Getting feedback on the patch currently about to be released on the live dimensions (and probably already on the test dimension) is very important to us. Thus we dedicate a forum of its own to this. Note that this is for feedback, not bug reporting. Errors with new changes should be kept to the "Test Server Bugs" forum.

Sticky threads
When the patch notes for the next patch is released, we will add sticky threads for each of the changes. You may start your own discussions too, but we will focus our attention on the sticky threads, and give constant feedback to the team based on them.

If changes are added, we will add threads for them. If changes are removed we will release (unstick) the thread, and of course inform you. Please remember that changes can be added and/or removed even very close to when the patch goes live (though we try to avoid that as much as possible).

The main moderation that will be done in this forum is moving threads not connected to the patch notes, or how this forum works, to other and more appropriate forums.

The social guidelines is of course in effect here as well.

We hope you appreciate this forum, and put it to good use.