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Thread: A end.

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    A end.

    "Incoming!!!" Diamondina the disciple officer shouted above the other noises around the Disciple CT.
    Harios the enforcer took three fast steps forward and lifted hes huge blade towards the clear sky. "Let them come!!" He roared.

    Naefen had positioned himself in the back. He had a good view of the surroundings from there and hoped he wouldnt be to much disturbed by the attacking Aliens.
    They flooded down from theyre ships and with unbelievable speed headed straight for the defenders. Most of them for Harios witch atracted them with hes nano`s.

    Naefen saw MrKungfu dodge and dart between the aliens that now completely surrounded Harios. As soon as Harios rammed hes blade into an alien it was immediately followed by a series of lightning-fast blows and kicks from MrKungfu.
    The aliens were falling fast.

    It seemed like a alien commando had also spotted MrKungfu and headed towards him fast and from behind. Naefen lifted hes rifle to hes chin and took aim. He knew that if he missed he probably wouldnt get another chance. But that was how it usually was.
    He didnt miss. Instead of using he repressor to make the commando forget the last second of hes life Naefen left it alone. MrKungfu didnt need the commando`s attention right now and Naefen trusted Sanceene the doctor to keep him alive long enough for him to deal with this one alone.
    The commando came and he came fast. Naefen unleashed a few of hes "trick-shots" at him but it wasnt enough to completely take him down. It was already straight infront of him and Naefen readied hes own heals for the initial blow.

    A storm of projectiles and energy flashed past Naefen and into the commando just before he unleashed hes unholy attacks on Naefen. The alien fell plump to the ground and moved no more.

    "What would you do without me!!??" Thrimel shouted at him as he appeared from the left. Naefen pictured the smirk on hes face inside that helmet.
    "Will you consentrate on what your supposed to do for once!!!?" Shouted Countash before Naefen could answer.
    They had both fired at the commando. Naefen only nodded to them both before taking aim at the next alien.

    The Omni-Tek org Valhalla Guardians had come to help them. They were neighbours and a good ally. Naefen could see Rafulderon, a enforcer with a lot of time in Shadowlands behind him, and Zeca, a very able Nano-Technician, leading them.

    The thicket of aliens that had surrounded Harios a short while ago were now ,for the most part, lying lifeless and the rest were close to death aswell.
    Again the aliens were beaten back.

    Alien equipment were taken. Atleast what could still be used. Even theyre skin-tissue were prized.
    Banishedsoul came walking towards Naefen as he sat by theyre CT.
    "You ok Naef?" He asked while reloading hes weapon.
    Naefen nodded but couldnt hide the wondering expression that reflected hes mind.

    "You wondering when they gonna change tactics aswell?" He asked silently as he sat down beside Naefen.

    "I just have to wonder..... Do they ressurect aswell? Or are there so many billions of them they just dont care yet that we are beating them down this way?" Naefen looked up at Banishedsoul.

    "I have asked myself those questions aswell Naefen. And I think none of us can hope to answer them right now. We simply dont know enough about them yet." Banishedsoul looked serious and grabbed a handful of sand.
    Looking into Naefen`s eyes he seemed almost sad as he said.

    "I guess only time can teach us enough this time. If we run out of time before we have learned, its gonna be over for this planet."

    A smile widened around Banishesouls mouth as he rised to hes feet again.
    "Go check how our troops are doing Naef. I wanna examine some stuff in our Lab.
    And Naefen....... better start learning about those aliens eh? Dont think I dont know you have eyes and ears around this planet. Use them. That is an order."
    He started walking towards the HQ entrance.

    Naefen started walking towards the troops who still rested out on the field. They rejoyced another victory.
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    Repairing the CT after an alien attack werent always the easiest deal. Some rather rare units had to be aquired and ,offcourse, those of them who worked good werent exactly shop material. It was only one way to get the better ones and the way suited Naefen just fine. Working for the better of Omni-Tek and at the same time the Disciples of Omni-Tek were Naefen`s idea of how life was supposed to be lived.

