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Thread: Losing Yalmaha :(

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    Thumbs down Losing Yalmaha :(

    Well i have too say that this games really sucks bad now... Well u will understand after reading wy i think that....

    On thuesday evening at about 20.00-22.00 GMT there where many servercrashes atleast 3.... in that time this happend

    In the btween these crashes i had too put my yalamaha in bag... did not have space too pick up items... well that was np.. well i played maybe for 10-15 min more... then a another servercrash happend... i logged in and i had my BELT in the fast key position....(i allways have Yalmaha on '0' key) hmm... this sucks and i relogged again, that did not help either well i thougt that i had too zone or something.. well i couldent zone at all.. because i was in NO mans land... there where a end of map... well i had no other chance too Terminate myself and lose all XP... well after rezoning i went too reclaim terminal and get my items... i locked all bags and i had no yalamaha......

    Well i made a petition... and after 2 days a GM spoke whit me..... This is the most sad part of this story.......

    Well i told him what happend and he would see if he could give yalmaha back... well after 5 min he says this.. (making long story short)

    He tells me this......

    We can see that u had 1 yalamaha before the crash and We can see that u did not have yalmaha after the crash.... BUT they cant see that i lost the Yalamaha.....??????

    Well i told him that Yalmaha is NO DROP and it only can disapear in Crash or bug......

    Well he says that he cant do anything about it... because they cant see that i lost the yalmaha.. ((((

    Well im not stupid.... and in my ears it sounds like this

    (The GM just told me that i might have been Exploiting or Duping the yalmaha and therefore cant get newone back...)

    Well this is the sick part of AO REALLY sick!!! this game is soo Exploited and Duped that GM's have given up on honest people....

    Sorry for my bad spelling

    Well thats it....

    Does the game suck? well u now what i think

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    Unhappy hm...

    I had the same thing happen to me, only less strange. I had my jet in my inventory, also hotkeyed on '0', logged off for the night. When I logged back the following day, it was gone and my hotkey was bare. Very odd. I petitioned also and got even less of a response than you did, basicly, "sorry, but we cannot return lost items at this time". =|

    Much like you, I was very upset and was thinking of quitting the game - I think at the time I stayed because I had good friends that convinced me too, hehe. Well, months later, I have another jet ***knocks on wood*** and the game is more enjoyable to me now than ever before! Don't give up, the game *still* has great rewards, both in materials and in people! =)


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    Funcom, when items disappear during periods of server instability, it's rarely due to player duping/exploits. You know perfectly well the crash/database problems are usually responsible for losses. It's time to be honorable, admit mistakes, and take some accountability (by giving items like planes/cars/etc, which otherwise couldn't disappear for 99%+ of the players, back to the players who lost them).

    LESS THAN 1% (if that) of your customers ACTIVELY attempt to dupe/exploit in manners that would cause those kinds of disappearances. Yet you're treating EVERYONE as if they were.

    If a person reports a loss of a NODROP item, such as a Yalm, then in the VAST MAJORITY of cases it's buggy server software or server hardware instability caused it. Return the item to them. Only if they are FREQUENTLY reporting such losses (and you KNOW there weren't associatedly frequent server/database problems) is it fair to start accusing people of exploiting/duping items.

    It's bad enough already that we have to deal with the ridiculous NODROP restriction preventing resale of vehicles, this kind of treatment just goes over the line in terms of treating customers poorly.

    Every time GMs say "We can't, you might have been duping/exploiting", they are accusing a paying customer of cheating, and punishing them for cheating, without any chance to appeal or question the decision or punishment..

    That doesn't really seem like a good approach to attracting and keeping players, particularly ones who just lost items which required LOTS of effort to afford in the first place.

    Edited because initial post seemed a bit too harsh on reread.
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    bump bump and bump again. Wake up FC.

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    We can see that u had 1 yalamaha before the crash and We can see that u did not have yalmaha after the crash.... BUT they cant see that i lost the Yalamaha
    um...WTF is that? If you can see he had it before and not after then you can see how many credits he has before and after. Even if he knew an exploit you think he just gave it away for free?

    /me shakes head.

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    I lost a kodiak as well. Had it equipped, but it wouldn't let me unequip it. So I took it out of HUD1 and put it in my inventory where it promptly disappeared. I tried zoning and logging to no avail. Also lost some equipment that I had just traded today when we both got kicked at the same time.

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    The only way to get rid of a Yalmaha is to intentionally delete it. They saw he had it before the crash, and didn't have it after, HE DIDN'T DELETE IT DURING THE SERVER CRASH NOW DID HE!? What a friggin moron that GM must be.

    Duuuuuuuh he lost it in the crash give him a new one.


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    It seems like everyone here lost a vehicle to different situations which is sad to hear. I've passed this thread onto the rest of the team so it can be looked into in more depth.
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    Originally posted by Cosmik
    It seems like everyone here lost a vehicle to different situations which is sad to hear. I've passed this thread onto the rest of the team so it can be looked into in more depth.
    I lost my Kodiak the other day. When I logged off it was equipped, when I logged on again it was gone. I suspect it was because my inventory was full. Anyway, I petitioned and after a few responses from support when I was offline, first an ARK then a GM appeared in front of me. I was transfered to a "safe place" by the GM and I got my Kodiak back Unfortunately, I had already bought a new car, so now I have 2 Kodiaks of the same QL. He wouldn't give me a credit refund. Too bad I can't trade the Kodiak, it's NODROP.
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    Woot? You actually *got it back*? That's the first time I've heard of AO not adhering to their "if you lose it it's gone forever, we won't reimburse you" policy.

