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Thread: My Obsession

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    Whoa, Ivy, WONDERFUL writing. You should collect your stories and put them together on a site or something. *Imagines a site named "Illicit Ivy: Tales of a Sexy Soldier" and giggles* =)

    Keep going, I'm still on the edge of my seat!
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    (That sort of sounds like a Skinemax title! Actually it is a column on, dedicated to female gamers! More writing coming soon and thank you for the feedback!)
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    (ooc)Just a personal opinion - I understand the story is called "My obsession" so I walked into it thinking it would be sexual or drug/alcohol related in nature....but...I didn't really expect a porn novel with gunfights AND drug use. So far that has been my only "turn-off" (hahaha) with the story...the sex and sexual encounters are too BLATENT! Parts of it read like a porn movie.

    Now, before you start bashing the hell out of me...I'm perfectly aware that sex and sexuality is natural and should/can be freely discussed without embarassment, etc. Its not about that. I really really do enjoy Ivy's story, I think the writing style, set, tone, mood, and pace of it is excellent. I just find the sexual content a lil "over blown" (hahaha again).

    Regardless, to me, the last 2 chapters had just the right blend of action, not-to-blatent sexual references, and character development. Cheers!

    And remember, this is just a personal preference. (/ooc)

    Keep it up girl!
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    I had taken the wrong whompa. Great. I stooped over and threw up again. It splattered on my sexy boots, and I had to laugh. Tonight had not gone as planned. I wiped my mouth and looked around. Borealis maybe? I stumbled a bit further into the city and sat down on a curb to rest. I watched people pass by, heading home from their nights out. I caught a few curious glances and I stuck my tongue out. Haven’t they ever seen a drunk girl before? I pushed myself up, stumbled to my feet, dusted my ass off, and fell smack into Banishedsoul.

    “Oh, hell.” I said as I looked up his chest and into his eyes. He laughed and said “I missed you too, let’s go.” He started to guide me down the street. “I’m not going anywhere with you! You want to kill me remember?” I protested. He looked me up and down. “Yeah I remember,” he said gruffly and pushed my hair out of my face. “Look, you’re drunk and people are staring…do you want help home, or not?” I debated, then said sternly, “OK but I’m not sleeping with you.” “We’ll see,” he laughed, and guided me into the whompa.

    I watched his face as we walked. He was just as incredible as I remembered him. A muscle twitched in his cheek and I reached up and touched it. He looked at me, surprised, and tried to cover a grin. I tripped and he caught my elbow. Before I knew it, we had stopped in front of my door. “So uh, thanks for helping me, Ban.” I tried not to look at him. I couldn’t keep my hand steady to activate the security on my door. He reached out and held my hand to it, and it turned green. The door opened. He turned away. I looked into my empty apartment. “Ban?” I asked softly, and he turned around. “Can we, just for tonight, pretend like nothing matters?” “No, Ivy, we can’t.” He kissed me softly, and my heart tore in half. My tears fell into our kiss. I broke away, and we looked at each other one more time. He wiped my cheek with his thumb, turned around, and walked out of my life.
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    ((And this ends Part 1 of Ivy's story. I am very glad to have shared it with you, and I hope you all have a better understanding of why Ivy is the way she is, and I hope you'll continue to read Part 2, which will be coming shortly!))

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    Part Two - Ivy's Betrayal

    One year later…

    The shots whizzed dangerously close and I ducked behind a tree. Damn fine time to have to reload. I pulled my empty clip, jammed another in, and returned fire. He was gaining on me. I rolled out and open fired into the woods, and was rewarded with a grunt of pain. “Liked that did you?” I yelled and laughed, and kept running. My mirror shield was down. Fifteen more seconds, and I had it made. I heard his footsteps coming in closer. I hit the ground and laid silent, waiting for him to run by. Big black boots stopped on the hill above me and I grabbed them, pulling him down with me. We tumbled the rest of the way down the hill. I pressed my knees into his shoulders and disarmed him, and jammed the barrel of my Cooperator into his throat. “Bang.” I said, and grinned. “Damn Ivy, good move! You’ve improved!” Crushr looked up at me, panting, and grinned at his predicament. I stood up and helped him to his feet. He said, “Next time, make more use of your reflect shield and one-hits. You won’t always have the option of running when your mirror goes down.” We walked back up through the training grounds. The constant rattle of guns down at the range was a familiar sound, and seeing the newest recruits working hard made me proud. “You have a fine group this time,” I said. Crushr beamed. “They are young, strong, and cocky, much like some other soldiers I can think of.” He winked and I laughed. “Skuds!” Crushr barked and a young recruit ran up and saluted. “Doesn’t this fine piece of ass belong in a trashy magazine showing off her guns instead of cleaning them?” Crushr nodded in my direction. “Yes Sergeant!” Skuds didn’t hesitate or take his eyes off Crushr. “Grats Skuds, you just became cannon fodder. As you were.” I punched Crushr in the arm and we headed toward headquarters.

