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Thread: A beginning.

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    A beginning.

    The tall, slender Opifex male walked down the brightly lit corridor witch lead to hes newly appointed office. The bag he had been given from the corporation were stuffed with all of hes personal items and it rested lightly on hes back. He felt proud at having received an office. It would certainly be a huge step up after having slept in hes Yalm for two years.
    Naefen had almost forgot about hes sister and the past weeks events regarding hes meaning to find her. The promotion he had received from hes President, Banishedsoul, were perhaps the first joyful event for him in the past year. Naefen almost smiled thinking about how far he would have been from getting that promotion had all hes "extra assignments" been known. He shook hes head slightly and almost smiled thinking about it. It was over now and he would act according to hes position.... as far as he could.
    As he reached the door leading into hes new office he stopped briefly. He hadnt been wearing anything but armor the past two years and now that he finally wore something else he felt he had to look hes best. Straightening out hes outfit he opened the door and went inside.

    The young Solitus woman inside greeted him.
    "Good morning General Naefen!" She was all smiles.
    "I am your secretary, Ms Clark." She continued smiling.
    She was a young blond. The kind who could twist a mans mind just by throwing her hair the right way. Naefen looked at her and pressed out something resembling a smile. No one had told him anything about a secretary.
    She opened the door into Naefen`s office and he went in. As she followed he told her he wanted some time alone there and that he would call for her when needed.

    The office suddenly felt very familiar and he remembered he had been there several times before. This was the former office of Xhairs." What a strike of irony". Naefen thought.
    The man he had looked up to, still did, had left this office and now he was about to take hes chair. The weight of responsibility crept under Naefens skin. That was one tough nail to follow.

    Packing out hes stuff didnt take long and soon thereafter Naefen were seated in hes new chair behind hes new desk. A huge empty desk with nothing on it. Hes mind started drifting towards hes secretary. He wasnt even sure what a secretary did. She seemed very nice though, very pretty. He decided to call her in.

    She entered the office in her short skirt and blouse. As she closed the door she flung her hair back and aproached him smilingly. " What can I do for you Sir?"

    Naefen looked at her for a few seconds and it made her seem worried. She folded her hands infront of herself and he knew she was getting nervous at that.
    "Ms.Clark..... may I see your assignment orders please?" Naefen spoke as calmly as he could so she wouldnt know how eager he was to get this done.
    She twisted and made a sorrowful expression flinging her hair slightly again. She was a very pretty girl indeed. "Im so sorry General... I didnt think it was necessary for me to bring them along. The recruitment officer said it was sufficient to wear this badge." She excused herself.
    Naefen almost felt sorry for what he was about to do. Almost.....
    "What!!?? You show up here your first day without assignment papers!?" Hes voice were firm and high and it made her almost cry.
    "Im sorry Ms.Clark but such carelessness just wont do working for me... Your fired! Pack your stuff. Goodbye."
    Tears fell down here cheeks and sobbing she went out. He could hear her grabbing her stuff and exit shortly after.... still crying.

    Naefen closed hes eyes and leaned back.
    "I have no time for distractions Ms.Clark." He thought to himself.
    "No time for you and not in the business of hiding my business from nosy young girls."

    A few minutes went by and she was forgotten.
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    A couple of days later in Omni Ent Naefen met up with two of hes best friends. He hadnt seen them for a long time since they had been assigned by President Banishedsoul to do some top secret mission deep into the Shadowlands.
    Turox and Thrimel were a rare couple indeed and Naefen had done many a ventures with them in the past. Turox, a Atrox enforcer, being one of the most fierce war-machines Naefen knew. Thrimel, a agile Opifex with a taste for the risky business, would never be far away in time of need. The pair of them were resting it up at Bronto`s enjoying a meal and the sun.
    No one in The Disciples ranks had asked about theyre mission. They all knew Banishedsoul and that if he made a decision to keep it secret it was probably best to leave it so. Loyalty and dedication were stronger than ever before in theyre ranks. Disciple loyalty were stronger than anything else..... it was, religion.

    As Naefen aproached the two of them they both turned to him and pulled out a chair for him. "Hey guys what are you up to today?" Naefen asked in hes most friendly voice. Unbeknownst to most Naefen actually had a friendly voice. He usually savoured it for the people he knew and loved the most though.
    "Were helping the guards today." Thrimel answered with a wide grin on hes face, nodding towards the gates.
    "We have set out our stake-out post here." Turox laughingly added looking down on hes triple burger menu piled up in front of him.

    The dark, warm walls of the towering buildings around them saw the suns move accross the sky and down. The three friends had chattered the day away without so much as a single clanner coming to make theyre day. It was getting darker now and people started to go home. Omni Ent were whispering again.
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    The attack werent surprising. An Omni Tek branch had taken a clan base earlier the week and now the retaliation had started. Clanners were attacking in large numbers and the call for help rang throughout the Omni channels. Naefen were in hes new office when it started looking over some new applications for the Disciples of Omni-Tek.

    As he saw the message on hes screen he quickly reached for hes comm-link, dropping hes cup of coffe to the floor in the same motion. There werent any time for cleaning now. Maybe he should get a secretary again after all.