    The six of them had formed a so-called "blitz-team". Naefen, Diamondina the adv, Turox the enf, Thrimel the fixer, Jonnyz the NT and Theylron another adventurer.
    They had received nine missions all for the glory of Omni-Tek and went out to the different missions in pairs. Naefen went with Jonnyz.
    They headed to OmniHQ and for a building witch supposedly were a hideout for a spy. They were going to kill him.
    Usually on missions like this they would go inside, kill any henchmen that resided in the area and then finally the target himself. This was not the way it was gonna be done this time.
    Naefen and Jonnyz launched theyre most defensive nano-programs and darted through the first door. The two guards in the hallway within were so surprised they didnt even react until the two of them had reached the next door leading further into the building.
    They reached an intersection and split up. Not a word said on theyre inter-coms. The two of them had worked together before both on Rubi-Ka and in the Shadowlands. They made an efficient team.
    A few seconds later Naefen heard a short message on hes link."Lift North-West."

    Naefen knew he had about four guards chasing him through the hallways and he jumped into a new room where a medic were standing ,loading her guns, obviously not even knowing Naefen and Jonnyz had already been there for thirty seconds or so. She immediately opened fire and Naefen started healing himself at the same time. The four men chasing him entered the room.
    All hell broke loose. Bullets and lights from the nano programs filled the room and Naefen saw hes opening. He ran out of the room ,banged the door shut behind him, and headed the direction Jonnyz had found the lift.
    It was an easy matter to find it and shortly after they were both on the next floor.

    This tactic were repeated and soon there were only one floor left. This had to be where the spy was hiding. Probably with hes most able men gathered around him.

    Jonnyz looked down at Naefen and smiled through hes teeth."Shall we?"
    Naefen filled hes rifle with energy capsules and replied."After you big-guy. Lets do this quick."
    They both entered the last floor at the same time. True to Rubi-Ka architechture it was only on single large room.
    The spy were hiding behind some crates in one of the corners. A futile attempt at rescuing himself Naefen thought. How could he have ever been a spy?
    In the room with him were three others aswell. One so obviously nano-buffed to the extreme it almost hurt Naefens eyes to watch him. The man shone light green.

    BOOOM!!! The nano energy pertruding from Jonnyz`s hands shook the room. A wave hit the four others in the room and damaged them greatly. Naefen took aim at the larger man`s head and fired. He fell without a sound.
    BOOOM!!! Energy from Jonnyz filled the room again and the last enemys of Omni-Tek fell. They had succeded theyre mission for the corp but now came the exiting part.
    They searched the room to see what these criminals had in stock. After a while Jonnyz held up a small device to Naefen and smiled.
    "Lets get the hell outta here Naef. We got what we came for, lets hope the others have had some luck aswell." He almost cheered.

    They werent this lucky all the time and it was a great deal of work to keep a CT up and running indeed. It was, however, the only way to continuously learn about them. Learn and repair. It filled Naefen`s entire existence.
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    The research room inside the Disciples new HQ were overwhelming. Naefen didnt know much about research at all and so it all seemed very exotic and strange to him. A s he entered the room he saw he werent the only one visiting it this day.

    Theylron, a well traveled adventurer accross the lands of RubiKa, were standing at a table in the near corner. He had several armor pieces laid out in front of him and were doing some minor uppgrades to them.

    Duneprime, another adventurer with a bit more experience throughout the Shadowlands, were at another table on the other side of the room. He was working on some of the components needed for the special armor known as Tier2.

    In the middle of the room were the man who had summoned Naefen. Banishedsoul were leaning over a table witch had a alien spread out on it. It was a complete autopsy. Every part of the alien carefully cut out, registered and carefully laid on the table. It was like watching a map over the alien autonomy.

    Naefen slowly walked accross the room greeting both Theylron and Duneprime. They nodded back before returning to theyre work. Banishedsoul turned around facing Naefen.
    "Its done. Every single part of this bastard is examined Naef. They do have a complex body thats for sure." Banishedsoul said sounding tired from the hours he had spent consentrating.
    "I cant see any imediate similaritys to anything Ive ever seen before." Naefen replied.
    "Cut the crap Naef. We both know you never disected anything after you shot a hole in it." Banishedsoul said ,a smile appearing on hes face.