    I sat down next to Arimi, my childhood friend, and put my arm around her. We were almost complete opposites, but somehow we always stuck together. She was dark to my light, more serious than I ever could be, and a life healer to my damage dealer. She was turned on by intellectual stimulation and I was turned on by big boys with big guns. “You smell.” She said and scooted out from under my arm. “I was rolling around in the dirt, thinking about you.” I joked, and she laughed. “What are you doing here?” I asked. She shrugged. “New mission in Inferno. I don’t have the details yet. What about you?” “I just had a PvP exercise with Crushr. Maybe next time I see Gunsaber, things will go differently.” I frowned thinking about my encounters with him. It seemed like he was always on my ass, dogging me at every turn. The first fight, I was fortunate to have Jujubee behind me. That was a year ago. The rest, I was not so lucky. I had my first, second, and last reclaim experience, which was the most soulfully disturbing and painful thing I had ever felt, from Gunsaber. Someday, I thought, I am going to return the favor.
    Woolgatherer, our new president, opened his office door and motioned for Arimi. “Good luck,” I said to Arimi and waved at Wooly. “Ivy…good you are here. Please stay a while, I need to talk to you.” I nodded and headed to the locker room to clean up.

    I waited outside Wooly’s office for an hour, and finally his door opened. Armi came out and I went in and sat down. “I’m not gonna bull**** you.” he said. “Our intel shows Disciples of Omni-Tek are planning something catastrophic to the Clans and you have the power to stop it. Use Banishedsoul and collect any information you can.” “You want me to do WHAT???” I interrupted. “I wouldn’t ask you if I thought it was something you couldn’t handle, and I totally understand if you choose not to. It is your choice. Don’t answer now…take a few days to think.” I stood calmly. “Will that be all?” I asked. He looked sad. “Yes, Ivy, of course.”

    I fumed all the way back to my apartment. He had no right to ask that of me. He knew the hell I went through the past year. I had busted my ass to forget Ban. I pulled double shifts at the training camp and completed more missions than I ever had in the years past. I dropped my gun on the counter and poured a drink. The whiskey was a welcome burn down my throat, and I set the tumbler down. I would reclaim 100 times before I put myself through that kind of pain again. But I would also reclaim however many times it took for freedom for my people. I knew what I had to do…
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    ((whats this? You want to stop our doomsday machine now?? Great writing, keep it up!!))
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    Ivy, gimme cyborz and ill let ya farm off meh
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    ( woo ! cant wait to read the rest , dont stop now )

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    LOL just noting. I was noted in the middle of the story along with a board member. 2 lines. and the sequel comes and I still am not anywhere else o.0! Wow thats a supporting part or what? lol!

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    ((Malice42, is the story over yet? And Gun, darling maybe I'll cyb0r you AFTER I kick yo ass *SMOOCH* more story coming soon!))

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    Ivy j00 r0x0r! You should like publish this stuff
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivyna
    ((Malice42, is the story over yet? And Gun, darling maybe I'll cyb0r you AFTER I kick yo ass *SMOOCH* more story coming soon!))
    Ah well, cant blame a guy for tryin
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    The next morning, I walked into Wooly’s office and shut the door. “I’ll have to get back with you,” Woolgatherer said into his COMS and took it off. I sat down. “I will accept this mission. I will be out of contact for some time. Do not try to contact me, I will find you. I don’t want anyone else to know either…if too many people are involved my cover will be blown. I’ll be in touch. And Wooly, I understand your request and appreciate your position. I won’t disappoint you. What am I looking out for?” “One of the Disciples’ top operatives, Naefen, has been reported to be working on a secret weapon of some sort. The code word is “Defiler”. Find out any information you can and then, get the hell out.”

    I had changed enormously since our last meeting. I learned how to fight, not only with my gun but I had been taking lessons from Mihnfoo on how to fight when disarmed. I learned how to stand my ground and hold my own, and how to use my skills instead of my looks to accomplish my goals. Now, I had to backtrack and use my personal assets to succeed in this mission.

