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Thread: A New Council, a New Agenda and the Omni-Tek Response

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    A New Council, a New Agenda and the Omni-Tek Response

    A New Council, a New Agenda and the Omni-Tek Response
    Chilia Moran

    OMNI-1 (OTPC) -– Recently, the newly reformed Council of Truth gave massive support to the extremist clan leader, Simon Silverstone, and his Clan, the Sentinels. This may cause great concerns within the company, but what do the employees think?

    On April 24, the newly reformed Council of Truth held their first session. Several new members can be found amongst the ranks of the minor Clans, but some old members, such as the Knights of Camelot and the New Dawn, remain...though New Dawn's leader, Ruth Montezuma, has yet to resurface from hiding. I I'm sure she has a good reason, though! Even the Sentinels was there, though it seems strange that they would chose to support a council that once conflicted with their political views. But strangely enough, the Sentinels were among the big winners during the meeting, gaining support from at least nine minor though their member count was not high enough… But the most surprising part was when Simon Silverstone refused to act as the speaker of the council. This is a bit confusing, and does seem to be a unusual move for the Sentinels. Maybe the man has some brains after all?

    No matter what one might think about this new council, or what one;s opinion about the Clans is in general, these events have caused some concerns within Omni-Tek ranks. Some sources claim that the Clans are now preparing for an open war. Some already think we are at war, but it seems not everyone thinks clearly. I had a talk with Director "Eternalforce" Craddock of Omni-InternOps Division 3 about this topic, amongst others. We had a very enlightening chat.

    "I believe that the Corporation must brace for war," Eternalforce said when asked about these recent developments. "A reformed Council of Truth was at first perceived to be a step towards a more permanent peace, but this is not to be. Henry Radiman, the Clans' biggest proponent for peace, has stepped down, and the Sentinels have gained majority support within the Council. I fail to see how the Clans can avoid fighting at this point; the extremist Sentinels will force them into conflict."

    "They have not had this level of control since the last war," he added. "They have been regaining their strength, though, and now they believe they are ready. Silverstone wants to see Omni-1 burn to the ground. He wants to see Clan flags fly from the roof of Omni-Admin. He wants Omni-Tek dead."

    When asked about his thoughts about what could immedately be done, Eternalforce said, "Excuse me for saying: I told you so. But I have been saying the reformed Council of Truth would just be a ploy to unite all the Clan armies against Omni-Tek from the beginning. We must mobilize our armies to the Northern borders. We should also step up security within our own cities; our guards are severely lacking firepower. Lastly, we must step up internal security. Spies are everywhere, and unless they are neutralized, we will be in trouble when the fighting starts."

    "I am not sure myself what Mr. Houston has planned," Eternalforce said when asked about the upcoming meeting. "However, I am sure important matters pertaining to Omni-Tek security will be discussed, and hopefully plans will be set in place for protecting the homelands. It is my desire to form a new Omni-Tek Security Council, but my colleagues warn me against it. And perhaps they are right. Above all, I will follow the orders of the Board of Directors and Mr. Ross."

    Therefore, it seems that Omni-Tek factions fear the new Council, and I think the neutrals should do so as well, considering the lethat thvel of support that the Sentinels have gained. "I have always respected the neutrals as fellow citizens," Eternalforce says about the neutrals. "They have foolishly believed the Clans respected them as well; it is now evident how the Clanners feel about the neutrals by their overwhelming support of the Sentinels, who have a policy of killing neutrals on sight. It is my hope that the neutrals will join Omni-Tek in the fight against the Clans. If the neutrals want our support, I say we should oblige. But we must not force our help on them. Let them come to their own conclusions on who is truly their friend, and who is not."

    During this interview, topics such as reinforcements from Omni-Prime also came up, as Omni-Tek currently only has manpower to defend the areas, but nothing for major attack. More troops would seem to be needed -- either regular Omni-Pol troops, or the battle-prepared Armed Forces.

