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Thread: Compilation of ALL the ideas I could find

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    Oh and heres another thing that personally I'd like: an ingame MP3 player! it could be set to just play songs like winamp, but it could be even better, for instance you could make the "under attack" music "the beegies- staying alive". That'd give me a laugh. or "stop in the name of love". So the idea I'm pushing here is to put your own music instead of the ingame music for different things, under attack, in mission, traveling, shopping, (anything else). Can you imagine the sweetness!? I can, and it, um, smells sweet.
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    Thumbs up

    All ideas except the yalhama fuel


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    i don't know what 'bumping' is...but here's one just for fun...


    did i do it right?

    i'm going to post my stuff here from now on maul..hope you don't mind. this thread is about to become stickier than super-glue.


    todays magical idea (that won't become part of the game):

    * all arenas should have spectator seats and you should be able to gamble on a prize fight

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    BTW - SWG - don't do it...don't...


    just a BTW, in case you're thinking of moving to that 'other' game, which i know a lot of you are already thinking about, it's just mind's the same game for cripes sake...don't bother...

    here - have a look...

    this looks like reet retreat with robots...nothing new...

    can you say oasis ?

    the only thing i don't see here is a yalm...*yawn*

    and i SWEAR i've seen this gal all over the place in newland city/borealis...minus the produce section behind her...

    that's just my take...

    'nuff said...

    p.s. there are no leets on tatooine! get used to it!!! =]

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    1) Music: I'd like to be able to control WinAmp without tabbing out of AO.

    If I could play my MP3's by equipping a walkman in-game, or clicking on the stereo in my apartment, it'd be great.

    2) News: I'd like to be able to read the news articles from the site by purchasing a newspaper in-game, and examining it.

    3) Employee of the Month: One of the large advertisments in Entertainment could instead feature an "Employee of the Month". It could just be the generic character pic from the profiles on the site. Have their name, profession, and some sort of jazzy slogan... like in a supermarket.

    I'd prefer choosing them at random, myself.

    4) Sky Diner: I'd like to see a club/bar/restaurant that floats high above a city. You could go up and relax, just like in the Rompa bar, and look out. Entertainment would be a nice place for it, but if crowding would bring up concerns of crashes, it could always go in Lush Resort or someplace like that.

    5) Plastic Surgery Clinics: to change your face/height/weight

    6) Clothing: Robes with more bulk to them would be nice.

    7) Trasportation: I'd really like to be able to ride one of those long-legged camel things.... Old Golffes...? Or something like that.

    8) RK Sports: Old Golffe Races? Might be better than an arena, and hey- then you could have a sports section in the newspaper (see above).

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    I love the idea of a Skybar AND a walkman. Also, maybe for the Employee of the Month, there could be a giant viewscreen that changed every RL day.
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    There's some damned good ideas here. Shame the subways aren't happening. The idea of agents playing cat and mouse in an abandoned subway would be cool IMHO.

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    Hi i hope i don't hit any double now.