    "Rise Disciples!! Our fellow brethrens needs all the help they can get!!" Naefen`s voice were serious and fast.
    He waited a few seconds holding hes breath as he waited for a reply.
    The answers to hes call started to tick in.
    "Im already half-way there Naefen." Turox`s voice panted through the channels. Obviously he was running.
    "Naefen, this is Tomasy. Im coming from Penumbra now. Eta 5 minutes." Naefen`s fellow agent would probably be there in three minutes he thought.
    "Maxmar signing in ready for action." The newest Trader in theyre ranks were coming also.

    More answers came after a while and they set out to defend Omni Tek`s tower and honor. The clanners had taken the base as the Omni Tek force gathered and got ready to push them away again. Many organisations were present eager to show theyre allegianse and companionship. The officer in charge commanded them all to move forward and they all set course for the clanners newly placed Control Tower.

    The clanners were waiting for them and a hail of fire met the front line. Doctors and everyone else who could heal did theyre best and saved most. But some fell. The air was filled with energy-beams and projectiles. Plasma,poison and chemicals were rapidly being fired into both sides and at the front blades and other melee weapons were crossed. This was war at its most devastating.
    Naefen`s position at the rear were relatively safe exept from some rather annoying root attacks that had him and many others freeze in theyre tracks and forced to stand there and watch for some seconds. All they could do was wait until it stopped. Then they started firing again. In the end, they were victorious.

    As they went home again the many troopers cheered but there were no smiling on Naefen`s behalf. He knew they would not stop at this. The clans refused to understand the word "Defeat".
    When would they come back?
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    Days go by so fast.

    Time went as it always do. Either you keep up with it or you get left behind in a stalemate hard to jump off again. Like syrup.
    Naefen fought hes battles and took care of hes duties as a Disciple. One or two times he had even visited hes doctor friend in Jobe to see wether any progression with the "Defiler" had been made. There were no change. No change at all.

    He sat in hes office more and more often these days watching reports and filing hes own. A bottle of fine wine with some sort of new, slightly illegal, ingredient from the shadowlands were hes usual companionship. Some times, days went by without him looking in a mirror. And when he did it usually disgusted him greatly. Hes delivery boy came in with yet another bottle and another day went by. And then another.

    The great thing about wine is, if you drink enough of it you might forget the present for a short while. The downside of it is the memories that come back for you. The ones you want to forget usually. Naefen had dreams of the past both in hes sleep and in hes waking hours. When he could manage to stay sober for a couple of days hes "other" set of memories came to the surface. These were happy memories. But they made him sader than anything else because he knew they would never come back. They could never come back. Again the picture of hes sister pleading him to shoot her while she was being ravaged by the man now securely locked away at hes doctors place came back to haunt him. He could have cried. But instead he ordered another bottle.
    The worst part of the deal. She wasnt dead.
    He had shot her in the head and she wasnt dead. Hes thoughts went back to a beautiful Opifex girl. She called herself Paxcorpus. She had been the one who found the evidence for him. Hes fingers had almost pressed the digits to her name several times but had stopped each and every one of them. It was dangerous to use her. Very dangerous.
    There were many like her though so getting the job Naefen needed done would be possible without her. The problem was to find someone as ruthless as she. The only ones he knew this far was her and...... himself.

    The delivery boy came in with a bottle-shaped package and Naefen relievingly exhaled again. Thank Shere he didnt have to think about that today.
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    Naefen returned to the streets of Newland after a field-trip through the wilds of Rubi Ka. He had been successfull in finding what he was looking for. Now was the time to gather the crew he needed. This was no Omni business so he needed to stay away from the Disciples. He was sure they would support him, initially, but not the way he was going to do this. He smiled and nodded to the neutrals passing by. Greeting hes fellow employees on hes way.

    He needed to stock up and so went into the store. It irritated him that it was so busy today since he really didnt want anyone knowing he was doing anything. A fellow Disciple came by,buying ammo, and offcourse asking if anything was going on. Peculiar the thing about joining an org. Before you know it, people go out of theyre way to aid you. Even worse, after a while, you do the same for them.
    Hes name was Rednalreden. One of the guys Naefen could really use on the task at hand. Even so he politely declined and said he was just buying stuff incase he needed them. Rednalreden eyed him su****iously for a second then went away.

    The two people Naefen had in mind were the only two he could think of at the moment who were suitable. "Nothingface" and "Paxcorpus" would be just what he needed. The fact that they both would hate him afterwards would have to be dealt with when that time came... If that time came.

    Naefen sat down with hes laptop and sent them both an invitation.
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    The storage room was large if you didnt know what you were looking for. The missions The Disciples of Omni Tek had done for the corporation throughout the times were countless and here were some of the many rewards gained from them. Naefen walked straight to the place he knew where the many various small exploding devices were being stored. A quick look around shoved him he was alone and so he snugged one and shoved it into the bottom of hes backpack. He nodded to the guard on duty on hes way out.

