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While the number of neutral orgs who actively attack clanners is limited, and don't have everyone's support, many clan orgs fought back by attacking other orgs towers. Having orgs that have nothing to do with that attacked was another nail in the coffin of neutral/clan relationship.
I seem to recall a lot of drama since some (most?) of the neut orgs attacking didn't have any towers to hit back at, but simply gave the spot to omnis if they succeeded, thus prompting (more or less intentionally) the subsequent attacks on neut sites belonging to, in this respect, innocent neut orgs.
Given that the objections to these attacks were mostly RP in nature it lead to, or reinforced, a widespread belief that RPers don't PvP - a belief persisting to this day.
The funny thing is, before NW came out it was RPers who set up PvP wars in the low-gas zones.