    "The Council of Truth is a Council of War," Eternalforce said when asked for a final statements about the Clans. "They seek only to dominate all of Rubi-Ka, and will destroy any in their way, be they Omni citizens or neutrals. That is why Omni-Tek and its neutral brethren must join together to repel the barbarians at the gate."

    I also managed to get a hold of Vixentrox, who is a member of the new Council. She agreed to give a few words. "I expect Omni will try to subvert the Council of Truth's discredit us at every turn. Any sort of Clan unity is bad for the company. What I hope is that Omni will open delegations and talk with the new CoT. But I speak only for me, not any other Council member "

    When I mentioned the power that the new council had given Simon Silverstone, she became rather defensive. "Whoa...I did not give any power to Silverstone. My Clan declared for the Knights. I've fought that man since he moved into Tir. It isn't a landslide victory for Simon when you count the Rimor chamber."

    "I do not speak for the Council," Vixentrox said when asked for a final statement. "I was only the Speaker for one day, but I would encourage Omni to open dialogue...nothing may come of it...but then you never can tell, can you?"

    So, there you have it. It does seem that some of the Clans are willing to find a peaceful solution, but not all. Just as within our own side, there are those who want war with the Clans, and those who want peace, but who are also preparing for war. Unless something is going to happen between Phillip Ross, and Henry Radiman or the Council, I think we are aboard a sinking ship. But let's wait and see what the Omni-Tek leaders come up before we make a final conclusion, shall we?

    The current statistics regarding the support for the major Clans taken from the session, combined from both chambers are found below:
    • Sentinels: 13
    • Knights: 10
    • Terra Firma: 9
    • Vanguard: 2
    • Pilgrims: 1
    • The Unionists: 1
    • New Dawn: 1
    • Gaia: 1

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    Adan Basso sat back in his chair and stood up in disgust. Deciding he needed a drink, he walked out of his small lab in the Jobe luxury appartment and into the kitchen to grab a cold drink. He reached in his refridgerator and picked up a can, and walked back into the Livingroom/Lab.
    "Typical Omni propaganda...shower them with a cargo-hold full of nonsense, and throw in a dash of even-handed objectiveness to make it easier to swallow for the neutrals and the folks back on Earth and the inner colonies."
    Adan's mind drifted back to the Independant Rubi-Kans report on the Council of Truth proceedings. Just glancing at the headlines made one think they are owned by Omni-Tek.
    Pushing the present thoughts aside, Adan realized he had'nt visited Newland since Loren was driven out of town.
    "I wonder if its as deserted as Tir..." he mused as he took a sip from the glass. He set the drink down next to the instruction disk, ore extractor, and the rock of notum laying there.
    "I guess I will have to finish that thing for 'Lus later."
    He hated putting off favors for his clanmates, but he had put off trying to get in touch with the NLF to ask for copies of their reasearch into the notum mining/Nanobreed problem.
    With that he stepped toward the grid access in the main hallway and activated the device, and felt the core of his body being pulled into gridspace....
    Hello, my name is Adan..and I was addicted to Nanokits......untill I discovered Notum Siphon CQ (tm)
    Adan Solkalibur Basso

    Armor Layout

    Clan affiliated supporter of the Nanomage Liberation Front.

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    Naefen slouched on a bench by the gates of Omni Ent. It was a hot day but the shadows from the great,dark walls provided enough cover from the sun to make it bearable sitting there. Almost falling asleep Naefen listened to the broadcast from the huge speekers inside. As the broadcast ended he smiled to himself.
    "Eh he, I wonder how long until some imbecile will jump up and shout Propaganda this time."
    Naefen fell asleep... still with a smile on hes face.
    Proud agent of the Disciples of Omni-Tek

    Commissioner of the RKDC

    "One should not lose one's temper unless one is certain of getting more and more angry to the end."
    William Butler Yeats

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