    The best way I knew to make this believable was to let Ban find me. I knew he still watched me from time to time. I would catch a glimpse, and when I turned around he would be gone. I dressed my best and met some friends at Reet’s. It had been a while since I had gone to the bar - every time I did, my life got complicated. And tonight would be no exception. The dance floor was beyond crowded. I fought my way through the crowd and ordered a drink at the bar. I scanned casually but I couldn’t see anything through the crowd. I went down the hallway to the restroom to check my appearance. A hand clamped over my mouth and I was shoved against the wall. Gunsaber. I struggled and he laughed. I bit his hand and he moved it instantly. I tried not to let him see my fear. “Take your hands off of me, **hole.” I growled. He licked the side of my face and I twisted desperately to get out of his grip. Relief swept over me as I heard Ban from behind. “She’s mine.” He tapped Gunsaber on the shoulder. Gunsaber looked at me, then Ban. “Yeah, sure bro,” He said, “See you in gas, Ivy.” He released me hard, and swaggered back into the club.

    I struggled to focus on why I was here. I fell into Ban’s arms and shook uncontrollably. This would work out well. He held me tightly and I buried my face in his shoulder. “Trouble sure does find you, Ivy.” I took his face in my hands and kissed him softly. He groaned and kissed me back with so much tenderness that I couldn’t help but cry. “Isn’t this where we left off?” He said and gave a half-smile. “Please don’t leave me again.” I whispered, and he hugged me tighter. “I couldn’t if I wanted to.” We kissed again, and it quickly spread out of control. He fumbled for a doorknob, opened it, and we fell into a storage room. He lifted me onto a crate and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pushed my top up, and as he bent down to kiss me, the door opened and the light came on. I sat up quickly and adjusted my top. “Hey you’re not supposed to be in here!” The maintenance man cried and Ban lifted me down and we pushed past him, running and laughing out of the club.

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    “You know Ban, I have no idea where you live,” I said as we walked toward the whompa with my hand in his back pocket. “It’s dangerous to take you where I live…besides how do I know you’re not a sexy spy sent to strip me of all my secrets?” He joked. I cringed inwardly. “If it makes you feel better baby, blindfold me. I’ll have no way of knowing where I am and I’d be hopelessly trapped in your apartment for as long as you want me.” I gave his ass a pinch and he turned serious. “Don’t play with me Ivy. I imagine I’d want you for…a real long time.” “We can work this out, Ban. Let’s enjoy being together and work out the details later.” He stopped in front of the whompa and reached for his belt. I looked around. “Right here?” I asked, and he laughed. He took it off and turned me around. He kissed the back of my neck and said “I do like this idea though…I see you’ve picked up a few tricks since we last met.” He wrapped the belt over my eyes. I still didn’t understand but I continued with his game. We entered the whompas once, twice, three times in a row, and he kissed me at each stop. I tried to concentrate on where we were but got lost on the 5th pass. “You’re doing this on purpose!” I said, and he laughed. We walked for a bit, and then I heard “Omni-Tek is your friend”. Oh crap we were in Rome.

    We entered a building and went through a maze of lefts and rights, and entered a lift. One more turn and we went through a door. Ban removed the belt and I looked around. His apartment was extravagant. It was lavishly decorated in blue and gold, with contemporary art and sculpture. “It’s beautiful, Ban.” I ran my fingers across an old-world table in the foyer. “I’m glad you like it.” He said and gave me a tour which led us to his bedroom. His bed was large and overwhelming. I had an awkward pause, unsure that I could go through with this. He wrapped his arms around me and we stood in the doorway. “You know, it’s ok if you’ve changed your mind,” he said quietly. I looked up at him and answered honestly. “It’s not that. It’s just…it’s been a long time. There hasn’t been anyone else.” He kissed the top of my head and we stood there for a long while, holding each other, content with being close again. My head rested on his chest and I heard his heart speed up. I smiled at Ban and pulled him toward the bed. I pushed him gently and he sat down, watching me. I slowly stripped in front of him. He pulled me to the bed and we made love until we fell asleep, exhausted and spent.

    The next morning, I woke up to the most incredible smell of food. I ducked into his wardrobe and found a shirt, and followed the scent into his kitchen, where he stood making breakfast. I snuck up behind him and wrapped my arms around him. "Good morning” I said, and he turned around to kiss me properly. The kiss resulted in a messy counter and breakfast was burned too badly to eat…

    We spent the afternoon in bed. “Are we ever going to get to eat?” I complained. “Are you ever going to stop distracting me so I can get us something?” He laughed. I watched him as he strode naked into the bathroom. The shower started and I debated joining him or sifting through his pockets. I picked up his pants and went through them, but found nothing spectacular. I picked up the rest of the clothing and dropped it in the bathroom, where I joined him for a long hot shower.

