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Thread: (&^#$*&^## Save Bug

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    (&^#$*&^## Save Bug

    I came SO CLOSE to quitting and uninstalling today.

    Yester day I log on. SAVE (YES YES YES I'M SURE). Go to mission pull a mob and get two, die.

    lost 5 Mil XP.

    /petition, never answered, they just deleted it

    Today I log on, SAVE, go to mission, first mob in kills me (was buffing, teammember accidently pulled mob).

    Lost 2 Mil XP.

    /petition, just to see what they say.

    Of course nothing, a weeks worth of work for nothing.

    Had this happen to me to the tune of 3 Mil the day after 14.0 came out. But there is "no issue with saving".

    Just typing this out makes me want to quit again.

    They won't even change my name to "WhyCan't Chown Save"

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    Just some questions so I can get into the nitty-gritty of this - What save terminals were you using? The 2 million xp you say you lost today - was that ontop of what you lost yesterday, or you gained at least 2 million xp since your last death?
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    Save Terms:


    Tir Grid

    BrokenShores Home (west and east)

    this is NOT happening all the time. I did succesfully save 1.2 or so mil XP Sunday mid-morning (US time).

    The loss is not cumulative.

    But, since 14.0 rolled, on three occasions I have lost XP after being SURE that I saved. (I know how that sounds, but understand, I am meticulous about this sort of thing. I KNOW that I saved, and that the client said I did.)

    First was 3ish Mil the day of or after 14.0 rolled. Second was last friday to the tune of 5.2 or so. Thrid was Saturday for about 2.2 or 2.3.

    The only common denominator is that all of those save points are "high traffic" (and high lag) areas. But in each case the client thought that I had succesfully saved.

    I started screenshotting my saves after the first occourance, but when everything was ok for a few weeks I stopped. I wish I had kept doing it, but spilt milk and all...
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    Realised i was unclear in my response.

    I am USUALLY able to gain xp, save xp, etc...

    Twice in two days I had saves that didn't happen, even though I saved (from my client's perspective).

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    So how many people do I have to get to quit with me to get this fixed?

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    Go to start thinking in % of the entire player base. Like 10% or so. Funcom seems from what I've read on this forum not susceptible to this kind of black mail on a scale where it involes a dozen or so person.

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    Unhappy same problem here

    When I logged the night before I scanned in w athens, next day log on get a mission in BS scan in BS go inside mission die, and lost 1 mil exp. And Died in the 1st room so it's not like I gained the exp in the mission then died. Also this was before they funcom moved the scan term in BS, so it was awhile back.

    Difference with my story was I didn't bother to peti because I'm sick of hearing "Sorry we can't do anything about that." If I knew I would have had my exp returned to me I would have peti.
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    Ohh lol, theyre not going to do any such thing.
    This is just my OTHER exercise in futility (the first being the PVP ranking formula thread that I LOVE to bump).

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    No really... Gimme a number.




    How many?

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    One of my team mates lost 5mil exp to the same bug a few days ago. He had saved at BS terminal near the temple.

    I always click the terminal 3 times to be sure it won't happen to me since I first heard of this bug. It may be due to lag, thinking you're at the terminal saving while you're 100m away and only the client registers the save and not the server.

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    At least admit that theres a damn issue!

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    Anything yet there Cosmik?

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    Can you hear me now?

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    It's safe to say it isn't an issue with the scanner themselves. I travelled around this week, checking out those scanners (and others in the same playfield) and all were working correctly. Plus, these scanners store the information of other people (and you sometimes, as you say). As mentioned above, quite possibly an issue with client vs server - which I'll look into. For my own information, do you normally run right up to the scanner, scan, then run away again? Or perhaps run up to the scanner, take a little longer by targetting it, then scanning, and then running off?
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    *bump* even though this hasn't struck me (yet). Crap like this shouldn't ever happen.

    And what would targeting the save terminal first do?
    Originally posted by Whaambulance

    This is singlehandedly the stupidest post I have EVER read on these forums. Congradulations.
    'Balancing' Nanos Will Remain Imbalanced Vs. Old Nanos - Because We Said So!

    O Gaute, Gaute! Wherefore art thou Gaute?
    Deny thy nerfs and refuse thy lame design decisions;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but on the forums,
    And I'll no longer be a whiner.

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    Originally posted by grahamX0r
    Save Terms:


    But, since 14.0 rolled, on three occasions I have lost XP after being SURE that I saved. (I know how that sounds, but understand, I am meticulous about this sort of thing. I KNOW that I saved, and that the client said I did.)


    You 100% sure you got the "Character stored" message? In laggy areas I sometime hear the normal save sound only to get a "To far away" message at times, if so I try again until char stored.

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    Arrow Hmm

    Well, it could well be a client/server issue. I've had occasions in missions on testlive where the playfield server stops or dies. You can still run around the area of the mission the client has cached, but that is about it. No attacking, no sitting, no casting nanos, mobs just stand there... anything that relies on server side confirmation will not happen. I'd guess that by being a bit less hasty, and ensuring the scanner is targetted, that this helps reduce the likelyhood of this happening.

    Of course this may not be what is happening in your case, but it is the most likelt explanation. The problem here is that the client does some things to take the load off the server and help reduce effects of latency and lag, so you may think you've saved (because the client has said so), but not actually (because the server never got the message). Maybe Cosmik could indicate if the display of the message in the chat window is a guarantee that the server got the message and that the client got the reply.

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    I am 1000% sure I got the save notifcation.

    How am I so sure? Ever since the first time this happened, I ALWAYS save twice.


    Since its probably a client server sync issue, when do I get my XP refunded?

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    Unhappy /me shrugs

    Would seem odd the packet getting lost twice, with that sort of packet loss level, the game would be noticably unplayable. So, probably not that then... Best leave it to Cosmik.

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    Its not the packet getting "lost" twice.

    Its the same reason you have people pull invisible mobs, your teammates go invisibile after you split up in missions, it takes you 3 minutes to go up the elevators (lifts) in the grid, etc.

    The client assumes too much.
    The network traffic compression code really just doesn't work sometimes.

    If my client assumes that the save went thru twice (very close together) and assumes that the server got that, and the server goes "huh?" then WHAM, I lose XP next time I die.

    This always happens in high-traffic areas.
    We ALL know that you can spend 2-5 minutes trying to zone into or out from Broken Shores on a bad day (and that Cosmik has a sticky asking if people see "lag" there ). How many times have you had to rezone mid-mission because your client is totally out of sync and you're getting wacky stuff going on?

    The worst part is that when I quit, they'll looks at my char time and decide that I quit because I leveled too fast, and they'll use me (as a meaningless stastic, I'm not thinking me personally ) as part of the justification to nerf the player base some more.
    When really I would have played AO for two or three years, thru this hellish time, to (HOPEFULLY) when they realise that they need to make the game more FUN, not more difficult.

    I would have, if I thought ANYONE outside of Cos and CZ gave a damn about the player base.

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