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Thread: High end fixer Weapons – The Alien Dimension

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aratink
    Hehe, the question you answered was 18 months old, but....thank you for bumping a great thread.
    lol darn /me needs to look at date *blushes*

    ah well, a bump now and then can't hurt :P

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    Hi Zura !

    As this post is a sticky for me, wanted to ask your opinion (and those of other fixers coming around) about the newly possible dual wielding of KMP type5 and Hawk MK5.

    It would look like, even with a high i.p. cost (an hardly buffable) FA skill, this configuration would be interesting for the very beginning of fight, mostly in Pvp may be ? Would allow us fixers to bring an intense dmg output in a row, a kind of Alpha most agents know.

    I guess on a long fight, a more classical equipment config would stay more productive, as FA is a long recharge special, and the difficulty to rise it not allowing to wear highest ql LE guns.

    But remarking that the LE guns have same a/r rate, and quite higher dmg than equivaling ql AI guns, may be the regular damages could be kept balanced between hands ?

    And as AI KMP 5 have a little lower Burst recharge (2400 instead of 2500 for LE Hawk), bring AI right hand, and LE left one would may be become the new best choice.

    What you, Zuran and all think bout that ?
    Bitnykk/Bittorrent - young RL of AP & old emissary of CODE

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitnykk View Post
    And as AI KMP 5 have a little lower Burst recharge (2400 instead of 2500 for LE Hawk)
    you mixed up the lines
    KMP has 4000 Burst cycle, requires around 1480 skill or something to cap
    Hawk has 2500, that's about equal to the KSMG, needs a lot less burst skill

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    yeah my mistake

    so maybe put Hawk on right hand, and kmp 5 on left to have the Hawk low burst recharge time, the kmp quick flingh shot plus a bonus full auto special ?
    Bitnykk/Bittorrent - young RL of AP & old emissary of CODE

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    Thumbs up

    Wow, finally I found the thread I had been searching for...

    I for one went from 170 to 203 w/o a SMG, just b/c I cost too much for me to have to farm for it. And was using the ql 191 (s)PB until yesterday, where I finally got a ql 244 KMP5 on, and now are searching for the offhand option.

    Sorry for being a 'noob' at all this numbers, but AR=Attack Rating right, and is it just = SMG skill ? Or is it affected by other factor? Asking because, how does one get to 1600+ AR? I had to twink havily to get to the 1628 SMG req. of the 244 KMP5!

    I didn't realize the burst recharge b/w the Kry SMG vs. Kry MP, so should I reconsider the Kry SMG until my Burst skill is up to the 1400 req. to cap the Kry MP's Burst recharge?

    Hawk will be my next wpn. I guess, once I get to 210 and be able to get some BS action for VPs.

    Thanks for this Zura, but as I can see from the post, most of the original posts were 2004-2005, and didn't see alot of them posting any more, so not sure if this is still a good place to ask, but nevertheless, THX for the info.!

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