    Much later, we got around to dinner. I sat on the counter watching him cook. “Ban, I am totally impressed.” And I was. He was a man of many surprises. He was sexy, caring, strong, and he could cook! The thing that was eating me was, I could not imagine him in any way partaking in anything that would result in the total destruction of innocent clanners, which the Defiler was reported to be. I watched him carefully. He poured two glasses of wine and set them beside me on the counter, with two plates of food. “Shouldn’t we find chairs?” I asked. He stood between my legs and grinned wickedly. “I like this view better.” He held out a small bite and I ate it from his fingers. It was delicious. His COM initiated and he hit the button to receive transmission. An Opifex stared at us through the screen and mumbled “Sorry sir, another time.” “It’s ok Naefen, what’s up?” Naefen. He had beady eyes. They perused me carefully, and then dismissed me. “There is a matter that needs your attention.” I pulled the shirt I was wearing closer together and tried to hop down from the counter. Ban held me there and said, “I’ll be with you shortly.” Naefen nodded and the COMS disconnected. “I will be right back.” He kissed me and disappeared into his office.

    I hopped down from the counter and went into his bedroom. The side drawers of his bed were mysteriously empty. I went into the closet. His clothing hung in neat, organized rows, and a stand in the middle held various personal items. I looked them over but found nothing out of the ordinary. I opened a drawer and found an undershirt and some pajama pants. Just as I pulled the shirt over my head, Ban came in. “What are you doing?” He asked. “Well I can’t stay undressed forever, you know.” I said. “I really should go home soon and get some things together.” “We’ll take care of that tomorrow for you.” Had he come in a few minutes later, I would have had serious explaining to do. I’d have to be more careful.

    ((This episode ties in Naefen's story, "A Beginning". Please read it alongside with this one!))
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    Thumbs up

    Nice to see citizens of Rubi-ka having a full hot life hehe
    /plz more stories

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    I had been with Banishedsoul for two weeks now, and my regular reports of “no news at this time” must be frustrating to Wooly. I had been through everything in his apartment at this point, except his office. I found nothing on the Defiler or any clue as to what it did, and as I spent more time with him I knew I wouldn’t. He had a concern and respect for people, and if it were just for omnis, I wouldn’t still be here. We had talked about our childhoods and I marveled at how different they were, yet still the same. I had to find something on Defiler because it was getting too easy to stay…

    My body was used to vigorous training, and staying here at his apartment for two weeks made me feel caged and restless. I spent this morning in his exercise room. The harder I pushed, the more it burned. I stopped for a moment and looked up to see Ban watching me. “Save some of that energy for me,” he said. I smiled and hopped to my feet. “I have some things I have to do…I will be back tonight.” I faked a pout and kissed him goodbye. “I’ll be ready for you.” He left and I paced the apartment. This was going nowhere. How long was I supposed to stay cooped up in this apartment? I needed to get my hands on information about Naefen. I eyed the office door. I had tried so many times to pick the lock but without success.

    I went into the bedroom and slipped the COMS unit out of the heel of my boot. “No news to report at this time” I said into the COMS with a frustrated sigh. Wooly picked up. “Ivy, it’s been too long, you need to come back. We’ll find another way.” “Wooly I am convinced he knows nothing about the Defiler. Give me one more day.” I panicked at the thought of leaving so soon. “Be in my office at 1700 tomorrow, with or without information.” The COMS disconnected. I stored the COMS back in my boot and spent the rest of my day forming a plan.

    Ban was late coming home. I had closed my eyes for a few moments while waiting for him, and I woke up in darkness. How long had I slept? I peered out of the bedroom to see a light shine out of his open office door. This was my last night with him- my last chance. I padded through the hallway to his office. His head was bent in concentration. I walked up behind him and massaged his shoulders. His head lifted and I felt the tension ease out of him. I could not make out what he was working on. I kissed the back of his neck. He turned around in his chair and pulled me onto his lap. As we kissed, he moved papers on his desk and sat me down on it. I made love to him with a fierce desperation, knowing this would be the last time. “Missed me today, did you?” he whispered, catching his breath. I didn’t say anything but I wrapped my arms and legs around him and hugged him tightly. He carried me to the bedroom and we slept.

