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Thread: New memo released - Evaluation of Hope incident

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    A new memo has been released from an Omni citizen's perspective about the events that transpired in Hope. This memo has been made public to non-Omni employees in a gesture of good will.

    Memo: Evaluation of Omni-Tek incursion into Hope (On AO Vault)
    Charles 'Kithrak' Houston - Equipment
    Administrator, Omni-Admin
    Bringing the politics of Rubi-Ka to life!

    "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster....when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you..." -Friedrich Nietzsche-

    "By denying support to the possibility of peace, the Council of Truth is guranteeing an outcome of war."-Administrator Houston-

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    Intriguing, particularly in light of Omni-Pol's efforts to sabotage the Council of Truth. One has to wonder why a police force seems so bent on sabotaging any chance of positive diplomatic relations between Omni-Tek and the clans.

    I sincerely hope that these events come as more of a surprise to the average Omni-Tek employee than they do to me.
    Delia "Aerinyi" Jett
    General of Whisper's Edge

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    Omni-Pol has it's own agenda as we all know. As far as Apoc and most clans I know are concerned, Omni-Pol is considered hostile and will be shot on sight on clan territory, no questions asked.

    If you ask me, Omni-Pol fears that their powers might be cut down in the wake of peace. No one needs a Gestapo in times of peace and prosperity. So the obvious choice for them is to sabotage any diplomatic efforts.

    This however does not mean that I recognize that there are civilized people within Omni-Tek that we can talk to. It is most welcome to read that not all of Omni-Tek endorses actions as taken by Omni-Pol and other departments.

    Corrine Daimoness Wright
    - Veteran of Apocalypse
    - General of the Mercury Dragons (ret.)
    - Member of the Grumpy Old Crat Bunch

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