefen looked over hes shoulder just before he entered the grid outside Newland City. His eyebrows raised as he saw Ivyna stand there looking at the Disciples entering the grid one by one. What surprised him was not the fact that she openly googled them but the expression on her face. Rather than angry,as Naefen had expected from her, she seemed content to a degree. Theyre eyes met for an instance and shame whelmed up in Naefen as he remembered how he had given her that scar on her face. He turned around again and saw Tpac enter the grid. Right after so did he.

    The Disciples all went to theyre HQ where they would all discuss todays fighting. They all entered the large meeting room. Some came alone and some in smaller groups. Naefen had taken place on the right side far back. He didnt feel like talking. There was to many thoughts rummaging through hes head.
    Banishedsoul and Jonnyz started the meeting.

    Who had killed and how many? How had they killed the aliens? What tactics had the aliens used? Where there any signs of new tactics?
    Many questions were asked and answered but Naefen`s mind were somewhere else. He thought through what he had been doing for the last years.

    He had joined the Disciples of Omni-Tek halfway through hes career. Before that he had mostly unleashed hes wrath upon clanners and disloyal Omni employees on a day to day basis. He had appeared, killed and disapeared again. Not many had known he even existed.
    After he was assigned and accepted in the Disciples ranks he had found it hard to shake of his old habits. Taking orders from the leaders in the org but at the same time carrying out more sinister orders from other "dark" officers within the corp. He had done it all with pride and joy. After all, the crime he had thought only the clanners were guilty of were worse than anything he could do back to them.
    Now he knew he was just as, if not more, guilty.

    He had killed hes sister to save his own reputation within the corp. He knew that now and it had changed everything. He had achieved the rank of general in hes org by pretending to care about hes fellow employee to have a easier time manipulating people and situations to hes own benefit. He had never acted to the benefit of others. Not once.

    Now he sat there and looked at the men and women who had fought with and for him on several ocasions and he realized something that made hes eyes turn wet. They were hes only reason to stay now. Not friends. Not partners. They were hes family.

    Hes sister had overshadowed hes entire life but now he clearly saw what really mattered.

    He pulled out a small book from hes backpack and held it up infront of himself. Then he used hes Omni Tek lighter and set it ablaze.
    The book held information about most of hes previous targets and the "dark" officers he had worked for. Now it burned.

    Banishedsoul were in the middle of explaining,once again, where the aliens was the most vulnerable when he suddenly stopped mid sentence. He looked at Naefen and shortly after the entire meeting had theyre eyes on him aswell.
    Naefen sat in the back holding the burning book up infront of him. Hes eyes focused on the book alone. When it was almost burning hes fingers he threw it onto the center of the floor and stood up.
    There werent anything left of the book. Hes past life was gone.
    Naefen started walking towards the exit.

    "President Ill have a report ready for you when you reach your office." Naefen said as he walked.

    Thrimel, the fixer, who had seated himself by the exit door looked up at Naefen.
    "You ok Naef?" He whispered concerned.

    Naefen looked at him while pasing and tried to smile hes most convincing smile.

    -Theyre concern is real- He thought to himself.
    -Theyre concern is real and so is mine now-
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    Several hours later Naefen walked out of Banishedsoul`s office. He had spilled hes guts and to his surprise it felt kind of good. He had been surprised at the amount he thought was secret about him but Banished had known. That man had contacts that contacted other contacts contacts.

    Naefens loyalty to Omni Tek was not changed even though Naefen himself was and Banishedsoul must have sen it since he let him keep his rank. Even though he would be kept on a tighter leesh than before ofcourse. This didnt bother Naefen at all. Some time ago it would have but not anymore. The bridges was burned and the old Naefen, that would walk over hundreds of dead bodies to get to hes target, was dead to.

    He went into the medic facility like so many times before. Inside his sister, Nadja, lay with all those wires and cords he had grown acustomed to attached to her body. She looked kind of peaceful.

    Naefen sat down beside the bed and pulled out a magazine. Ocasionally he looked at her. No movement still. He continued reading.

    The hours went by and the halls of the Disciples of Omni Tek grew more silent. Sometimes he heard steady walking somewhere far away. Sometimes quicker steps. He closed hes eyes and found that it was hard to open them again. They felt heavy in some way. He didnt realize he hadnt slept in a bed for a week atleast.

    He looked at his sister one last time before the magazine slipped out of his hands an fell silently to the floor. A chunk of what was inside him released itself and was gone. He felt.... lighter in a way.
    The old days was gone. The old "himself" was gone.
    It was, in one way, a end to Naefen.

    At the same time it was a beginning.
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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
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    ((good story.))
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