    Mr. Mort Rainey had answered hes invitation and they had met at Bronto`s in Omni Ent. "Paxcorpus" hadnt answered him yet and when he thought about it he couldnt really blame her. Maybe she felt he had seen something she was ashamed of. He didnt know and didnt have time to care. It was him and Mort "Nothingface" Rainey now. "Nothingface" had met hes expectations and would aid him through this "rescue" mission as best he could. The fee of 1 mill creds he had gladly accepted. It was a shame really that they would not be exactly friends after this deal. Naefen kind of liked him. But feelings had no room on this planet and Naefen sure wouldnt be the one to start building one.

    The date and meeting-place were set. All that was left now was to wait. Wait and remember how it used to be and might be again.
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    The hours Naefen had spens stalking the facility he would soon find out what hid were just to many to count now. During the past week he had spent so much time there lurking around and lying in the horizon observing it he felt like he knew all he could know about the external grounds.
    Paxcorpus had contacted him and she had agreed to join him. Her fee was the same as before and the same as Nothingface would get. He had almost cursed himself when she finally replied though. She wouldnt be very happy when all this was done. She wouldnt be very happy at all.

    Naefen had purchased all the gear they needed for the mission, witch wasnt much. Ammo for the most part actually. Mostly the men guarding the facility were not that well trained and the people incide were all medics. They all had to die though. They all had to pay.

    He felt confident about it and there were no remorse in Naefen over planning this attack. Sure, killing was never a fun business. But atleast they had hopefully insured themselfs. The two fixers he was gonna bring, Nothingface and Paxcorpus, knew how to kill. They knew how and they werent gonna tell.
    He knew theyd probably come after him afterwards though. Problems to be dealt with in the future.

    Soon the answer to hes question would be revealed.
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    Three persons all wearing balaclavas and dark armors were crawling flat towards a seemingly abandoned facility in the wilds of Rubi Ka. The air was damp and they all started to get really soaked. Clothing hang heavily from them all.
    Nothingface, Paxcorpus and Naefen were on a mission. The mission were Naefens own infact, and the two others were hired for theyre special qualities. Qualities that didnt belong in any story suited for children.
    They all crawled fast and dead silent. Once Nothingface had cut the wire-fence open the guards inside wouldnt even know what hit them.

    The wire-fence were aproximately three meters high. Paxcorpus and Naefen were hiding behind a bush nearby as Nothingface crawled the last short way to to it. Easily and fast he had the fence procure a gaping hole for them. Not a sound were heard. Naefen tapped Paxcorpus shoulder and she started crawlning forward. They all went inside.
    A guard were standing but 3 meters from them and Naefen tapped Paxcorpus shoulder again. Silently and within seconds the guard were tucked away under a dark blanket with a second maw gaping from hes chest.
    They all pulled out theyre weapons. Naefen a rifle and the others theyre small machine guns.
    There were three guards at the first corner. They were standing directly under a light-post. They werent all that experienced. It would cost them a trip to the reclaim. Hopefully, atleast. Hopefully they were insured......
    Naefen fired a shot from afar straight through the head of the first guard. Blood splattered on the wall and all over the second guard. Paxcorpus and Nothingface opened fire before the first dropped to the ground and the two remaining guards soon fell too. The bodies looked nothing less than a heap of torn flesh and bones.
    They heard shouts coming from the south of the facility. The security locks on the doors clicked simultaniously.
    They were surounded but it was all part of the plan. The two fixers ran theyre Healing over time programs just as Naefen faked himself to be a doctor. A total of 9 guards were running towards them. They were firing at them with all the power they could muster. Naefens healing and the hots made it no use. Naefen could hear Paxcorpus laugh as she shot the leg off of one of them. Nothingface didnt make a sound. He just kept on firing. And guards kept falling. Until there werent anyone left.
    Paxcorpus ran straight towards door A3. She kneeled down infront of the security system and pulled out a gadget. 20 seconds went by and the door was open. The three of them went inside. Weapons ready and fully loaded.
    A white dressed man ran accross the hallway trying to get to safety. All three opened fire. One shot each. One hit each. The medic went down fast.

    "This is the last door I need you to open for me guys." Naefen stopped and turned towards the others.

    "Sure Naefen." Nothingface spoke at last.

    They both went forward and started working on the door. Paxcorpus eyeing Nothingface angrily at having to work with someone.

    "There. Now whats inside Naefen?" Paxcorpus asked and turned around. Her eyes widened at the sight.

    A small device were sliding towards her and Nothingface on the floor. The little red light on top of it were blinking rapidly.

    "Naefen you bastard!!!" Paxcorpus screamed as the small ,yet powerful, molecular-grenade blasted both her and Nothingface back to the reclaims.
    Nothingface hadnt made a sound.

    Naefen walked towards the now blasted door. A kick on it made the door fall into the room and he stared straight into the faces of 3 scared looking guys wearing white capes. Three shots straight through the forehead of each and every one of them. The last one not acompanied by the scream of the remaining living. He hoped they had insurance but it didnt sound like it.

    The room were filled with tanks. 20-30 of them total. Inside the tanks were people. This was what they were really doing here. Storing people.
    Naefen walked down the room until he reached test-subject J78. Tears started running down hes cheeks. He could barely stand on hes feet. Hes sister were in that tank. She hadnt aged a day and there were no signs of any scars on her. She stared blankly into the room. Naefen raised hes rifle towards her again.