    1) Cosmetic Surgery. Change size, body, hair above "birth values".
    2) Drugs ( They will shortly increase stats, skills but have also bad effects. Higher ql bring more advantage and less bad effects. )
    3) Crime : Hit jobs, steal jobs, spy jobs, smuggeling etc. with a personal crime register and a personal crime index. If your crime index is very high you will be attack by your own guards too etc. Option to be a head hunter.
    4) More weapon modifications:
    a) auto targetting unit: +to weapon skill
    b) target googles: +weapon skill ( with visual effect, target scope)
    c) laser sign: +to weapon skill on short distance ( with visual effect )
    d) silencer: - to aggrorate of nearby mobs, if you attack mobs
    e) shock absorber: +damage to burst and fa attacks and/or +skill fa/burst
    f) auto correcting unit: +damage to fling shot and/or +skill fling
    5) different ammunition types
    a) one ammo type per damage type: ql defines the percent additional damage in ammo type damage type
    b) armor piercing/high energy focus: reduces enemy armor ( good for low damage, fast weapons )
    c) caseless ammunition: more ammo in weapon hold
    6) -skill in darkness and lowlight google to counter it
    7) + in some stats if you regulary eat and drink, maybe sleep
    8) visual effect of jewellery. Make jewellery seeable on the player . Make nano and glowing juwerlery. ( option for deactivating this effects for low end computer !)
    9) pets for your appartment.... and no i don't want dogs ! I want snakes, slimes, rats, bots etc
    10) more effect to implants:
    11) more race differenses: nanos should gain more damage, duration, effect if they are the master of nanos. Atrox should also gain natural armor, opifex natural evasion, etc.
    12) More effects to traps. Long lasting nanos. More Damage. Destruction of chest if triggerd. Alarm .. all nearby mobs attack.
    13) Hackable computers, that controls doors, lifts etc.
    14) Automatic gun turrets (hackable via a control computer)
    15) Schield generators that protect all nearby mobs and must be destroyed first.
    16) Disease .. need a doc to heal
    17) Vehicle weapons: If you have a car you want to shoot in it.
    18) Much more vehicle models.
    19) Equipment decay.. ( yea i know you all hate it ) but if the big big gun makes holes into you it will damage your armor !
    20) Repair skill for above
    21) Make all loot visable to all team members. Like "you see blabla" looting "blabla" from "blabla". ( If you need to make concealment against perception tests) [ I hate the "i loot all if i'am not seen people !" ]
    22) Reputation: If your makeing something increadible unusual give someone reputation... high reputation will make npc communicate more polite and you get some discounts.. maybe even if you reputation is realy high you get a personal guard if you enter cities etc.



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    Fix mission terminals. QL of mission is deviated from to much in lvl of MOBs. Also add a better reward and mission placement system so clicksaver is not needed to remove mission terminal camping.

    Add more bodytypes and hairstyles that can be added to face of choice.

    Make all nanos that are class defining and needed for balancing avilable in shops, and no more of that stupid boss loot only.

    Make melee wepons more futuristic, or more useless when they are not.

    More types of clothing that is not skintight, and a lot more different alternatives to ugly armored coats (I especialy would love a armored black trenchcoat).

    Give clanners sets of armor that is Madmax like.

    Fix custom service that appear to dissapeared at 14.2 patch (I have not even recieved e-mail replies to my support-mail that I have sent, not even the auto replies that we got before).

    Get a plot and take notes to how players have changed the appearant RK politics (there is no war, and people don´t seem to care about it either, so don´t give us that lame evil omni vs good clanners crap since it sertenly is not true anymore if it ever was).
    Give good support to those players that want to arange events (at least they try to do so).
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    Caster vs non- caster balance

    Casters can attack themselves.
    Non- casters can't.

    Casters have limited amount of power (nano) and since the 1/2 damage in PVP thing they are nearly useless. Should use 1/2 the amount of nano when in pvp.

    Non-casting attacks simply take longer...but they never run out!

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    RPG-Flag maybe like in EQ. Make someone who flags himself rpg like, with a different colored name or.. so

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    1. Static missions for duels. If two people want to duel, they hit the arena terminal and are zoned into a static 10-20 room mission. Lots of crates, walls etc, to limit los. Both players are completely debuffed, all pets/charmed terminated, and a 30 second countdown would being before the doors all 'unlocked'. Neither player is zoned out untill one is dead, or one lds. Remove pnts from all arena fights as well. Titles should be given for your duty to your side, not for how well you farm the arena. This would of course require much more dynamic pvp then what currently exists. See number 10.

    2. Apartment additions. For 100 million or more credits, with a daily 1-2 mill credit deduction, the ability to add things to your apartment. Grid access. Bank. Save terminal. Mission terminal. One portal to any of your side's OPs.

    3. Change mobs completely. Give them same stats as a twinked player of the same level. Have them hunt in packs etc. Give them some actual AI. Summon pets. Change weapon damage. Run away. Etc.

    4. Change mob xp curve. Currently, 99.2% of the playerbase level 90-199 will be fighting the exact same mobs in the exact same boring BS missions for xp.

    5. Realistic melee weapons. It's sad when we're using beams and swords in a sci fi game. There are currently several futuristic melee weapons, and they all suck really really bad.

    6. Relook your weapon rules. Whatever the parameters are for designing new weapons are, making a weapon have less then 1 second attack/recharge does not make up for it's pathetic damage. When one looks at these weapons, it is almost as if the designers did not realize that they can't actually go faster then 1 second. (Claiming the benifits of lowering agg/deff bar doesn't cut it.)

