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Thread: Innocence Lost, A Tyrant Born!

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    With my chains removed the ravenous beast within me was unleashed. I spared no time opening fire on the clanner audience. I met with up with commander Tza and the soldier squad to report in. "Good job Gun, attack is going smoothly, we just gotta keep up the offensive" Tza said. "Gun come with us" Inarion shouted. I joined him and Sebuda as we headed to western part of the city to launch our attack. "The clanners keep thier women and children hidden in this quadrant and we've been ordered to annihilate as many of them as possible" Seb said. "This is a barbaric act, but orders are orders" inar replied. "I have no problem with it guys, ill kill each and everyone of them. Its time to exact my revenge and make all them suffer" I said wickedly. We were nearing the safe houses for the clans when we were ambushed by Doomaxe and Brici. "Thats as far you three are going, Brici lets add some more omni heads to our trophy case" Doomaxe said. " Im up for that" Brici responded. "Gun go, me and seb will take care of these two, you just complete the misshion" Inar said to me. "Alright, but dont you two go dying on me, I want to see you guys back at base to recieve our medals, take care" I responded. I reached the building where the women and children civilians were kept and to my suprise it was very quiet. Seems that they knew I was coming here and they were trying thier best to avoid me. I then heard a child cry come from one of the rooms and I quickly busted the door down. "Get behind me children" the woman said as she reached for a bat and swung at me. I then grabbed the bat and then I reached for her throat and held it tight. I watched and laughed as she struggled in my grasp trying to breath, but all her efforts failed. Within a matter of minutes I saw her eyes roll to the back of her head and then I tossed her dead corpse out of the window. The children cried and screamed with deep terror on thier faces and were froze stiff from it. As I held up my Spastic ready to fire, I felt a gun point reach the back of my head. "You sick demented freak, you think Id actually let you get away with this, it all ends here and now Gunsaber" Zantetzutske said to me. "Ah yes Zan, how could I forget about you, are you still upset about that little incident with your son?" I said to him. "THATS ENOUGH TALK, JUST DIE!" Zan said as he opened fire on me hitting me in my upper right shoulder. I opened fire back on him and and hit him in the upper left shoulder nearly piercing his heart. A loud voice of pain came from Zan as he hit the ground bleeding. I walked over to Zan holding my bullet wound and hit him with the rear of my spastic, "Relax Zan, Im not going to kill you, I just want to see you suffer. I want to see you suffer over the loss of your loved ones and people who you could not save, such as these children. At that moment I turned around and opened fire on all the children creating a huge blood bath. " You monster" Zan said with tears in his eyes. "Poor Poor Zan, you coudnt save them because of your injury, and to think this would never would have happened if you hadnt trained them to defy Omni-tek" I said wickedly. Zan sat thier quietly in a daze and just sulked about his failure to protect his people. In a quick flash Gridzfix came zooming up to me to inform me of our progress. "Zantetzutske, Gun lets finish him" Grid said to me. " No Grid, hes finished enough, watching him grieve over the deaths of his people is much more interesting than sending him to the reclaim over and over" I responded with wickedness. "Well, the misshion was a success gun, we've been ordered to pull out. Everyone else is gone already, so I came to warp you out" Grid said to me. "Thanks Grid, began warp anytime" I responded. Before we left I turned around and said my final words to Zan. "No matter what you do Zan, you will always fail. You have yet to witness the true power of Omni-tek, and when you do, it will be a power far greater than death. You should consider yourself lucky Zan, afterall, your still alive. Now live with your fears and regrets, and let them be a reminder of this day" I said to Zan. I then gave grid the signal to warp us and soon we would be on our way to back to celebrate a great victory for Omni-tek.

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    moremoremoremore omg...

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    im a hero

    the hero zantezutske capture tsukts in newland at the grid where she is shouting her deeds.

    zante: so u come with me now tsukts...

    tsukts:yeah right u and what army? if u didndt know newland is OMNI territory.

    zante then nodded his head and out came his loyal phoenix squad.

    zante: gunsaber want atrocities? rip her in four pieces and impale them on the cement here by the grid terminal!

    tsukts looked with her eyes and u could see the tears from her eyes as doom katth and inkash approched her.....

    katth: but sir! the cement dont got any sharp edges?

    zante looked at katth with the look u dont want too be looked at with.

    zante: make it happen!