    With the back-side of hes rifle he broke the glass tank. She came splashing down along with the liquid that had kept her alive for so many years. The smell was awful but Naefen didnt really notice as he was busy pulling hes last dark blanket around her. She had puls, barely. She breathed, barely.

    He lifted her up on hes shoulder and started running out again. The dead bodies lying in hes way he easily jumped over and forgot the instant they were out of sight. Outside and a short distance from the facility he uncovered hes Yalmaha by lifting away a hologram of a barrel he had placed there days ahead. He placed her in it and plotted the automatic pilot to go for Rome. There were a man waiting there for her. A man that could help.

    Just as the Yalmaha disapeared in the sky Naefen froze. There were someone watching him. He saw a movement of a siluette. It looked like a woman. He pulled up hes rifle and fired aimlessly towards the place he had seen it. There were no sign of anyone now.

    Naefen started running towards Rome. It would take him all night.
    In hes mind he started planning what to do with the Defiler now that he didnt have use for him anymore. It would not be pleasant. That was for sure.
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    "This isn't over Naefen, not by a long shot." Pax angrily muttered through clenched teeth while she watched the millions of molecular sized nanobots reconstructing the skin tissue on her hands. A quick look around was all she needed to know where in Rome Green she was. This was one of the safety precautions she took in case things go extremely wrong - like this time. As soon as the dizzyness in her head faded to the extend where she could stand up she staggered straight to Highrise 4, the place where her appartment was. She didn't have the time waiting to recover her personal belongings from the reclaim terminal.

    Her mind was playing tricks on her repeating the same word with every step she took. Step - "Friends" - step - "Friends" - nearly drove her insane. That was the only thing Naefen said while back then in an alley after they fought side by side against the Defiler. While walking Pax tore the scorched lump that was once a balaclava off her head, looking at it.

    "Friends... hah, what a hollow word. God, how I hate people. As soon as you team up with some they try to backstab you once they got the chance to. That's why I rather go solo. But fear not Naefen, I made preparations for just an occasion as this.." a grim smile appeared on her face that lasted all the way to the highrise, in the foyer, while in the express elevator until she entered her appartment on the 90th floor.

    Her first stop was in the bathroom where she got rid of her partially ruined armor. Behind the bathroom mirror she stored her medication to get rid of the voice. At any other given time she wouldn't mind the company inside her head but this time she needed no handy hints or tips on how to lay vengeance upon Naefen. Two blue pills vanished down her throat with a few sips of water from the running fauchet.

    "Alright Naefen, buckle your seatbelt cuz I'm comming for you. I pinpointed your location once and I can do it again with the lil difference that this time I'll only cost me a fraction of the time. You'd be surprised how thoroughly I made a background check on you, punk." Pax smirked at her reflection and headed into the livingroom. Her Omni Tek steel ribbed combat gear laid on the couch, and a backpack filled with all kinds of gadgets that might come in handy stood right next to it. The computer left its standby mode and a blinking cursor awaited instructions. She sat down in front of it simultaneously got dressed up piece by piece.

    Pax pondered over the location of the mission. "That abandonned facility sure is out in the sticks. Bet he's travelling back by air." Not only that she knew he got a Yalm, she also knew the date when the model he was flying got assembled, the time it got registered to Naefen, its next maintenance check.. which was long overdue, its transponder signal. Last mentioned information was something she could use. And it was alot easier and faster to pinpoint a yalm via its transponder signal than having to hack into various places to pinpoint a comm signal.

    The trace programs she got running were state of the art, satellites locked on the signal via triangulation. 20 minutes later she knew where he was heading to, the Yalms current velocity and altitude. The readings put a frown on her face.

    "Kiss my pale @$$, Naefen.. according to this you're flying straight here to Rome.. no, you let your autopilot fly and currently laugh your butt off of how you tricked me, right? Well, this time I won't have second thoughts of what to do..." Pax grabbed her backpack and ran out of her appartment. She used the express elevator to get on the top floor, the place where the parking lots for the yalms of the residents were located. The elevator doors opened, and Pax almost let out a shriek of excitement as she saw a stiletto parked right next to the elevator. For a second she admired the breathtaking sight of it, then hijacked it.

    "Wow, life is good when you're filthy rich.." Pax said while looking at the poshy interior then flew on top speed to intercept Naefens Yalm. 10 minutes later she spotted her target, still flying at the same speed and altitude. She initiated a few commands to the Stilettos own autopilot to get real close to the Yalm while she got her hands free to unpocket a small EMP grenade out of her backpacks. Pax now flew above Naefens Yalm, according to her calculations he'd be in the blast radius if she dropped it and in a world of trouble.

    "Naefen.. never trust an autopilot, they're not faultless and they definately don't report in when there's a big, black shiny stiletto chasing you." Pax dropped the grenade and janked at the steering. The Stiletto darted way up in the skies to avoid getting in the EMP blast radius. The rear camera caught an electrical discharge and displayed it on screen. Her sight went back to the readings of Naefens Yalm. No velocity and the altitude was decreasing fast. Pax maneuvered the Stiletto back on the Yalms tail, which uncontrollably plunged down to Rubi-Ka.