    Banishedsoul and Naefen spent the rest of the day and the night going through all the different parts. Banishedsoul trying as best he could to explain in a language Naefen would understand. To say the least, Naefen did not feel like an expert when they were done. But he did feel like he knew better where to aim in order to hit theyre brain and heart. Theyre, supposedly, brain and heart. Nothing could be for sure. It was all speculations infact.

    "Inform the men general. I want each and every one of them to aim at these specific organs." Banishedsoul seemed at the point of fainting as he pointed at three different organs. Naefen wondered how long he had been in here. Two days? Three?? Four??
    "Will do Banishedsoul. Would you like me to escort you to your apartment?" Naefen asked obviously worried for hes President.
    "Im not a bloody girl Naef!! Do as your told and let me worry about myself!!" He errupted.
    Naefen simply nodded knowing a tired Banishedsoul were not the man he wanted a discussion with. A discussion he would loose anyway.

    It was morning and Banishedsoul had left. Naefen were alone in the research lab. Leaning over the autopsy he raised hes arm to hes mouth and spoke into hes com-link now set to Disciple channels.
    "Disciples listen up. I want every single one of you to our research lab on the double. I got something you want to see in here."

    Confirmations flooded the channel. The Disciples of Omni-Tek were gonna learn. The Disciples of Omni-Tek were gonna be ready if that final day was coming.
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    Naefen had fallen asleep in the headquarters again. Dressed in hes armor and helmet resting in hes lap. He was dreaming about the old days again. The time before Shadowlands and Aliens and whatnot else.

    The fast, almost silent quick steps aproaching woke him up though. He raised hes head and saw Tomasy come running towards him. Tomasy was one of the agents in the organisation that Naefen had a special feeling about. It was like the man couldnt even make noise when he tried. He even ran silently. Naefen was sure that one of these days even he wouldnt hear him anymore.
    "General! General Naefen!!!" Tomasy surprisingly shouted.
    Naefen jumped to hes feet understanding that this really had to be something important. Tomasy shouting?! It was unthinkable....

    "Whats happening Tomasy? Are there aliens incoming again?" Naefen answered calmly, putting hes helmet on again.

    "Well yes, general. But not like you think.... They are in Omni-1. Theres hundreds of them. Maybe even thousands" He quickly explained.

    "Whats our situation? Hows the Disciples doing?" Naefen spoke as he started to walk towards the grid.

    "We are fighting hard. We die. We come back. We kill." Tomasy said while running a few nano programs to restore hes health again.

    The two of them entered the grid and headed for the combat. Naefen thought to himself that this was infact exactly what he had expected. They had grown tired of theyre tactic. Now they had changed aproach.

    The aliens were learning about them aswell.

    As Naefen and Tomasy headed for where the Disciples were making theyre stand they had to use both theyre stealth and theyre speed. Those aliens were perceptive. If you could keep them on a distance for a short while though, they usually started wandering off again. They werent interested in chasing very far away from theyre main forces.

    They aproached the rest of the Disciples. Just as Naefen came up to them Nickelson and Countash emptied theyre weapons into a aproaching alien. Naefen looked into theyre eyes when they both turned to face him. It almost frightened him. An anger glowed in theyre eyes. An anger you only see people who kills wear on theyre face. But these eyes were Disciple eyes. And when you mix fanatic anger with blood frenzy anger you get what Naefen saw that day.
    Disciple hatred.
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    Some days later...........

    Naefen was relaxing on the benches outside Newland City. The scenery here, he thought, was beautiful. He used to love sitting there even more back in the days when it was a thriving trade center but things changed. -Nothing to do about that- Naefen thought.

