#1 : The game you buy called Anarchy Online may not be what you expect it to be. and if it is not then cancel immediately so that you will not be charged for the purchase price of the game.

Reason : I didn't, I made a classic mistake of listening to Savant and Cosmik when they asked customers to be patient concerning game features advertised, but not being in the game. I waited until my patience ran out, and now I have had to resort to filing a complaint with the BBB in order to get my $ back.

I made a stupid mistake of sticking around too long at Funcom's CSR insistence to be patient, If they ask you to be patient do NOT listen. if you recently bought the game and are waiting to see how it goes but don't have a lot of money to waste, my recommendation is DO NOT WAIT, it will make it much more difficult to see a refund forth coming.

Don't make the mistake that I and many others have made, you not only look like a fool in doing so, you are a fool. if you're not happy with the game, dump it and get your money back right now.

this is not an AO bashing post or a funcom bashing post, if anything I am bashing myself for making a very classic mistake and i'm old enough to know better.

However this does not mean that my claims are false. indeed they are very true.

If you do listen, and then decide you've been "patient" long enough, get ready for a major hassle.