    "Not like this.." Pax thought and activated the tractor beam to get the Yalm safely on the ground, then jumped out the cockpit to face him up close and personal.

    "NAEFEN! Get out here so I can shoot you like a dog" Pax yelled - no response. Her patience was at an end and so she climbed up at the Yalms chassis, shot the locking mechanism of the cockpit. It revealed a seemingly unconscious opifex female draped in a dark blanket. The stench of formaldehyde or something similar to that was all present here, almost made her gag.

    "Eugh.. gross. Who we got here.." Pax examined the face of the sleeping or comatose female, realizing the many similarities of Naefens and her face. "Then you must be Naefens sister, right? You can't imagine how pleased I am to make your acquaintance." Pax chuckled and went on "Say, you need a ride? Your vehicle seems to be broken beyond repair. And you bet your brother Naefen will be... dying to see you and me again." Pax hastily scribbled a note and left it on the Yalms seat.

    It read:

    Missing something Nick?

    Servatis a periculum - servatis a maleficum

    And the world spins by with everybody moaning, p***ing, b****ing and everyone is sh***ing
    On their friends, On their love, On their oaths, On their honor, On their graves,
    Out their mouths and their words say nothing

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    Naefen ran until morning before he got to Rome. He ran straight to where hes sister would be taken with hes Yalm. As soon as he entered the apartment where she should have been kept hes good friend, Mikelowry, looked at him with a worried expression on hes face.
    "Naef, what the hell happened? Ive waited for your Yalm all night...."

    Naefens body froze instantly.
    "You..... have Yalm Mike?" Hes voice shivered and for a second he looked upon Mikelowry as if he had something to do with it. Anger were crawling on the outside of hes skin. He regained hes composure in a split second. Mikelowry were one of the few persons on this planet Naefen really trusted. A former Disciple and one of the most skilled doctors that had walked the surface of this planet.
    "Mike, Im gonna have to run. Thnx for waiting so long for nothing" Naefen were already outside before hes last words came out.

    "Give a call if you need he....." Mike shouted after him but it was to late... Naefen followed the signal hes Yalm sent out.

    Two hours later.
    Naefen crumbled the paper between hes hands until it was nothing left of it. He knew Paxcorpus would come after him big-time but not this fast. Was she prepared for it?? He slammed hes fist into hes broken Yalm, imagining it was her smirking face. He ripped out hes com-link from hes backpack and sent a message back to her while grinding hes teeth.
    The "item" witch I now find myself missing needs imediate "repairs". I sincerely hope you have remembered to provide it. If you have forgot to do so I know Ill be very sad and I am sure you also will regret it extremely much.
    Also, if it should in any way be "lost" or "damaged" I will use all the means available to me in order to aquire it again and "talk" to everyone involved.

    General Nick "Naefen" Noodle of the Disciples of Omni-Tek
    Commisioner of the Diplomatic Commision of Rubi Ka
    Finalizer of Omni-Tek
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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
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    At the same time in a well secluded lab somewhere near The longest road

    Pax and an oriental looking Solitus stood next to a surgery table where a comatose female Opifex, attached to numerous medical devices, rested on. There was a humming and a beeping comming from all directions.

    "Thanks Mr Ashpool for taking care of... that." she grimaced with disgust at the pathetic sight of the defenseless body and continued "What's her condition?" she asked more worried over the possibility she might lose her ransom item than the actual well-being of her.

    Hideo Ashpool, Pax's former advisor while back then at VICAP and disavowed medic - who got his approbation revoked after grinding one of his patients into blood plasma as she couldn't afford the operation he performed on her, stopped monitoring the devices, focused her with tired and emotionless eyes. One of his eyebrows went up. "Stable but comatose" was his brief response, his attention went back to the readings the devices constantly spat out on the monitor and on a seemingly endless sheet of cheap thermo paper.

    "Tell me something I do not know, fool!" she thought but forced herself not to show her malcontent over such a lousy expertise. "Ahem.. very well, so I take it that vegetable won't die on us anytime soon, hmm? You see.. your part of the share sorta depends on her survival. You take good care of her - you shall be rewarded."

    Bleep Bleep Bleep - Her com-link joined the techical background noise with its beeps. Pax was expecting a call but wished for a little more privacy.

    "Be right back at you Mr Ashpool.." and was about to rush to the lab exit when she added ".. and no funny games with the bio-comminutor while I'm gone, understand?" Pax chuckled and went to the adjoining observation room. It was all quiet here and Pax used this moment of solitude and peace to sit down at a desk to ponder.

    "You shouldn't have betrayed me Naefen, kidnapping your sis wasn't exactly my plan. But I take an opportunity when I see one. Kidnapping her for backstabbing me is a justifiable action although I despise doing it - there are simply way too many unpredictable things that might occur." Finally her attention went to the computer terminal to check the message.

    "..item... odd.. immediate "repairs"?" a frown appeared on her face "... Ill be very sad and I am sure you also will regret it extremely..." her eyes narrowed "..all the means available to me in order to aquire it again and "talk" to everyone involved.ALL THE MEANS AVAILABLE PAXCORPUS!!!" for a minute she just stared at the last few sentences then a thin smile appeared.