    All of a sudden a siren alarmed throughout the city. A voice from a crackling old speaker screamed out.
    **Aliens are attacking!!! Defend yourself and humanity!!!**
    Naefen sprung to hes feet and headed to the main gate while he loaded hes rifle and charged himself with all the nanos he had. He knew they would all come in handy.
    Aproaching the gate he found that people from all factions were starting to gather there. A few aliens were circling them all but they were quickly gunned down. Countash was one of the men at the gate.
    Omni-Tek employees, clanners and neutrals alike were gathered now. All watching eachother with care as if they were ready for one to throw himself at the other. Naefen eyed them from behind Countash.
    -Bloody clanners. I might aswell get shot to smitherens by them as by the bloody al........- Naefen didnt have the time to think any further.-

    "Incoming!!!" One of the clanners shouted. Then all hell broke loose.
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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
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    They were coming from all sides. If it hadnt been for Newland Lake the defenders would have been completely surrounded. A clan enforcer that had come to help only seconds earlier managed to keep most of the aliens focused on him but it appeared there was to little healers present to keep him alive for much longer.
    Naefen acted as a healer but it just wasnt enough. The clan enforcer died bravely.

    Countash unloaded hes clip into the largest ,and toughest, alien. It was one of the commanders.
    "Rally on me!!" Countash screamed.
    Most of the Omni`s, clanners and neutrals gathered. Those who didnt were quickly ripped to pieces by the swarm of Zix that had arrived. Those little critters had a nasty bite. And theyre small claws were like razorblades.
    The ground were covered in human and alien blood. A foul, burnt smell smothered all sense of breathing air.

    They fought hard. Naefen thought he might have never fought harder in hes life. Even so, they were loosing. There were only a handful left of them, decreasing fast.
    Naefen felt a stinging pain to the back of hes left thigh and he sank down on hes knees. He looked up and saw Countash being pushed to the ground by atleast five of the larger aliens. The Zix came crawling against them. Much like spiders, only something completely different.
    Naefen would die, he knew it, but he kept firing. So did Countash from the sounds inside the blob of aliens he was now engulfed in.
    Another slash at Naefens back made him fall forward into the blooded soil.

    A wave of energy came flashing through the air. Then another. And then yet another. The last one blowing the remaining aliens away and leaving them scattered. Theyre bodies twisted and utterly destroyed.
    Naefens eyes were slowly closing. He saw Countash rising to hes knees. It was impossible how that man always seemed to stay alive. Through hes clouded eyes Naefen saw three men slowly walking towards them from the other side of the field. Theyre hands crackling with energy.
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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
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    Naefen stumbled into the hall of the Disciple headquarters. He heard voices from the elevator room so he groggily set course for it.

    "Damn Dave. You really messed up those aliens!" He heard Countash`s voice state.
    "Sad thing I was to late for Naefen." Daverton answered in hes usual calm way.

    Naefen entered the room and they both turned towards him. Mikelowry, Sanceene and Anokatiki were also there. Sitting on a bench, obviously discussing medical matters again. All three were good doctors. Some of the best actually but they never agreed on what was the "right" way to perform theyre skills.

    "You ok Naef?" Daverton spoke with a hint of concern in hes eyes.
    Daverton never ever used titles. Naefen didnt think hed ever heard him call anyone by other than theyre name. Not that it was important. If you were a Disciple you were a equal no matter what. Naefen sure as hell werent gonna b the one to bring it up to Dave anyway. That man could blast holes in buildings damnit.

    "I think its the Daring Syndrome again..." Naefen replied rubbing hes head. It hurt like a bitch.
    "Me and Daverton came running as soon as we could." The voice belonged to Jonnyz. Another NT and a general.
    "Thanks guys. Atleast we won right?" Naefen asked with a sigh.
    They nodded.

    The three doctors had all gotten up from the bench hearing the Daring Syndrome being mentioned. They insisted on taking Naefen up to the research facility to do a check-up on him. Naefen vinced at the thought of what the three of them together could come up with doing to him. After Mikelowry`s recent probe-experiment Naefen had tried to avoid the man alltogether.
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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
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    Even though it could be , at the very least, humiliating at times to enter the medical examination room Naefen had more than one reason for doing so. Not only were he affected by the daring syndrome and needed then three doctors to do a check-up on him. He also knew that they kept hes sister in there. Still comatosed.

