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Thread: My Obsession

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    Bah you never loved me ivy *pout*.

    Haha I like this writing anyway. SK sadly cant attack neutrals anymore for being biznitches >< because it isnt being lead by such an active pvp leader. Damn.. fun days when we bashed the nuetrals with Alpha Omega......

    I love j00 Revelator!

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    5k omg dont stop now !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivyna
    My soft body met his hard one, and as we collided, I stumbled back. He grabbed my arm to steady me, and it burned. We stood there for a moment with our eyes locked, and then we began to move. My breasts pressed against his chest. Everywhere his hands touched-my arm, my back, my waist-was on fire. I wrapped my arms around his neck and tried to absorb every ounce of him through my skin. He was sweating and my tongue reached out to catch a drop hanging on his ear. Suddenly I was yanked from his arms, and heard Ashcroft fuming, “Gonna screw them before you kill them Ivy? Is that the plan? Get lost Omni.” The stranger looked at me in confusion for a moment and then realization dawned for both of us. He was my enemy.
    Rawr can I be ur victim next :X
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