    1 hour later tsukts little body were impaled on the cement ends by the grid terminal and a bloody note layed in her mouth!

    note patch: it`s begun.....
    zante`s gear

    MR Ross

    “Do not underestimate the clans, if my time on this world has taught me anything, it is that if one man can think it, plan it or prepare for it, then you can be assured that someone else, somewhere, is thinking exactly the same thing”

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    you... are... SO MEAN!!!

    ./me runs away crying...

    and its him.. k?

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    I pwnd Tsukts whaha DIE!!!!!
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    I have learned that most of the community is, for lack of a better word, dumb.
    R.I.P. Breyers

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    "Woot, Party on people" I heard Xamdam shout. We were celebrating a glorious victory for Omni-tek. I saw all my fellow soldiers celebrating with all kinds of alcoholic beverages being splashed around. "Heya Gun, come join in on the fun" Tacky said to me drunk. "Not right now tacky, ill join you guys later on" I responded. "Suit yourself" Tacky said as he staggered off. General Kaehler Jr. then came up to me and began to speak. "Saber I want to congradulate you on a job well done. That was some of the best work ive seen through my years as a general" General Kaehler said to me with a proud look on his face. "Thank you sir" I replied. "So what do you plan on doing after your graduation?" the general asked. "Well I think ill travel to the shadowlands on a quest for knowledge" I responded to the general. "Wise choice saber, Omni-tek will be pleased to know more of thier employees are in the shadowlands. You'd also be a better help to the Unredeemed aswell." the general stated. "Unredeemed?" I responded with vague look. "Yes Gunsaber, The Unreedemd are fighting these angelic devils known as the reedemed in a struggle for notum control. They are our comrades and shadow masters. If you prove yourself worthy enough, you might just inherit thier monsterous strength and gain your Shadowbreed. Once you obtain that, then you'll know who you truely are" the general told me. That nite I stayed up pondering what the general had meant. The Unreedemed and Shadowbreed were all just a blur to me. Thier was only one way that I would find out about it, and that was to travel to the Shadowlands and gain all the knowledge I can about it. The next morning I stood in line with my fellow soldiers as we recieved our Omni token boards and medals followed by a speach from the one and only Philip Ross. Mr. Ross then made his way to center stage and gave us his brilliant speech.

    "Oh, listen you sibling of Omni-Tek. It is I, Philip Ross, who personally sign this proclamation. These Flags of Glory and Redemption is indeed our highest Award, and let this be a small but oh so deserved sign of our gratitude.
    There might be many months of war left before the terrorist threat of the clans has been crushed. I am more than thrilled to know that you, one of our most outstanding employees, will show strength and determinations in the time ahead! Let it be so.... " Mr.Ross spoke. He then made his way off stage and into an Omni transport ship back to Omni-Headquarters.

    At that moment a giant appluad was sounded all through the Secondary Omni-tek base. To some this was a great ending, but for me, it was only the beginning.

    THE END!
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    Now that it's over, I want to be the first to say that was the BEST STORY EVER!

    Administrator Jacob Stroud
    Omni-Tek Department Affiliate Program - Administrative Representative, Rimor

    Omni-Administrative Services Special Operations Subdepartment K-62
    Commissioner, RKDC

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    Thank you! Just showing eveyone how evol is born and how it will always prevail. And to the clammers who died in this story, I want you to always remember. OMNI-TEK IS YOUR FRIEND!.

    Hmm, maybe i should have said.

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    woot woot woot!

    u didnt add me tho

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    gunsaber u can kill me over and over....but u need too kill the name too
    zante`s gear

    MR Ross

    “Do not underestimate the clans, if my time on this world has taught me anything, it is that if one man can think it, plan it or prepare for it, then you can be assured that someone else, somewhere, is thinking exactly the same thing”

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    Well, new story may come soon
    Remember Clammies,


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    Nice story Gunsaber and now back to flagwars you OT solja!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Psythe View Post
    I have learned that most of the community is, for lack of a better word, dumb.
    R.I.P. Breyers

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