    Mikelowry, Sanceene and Anokatiki were the three people on the planet of RubiKa that was allowed within three feet of that bed. Exept himself and Banishedsoul offcourse. Naefen stood there watching her while Sanceene were adjusting some of the wires that disapeared in under her skin.

    "How is she doing?" Naefen almost whispered. As if he was scared of waking her up. Even though he wanted nothing more.

    "Stabile." Anokatiki answered shortly. The same answwer she had given him a thousand times. Spoken in the exact same tone of voice.

    The two female doctors smiled comforting to Naefen and started walking towards the door.
    "We`ll take these up to the lab." Sanceene held up the blood samples they had just taken from Naefen.

    Naefen stood over the bed watching her lying there. She looked so vulnerable...
    All those cords, strings and whatnots attached to her body. Keeping her alive.
    Naefen wondered if it might be better for everyone if he simply pulled out two or three of them. She would sleep through it all...
    Hes hand jerked back just as the door was opened. Mikelowry stepped into the room.

    "Theres nothing you can do Naef. She will wake up when she wakes up....if ever." He said in a typical straight-forward way. Naefen had understood a long time ago that people werent just people to doctors. People were lumps of flesh. Lumps of flesh that either were working correct, or needed healing. Plain and simple.

    Naefen let out a long sigh and turned to the seasoned doctor.
    "But Mike. Are you sure you have tried everything? I mean, Im willing to do rituals, vodoo hell, even pray if you say it could help." Naefen swallowed a big chunk that was stuck in hes throat.

    Mikelowry sat down and answered. "It wont do her anything good Naef. Right now her brain is working overtime in there. It needs to figure out the whats and whys by itself. Probably she relives her final moments again and again. Once she understands them...... she will wake up."

    Some time later.
    Naefen sat in hes office pondering about what Mike had told him. If it was true it was a gruesome faith. Since it was Mikelowry who had said it Naefen thought it had to be true.

    Walking towards a unit meeting spot alongside her beloved brother. Feeling safe and ready for a life full of challenges.
    Ambushed by a band of clanners. Her brother disapearing, leaving her alone, surrounded.
    Wondering where her brother was as the clanners pushed her to the ground, ripping off her clothes.
    Screaming inside herself but not being able to utter a hearable word as the largest one of them claimed hes prize.
    Seeing her brother peer out from behind a tree with hes rifle aimed at the men all around her.
    Whispering the words out to him slowly as the man had hes way with her.
    Watching her brother, with tear-soaked eyes, adjust hes aim to her.
    Then a shot and the bullet slowly gliding towards her through the darkness.
    Then, only darkness.
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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
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    The bottle of whisky were halfway empty. It sort of shone where it stood like a pillar amongst all the papers on Naefen`s desk. The candles in the room made it look like pure liquid gold on a bottle. Naefen took another sip from it. It was one of those days he drank from the bottle again.

    The ever continuing reading of reports had gotten to Naefen the last three days. It was the thing Naefen hated the most about being a general. The report he held in hes hand now was nothing less than exilirating though.
    He hadnt gotten hes hands on it the "normal" way either. One of hes rather shady contacts had aquired it for him.

    A true Omni, in Naefen`s eyes, a man called Gunsaber had climbed the ranks of the corporation. Ruthless, cold hearted and efficient were some of hes merits and Naefen admired them all. He couldnt help but smile when he read the file. This man had really stired up some beehives. Beehives Naefen himself wanted to rid of the face of this planet. He took a larger sip from the bottle. Warmth spread out accross hes body. He felt kind of cold still though.

    "There must be a beneficial factor here somewhere." Naefen thought to himself.

    "Someway to take advantage from this." He went on.

    As he sat there pondering the bottle went emptier and emptier until there was nothing left.

    Suddenly, Naefen stood up. Swaying he rushed out of hes office.

    "A direct man needs a direct aproach" He said out loud as he entered the grid.
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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
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    Luckily for Naefen he had sobered up before he found Gunsaber. Gunsaber was talking to General Kaehler jr and Naefen thought it best to stay back until they were done talking. Naefen had never enjoyed any of hes conversations with the General anyways. Not that he thought Kaehler jr liked him much either. They stood there a while. With a nod to Gunsaber Naefen made it clear he wanted a word with him.

