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Thread: Oliewabie Arrested

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    Oliewabie Arrested

    A breakthru has occurred in the investigation for the mistery buyer for the RUR shares.

    Apparantly the Agent Oliewabie deviced a scheme to get hold of the RUR shares.
    Sending out life treatings messages to blackmail the shareholders into handing over their shares.

    Swift actions by Omni Mining President Swiftmind discovered Oliewabie was assembling a team of Assassins to perma kill the shareholders and steel their shares.

    Having arrested Oliewabie and succesfully convicting her she was send to a penal colony to spend the rest of her miserably days.

    However investigations are still going on into a possible role of Bazzit into the whole RUR share scam.

    During her trial Oliewabie kept claiming she was set up by Bazzit.

    Pryomanche present at the trials told reporters afterwards she was relieved a common thug like Oliewabie was once and for good taken care off.
    Noting she could now sleep comfortably back,.. not having to worry of being killed.

    Being escorted by Omni Pol onto the prisonship Oliewabie shouted at the assembled crowd.

    !!!!!Pyromanche what ever happens I will remember you.
    That smile will be whipped of your face !!!

    Thats was the last heard heard of Oliewabie,.. she is now far away from Rubi-Ka.


    Lying in her lazzy chair on the porche of her beach house, drinking a nice fruit cocktail overlooking the Jumeira Bay , Oliewabie marvels at her good luck.
    Oliewabie tells herself, ,......Phewwww,... penal colony my ass ,:P
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    Hah! I knew Bazzit Jnr had to be behind this. I am shcked about Olie. I saw her Odessey, she was a fine actress. Why would she have to fall back on a life of crime?

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    Bandasje finished reading the press release. Grabbing a drink, she walked over the window of her office.

    Well, she thought, whatever her flaws, Olie was always the best of friends, whether at the Tuesday night 'sewing' club discussions, as a partner to watch your back in the field, or anything in between.

    Glancing up at the evening stars, she lifted her glass in salute. Good luck to you Olie, wherever you end up. Take care of yourself, and be safe. I will miss you.

    After finishing the drink, she walked over to the office door. Pausing in the door, she looked back at the now dormant monitor. Sighing, she closed the door.
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    Destractor sits back, away from a monitor in his newly furnished workshop.

    So they finally managed to pin something on her.

    I guess I should feel relieved but I can’t help thinking that if she had wanted to escape she would have got away. Maybe she has heard of more profitable ventures elsewhere.

    Was this business with RUR just Olie? I’m sure Circle G would have liked the control over RUR that these shares would have given. Well no point in asking the question, they will have covered their tracks by now if there was any involvement.

    Destractor smiles. Well goodbye Olie I hope your new home isn’t too uncomfortable.

    I have a feeling that this isn’t the last Rubi-ka will hear of Oliewabie, but it should give us a little respite.

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    Zoye walks into the large dimly lit board room in the Circle G headquarters. "Heya Malcom. You wanted to see me?." she says.

    "Hey there Karine. I need you to do some snooping for me." I say in a low voice. "The recent involvement of Oliewabie in the RUR scandle doesn't seem quite right to me."

    Zoye gives me a quizical glance.

    "I need to know why she got caught. If she wanted they would still be searching high and low for her. Turning herself in means something went wrong and I want to know what. I was able to pull a few strings and get her sent to a low security penal planet, so she should be able to get away if she so desires. Hard to tell if that was a good decission or not yet though." I pause for a second to reassemble my thoughts. "I'm also going to need you to try and hack the mainframe at Union City. I know Pyromanche is involved in this somehow I just haven't figure out the details yet. I know this isn't going to be easy cause if Emma is hiding something its gonna be locked up well. Hopefuly she won't be expecting us to conect her to this whole ordeal."

    Silence fills the room for a good few minutes while Zoye goes over the hand written files I hand her.

    "Is that it Malcom?" she ask.

    "Thats it Karine" I reply.

    "You know you can't lie to me Malcom. What is it your not telling me?" she demands sternly. "If you don't tell me I have ways of finding out on my own."

