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Thread: The PvP Ranking System

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    no response = pvp titles will be done away with and wiped

    *sigh* one can only dream....
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    Re: .

    Originally posted by Redman
    i say get rid of titles totaly its what ruins pvp atm,, a title system can never be perfect, and when the land control booster pack comes on there will be plenty of things that will be added for pvp and holding the land,,, right now the motivation for pvp for some guys is totaly to get a title,,, and they do preaty much enything.
    Ya know.. removing titles won't actually solve anything.

    I have worked very very hard to get the title I have (currently Novice). And when I say I worked hard, it doesn't mean I was picky in my fights Totally opposite actually. I mean, you could ask my guild how much of my playtime is spent in MMD and the arenas and (before it was as dead as it is now) 2ho and Camelot.

    I don't farm. Those who do will be found out and make a bad reputation for themselves. I don't mind somebody running around with Experienced if they farmed it because I know I earned Novice fairly, and the people I care most about in this game know that too, and that's what matters.

    Farmers may think they look cool, but they often suck at pvp, can't back their title up, and have no real sense of accomplishment in the backs of their minds. And that makes me feel good.

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    Grats on Novice Sheffy.
    Was a great duel you had to get it.
    Happy to say I was there.
    Even happier to say it wasn't me you beat to get it.


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    why dont you

    Why didn't FC just start PvP ppl at 0 points instead of 1300??
    Also is ther ea way to check ur points?

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    Re: why dont you

    Originally posted by BurningImp
    Why didn't FC just start PvP ppl at 0 points instead of 1300??
    Also is ther ea way to check ur points?
    Hehe Einstein, try to multiply a 0 with any mods what do you get

    If a 0 kills a 0 the base change and rate diff is 0

    So noone will ever get any better rating
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    If I am a rookie and lose 3/4's in a fight that I win against another rookie in a tower fight then am killed by a nontitled who only takes 1/4 of my health who gets credit for the kill?
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    Was it a full moon?

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    lol i agreed with Aberic

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