    Gunsaber came walking towards Naefen and they shook hands. Naefen felt like he was talking to a rabid lion but after years of practise he managed to show no sign of disgust or other unapropriate emotion. He felt that showing this man weakness or fear would be like asking him to shove that nasty looking weapon down hes throat.

    "Hello Gunsaber Ive been looking for you." Naefen opened the talk while still shaking hes hands.

    "And youve found me Naefen." Gunsaber answered with a hint of being in a hurry.

    "Ive been following your actions these last days and must say Im impressed." Naefen continued. He felt like little flattery wouldnt hurt.

    "Flattery wont get you anywhere little man. What do you want? We arent exactly room-mates so you must be here for a reason right?" Gunsaber went on directly. Just like Naefen thought.

    "I just want you to know that if you should ever need a favour I will be glad to work with someday. In the background, offcourse." Naefen cut right to the chase.

    Gunsaber looked down on him and replied.
    "For fu*k`s sake Naefen. Why on earth would I need an agent`s favour? You guys are barely useful when the sh*t hits the fan anyways. Infact, I cant think of one single reason why I would EVER need you for ANYTHING." Hes voice had raised quite a bit by the time he finished.

    Naefen`s eyes were resting calmly on Gunsabers. Hes words had angered him but there were no signs of it on Naefen`s face. Patience was something he was very acustomed to.

    "Mr.Gunsaber, if you would come down from that cloud you are sitting on for a second I will explain something for you." Naefen`s voice were calm and serious.
    Gunsaber looked at Naefen with a hint of surprise in hes eyes.

    "Since I must obviously spell it out for here goes. I would rather piss into the air lying on my back than do things your way. Therefor I am offering you my assistance. Offcourse I would want a "favour" from you in return. A "favour" I happen to know you would love to perform for me." Naefen thought he could see a glimps of interest in Gunsabers eyes.

    Even so, Gunsaber answered.
    "Im nobodys lapdog Naefen. Im not doing sh*t unless I want to so you can take your god damn "favours" and shove them. I will go get some sleep now so good day to you." Then he turned around.

    "The offer still stands. You know where to reach me." Naefen said to Gunsabers back.

    Naefen started walking towards the Disciple HQ. He had heard the Aliens were planning an attack on them this very day so there werent time for thinking about Gunsaber anymore.
    There were a few people Naefen wanted to die. Gunsaber wanted them to die aswell. If all fell into place Naefen could sit back and watch Gunsaber do them in for them both. The man liked killing, it was no secret.
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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
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    Sanceene sat in the corner of the medical lab reading up on the latest issue of "White Fashion". She had not had the time to sit like this and just read for many weeks. Aliens did lots of damage to people and it was her job to patch them up again. Right now, however, she had some spare hours and she wanted to find a dress for the upcoming party at Reets.
    Suddenly, in the corner of her eye, she saw a movement and she froze in the midst of turning a page. It was Naefens sister.

    Sanceene rised slowly to her feets. She looked at Naefen`s sister and realized she was not concious. But she was moving. Her left arm was anyways.
    Silently she moved towards the bed as the young Opifex female lying there started muttering words. Sanceene looked briefly at the several screens surrounding the pasient. They were monitoring her brainwaves and about everythingelse that could be monitored. The brain activity were off the chart. Sanceene quickly readied a sedative witch would calm her down if things got out of hand.

    Before she could react Naefen`s sister were sitting in her bed. Eyes still closed.
    "Not me!!!" She screamed.

    "Not me!!!" She hoarsely screamed again.

    "Nick you bastard!!!!" Her voice cracked up and she fell back on the bed almost at the instant Sanceene`s sedative injection hit her straight in the heart. She lay there almost lifeless again. The monitors went calm aswell.
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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
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    Naefen was enjoying a rather unhealthy meal when the message from Sanceene reached him.

    "Naefen you need to be in the medical lab as soon as freaking possible!"

    She sounded quite hectic and Naefen immediately understood this conserned hes sister. He was there in 5 minutes.