    Is this an official change, Cosmik/Cz?

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    Lightbulb Loss of Yamaha upon death, Cozmik plz reply

    I have two friends in my guild that also have had this happen. In the last two weeks, two people in my guild have had their Yamahas just disapear when they died. Both players had room in their inventory, and neither had it in a bag. Both players petitioned about it. One player waited several hours for a response, and when a GM showed up he was told 'Sorry, if I had gotten here earlier then I would be able to check out the log and see if you had it. I can't look it up in the log now, so I can't give it back.' The other player (also having waited a few hours) was told that the log didnt show him having a Yamaha as far as it went back (it had been too long).

    Both players lost their Yamahas to bugs, and couldn't get it returned because FUNCOM took too long to answer their petitions! One of the players may not be playing anymore because of it (he had spent forever saving and borrowed quite a bit from friends). I think this is pretty screwed up, and I find myself wondering if the same thing will happen to me if I get killed. I have a QL36 Yamaha I found in a mission chest a while ago, and I don't want to lose it to a combination of bug and poor service. I have several screen shots saved of it, but I dont know if that will be acceptable proof. Cozmik, What do I have to do to make sure that I can prove I own a Yamaha if mine gets lost to a bug. Should I petition now so that I can have it logged that I own it? It is a pretty serious question, Yamaha's are the most expensive item in the game. Please contact the GMs and find out what we can do to prove that we really own our vehicles if we petition. Thanks

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    too bad we can't insure them.

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    When I lost mine

    (zoned with full inventory, How the HECK was I supposed to know?!?!? no one ever told me not to!)

    I did a /petition I waited for 3 1/2 hours while I kept doing /petition status Eventually I was 2 in line, then You have no pending request. WTF ?!?!?!

    SO I submit a test petition just to see and sure enought you pet is #64


    Over 4 mil credits DOWN THE DRAIN and you tell me TOO BAD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I want either my plane back or I want the credits back to buy another one. Check your records, I got mine by playing your stupid game..... so don't give me this BS about TOO BAD

    OK, I fell better now

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    Yalmaha Loss

    I only have one comment for funcom. I'm > < this far from quitting, the only thing that has kept me from quitting was the fact that I was able to purchase a yalhama and see the AO world in a new light. It actually made the game fun, instead of tedious.

    If for some reason, I should lose my yalhama due to a game bug/crash/database error, I expect my account cancellation and refund request to be processed in a timely manner. Dark Ages of Camelot looks better every day I read the forums here.

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    Funcom, Re: Yalmaha Loss.. Fix or i quit!

    Same here Funcom,

    If you don't start giving people back "any" or there items because of the bugs you have in your code I quit!... Honestly ... its not our fault your programmers make mistakes and don't think of possible situations in the flow of the game and then we lose countless hours of invested time by losing an item...

    Its not our fault your beta test team does not catch all the bugs.. (even though most of us are the beta test team)

    I don't know why you released this game they way you did, basically your digging your own grave if your not 100% devoted to us.. and yes you will always have those players that will play no matter what.... but think about all the money you could make if you put more thoughts and resources into the proper areas..

    If I lost my Yalmaha, I would quit instantly because I want to have enjoyment from a game.. NOT STRESS!!! (HELLO THERE!! KNOCK KNOCK!)

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    I tell you what ... after not playing for 4 months and managing to find a lvl33 Yalmaha in a chest after only an hour or two of being back, I'm scared to death of losing it through some sort of bug.

    It seems that you should _never_ place your vehicle in any container other than your inventory or maybe the bank.

    Also I hear that whenever possible don't zone while flying. This is apparently especially true when entering missions or shops.

    The difficulty with not getting these items returned is that the only way to lose them is to destroy them or have them glitch out of your character's database in some bizarre way. I've taken screen shots with time/date info but apparently the newer tracking measures added a while back make these actions redundant. Seems the GM's can very well see that you used to have a car and now don't yet still refuse to help you out.

    I really would like to see an insurance salesman that will sell you a form that will replace your vehicle (or other valuable NODROP item) if it is lost or accidently destroyed. Since items are supposed to have unique ID's now (since early 12.x, I think), executing the form could simply do a server search for the vehicle it is bound to and replace it in a timely fashion once it is satified that the vehicle does not exist elsewhere on the planet. One would have to lose BOTH the item AND the insurance contract to be completely out of luck. I'd feel a lot safer with the knowledge that I had my policy in the bank.

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    Can you sue them for it?
    I mean your are "paying to play" They wasted hours of game time.


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    Re: hm...

    Hmmm that sucked!! However FC wont admit their crashes, bugs.......they simply can't fix them. Atleast i think so! Look on other games, if theres a problem they get fixed as soon the problem accurs! FC don't do that since they can't fix it!

    However......everyone can scream as much as they want to about the bug issue, FC won't do anything about them.

    It's terrifying that old bugs they claim are gone still exist!!

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    even if i really don't care of the SSBS systems (Same ****, Better Stat), i can tell you if any of my major items disapear and can't have it back while a moron says to me i'm may be an exploiter : no fight, no insult, I LEAVE !!! (FC : says goodbye to my money!)
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