    I watched him sleep. It was almost daylight. I didn’t want to leave him today, but I knew I could never really live like this. I was a soldier, not cut out for domestic life. I stood up and dressed quietly. I took one last look at him, sleeping so peacefully, and I could not stop the tears from falling. This was going to hurt him and there was no way around it. I crept down the hallway, and saw the door to his office wide open. I took another glance back, then went in with determination. His desk was a mess from the night before, with papers scattered in no particular organization. I kept looking until I found a file under “Due for Promotion”. I opened it, and Naefen’s name popped out. The file contained his personal information…where he was born, where he trained…I kept looking. “Current projects: Overseeing construction on new city headquarters.” No mention of the Defiler. Damn. I put the file where I found it, and started toward the door. Ban was there in his robe, leaning casually against the doorframe. “Find what you were looking for?”
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    His eyes were cold. “I…” Damn there was no way out of this. “Save your lies. I was an assignment?” I did not see pain or any other emotion in his face. “I was trying to clear you…” He slapped me. Blood ran into my mouth. “No more lies.” He pushed me into the living room. I swept his feet out from under him and I ran through the front door and down a hallway. Was it two lefts and a right? Where was the lift? I kept running. I found the lift and had almost reached it when I was rooted in place. Ban came up from behind me and stood a short distance away. Naefen appeared through the lift. “Is this who you were looking for Ivy? Introduce yourself Naefen, and do as you wish with her.” Naefen punched me in the face and my world went black.

    I was in a basement of some sort. Boxes and crates lined the walls and it was damp and musty. Dried blood caked the side of my face and dirt stuck to it. I wiped my face and climbed to the top of the stairs. The door was, of course, locked. Upon further inspection I discovered there was no way out. I pulled the COMS out of my heel. “Wooly, my cover was blown. I don’t know where I am- Rome, possibly in a basement of a hotel or apartment complex.” No response. The door opened and I saw feet descending the steps. I put my COMS in my boot and grabbed his feet and yanked hard. Naefen fell down the stairs and I kicked him in the ribs. I ran up the stairs toward the door and felt stinging pain as he shot me in the knee. I fell down the stairs and he kicked the breath out of me. The blows fell hard. I pulled him down with me. I disarmed him easily, and we struggled on the floor. He jabbed his thumb in my knee and I screamed. He held me down and beat the fight out of me. He stood and dusted himself off. “I should have expected a dirty clanner spy to want to brawl in the dirt instead of a civilized fight.” He spit on me. I could barely see out of my eyes. He tied my hands and feet together and walked back up the stairs.

    My knee, bent in this position, was ruined and hurt like hell. I tried to reach my boot. With every small bend, my knee broke a bit more. I pulled the COMS out of my heel and spoke again, “Wooly it’s me, can you hear me?” My lips were bleeding and I had a hard time talking. “Ivy, what are your coords? We are searching for you now.” I heard Wooly’s welcome voice and closed my eyes. “I don’t know Wooly, but I’m not going to make it out. Might as well wait for reclaim. Ban didn’t know anything. His personal folders showed Naefen working on a new city headquarters. If he has something, he’s doing it without Ban’s knowledge.” I heard a noise from above. “He’s coming back, I have to go.” I closed the connection and shoved the COMS back into my boot.

    I spent the next few moments channeling my Lifeblood, but the pain did not lessen. I watched Naefen come back down the stairs with a projection box. He set it up in front of me. “Is this what you were looking for? Unfortunately for you, you’ll be my first test subject.” I had the satisfaction of seeing his eye swollen shut and his lip cracked. The machine started with a low hum and as it warmed up, it grew to a high pitched screech. He smiled with anticipation and I kept my eyes locked with his, refusing to show fear. “We’ll start this with a low setting and take it from there.” He made an adjustment and the target pointed at my arm. He fired and it burned a deep gash in the top of my arm. I could not hold back a gasp. “The Defiler?” I croaked, and the look he gave me was incredulous. “You went through all of this,” he motioned with his hands, “to find out about him?” He laughed. Him? He started the machine again and I braced myself. The target pointed somewhere near my ear. I prepared myself as the machine screeched, and the door at the top of the steps burst open. Wooly stood there and at the flick of his wrist, he blasted Naefen. Wooly looked angrier than I had ever seen him. Naefen flew across the room and as he did, the table the machine was on fell over. The laser burned me across my face. Every point in my body tensed and I screamed. Remmance came down the stairway as Wooly and Naefen fought. He turned pale at the sight of me. He untied my hands and feet, and prepared to grid. “Not yet” I gasped, “Get the machine.” Remmance retrieved it quickly and I watched Naefen fall as Remmance gridded us out.
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