    Pax pulled a sheet of expensive paper out the desk and started writing with an archaic ink pen.

    I'm pleased I got your attention Mr Noodle. The most recent fiasco at you-know-where let me come to the conclusion we should negotiate over compensation for all the damage done, no? I think 25M creds would soothe my nerves of what happened for now. As for the threats you tossed at me - I highly recommend you not to mention a single word to no one - unless you want me to send you the "item" of your desire in handy little bits, one by one to your office via RK Parcel service. Like this one.


    P.S.: The evidence I included may help you make the right decision.

    Pax folded the letter and placed it in an envelope. With a swift movement her com-link was deactivated again to prevent that someone might backtrace the signal of it. She went back into the lab, positioned herself next to the doctor.

    "Mr. Ashpool, shave this sleeping beauties head and wrap the hair together with this envelope up in a little package. Send it via RK Postal Service to the following address:

    Disciples of Omni-Tek
    c/o General Nick Noodle

    Omni HQ
    Servatis a periculum - servatis a maleficum

    And the world spins by with everybody moaning, p***ing, b****ing and everyone is sh***ing
    On their friends, On their love, On their oaths, On their honor, On their graves,
    Out their mouths and their words say nothing

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    Naefen were sitting in hes office alone again. The officers he had just recently dismissed had received theyre new assignments and he felt quite content about how things would most likely progress from now on.
    A knock on the door witch he recognized as the post-delivery. Right on time as usual.
    "Enter!" Naefen spoke loudly. The hint of stress in hes voice were more than obvious.

    The delivery-man had some letters witch was usual but also a thick rather huge envelope.
    As the man went out , rather quickly after seeing what mood Naefen were in, he hurriedly opened the large envelope. Out fell a letter and a huge bundle of hair.
    Naefen grinded hes teeth together.
    "There is no return for you now Paxcorpus..." He murmured to himself as he started reading what she had written.

    The letter burnt nicely. It crumbled inwards into itself and soon lay there as only ashes. It was suspected but he had hoped it wouldnt come to this. He grasped the hair in hes hands. Then shoved it deep into hes bottom drawer.
    He went over to the mirror and examined hes face while thoughts razed through hes head about what he would do next. Hes eye was swollen and a cut proudly extruded from hes lower lip.

    Banishedsoul had told him to get the truth out of hes latest flame who turned out to be a dirty infiltrator. Ivyna, she was called. There were no worse creatures on the planet than infiltrators. Naefen`s devotion to Banishedsoul and the Disciples were absolute and she had gotten way to far into exposing them to the clans.
    She had been like a cat ..... at first.
    But when she had told him why she were infiltrating them Naefen had lost hes temper completely and he felt ashamed for it. He had tried to kill her. Fortunately, for her, she had some rather powerful friends. They had stolen one of Omni Tek`s new "interrogation" devices but it didnt bother him much at all. It would self-destruct soon enough anyway.
    He slid hes fingers accross the cut on hes lip then sat down behind hes desk again.

    He started answering Paxcorpus`s letter. Calmly he smiled to himself thinking it would all be over soon enough.
    As I am sure you know the sample you sent me have deeply moved me. Therefore I have decided to transfer 25million credits to your account in support of your cause. I am sure I will hear from you in short time about where I can aquire my welcome-package.

    Nick "Naefen" Noodle

    He couldnt do anything but wait for her reply and instructions.
    He couldnt do anything else.......... yet.

    The file he pulled out of hes mapfiles were a quite exact one indeed. "Ivyna" was a clanner alright. A known clanner. He didnt mind that as he had even supported others who had loved eachother beyond the factions they represented.
    "Maybe love do conquer all?" He whispered to himself. The small shake on hes head though revealed hes disbelief though only to himself.
    After reading the full report on Ivynan he leaned back and placed hes legs on the desk. She was nothing short of a harlot.
    The number of men , and women , she had been observed with in the past was astoundingly many. Naefen smiled thinking about her but it faded fast at the thought of her knowing about the "Defiler". Nothing would stand between Naefen and hes revenge on him. It wouldnt have mattered if he was a clanner or not. But in Naefens mind the very fact that clanners ,sometimes, were very loosely organised was the very reason the **** of hes sister had ever happened. And that clanner was gonna pay. Over and over again. And Ivyna, that infiltrating slut, would soon find herself to busy to meddle with hes affairs ever again.

    The day of reckoning were coming. He would likely go down aswell, but it was all gonna be worth it in the end.
    Proud agent of the Disciples of Omni-Tek

    Commissioner of the RKDC

    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
    William Butler Yeats

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    Inside hes apartment the tall and slender Opifex man named Nick Noodle stood infront of a large map over Rubi Ka. He hands were folded on hes back and hes eyes swept accross the map over and over again.
    Small red dots moved slowly on various places on the map. Some larger dots showed the places of most interest.

    On the left side of the map hung a slightly smaller banner. It showed the sign of Omni Tek. And on the right side were the banner of the Disciples.
    Naefen felt warm just by looking at it. The Disciples of Omni Tek represented the very essence of loyalty to the corporation. He felt sad about having to do the things he had done lately without the Disciples knowledge.
    It felt, somehow, unclean.

