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Thread: Compilation of ALL the ideas I could find

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    If only it could all be added now

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    Originally posted by CompanyMan
    Then have a list of recipes. If you pick up the ingredients and right click on the glass, you add that item to the glass. At some point the glass becomes a drink. Then people can have real drinks at parties.
    Just add a wee bit of randomness to the character's walk, and you have instant in-game drunkenness. Perhaps even fubar the chat a little to add slurred speech...

    Cheers (literally),


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    Thanks for your ideas, everyone!

    Heehee, it seems people care more about their apartments and social experiences than balance. ROCK ON!
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    Talking BUMP-O-MATIC

    Love the ideas - but the option to sue ppl is IMHO inviting to exploits. PPL would sue for anything, hoping to earn a quick mill. It would ruin the game. Also, this would be a waste of the GMs / ARKs time. They should use their time on events.

    Also 2 more ideas was a bit odd, when you concider thet we're 30000 years in the future.
    1. Regular glasses - I would think ppl would just get an eye implant instead. (Sunglasses look cool, that's why they're around)
    2. Yalm fuel. I would presume they use an energycell not needing any refueling/recharging. Or they just use solar panels, which would be effective with 2 suns.
    Love the rest of the original post dough. FC should take this tread seriously, because lots of new stuff and gadgets would bring ppl back to the game, and I think all citizens of Rubi-Ka would be happy if they only got some new clothes now.

    For those who have been in the millitary, you all know that good equipment, and lots of it = high morale. I think this applies to Rubi-Ka too.
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    Both good points, Corz. However, regular glasses would just kinda...look cool

    And, the Yalm fuel was suggested as a money sink for higher levels.
    Katelin "Missmaul" Locknane -Sloooowly climbing her way out of the dank pits of gimpness. But stil crazy. Ya know...just in case you cared.

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    Anything that will enhance coolness is ok by me... But a moneysink..? When FC let players lvl beyond lvl200 we wouldn't need a moneysink. Lvl up to 300 - 500 I think will be sh1tty expencive... (If they ever let us go that far)

    Anyway.... I've been thinking hard to come up with any ideas, and I thought of a few.

    1. Consuming water and food will heal your HP fast. (No waiting on skill-lock)
    2. 52" Wide-Screen TV (Just with an animation on the screen - Propaganda for OT, Debates for neutrals and MTV for clans)
    3. Suggested many times before - Civil clothes tab on Wear!
    4. Straight out of GTA3 - Radio channels for your home sound system! If you have played GTA3, you know what I mean. (Maybe the same fuction for #2)
    5. Furniture such as a drawer should function as a bank. The fridge too!
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    Malcom Freiman, aka Corz, Clanner RK2

    We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.

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    Thumbs up

    I like the ideas on making the characters more realistic such as:
    -Body Piercings:
    -Eye(spike,ring, etc)

    -Futuristic (this is in the future)
    -Matrix (for the ultimate baddass)
    -Clubbing (gotta love reet retreat)
    -gothic (SPIKEY, BLACK, oooohhh YEAH!)
    -shoulder pads...they own
    -I want some more glasses

    -customizable color based on hex
    -many different models to choose from
    -open vehicles

    -emotes.....already explained a lot
    -hair color changable
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    ok coo

    jus give me a cigar too

    and lawn chairs
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    -- Ride animals! Yeehaaw!
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    And what about some neck jewelry ? or "amulet" with some bonuses ?

    We have many unused rooms (mainly at low levels) in our "utility" slots (in a wide sense, including shoulders, neck...)

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    Sticky for the designers.
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    Would be really cool the ability to 'hire'.

    Hire servants to acompany and cary backpacks, little droids to stuff, bodygaurds or hire a help of an NPC for a mission or a combat.

    Ultimate one, hire a group of guards and lead them in a PvP battle to face the same group from the oposing side.
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    /me runs to update the list
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    Talking Gratz with the Sticky!

    Anyway, how about if that new Shadowland city (can't remember it's name) could be a link between Rubi-Ka 1 and 2 ?

    Keep those ideas comming folx, I can't think of any more right now
    Malcom Freiman, aka Corz, Clanner RK2

    We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.

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    would be nice if Funcom would enable a new line of doctor-only portable surgery kits, that would let them change other's face/height/weight.

    This implementation is already being suggested by members of development team, however they are still deciding on going with it or not.

    Detail of this face change petition can be found here:

    Also, aside from letting doctors change others looks, stationary Cosmetic Surgery Labs suggested by Vorpal Bunny and Ayvalen can be put inside of Miir Shops.

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    Another improvement

    You forget the slider to set up the opacity of the chat board.
    A lot of people cant read the chat in very light areas like desert, labs, basic shops, etc... Dont forget the LLTS who is very annoying even the night when you face a white object or wall.

    I need a 100% opacified chat board, or a dynamic one, but do something !

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    Great Job, MissMaul... Some wonderful, fun ideas. This is the type of stuff I really miss in this game.

    Thanks for the sticky, Coz.
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    Oh yeah some real nice ideas, especially the apartment related ones, as for me that is a HUGE part of the game, but I think we should be allowed chests and stuff for storage not just there to look good, definately more furniture in different colours and styles, and damn put a light in that lil back room, my rocket lamp doesn't cut the mustard in there

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    Here's an easy one: better portable light sources. The only currently available is only marginally better than nothing. A few mission rooms and most of the great outdoors at night are a pain.
    Related money sink: headlamp modification for yalmaha's.

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