    As he entered the room Sanceene was sitting on a chair beside the bed in witch hes sister laid..... still unconcious.
    But there was something new. Her position had changed slightly. Naefen looked at Sanceene with a bright hope in hes eyes.
    "Is.... she coming back?"

    "She spoke just ten minutes ago Naef." Sanceene said seriously. Not at all looking very happy about it.

    "And thats not good news?" Naefen replied fast. He felt like jumping up and down from the exitment.

    "Listen Naef. She bursted up into a sitting position and screamed out some words... Some rather unsettling words." The seriousness of Sanceene made Naefen reach for a chair and sit down beside the bed.

    Sanceene explained what had happened in detail. She was very proffesional about it and that helped Naefen to hold hes mask in perfect calmness. Inside he was screaming.

    Sanceene left the room and at the very moment she closed the door tears started flooding from Naefens eyes. He was really crying. For the first time in so many years, this time, he was really crying.
    He leaned forward and rested hes head on hes sister while the tears kept coming.

    Inside hes head images and thoughts flashed like crasy.
    -He turned hes aim at her head as she whispered "Shoot me" to him from afar.-
    -He saved her from her shame.-
    - He turned hes aim at her even though she whispered "Not me" to him.
    -They were spared the shame.-
    -She whispered "Not me" to him from afar as hes aim centered on her forehead.-
    -He would be spared the shame of a raped sister.-

    Naefen dug hes face into hes sisters bosom and screamed.
    "Forgive me!!!........... Oh God what have I done!! FORGIVE ME!!!!.....please Nadja..... please"
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    any1 read all of this lol ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoitzeSublime
    any1 read all of this lol ?
    Everytime there's an update.
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    Me too
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    I luv it! Not only because it raaawks, but also because my org. is involved in it
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoitzeSublime
    any1 read all of this lol ?
    ( Of course not, Coitze. We're all posting just for fun so that people like you can troll around asking what's all this roleplay's good for. Indeed posting in here won't get you the 1.750k token board or, say a Prohibited Hand-Mortar of Bacam-Xum (QL250) or whatever but this isn't what it's all about. Why don't you just keep on hunting down Hecks or brag around ingame how you soloed The Beast with your "Oh, so UBER" gear as that's obviously all you need for having fun. )
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    Well written, good read. More!

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    Exclamation i like it

    its nice man i wish i could write a story without ppl comin on it flamin me and my guys but i mean you cant have it all hahah this is a cool story though i read it all
    with respect and honor
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    ((Thank you))

    Naefen stumbled out of the medic facility and entered the main hall of the HQ. He wore no helmet and the paleness of hes face was there for everyone to see.
    Diamondina was sitting on one of the comfy benches but quickly rose to hes feet as he saw Naefen heading for the grid terminal.

    "Naef.... Whats wrong?" Hes voice was filled with concern.
    Diamondina started walking towards the stumbling general but Naefen waved him off.
    "Not now Dia. We will talk later." Naefen said. Hes eyes never left the floor.
    Diamondina sat down again. After a while he stood up and headed for the medic-facility to see what had upset Naefen so. But as he suspected, nothing had changed in there...

    Naefen reached the grid-terminal where Turox and Countash had just exited. They were bantering when Naefen brushed past them. The two troxes looked down at Naefen with worry in theyre eyes.

    "Naefen, shall I call on Mikelowry?" Turox started. He reached down for Naefen to support him. Naefen shrugged hes hand away.
    "Im ok. Dont worry." Naefen said as he entered the grid.
    The two troxes stood behind looking at eachother. What could they do? Everyone had bad days once in a while.

    Naefen went to Borealis. Avoiding people as much as he could he bought some rations. Then he headed out of the city.
    He just started walking. There were no direction of importance. Just the same way he exited Borealis.

    He remembered something hes sister had told him one time they had gotten lost in the wilds.
    "If you dont know what to do but still have decided to do something.... Best thing is to move forward."
    Naefen remembered a lot of things now. Things he had surpressed deep inside. Things about himself he barely believed himself.
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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
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