    It had to be done though. The images he had of hes sister flurried through hes mind. First the one of a young girl coming with him to Rubi Ka. Then as a recruit, training to become useful to the corporation. And then...... of her being raped by that scum clansman and the men who stood there cheering. Lastly the image of her being flushed out of the tank she had been kept all these years, comatosed.
    And now, she was lost again.

    The little device Naefen held in hes hand felt heavier and heavier every day. The little yellow button on it were begging him to be pushed. It would send out a signal.
    Proud agent of the Disciples of Omni-Tek

    Commissioner of the RKDC

    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
    William Butler Yeats

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    Below the notum saturated soil of Rubi Ka

    A printout of Naefens latest message lay on the desk while the computer screen displayed her bank account, the most recent transaction put her in the black for over three months. Pax leaned back in a comfy chair, hands folded behind her head. Deeply in her thoughts her eyes gazed to the ceilling into the void.

    "Easy credits.. god, I just love when things go according to plan. But that wasn't too surprising Naefen as your options really decreased down to a singular course - cough up the dough. I agree it's pointless trying to bluff when you know I'm holding all the aces.." a grin formed on her face ".. you know what I'm going to do now? Even though I'd love to see you torn for backstabbing me, I've decided to play nice and deliver that breathing lump of comatose meat. Bet you find that surprising not acting like you and sh*t on everything now that I got what I wanted. Why should she suffer for things you messed up big, Naefen? No, I'll even the score with you on a better day." Pax let out a sigh "Problem is, how to transfer something as big and cumbersome as a human body without causing unwanted attention? A hospital? Nah, too many prying eyes asking too many questions - not to mention the security staff working there.. Damn it, I just can't dump her somewhere out in the sticks and transmit him the coords, not with all the aliens swarming around in all them darn places, we'd be both dead.." Pax darted into an upright position and started hammering away on the keyboard.

    "A morgue! Yes, of course.. lots of bodies beyond the point of needing any help - no awful questions about the condition - more likely just direction where to leave the corpse before the final journey into the incinerator. Lax security measures.." she pondered while accessing Omni-1 city morgue mainframe. Half an hour later she was holding all the documents she needed in her hand.

    "Hideo, is our guest stable enough for a transport? Make her real pretty as I plan to go out with her. And once you're done with that go wait at Bronto Burger in Omni-Entertainment for our contact. Hand over the documents as soon as he says the following: Backstabbing Bastard" Pax spoke through the intercomm, snickering. Her attention went back to the screen and opened an instant messaging program.

    Mr. Noodle

    Go to the place where we discussed our first business deal and look for an oriental-looking Solitus. As soon as you drop the words "Backstabbing Bastard" he'll hand over certain things you need to retrieve the "item" you're after.

    Have a profitable day,
    Servatis a periculum - servatis a maleficum

    And the world spins by with everybody moaning, p***ing, b****ing and everyone is sh***ing
    On their friends, On their love, On their oaths, On their honor, On their graves,
    Out their mouths and their words say nothing

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    Naefen had been waiting at the Bronto`s in Omni Ent for an hour and it was a sunny afternoon. Pax had given him instructions and he could do nothing but follow them precisely. She had the upper hand.
    He was looking for a oriental looking Solitus but didnt put much effort into it since the man probably knew what he looked like anyways. So he had spent that hour mostly staring into the cup of coffe he had bought. The coffe had gone cold long ago.

    "Mr.Noodle, how are you today?" The oriental Solitus standing behind him said.
    He had tried to surprise Naefen to some degree but the reflection of him in the windows accross the street had given him away.

    "Never mind that you backstabbing bastard...." Naefen muttered loudly in reply. He had first planned to simply say the code but feelings were boiling inside him now.

    The man slid a document onto the table and Naefen grabbed it quickly.

    About a minute later Naefen floated in hes Yalm high above the ground. He opened the document and read it hastily.
    He almost smiled when he saw where he could get hes sister. Typical Pax....
    He closed hes eyes and made a short silent prayer she would actually be there. You knewer knew with Pax.
    Proud agent of the Disciples of Omni-Tek

    Commissioner of the RKDC

    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
    William Butler Yeats

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    The man walking alongside Naefen deeper and deeper into the morgue had worked there for to long. He was sweating heavily and everytime they walked past a female corpse Naefen sensed that the man liked to watch them just a tad to much. Also, hes constantly looking over at Naefen and almost giggling made the whole scenery more and more obscure.
    Naefen had handed the man the documents he had received from Paxcorpus`s partner. That was ten minutes ago. Most of the corpses here ,Naefen learned, were from off-planet. Shipped in by the hundreds for medical research.

    They stopped outside a door and the man started to rumble through hes huge set of keys. After a short while he found the one matching. The door was opened and Naefen walked in right after the man working in the morgue.

    A body-bag were laying on top of a table. Other than that the room was empty.
    The man removed the bag from the corpse and it was indeed hes sister. She was attached to some sort of life support device. When the man saw it he turned around facing Naefen. "What the hell is all this ab......"

