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Thread: 10 things to look at

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    10 things to look at

    Good god

    1) range gone my ql 141 range increaser is the same as a ql 50ish now

    2) i rooted and got out of the way and thought whew i have a chance, not, he broke root in 2 secs now this is ball and chain too supposedly lasts for 2 mins it lasted 2 secs

    3) casted cornet of frost veryfast attack 700-2000 dmg normaly fumbled3 times in a row after 3 roots i had enuff nano for one more cast well it didnt matter i was dead cost me 1/4 my life every root had a level 60ish doc healing me too and i never got in one point of damage

    4) who said soldiers suck look at this screen shot one shot kill that is what it was basicly

    5) I sugguest you stop listening to the players on the test servers most of them are not high enuff to understand ql 100 + pvp secondly most are there just to learn how to xploit as soon as the patch goes into effect. If you want to know how pvp works FUNCOM create some chars walk into pvp on the live server and see for your self, whts so hard about that? Whats the deal with agents using hammers then guns then hammers again ? and why can they switch 3 times before i get one cast off?

    6) and as somone mentioned before i never seen anyone complian about the range in pvp on the live server? the only thing i have heard was that they cannot tab the player. well guess what you can stand 3 feet away from a player and he cant tab u. you ask me how? stand in the door way to a shop its like an invisable no tab barrier. that is how they were gimping, not by being so far away that they were not able to be seen.

    7) If you want to stop exploiting run around in normal chars listen to /tells and /chat look for the grid campers and gimpers then BAN THEM BAN THEM BAN THEM BAN THEM, i can not say this enough, afte you ban them post thier names for the world to see. all your changes to pvp had to occur due to xploiters and over equipers you had a great basic game, however due to the ability of people to equip weapons 50-100 qls better then they are has made you have to change everything.

    8) if they can get the weapon on with buffs great, but when that buff wears off so should the ability to use it, (just liek a nt with spells) this will solve many problems. First more professions will be sought for teams, for all of you who are not nt and wondered why when at level 100 or above it s rare to find a nt in a group with out a agent fp mp or a mp it is for this reason: a nt can not use a spell unless he currently has that ability, this means keeping a mp around to keep you buffed. Imagine if you will all the compliants about fixers techies and other profs who say they have a hard time teaming. well if what i am sugguesting is implemented then the pourpose for them in the game has been revived.

    9) Now a touchy subject, remove all gear one time now that treatment is fixed, force every one to put the implants and gear back on if they can great if not they should not have put it on in the first place. Here is a non implant example i have a friend who is ql 27 and has 120 ncu. how many weapons can he now use with a +121 wrangle? and yet not spend a single ip on that item? This was do to implants and complit buff ( i am glad that this is now gone)

    10) what in the world were u thinking when u nerfed damage yet did not nerf heal? look to a certain clan dr and his group of marauders, if you even come close to killing one he can heal the whole amount in less then 2 secs. good luck if you are a nt. (ever wonder why you alawys hear the same names being complained about?)

    I am taking a break for one week as well. I need somthing form you funcom i need an action to show me you care at all about me personaly. a reply to this post would be a great start. But most of all, all your nerfs have been due to pvp imbalences and most of the imbalances are due to xploiters. Ban them. i spent too much time on my char to risk loosing over a pvp xploit and so have most others but if there is no reprecutions as you have promised. they will continue to practice theese unscrupulous acts.

    sadly BESHEBA 109 nt OoC executive

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    I agree

    You SHOULD be able to buff into some things. , but some of these UBER twinks are absurd, i did make a big post about punishin success, but i'm more concerned with high end players.

    low end players, a lvl 30 agent shouldn't be able to use a ql 100 gun, but i agree with your first statement, that if you have a huge gun, you have to hold the buffs to be able to use the gun., this is a much more viable solution then nerfing the guns.
    so UNERF THOSE GUNS, and make it so buffs have to hold em
    "I do Not believe in these spooky actions at a distance"
    Albert Einstein

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    Thumbs up Yep

    Over equipping should be done, but you SHOULD have to maintain those skills to continue to use the item. Give me a reason to pick implants and IP points on one skill or another. With this lunatic Over-equipping via buff exploits there is NO opportunity Cost. That is the source of the imbalance. Just take off all the crummy "fixes" and reimplement the ONE fix they took back... unequip that dam armor and make the requirements persistent!

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    Originally posted by besheba
    4) who said soldiers suck look at this screen shot one shot kill that is what it was basicly
    I count at least 4 hits. and if you look you are scrolled up very far there could be many more hits..
    Also, it looks like he only hit for 200 FA.... But could be more its very hard to read that being so small

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    you are correct it was more then one shot as i said. it may as well been a one shot tho, all then shots came in the same time it took me to cast one spell (ball and chain) a pretty fast cast) it was a matter of less then 2 seconds.

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    i agree that there may be some missbalancing in pvp BUT i am shure that if alot of you guys spent the time you spend on whining ove rand over again, on getting uber equipment OR finding your own class's advantages and disadvantages in pvp, and trying to find ways to bend the fight to your advantages you woud maybe even get some kills pvp is about tacticks, find the way to use you r characters advantages to win.

    as i said, dont hate me and post 10 posts about how stupid i am saying this, remember i agree that there may be some unbalancing

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    bla bal

    Im soooo sorry about all you poor nanotechs!
    You cant root ppl from 40 yards anymore and leave them utterly defenceles.
    I can understand that you guys are upset, killing ppl at your own lesiure must be so much easier then actually being forced to fight.
    Oh btw, im still getting rooted for the duration of the nano and all i can do is to hope that someone else joins the fight to help me.


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