    "Ok, ok." I respond knowing full well that she would follow through on her threats if I didn't answer. "Circle G wasn't the one Oliewabie was working for on this RUR share thing. Or at least not on the table anyway. Also this investigation is an under the table deal. Thats why the files I gave you were hand written instead of a program file you could upload into your NCU. If your going against Pyromanche I don't want any possible computer files that she can hack her way into to find out what we're up to." I stop for a moment to give Zoye a chance to ask any questions that may be floating around in her head. "One more thing. You have two weeks to find this information out. If you can't get me what I need to know I'll have to send an assult force in to get the information for me, and I don't want to have to do that."

    Zoye nods her head slowly and walks out the room.
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    On behalf of the RUR Security Department I wanted to thank everyone that had a hand in helping us capture the person responsible for these threats. While there is still a lot of evidence to go through and a few witnesses to interview, I'm greatful at all the help that was given to our department. I encourage anyone with information you deem important about this issue to contact myself or anyone else within the RUR company so we can ensure that justice is served.

    Thank you.

    RUR Security

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    Breezing through the system logs, I see that someone from the Circle G community has been attempting to hack into the Unionnet systems. Too bad Kattiedid had already secured the system and the response file was ready to go, they will never know what hit them. laughing to myself about the look on their faces the next time they look at their own security codes
    Kate had told me about the tracer files she installed would not only not allow access.. but send back a file that would cause half the files in anyone's network to go corrupt. Seems the only ones interested in what I am doing are Circle G and RUR. They must know they have alot to lose. I wonder what they can be looking for.
    Oliewabie was a loose cannon, a threat to us all. Never trust an agent who takes money from everyone. Not only was she a double agent, she worked for everyone. Everyone that is but me. Lacking any morals, or sense she left herself wide open to my Technology and Intellegence departements, I have the best people in those positions, and she should have known. And with the added bonus to all skills in the HQ Trade Room, all the work was being done there.. Kattie was the most dilligent programmer.

    So, I may get blamed for framing Olie, but really, who is the one who got her transport to that lovely Island anyway? I would take a beach with a handsome cabana boy anyday. No here I sit in Newland Desert, in my office.. waiting for finger pointing and amature hackers. sighs
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    "Holy ... Malcom wasn't kidding when he said Pyromanche could be dangerous." I look over what used to be a top of the line computer system. Now its nothing more then an oversived night light. "Damnit that thing cost me a whoping 10mil too. Oh well I'll just stick Malcom with the bill. Time to see what all damage has been done." As I search through the massive mess of corupted files I notice that a few were transfered back to the Union City database. "Well hopefuly this will keep them off my tail for a bit."

    Downloading a few of those files from Malcom's personal computer may not have been such a good idea after all but I needed to make it look real. If they noticed that the information they took wasn't classified Circle G files they wouldn't believe that their little trap worked. Besides it gives me an idea of what I'm up against now. First things first though I need a new computer.

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    Walking down the hallway towards Malcom's office I know this isn't going to be a pleasant social visit. Luckily for me the office is rather busy today and people are all over the place. As long as I can keep the door open I should be safe. I reach my destination and peek my head into the doorway. Malcom doesn't look like he is in a very good mood and gives me a rather intimidating glare as he stands up.

    "Sit down please Karine." he says in an unusualy calm voice. Not wanting to provoke him I do as he ask and he walks over to the door and shuts it. Damn, there went my one chance at safety.

    "Why am I being insulted by Pyromanche about a second rate hacking job?" The veins in his forehead are starting to show and I can tell he is trying his hardest not to explode." I start to respond but get another evil glare. "Why did personal files from my computer get hacked into and then transfered to the mainframe at Union City?" I think about responding again but decide against it this time. He has that same look on his face and things could get ugly at a moments notice. "Why is Pyromanche offering to give me personal supervised access to Union Cities mainframe?" The anger in his face begins to deminish as he trys his hardest to keep an angry face. "I don't know what you did to screw up but somehow its worked in our favor." Malcom now has a large ear to ear grin on his face. "Ok now here is what I want you to do." He goes into massive detail about how he intends to gain access to the files he wants. The meeting seems to go on forever even though it was in all actuality only about 45 minutes.

