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Thread: What happened to 13.3 ?

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    What happened to 13.3 ?

    Just wondering.........

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    Good question...

    ... now let's see whether I can give a good answer.

    We have decided to do every .2 on the main client patches in the future. The reason for this, if I remember right, is that we sometimes (like with 13.1) want to add some more stuff without having to wait for the next scheduled patch.

    The test server runs numbers like 13.21, 13.22, etc, so mixing 13.2.1 and 13.2.2 in as well will just make a lot of people even more confused.

    For this reason we leave the .1, .3, etc numbers open for those extra patches that might come once in a while. This way we don't screw up the numbers completely.

    Was that a good answer? I hope it was.


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    Re: Good question...

    Originally posted by Cz


    Was that a good answer? I hope it was.


    Not to bad :-)

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