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Thread: Dreadloch combat remodulator or sloth of xan

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    Dreadloch combat remodulator or sloth of xan

    Hi pro-engy,
    Atm i play 220/70/30 engy (engy pistol/pewer) for 2 years,
    And i want swich him tser with sloth of xan and dread combat remodulator.
    I know is not best dder, but wanna try something new and funny.
    I have some interrogation about sloth and dread combat remodulator.

    - dread combat remodulator gun, can help to improve pet critical hit in some way, on city raid or any raid?( -750 evade)

    -what s the main use of remodulator? ( pvp only)

    - is sloth of xan , is more bored to play , compare to pistol way(hit Q,go afk?)

    Main goal is city raid/ tsing/funny build

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    Dreadloch combat remodulator is good mass pvp weapon, I use it some times. And there is no any purpose to use it for somthing else. Sloth of Xan is a good DD weapon, but you need to put on as many Items with Crit as it possible to make it awesome dd weapon.

    I can recommend to you to read my gide "Top Craft with low IP cost". It will help you to use many weapons and be crafter, becase top craft require small amout of IP. I swap many weapons: AMEP, Onehander, Sloth of Xan, Dredloch remodulator, Spastic Bow. I haven't put any IP in bow line, but Armor, abilities and offence mod allow me to use it (This weapon isn't good for pvp, just for fun). Since I haven't maximised EE skill Remodulator is 75% OE in my hands, but it doesnt affect debuff effect (I have 2300 EE in craft config with all possible buffs, In pvp config I have only 1470 EE).
    Nemezyda PvP/DD/Solo PVM/tradeskill engineer.
    Nemezyda's Top Craft with low IP cost Guide.
    Nemezyda's Implants Assembling Guide
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