    As the meeting comes to an end Malcom is almost in tears laughing so hard about how full proof his plan is. I think to myself maybe this is a good time to ask for reimbursment for my fried computer. As I casualy bring it up his laughter imediately stops and I get that evil glare again. Knowing when to make an exit I jump from my seat and make a bee line for the door. As I run down the hall I can't help but think I hear the sound of Malcom laughing again.

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    Sending out a call on my commlink.. "Kate, are we all set to let Whealer in to take a look?" I can hear her thinking about how to answer me. "Well boss, are you sure this is such a good idea? There is stuff we might not want him to see."
    Sitting back in my chair a moment, I think about her words... "Kate, the fact is we really have nothing to hide. And by not letting him in, it looks like we do. I only investigate, hand in reports, I am not going to let anyone accuse me of working with that wretch Olie, nor will I take any blame for RUR's lack of security. Bazzit did a hack job, left traces all over the place, and I have proof of that."
    "Boss, what about the information you have been gathering on CG? He will find that too. That will look really bad" I take a deep breath, "That information he will not be able to find. That security encryption is too high and obscure for him. But, if you want, take it off the mainframe and move it to my personal NCU. I am going to bring him in soon, so as not to let the issue hang in the air."
    "Ok boss, consider it done. Oh I have a better idea, I will put it on another machine, where no one will find it, then after he visit, move it back. Leave it to me." "Make it so Kate" I grin broadly. "I am going to do a complete sweep of Bazzit's files, the whole family and RUR tonight. I want him to find the files and maybe we can put an end to this and clear my good name." "So why does Olie want to ruin you anyway? If I can ask"
    "I haven't a clue Kate, I haven't a clue"
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    A security camera, pointed at an empty street corner.

    A voice whispers from the shadows, into the empty street.

    - Are you busy?
    - Yes.

    - I have a job for you.
    - Not interested. I've got legal employment now.

    A slight waver in the electrical current in his NCU, followed by the smell of ozone in the air. Through the clothing shaped armour, he can tell it's an energy weapon pressing against his back.

    - Forgetting who got you here?
    A slight hesitation.
    - Allright. Meet me at the usual spot, 15 minutes from now.


    <3 hours later, recorded by a security droid during a short lived power outage.>


    - I was never here
    - Yes, I know. How do I let you know the mission was completed?

    - You don't. I will know.
    - Does this settle my debt?

    - If you succeed, you will never hear from me again.
    - And if I don't?

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    Oddly enough Olie tried to contact me the other night, I was a little busy with some other affairs, and tried to but couldnt get back in touch with her.

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    At RUR we recived a suspect package containing a severed human head (eew!) and some bolts. We called over Omni-Pol officers Jadeshimmer, Ardana and Virta who are in now investigating the incident.

    Given Olie was the architect of the recent terror campaign on RUR shareholders, she would have to be my most likely suspect (followed by Bazzit Jnr of course). The question is, if she is in custody, how is she doing all this?

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    Wrong time for a vacation

    This time of the year was usually always slow. It seemed like the days would drag on forever and ever. Though with the problems with the invasion and things heating up all over the planet, it was clear things were happening.

    But not at the RUR office.

    It seemed like business as usual. Flashwing was enjoying some nice vacation time as it seemed like he might not ever get the chance.

    Sitting around the apartment seemed strange, in fact half of his stuff was missing. Flash had moved some of his personal effects to the RUR HQ since he had been spending most of his time there. The apartment was only used to sleep at and then go back to work. Now, it seemed very home like with some nice classical music on and a general warm feeling of not having to worry about anything.

    A beeping vidcom screen suddenly shattered the afternoon's glamor. Flash put down his drink and dragged himself to the screen. It was a secure transmission.

    "Somani, Kris...authorize access"

    The screen flashed an acceptance message and then displayed a short but to the point message.
    Kris, don't get all excited about hearing from us. We thought you might want to know that someone has been snooping around the RUR database systems. You might find it interesting that RUR has been looked at heavily by groups of which have not made themselves known. We are not looking to get involved in any business's problems but since your well being depends on RUR's success, it was agreed to pass on some information to you. It's attached to this message. It's viewable once and then it self terminates.

    Please don't contact us regarding this issue


    A rap sheet suddenly appears with Pyromanche's limited information as well as some personal notes entered by someone.