    The needle penetrated the mans skin like if there was nothing there and he fell to the floor. He wouldnt remember a thing.
    Proud agent of the Disciples of Omni-Tek

    Commissioner of the RKDC

    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
    William Butler Yeats

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    The man who worked in the morgue would lay lifeless on the floor for atleast three hours. There was no rush in reality but the urge to get hes sister to a safe place drove Naefens actions. He was working fast.

    He closed the body-bag around hes comatosed sister again and easily lifted her up onto hes shoulder. She didnt weigh much at all. The sound of hes boots on the cold, concrete floor assured him there were no one else there but him. Seemingly...

    Rednalreden and Tomasy, two agents serving the Disciples had run a check-up on the morgue while Naefen had hurried there by Yalm. They had found a secret security room directly linked to a Omni-HQ recording station.
    Naefen walked directly to the exit nontheless. This all had to be done in the right order and he had no room for failures.

    As Naefen aproached the exit door he lifted hes inter-com to hes face.

    The door opened and revealed three huge shapes standing outside. Two of them holding some gigantic melee weapons in theyre hands and the third stretching hes arms out to receive the bag with Naefens sister. Countash ,a soldier, would carry her back to theyre base. And for security Naefen had called on Turox and Harios. Two Enforcers whos mere presence should scare off any trouble coming along the way.

    The three of them, all Atroxes, nodded to Naefen with a smile and turned.

    Naefen didnt have time to look at them walking away very long. Around the corner, very casually, came Thrimel and Slesken. The two Fixers,mainly operating in the Shadowlands these days, had volunteered when they heard about the mission. Naefen smiled to himself, thinking about the fact that they always volunteered.

    "Heres your gizmo Naefen." Thrimel smiled and threw a disk to Naefen.
    "I hacked it myself and it should protect and serve like a charm." He added obviously thrilled by the opportunity to test one of hes ideas in the "flesh".

    "And I brought the keys." Slesken held up a pair of weird looking googles as he walked past Naefen and inside. He put on the goggles, looked around, then walked straight towards the wall. Just as he was supposed to crash into the wall he disappeared and went through it. They were in the security room.

    Naefen slid the disk in and pressed enter. Then looked at Thrimel.

    "Like a charm." Thrimel comforted him.

    They walked out and flew away in theyre Yalms moments later. Naefen pulled up hes inter-com again.

    "Anokatiki, this is Naefen come in." Hes voice slightly anticipated.
    "This is Anokatiki. The pasient is now stabilized and well. Me and Dochiz got the situation under control. Time is what we need now. Out"

    Naefen had hes Yalm enter hoover mode. He reliefed a long sigh and at the end tears started running down hes chins. He could barely believe she was safe. He still had a hard time believe she was alive.

    Some minutes went by and he regained hes composure again. Out from one of hes pockets he pulled a little blinking device.
    "Time to nibble back." He thought to himself.
    Proud agent of the Disciples of Omni-Tek

    Commissioner of the RKDC

    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
    William Butler Yeats

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    Naefen looked down at the little device resting in hes hands. He smiles slightly to himself.
    It was programmed to send out a signal to a series of different receipients Naefen knew. Slesken and Thrimel, hes two fixer friends, had made the signal un-traceable for him. It wouldnt end the world or anything. It would be Naefens answer to past events happening to him.

    The Defiler.
    He would be sent offplanet and injected with a slow working lethal venom. Naefens doc friend would oversee the operation and all arrangements were made. The Defiler would be no more...

    Naefen had betrayed her first he knew that. But the way she had hurt him back was simply unacceptable to him. The way she lead her life however made it easy for him to stir up some trouble for her. Some people he knew working desks in Omni-Admin financial department would receive orders through usual channels to have a real long look at her income situation. She was a hired hand who did almost anything for credits and Naefens hopes were they would find something to trouble her with. Also, Naefen had a su****ion she was "slightly" unstable and so a couple of clerks over at Omni-Reform would have her files on theyre desks the next morning. If all should fail a handful of thugs and detectives would be deployed to rough her up some and keep an eye on her actions. Atleast, this would present her with a few troublesome moments.

    The harlot witch Naefen were set to interrogate by Banishedsoul escaped with help from her friends in Tiger Claw clan. He couldnt bring himself to blame them from freeing her but he blamed her greatly for meddling with Disciple actions. She ,atleast, had to suffer a little. Even though she had received a scar for life.
    Thugs, murderers and every low-life Naefen knew would find a contract on her head soon. She might suspect some Omni but she would never find any evidence linking them to Naefen.

    The traces he had left behind.
    Throughout the last month Naefen had done a few not so legal things. A handful of clerks in Omni-Admin would, unbeknownst to themselfs, start working on erasing those files.

    Naefen smiled again and activated the device. The blinking lamp stopped.
    Proud agent of the Disciples of Omni-Tek

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    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
    William Butler Yeats

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    ((bumping this for reference incase people interested. Think maybe most who havent read it before wont be crazy enough to read the whole damn thing but just incase.))

    Proud agent of the Disciples of Omni-Tek

    Commissioner of the RKDC

    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
    William Butler Yeats

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