    7. Add quests. After being open for over a year, it's really really really really somewhat sad that there are three whole quests in this game.

    8. Add high level content. Not that there's any low level content either, but since most low level players are still in the euphoria of newness, it's not as big of a deal. That euphoira has vanished by 100+, and teaming for xp doesn't give anyone a warm tingly the last time i checked.

    9. Add some variety. This goes for just about everything. Weapons, armor, vehicles, etc. There is nothing evil about making 30 different types of armor with the same stats. Do you see all those people running around in elite or decranum or flowers? Wouldn't it be wonderful if all those people could have the same stats, but instead of being placed in 3 armor categories, be placed in 90? And what is the big evilness of creating two or more weapons with the exact same stats but totaly different look?

    10. A revamped events team. I'd love to see a greenie gather people throughout omni and lead them out to some desolate place, only to come across another greenie led group of clanners. Then, when the ensuing firefight began, instead of wiping everyone out with their gazillion damage hits, they'd merely direct things. omni gms would direct omni forces, clan gms would direct clan forces. GMs with the ability to lower supression fields, allowing a gm to lead a clan force to slaughter people in omni ent, then a gm could gather omni forces to repel the clanners and possibly lead them in a retalitory strike vs Tir. GMs who can summon in cyborgs to ravage a populated OP. The list goes on. The key though being that the greenies aren't proactive. They sit in the back and mediate and direct. Using their powers to get the ball rolling, but ultimately allowing the players involved to decide the outcome. (Not the current greenies who just blast anything standing in their way.) I think it's very very very lame the way things are done now.

    I've many more ideas, but I'll restrain myself at 10.

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    Just adding my support for ideas 1 & 10 in particular. The problem with events has been discussed before: players are unable to affect the outcome of events, even slightly. Getting killed in an event is no big deal. Getting killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, with no hope of changing the outcome - that's a problem, and leads to players being nervous of the whole idea of events in general.

    I liked the idea of spawning MOBs in a 75%, and letting the players deal with them. I suggested something similar in another thread a while back. Would it be a good idea to have a category of MOB that uses restrictions similar to those for PvP to govern who it can and can't attack or be attacked by? It seems to me that the events team could then use an automated tool to spawn MOBs of the right level mix for the population of the area under attack, without having low-level players and newbies being massacred by MOBs 150 levels higher than themselves.

    As for the duelling idea - sheer brilliance! Simple to implement, gank-free fun for all the family. Might be a few problems to irom out if you wanted to include teams, instead of a simple free-for-all, but nothing that couldn't be ironed out.



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    in terms of events i would really like to see a set of battlegrounds for the different levels, where 20-30+ people show up from each side (omni-clan) and kinda do a charge and kill fest. thats what war is all about donchaknow... and there would be bonuses for showing up like automatically gaining a level or getting items+experience. just my 2 creds.

    edit: of course there could be different battlegrounds that you could only enter if you are a certain level to keep the fighting balanced instead of being surrounded by a bunch of level 200's.
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    Cool a whole lotta bumping going on...

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    It's pointless, since FunCom is about to go bankrupt anyway, but...


    btw: buying yalm fuel needs to be taken off the list. That idea sux

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    What's this?

    Oh.... a BUMP
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    If your in a team, and you hit P... to bring up the world map. It should show your teammates on the map.. in a mission, zone, county... etc.. just a little color'd dot would work... It makes it easier for people to find places i.e. hunting grounds or static dungeons, if people can hit P and look at where their teammates are standing or are next to.

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    k got another idea, dunno if its been said yet though. If you have noticed we have 3 utilites. And when your low level, of course they arent used right away. (unless you use a light, wenwen and the new scope thing that adds 2 to NP or turns to fixer thingy) If maybe... you could equip a few floating torches, and make it a bit brighter? Or show 3 of em? Cuz I see no difference right now between wearin 1 torch, or 3.. lol.. ok so its a gimp idea but its still worth thinking 2 seconds about?

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    k sorry for the 3rd post in a row, but goin back over what everyones said. Hey Zylina its not very nice in your Signature. I have progress quest.. Its fun to watch!!! look up ch34ptr1x.. lvl 65!!!! Woot

    oh, who ever though up Lampshade hats!!! Good idea =)

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