    "Begin Recording" Kris uttered. His keelar sunglasses began to digitize the visual data into it's storage devices and convert the info sheet into a contact database which could be called up later. Information logs from the Union net system then appeared with hacking attemps labled with tracing information added. It seems that someone has really been snooping but what were they looking for?

    The final bit of data was a security camera recording of two su****ious and unknown characters. The information was difficult to put together but clearly this wasn't a closed case. Someone was planning on messing with RUR which means they are playing in Flash's back yard. Kris let out a long sigh realizing the old proverb that an Agent never takes a vacation.

    Indeed, this one for over.

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    In a dark corner of a bar, a lonely figure is sitting with a bottle.

    A doctor is sitting on the couch, not too far away.

    Doctor: "Are you sure you mean to go through with this?"

    Doctor: "You can't seriously be considering it. You have alot to lose".

    Doctor: "They must have something really big on you to get you to do this for them"
    -That's none of your business

    A soft beep is heard.

    Doctor: "I must go. Aliens have been spotted. Just make sure this never gets traced back to me."

    The figure is left alone with the bottle, motionless in his corner of the bar.

    How many times are choices considered in front of an empty bottle?
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    A team of Omni-Med doctors is sitting around a body on a table.

    "How did this happen?"
    "Hard to tell. It was a combination of drugs, genetically matched DNA-Viruses, and a serious NCU hack-job. Looks like an entire team was at work on this one."

    "Any ideas as to who?"
    "All we have is a video of the doctor speaking to him. The doctor is unidentified, but definitely neutral - however, there is no indication of the doctor doing anything adverse. Our best guess is that the final poison was inserted into his drink."

    "But this should be impossible. He is dead. The reclaim terminal should have claimed him by now"
    "He isn't dead. He's in suspended animation. Whoever did this didn't want him to die - they just wanted to prevent him from moving. They did such a good job, that I doubt he will be aware of what happened when he wakes up."

    "How much longer do you think?"
    "2-3 hours. That's all the time we have. After that, either the insurance device will reclaim him, or he will perma-die."

    "You haven't been able to figure out where he is insured?"
    "We don't know if he is insured."

    <Zoom in>
    <Pane towards face>
    <SYSTEM: User Requested Backup Commencing>
    <SYSTEM: User Requested Backup Commencing>
    <SYSTEM: Backup Completed. Files removed>

    Somewhere, a printer hums to life. It prints out a zoomed image of an eye.

    A copy of the image gets stored in portable information device.
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    Grr...krrr... static... static,... krrrr,... grrrrr......

    Access denied....
    Access denied....
    Access denied....

    ......" Who the hell is there ???? -----SECURiiiiiiiii......." ... the voice chockes in its own blood,...... *** big grin**** - Stupid penal colony communicationcenter guard-


    START OF Transmission

    Garotta ,.. you low-life,.. where have you been. !!!!

    Get the hell over here. NOW !!!!

    Running out on me like that ,.. you bloody bloody bloody .........

    Now move your lazy butt over here and get me out !!!!

    Oh,... BTW,... Pyromanche,... she is KOS ,..... *** BIG GRIN ***

    Grr...krrr... static... static,... krrrr,... grrrrr......

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    Hmmmm ,... Eddy isn't this Swifheals old office?

    Yes, Rashid it is , I wonder why they kept it sealed so long?

    Well, Eddy, measuring by the dust it must be at least a few years.
    So let get started and clean this place up for its new owner,....

    ....clean,... dust-off ,.. clean,... clean,.... soap and wax the floor,.... dust-off,... clean,...

    Rashid,.... look here,... behind the cupboard,... and enveloppe,...with an address,

    "To the Warden of the Omni-Pol penal Colony".

    Warden of the penal colony ,... Oh ,.. Eddy,... I am sorry curriosity killed the cat and I am a dog ,... I am gonna read this,....

    "I Swiftheal hereby authorizes the release of Oliewabie with immediate effect and grand her the rigth to return to rubi-Ka"

    A release letter? ,.. Rashid we must have this letter delivered immediately.
    Swiftheal clearly intended this for us to do,... I am sure.
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